willow -3-
willow -3- 6 minutes ago
Where are u?! U haven’t been in tik tok or insta or yet for long
TJC BROS 14 minutes ago
Are you ok
Gilles VST
Gilles VST 21 minute ago
way do you dont post in tik tok anymore
keila soto
keila soto 25 minutes ago
2:30 i KnOw U gUyS wAn Em
Lexi Hazeldine
Lexi Hazeldine 29 minutes ago
Is addi dead
tzahi levi
tzahi levi 36 minutes ago
Who else noticed that Addison said a curse word
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson 44 minutes ago
Addison: She gave me her last name. Sheri: Because I can do that. :p
Nina Antwi
Nina Antwi 45 minutes ago
where are you why are y ou running away from tik tok you SCARED?????
berriez74 74
berriez74 74 46 minutes ago
Mhmmmm $tOrYtIME😂😂wowwwww
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson 47 minutes ago
Heyyyy addison!
Sara Sahabi
Sara Sahabi 49 minutes ago
You are beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩😘
s a d p o v
s a d p o v 50 minutes ago
please please please say your okay addi we miss you so much and you are so loved please stay safe or give us a sign that your okay :(
Allen Close
Allen Close 55 minutes ago
Addison where are you I miss you a lot plz come back
Tamara Šimkovičová
Tamara Šimkovičová 55 minutes ago
Addison are you at likee??
Gamer_girl101 ℍ𝕚!
Gamer_girl101 ℍ𝕚! 58 minutes ago
Luv Beans
Luv Beans 59 minutes ago
Addison Rae I thought u disappeared pls stay 😩
Annie Beville
Annie Beville Hour ago
you are so sweet and u are my favorit tik toker
Riki Kanterovitz
Riki Kanterovitz Hour ago
RyelieCo YT
RyelieCo YT Hour ago
I tried this also heheehhe
Imelda Angelk148
Imelda Angelk148 Hour ago
Hi addison
How bout a video of you apologising idk if I wrote it right but idc SMH
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas 44 minutes ago
So she did apologize, but obviously people wanted more from her, she is going through crap, just like any live would be
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas 55 minutes ago
She does not need to apologize for not supporting black lives matter, Sooo that makes her racist? She does support black lives, but she doesn’t have to say it?
Leah Kornegay
Leah Kornegay Hour ago
Addison I love you!!!!ur the best!!!💖❤️
anthony elder
anthony elder Hour ago
Umm I thought addi was missing :P
Emily Kalcheva
Emily Kalcheva Hour ago
addison are you realy pregnant please anwer
Haneen Stars
Haneen Stars Hour ago
LOVE YOU Addison ❤❤❤
Helene Menoreau
Helene Menoreau Hour ago
salut Addison je suis francaise I LOVE YOU end I LOVE Charli
Agape Laurel
Agape Laurel Hour ago
i hope addison is ok
Dgohard Ong
Dgohard Ong Hour ago
Your pregnant?!!????!!!!!
Nida Sami
Nida Sami Hour ago
Heard addison dissapeard
Kübranur Cetin
Kübranur Cetin Hour ago
Addisonre you are so cute i'm a Big Fan❤❤❤❤
Kübranur Cetin
Kübranur Cetin Hour ago
@jamootv hier addisonre hat es vor 1woche gepostet🙈
Charly and Olivia yay
Charly and Olivia yay Hour ago
Hi Q T I know this is a late comment but.......... you had a great idea of gettin g of the internet I do that all the time but all the rumors are crazy like what they think you are pregnant or lots of other stuff but you go girl get of the internet
Beth Forrest
Beth Forrest Hour ago
People are saying that you jumped off the bridge
thanasis Pelekis
thanasis Pelekis Hour ago
I love you💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The_ Jukes16
The_ Jukes16 Hour ago
Addison Ra-cist
Brooklyn Maxwell
Brooklyn Maxwell Hour ago
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Addison
nobody ?
nobody ? Hour ago
So we just gone ignore the fact that you was racist 😂
Heidi Miley
Heidi Miley Hour ago
Addison u are a freaking queen I look up to u never listen to the haters! U are so pretty and we all love u.
Haveen Baderkhan
Haveen Baderkhan Hour ago
Let’s be honest, it’s not your first time watching this ;)
Claus Mütter
Claus Mütter Hour ago
Addison love you jamo TV
Claus Mütter
Claus Mütter Hour ago
Melissa MN
Melissa MN Hour ago
G Vossah
G Vossah Hour ago
Hi addison I am a huge fan. I know this does not go along with this video but I just wanted to say I am so sorry about all of the hate you are getting I literally cry for you and I am so terribly sorry
Tambadou Mancha
Tambadou Mancha Hour ago
Addison this pregnant 😈😈
Claus Mütter
Claus Mütter Hour ago
Addison what is wrong wiht you?😰
Dawn Webster
Dawn Webster Hour ago
Dawn Webster
Dawn Webster Hour ago
LeMmE rInG uP sUzLe ShItLleRs
LeMmE rInG uP sUzLe ShItLleRs Hour ago
sheri is a mood. she acts like me when i get left out of the friend group
Claus Mütter
Claus Mütter Hour ago
Hello Addison why are you with jamo tv in Love
Dixie-kaly-cute :p
Dixie-kaly-cute :p 2 hours ago
Your the best I love you
güle Durmishova
güle Durmishova 2 hours ago
Mel Main
Mel Main 2 hours ago
Pinkroly 2 hours ago
hi how are you
hi how are you 2 hours ago
Cannon Tank
Cannon Tank 2 hours ago
Me waiting for the picture of her in the baby swing😂
Silla Sillaredo
Silla Sillaredo 2 hours ago
addison i know you got hate off blackfishing i telling you you are most beautigul girl ignore haters er are pepole that love you i love you more than charli i love charli to but you have do much hate i love you i wish you was my best friend i dream every night of you that we are best friend so stay strong i want to see you making videos pepole are worried pepole are saying you in the hospital or yall are saying you are pregnant i dont believe that if you make tiktok everyone know that you strong so dont listen to haters you a good girl or you can do you comments of so stay strong and think on you lovely fans♡
Kotsos Pasxas
Kotsos Pasxas 2 hours ago
khloe smith
khloe smith 2 hours ago
Addison are you okay I've heard you've been in hospital😢😢😢
Nomin Bayasgalan
Nomin Bayasgalan 2 hours ago
same! my sister has my moms last name and i have my dads last name because my oarents werent married when my sister was born
Lidia Perez
Lidia Perez 2 hours ago
Why are you not posting on tik tok
ailyn ibacache
ailyn ibacache 2 hours ago
i am the only one who speaks spainsh?
olcia czek
olcia czek 2 hours ago
Who is from Poland
amja poiuztrFajfar
amja poiuztrFajfar 2 hours ago
Nomvuyo ketse
Nomvuyo ketse 2 hours ago
Addison rea plz follow me on tik tok khwezi 305
gg gtub
gg gtub 2 hours ago
Are u really peegnet addison
Ryan Hearn
Ryan Hearn 2 hours ago
Come back
Lina Prokopovska
Lina Prokopovska 2 hours ago
Adi do you ok are you in hospital
Danica Reiley
Danica Reiley 2 hours ago
Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
RBX girl
RBX girl 2 hours ago
Wait you have a los Angeles accent and your mom and dad have a western Louisiana accent
Audrey N
Audrey N 2 hours ago
Addison I love you! 💖💖😊
Abigayle Harlow
Abigayle Harlow 2 hours ago
Do you know if tony Lopez is dating sofie dossi.
Ronnie Jefferies
Ronnie Jefferies 2 hours ago
If you have any hard times I'm here for you just making sure of that and answer pls x❤💚
Ciara Guinnane
Ciara Guinnane 2 hours ago
2 million with 8 vids
TEODORA TEA 2 hours ago
Adison is okey
Yeetus Deleteus
Yeetus Deleteus 2 hours ago
Why does she have more than noah
Yeetus Deleteus
Yeetus Deleteus 2 hours ago
TMR cLiPz 2 hours ago
literally did the same thing in sixth gradr
Tambadou Mancha
Tambadou Mancha 2 hours ago
You are not beautiful
Overstation 2 hours ago
Of course she is
João Carlos
João Carlos 2 hours ago
Where are your videos
Stephanie Fuentes
Stephanie Fuentes 2 hours ago
OMG l like your makeup it's so cute
João Carlos
João Carlos 2 hours ago
Cade teus videos
Gabi King
Gabi King 2 hours ago
“who’s gum is this” 😂
tia609 2 hours ago
Love addison
Ty Vo Nguyen
Ty Vo Nguyen 2 hours ago
Pls follower me on tiktok
Kk Around
Kk Around 2 hours ago
Don’t make Addison a USshow SMH
milk shake
milk shake 2 hours ago
Sis it’s been a week how long is it going to take to apologize
miradnan001 2 hours ago
I think she looks without makeup better 🤷🏻‍♀️
jasmine Barnes
jasmine Barnes 2 hours ago
U are beautiful
Jayla’s Palace
Jayla’s Palace 2 hours ago
I’m looking for an apology
adalya.journey 3 hours ago
just because she is not posting for 2 week y'all think she is dead or missing ??💀
Emilia Dahmani
Emilia Dahmani 3 hours ago
Whats happen whit you?😭❤️
LILZ _Gilbert_07
LILZ _Gilbert_07 3 hours ago
JOhn Be Are YOu CHeCKinG yousFElf our
LILZ _Gilbert_07
LILZ _Gilbert_07 3 hours ago
Cayden Mascarenhas
Cayden Mascarenhas 3 hours ago
Addison Rae is the best, I really love her videos it makes me laugh and all the drama going on about her should stop she said her sorry and I absolutely adore her thank you, Addison, for making me smile with the amazing videos you are really funny to me ❤❤❤
Simona Stamatovska
Simona Stamatovska 3 hours ago
Addison has 2 brothers !?
Fixrire 2 hours ago
yup 😂
Doina Zamora Navarro
Doina Zamora Navarro 3 hours ago
Adison mal
Gabby Mccormack
Gabby Mccormack 3 hours ago
Dont worry addison you are beautiful without makeup
Eva Xhaferi
Eva Xhaferi 3 hours ago
Hi adison
NS Jammy
NS Jammy 3 hours ago
Addison I just want to let you know that you should ignore your haters and just so you know I think that your very pretty, besides that I juts would like to know when your going to post on one of you Social Media’s again.
Collision Gamers
Collision Gamers 3 hours ago
Did you here Addison rae is like gone wait was she gone for more than a week ????? This is MAKING sense I know what happend
Helen Rynhart
Helen Rynhart 3 hours ago