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Random Human
Random Human 12 hours ago
Colby: jail storytime... *Jail was dope*
Violet Pack
Violet Pack 12 hours ago
I use to be all jealous and shit of every girl he took a picture with like i'd get pissed, now i'm jus like IT's CoOl :3 I felt totally fine that they was together or so i thought till I watched. XD I low-key felt happy for him . I think he needs more fans like me :3
Marli Powell
Marli Powell 12 hours ago
I finally got an account to like and follow also ilysm
{ • Inot Clowny•}
{ • Inot Clowny•} 13 hours ago
Jk my scary story is that my mom told me that when I was a baby she bout me a toy piano and she always herd it playing but a little girl died in the house AND NOW I HAVE DEMONS ARE FOLLOWING ME but they are meh friends cuz everyone need one right? ☺️
kylie perez
kylie perez 13 hours ago
My house is haunted haha, so I have a radio from the 50s in my room and it randomly turns on by itself whenever it feels like it. Also, I play a game with the ghost, it moves a small trinket I have in my room almost every day, I'll fix it in the position I want it in and then it'll move it again. Randomly throughout the day, you can hear someone running around my house but this only happens when I'm home alone, never when my parents are home.
{ • Inot Clowny•}
{ • Inot Clowny•} 13 hours ago
My scary story is that I got stuck in the toilet
AutumnSprinkle 13 hours ago
A small bit of info about something (possibly) paranormal: I constantly have sleep paralysis and as soon as i would wake up and as soon i would realise that im paralyzed with fear for some reason and i would breath as quietly as possible and STAY STILL. I would be constantly scared and panic alot. Alot of the time i also feel cold breathing on my face, feet, and arms.
{ • Inot Clowny•}
{ • Inot Clowny•} 13 hours ago
Love you Colby I really hope you do get a girlfriend lol and I wish the whole squad the best! Love y’all have a nice day!!❤️❤️•-•”’
Nora K.
Nora K. 13 hours ago
why does sam look like a kid and colby look like an emo teen?🤔
Micaela Wood
Micaela Wood 13 hours ago
Me watching in 2020
RosettaTheWol f
RosettaTheWol f 13 hours ago
Can you make a second part of this I have tons of paranormal stories for you
RosettaTheWol f
RosettaTheWol f 13 hours ago
SpayzL 13 hours ago
What is that phone you have there? I think I recognize how OLD that is. That’s like a 1990s phone brother, 👍
Avery Curran
Avery Curran 13 hours ago
12:45 i have my feet hanging over my bed without a blanket on over then lol
Avery Curran
Avery Curran 13 hours ago
i mean 12:55
Tiffany Bowden
Tiffany Bowden 13 hours ago
I love you Colby
Tiffany Bowden
Tiffany Bowden 13 hours ago
Colby guess how old I am
No L
No L 13 hours ago
Demons love mimicking your loved ones so calling a minister was the right move
Taylor Hirt
Taylor Hirt 13 hours ago
Here's my story. Me and my cousin were spending the night at my grandma and aunts house. I got up with grandma and my aunt at 5:00am to go feed the horses. I was the first one to get back in the house. When I went inside I saw a little boy who looked exactly like my cousin standing at my aunt's bed but then he walked towards her closet. I just thought it was my cousin so I went back outside and told my aunt we should scare him. So we both snuck inside only to see him rapped up in his blanket sleeping. There was no way it was him. Her house has been haunted since my mom lived there. This "boy" that I saw is named Vixen and likes to move things such as opening shower curtains and making things swing. Just 2 days ago he made all the dogs start going crazy because he swung a fly swatter. It's pretty normal now. To me he is pretty cool. Pls do a Pt 2 and do my story
Hailey. Playzz.roblox
Hailey. Playzz.roblox 13 hours ago
I’m 12 so-😬😬😬 BAHBAHBAHBAH😂😂
Keyasia Cohen
Keyasia Cohen 14 hours ago
Madilynn Johnson
Madilynn Johnson 14 hours ago
Vanilla bean frappe
ItsChaseCraft 14 hours ago
I just did the online ouija board game and I asked "Is Sam Golbach Gay?" The answer was yes. Truth Confirmed, Sam is gay, Lol!!!
Temis H
Temis H 14 hours ago
"Kissing boys" "we've tried that before" 🤣😭🤣
Ella Foenander
Ella Foenander 14 hours ago
What the f Let me explain why I just wrote that in the comments So Colby said hey go break a plate little bitch and I just heard a plate or something similar Break and no one else in my family Heard it and how I know that is I asked and it didn’t sound close to me at all I checked the kitchen nothing broken now I am so f ing scared
Ella Foenander
Ella Foenander 14 hours ago
The first person who dies should find a piece of paper and write something like Sam has small nipples 😂 oml i’m not funny 😭
Karine Bell
Karine Bell 14 hours ago
i love you
Ella Foenander
Ella Foenander 14 hours ago
Well the dog could be someone in the family that died and came back as a dog I guess that’s paranormal ???
Mayra Turcios
Mayra Turcios 14 hours ago
Dear colby, We all will always support you🖤 You have always been here for us and you are my favorite! I'll keep supporting you no matter anything! Hopefully people think the same as me🖤 I hope u have a great life and make sure to be happy because there are some people who actually love u! (Btw keep the good work up😊)
Lina Rodriguez
Lina Rodriguez 14 hours ago
They would be so cute tho
em rose
em rose 15 hours ago
If Colby gets in his own relationship y'all shouldn't be upset, like some of you get so defensive if you hear Colby has a girlfriend like.. Colby in a past video you said you said you were afraid that if you got in a relationship you would be afraid your fans would be upset but like, it's your life why does it matter? Find love, be happy? If you wanna be single by all means!!! Just live your life happy not worried about what other people think or say about you. Let these 11 year old fan girls move on. Like ITS NOT THEIR LIFE COLBY. You need o put your self first sometimes to be more happy. I just want you to be happy, fame can cause alot of sadness sometimes. I don't want to assume, you could be happy the way you are? But idk man, you should do what you want. I'll be here to support you if you ever do get in a relationship
Jashayla Abercrombie
Jashayla Abercrombie 15 hours ago
Y’all it’s 9:13 and decided to watch this and now I’m kinda scared even tho me being the person I am I would watch this at 2:00 or 3Am and then I would get scared idk
Kaylen The Girl With The Thumbs
Kaylen The Girl With The Thumbs 15 hours ago
Lol so about the squirrels... especially in the south or really anywhere where there are a lot of trees, squirrels with crawl under your house and chew their way into your attack and walls, so it’s very common to hear knocking and stuff in your house from that lol
uptown paranormal
uptown paranormal 15 hours ago
I would love to do a collab with you guys someday..
Willow \I/ ! [ [ 0 \I/
Willow \I/ ! [ [ 0 \I/ 15 hours ago
my boyfriend cheated on me the day before valentines day... so I went to the sweetheart dance and posted about how sad I was whilst eating strawberries, marshmallows, and chocolate 😂😭
amy johnson
amy johnson 15 hours ago
Colby Brock I love your videos and I followed you on Twitter Facebook and Facebook
Tonya Moore
Tonya Moore 15 hours ago
Tonya Moore
Tonya Moore 15 hours ago
TheRandom FandomFan
TheRandom FandomFan 15 hours ago
hello friendos! we really like your videos! *even if they scare us at times-* keep doin' what ya love! (and yes we call Our-self a we even tho it's just 1 person writing this- still- keep doing what ya love guys!)
Mariah Styles
Mariah Styles 15 hours ago
I have a scary story that carry’s in my family this was a year ago once he said saw a girl in my little sister room playing with toys and my dad called her But it wasn’t her I said dad my sister was with me he was scared asf because he saw a girl playing with her toys imagine seeing that in ur bedroom that’s horrifying we always have chills still since that day
Tonya Moore
Tonya Moore 15 hours ago
Sam shut up like how do u know if it’s a prank talm bout cause nobody is going to read tha big of a bible skit of proper read that cause they love god
Sierra Freeman • 20 years ago [edited]
Sierra Freeman • 20 years ago [edited] 15 hours ago
Chelsea Eclipse
Chelsea Eclipse 15 hours ago
Here’s my story. When I was 2 my brother passed away with cancer. He passed away in my bedroom. When I turned 7 one night I went to the living room cause I heard something. When I went in there our back door was open so I closed it but when I turned around I saw my brother on our recliner. So I screamed and started crying. My mom woke up and saw me and put me back to bed but later on in the night I woke up again and went back into the living room and I didn’t see him but I saw our recliner rocking. But for some weird reason I wasn’t scared I just knew he wasn’t there to hurt me. That it was his way of looking out for me. I’m 19 now and I haven’t seen him since then.
Sierra Freeman • 20 years ago [edited]
Sierra Freeman • 20 years ago [edited] 15 hours ago
Masked 2020
Masked 2020 15 hours ago
A day before my birthday this was posted....I remember it clearly.....👌👌👌
brea plays
brea plays 16 hours ago
I'm stuck on kinky depressed tik Tok😅😗
ellis 2000
ellis 2000 16 hours ago
all notices end of video singing wah wah wah
Madison Roy
Madison Roy 16 hours ago
if you dont want corona clap ur hand *claps hands*
weirdo rogers
weirdo rogers 16 hours ago
When I'm in my room at night I always feel like there is someone watching me practice my dancing and singing. I also walked into my room one time to put up my clothes and I have a pink wall and there was blue writing on my wall. It looks like a verse from the bible. I asked everyone that has been to my house if they did it but then I realized. 1. I'm always home so if someone went into my room, I would've known. 2. NOBODY EVER goes in my room. It's still there to this day.
The Single Dad Chronicles
The Single Dad Chronicles 16 hours ago
Bro I heard the voices you were talking about, and when I heard that laugh/giggle gave me chills I enjoy the content you and your friends do I used to ghost hunt and do Ouija all the time if ever in GA it'd be awesome to go with y'all on a hunt. Keep up the good work
Vincent Garcia
Vincent Garcia 16 hours ago
In the intro a white figure walking behind them at 00:32
scarlett and kim plays_roblox
scarlett and kim plays_roblox 16 hours ago
Mine is that one time me and my family were watching a movie and i was asleep when i woke up i saw no one there i thought i was deaming so i went back to sleep woke up again and saw my dog who died in 2017 and licked me and i don't know how but it felt like someone was trying to wake me up but i thought i was already up????
dusky_ yt
dusky_ yt 16 hours ago
Oh yeah I'm 11
dusky_ yt
dusky_ yt 16 hours ago
To be onist my scariest thing that happens to me at night I don't know if it's an illusion but every night I see like black things in the night run up and down the hallway and as soon as I see them I feel people all around my bed just stering right back at me and I feel like I'm about to like die and some times when they surround my bed I hear voices saying hi and sometimes they say like hello devil right at me.
Amy Norton
Amy Norton 16 hours ago
OMG My mom had an incident kinda like one you mentioned. In an old house we lived in when I was about 3 or 4 my mom saw me heading into my sister's room. I knew I wasn't suppose to be in there so my mom asked me what I was doing and apparently the thing turned and looked at my mom but my voice came from our play room and I was in there with my sisters playing dolls....
Dominique Nez
Dominique Nez 16 hours ago
What you doning
Dominique Nez
Dominique Nez 16 hours ago
Colby has handcuffs that something
Relator 17 hours ago
Ok, this will be sort of a long comment and Colby probably won't see it but here we go. About the whole ghost/age thing: Ghosts stick around because they have unfinished business or because they died a horrible death. People who die peacefully and of old age don't tend to stick around. They will stay for a couple of days to say goodbye and stuff, but they move on pretty quickly. That's why there aren't that many tales of old aged ghosts and if they are, the event usually takes place after they die. There are exceptions to that rule though and if they stay they have some sort of unfinished business. Children and ghosts: Younger children are closer to the paranormal because unlike teenagers and adults, their minds aren't closed off and they have not yet been told by society that the paranormal isn't real and that the ghosts they see are just imaginary. In fact most imaginary friends are ghosts, especially if siblings all have the same one. Now, there are teenagers, like me, and adults who are still close to the paranormal because they have had a lot of experiences with it. Younger children are also more pure and not as cluttered and as concerned with what society says is normal as most adults and teenagers are. I hope this helped explain things and I hope Colby sees this so that it helps explain things to him. If you have any questions just ask and I'll try my best to explain it.
4k Volt
4k Volt 17 hours ago
when i 8 is saw my great grandfather and my great grandmother pass away in front of me and the next year we moved on the way to my new house we had a big hallway and at the night I'll see this black figure in the hallway when 20 seconds later i will hear a big bang on my wall. Hope u read this.love your videos
Delusional Illusions
Delusional Illusions 17 hours ago
90% of the comments: nobody: corey: we’d have to kiss 10% of the comments: colby’s noises
Ashley Huffman
Ashley Huffman 17 hours ago
Colby: are you nervous....also colby so am ii
Ashlie Semchyshen
Ashlie Semchyshen 17 hours ago
9:53 - 9:57 kinda reminds me of drama in shows like The Real Housewives of Something 😂😂😂😂
Anna Kinard
Anna Kinard 17 hours ago
The mask thing didn’t age well
Dalijah Faulk
Dalijah Faulk 17 hours ago
I know I’m late I just got my old phone so I couldn’t tell u my story but I’ll text it in the comments so ppl see so I’m mostly always home alone cause my mom likes going out but I’ll be playing the ps4 chilling talking to my friends then I got thirsty or hungry so I got a cup of noodles wit hot sauce cause those things be taste less and some juice I would sit back down and put my headset back on then i would hear someone running towards me then I’d turn around and nobody would be there ( just know I’m home alone) but this is not the first time it happens to happens every time I’m home alone and every time I’m alone I feel like the footsteps get closer each time... (reply if u think u know wut it is)😓
Beauty Gamer - The Definition of Cringe
Beauty Gamer - The Definition of Cringe 17 hours ago
Hey, me and my friends are planning on going to Kansas. If you don’t mind could you please maybe send me the location to the abandoned Jewelry factory that you guys used to go to, we promise to be safe! It’s going to be a big group of us so we will be fine! It’s okay if you don’t want to. But we want to go there
Yaboiriley Iscoolerthanyou
Yaboiriley Iscoolerthanyou 17 hours ago
Kay - O
Kay - O 17 hours ago
At 3 40? Wasn't the room yal stayed in b340
Emma Mosbrucker
Emma Mosbrucker 17 hours ago
So my cousin committed Suicide and his mom told him to flip a penny on its head once she leaves the house. The next day she mopped the kitchen floor and she got her dog King and left to come to my house, when she came back home their was a penny on the floor on its head.This morning I found a penny on my computer desk and it was in its head, I don’t know where any penny’s are in my house...My aunt now sees penny’s and other coins all over her house on their heads.When ever I go into her house I sit on the couch and I get shivers,goosebumps, and I get cold. Paranormal or what?
BXBY JXSMINE 17 hours ago
Are you supposed to take ur hand off the thing
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner 18 hours ago
Colby...that's Mike Wazowski😂😂😂
Jordan Bustamante
Jordan Bustamante 18 hours ago
My body came off 📴 :/
cody borges
cody borges 18 hours ago
He colby I just need to tell u that every time I go to bed i hear and see the "shadow man"
Tribute of District 4
Tribute of District 4 18 hours ago
Here’s my story When I was 11 my sister was 14 and she had a friend over. We all had a plan to play the ouija board and play the red book game. It was 3am but we didn’t feel like playing that night. The next day we played the ouija board and talked to a little Spanish boy named wio . We had to leave so we said bye and we decided to play the red book game. The ghosts said we were in danger but they couldn’t tell us what was putting us in danger. They told us to contact them on the ouija board and then they could tell us. So we did. They again told us we were in serious danger. Btw we were in my room. Then my grandma had the idea to play a prank on us and did some banging whatever. We freaked out and we didn’t think much of it when we figured out was my grandma. We then played the ouija board again and we spoke to wio again but this time we put salt on our board and the ground because we were paranoid. We talked to wio then he asked us to remove the salt. Me being the smart one asked if salt affects all ghosts or just demons. They said all ghosts. So we said goodbye removed the salt and played again. We asked how wio was and he spelt out ZOZO. We flipped and ended the game. When my sisters went home she was really sick and I also had a very bad headache. We didn’t know if it was related to the ouija board but we didn’t know. I might also add that early that day I had burnt my index and middle fingers. It wasn’t that bad until I touched the ouija board with those fingers. I also had a poster on my wall that somehow fell off the wall and onto the place where we played the board. We didn’t know what to blame this on. I still didn’t know to this day why. A few days later I would here footsteps outside my window and I would hear things hit my window. I never looked cause I was scared of what I would see. It finally stopped when me and my sister confronted it. Sorry I know it wasn’t that scary but that was my encounter
Keyasia Cohen
Keyasia Cohen 18 hours ago
j4k0b -fn
j4k0b -fn 18 hours ago
8:29 the Nirvana hoodie :)
COlleen MCdonald
COlleen MCdonald 18 hours ago
I have to have my feet covered too!🙂
Music Lover
Music Lover 18 hours ago
You and Sam should do a collab with Shane Dawson, Drew, and Garret. It would be so iconic.
Keyasia Cohen
Keyasia Cohen 18 hours ago
YouTube Ballen
YouTube Ballen 18 hours ago
ya man sleep with your toes tucked
Jezalyke Rousseau
Jezalyke Rousseau 18 hours ago
I still ship it
Keyasia Cohen
Keyasia Cohen 18 hours ago
Colby:" when i say sing u say smule" Colby: "sing" Me:" smule"
camille leon
camille leon 18 hours ago
I could go on and on of story I have with my bff\ cousin . I'm pretty sure her family is haunted
Jessie Bloxham
Jessie Bloxham 18 hours ago
Can you do more paranormal investigations on your channel
YouTube Ballen
YouTube Ballen 18 hours ago
the pich man was honting them
Bella Sanchez
Bella Sanchez 19 hours ago
Tagan 19 hours ago
Here my story My mom passed away and one day I went to my little brothers house and I was sitting with him and out of nowhere he said look sissy mommy's here and I thought he was joking so I turned around and nothing was there so I said she's not here and he said yes she is I we here so I just went along with it.
YouTube Ballen
YouTube Ballen 19 hours ago
thats not good dont talk to dead people youll be curst
Dana Moss
Dana Moss 19 hours ago
I’m not sure if you’ll read this or not Colby, I in the last couple of months stumbled upon TFIL and in time have found my way here. You seem like a super cool guy, you guys all do, this morning I randomly looked you guys up on google cause I was curious how old you guys are, I knew you were around my age, but I wasn’t sure. And upon doing that saw something about you being dead? And my heart sunk and I clicked it, some super messed up “news” source called ‘channel45news.com’ said you died in a car accident on June 15th? Dude my heart freaking sank, and then I was like wait didnt he just upload a video? And you since the 15th of June definitely had and have since as well on Twitter. But talk about fucked up, who says someone’s dead? Like wtf?! So messed up... well anyways just wanted to say glad your alive and well♥️ much love from Salem, Oregon.
Leslie Veno
Leslie Veno 19 hours ago
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson 19 hours ago
the place where they were filming looks a lot like the place where bts filmed the on mv, like, is it the same place?
Savhanna Basaldua
Savhanna Basaldua 19 hours ago
Little kids (4-15) see more than older people (20-60). I’m 14 and I see and feel paranormal activity and I help people with paranormal activity in there house so yep.
Jkcatcat 19 hours ago
Well...not to long ago March 30 2020 my grandpa died I was sitting on my bed and I never close my door and no one closes my door....and I was watching u guys and my door closed and I swear I saw my grandpa and about not to long ago I was sitting at my nana’s were my grandpa lived and I was playing with their bird and I swear I saw my grandpa sitting in his chair with the dog and about a week ago I was in my livening room I saw in the corner of my eye I saw in our big chair my grandpa.... now I just can’t sleep at night i always have my blinds closed and I opened my blinds one night and I never feel like I’m being watched but that night I felt like I was being watched....but it was in a creepy was I closed them that second ever since I closed them....what’s very sad that my birth day is the 8th of December and my grandpas is the 9th of December I miss him....
Jkcatcat 19 hours ago
Also the chair I though my grandpa in at my house it was the chair he would sit in when he visited well the 2 time so it was very sad...😢
Hanata Sero
Hanata Sero 19 hours ago
Sam- do you NOT keep squirrels in your closet?
Leila Sheets
Leila Sheets 19 hours ago
When they sounded like Scooby my rewind button broke
Taylor G
Taylor G 19 hours ago
one time ( aka last night) i looked at the window and saw a shadow that was disfigured and not connected. i looked back 20 minutes later and it was gone. not scary and not my scariest experience but still
A Human
A Human 19 hours ago
Colby is so cute 😂 and I love his voice💕
lil GANG
lil GANG 19 hours ago
Ok colby I see u
Leila Sheets
Leila Sheets 19 hours ago
Corey: I thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Colby: that's what I thought Colby: this story sucks
Martis Sutt
Martis Sutt 19 hours ago
tf is dis
Lena Van Huizen
Lena Van Huizen 19 hours ago
I feel like they were already drunk before they filmed this and then they both went on a downward spiral
Void Feather
Void Feather 19 hours ago
Here’s my story about sleeping: I came home from school after a long day at elementary ate dinner went to swim practice, did homework and went to bed. It was normal for the time being. But as I’m trying to sleep my mind often wonders around and thinks about weird things. This one night, I started thinking about a girl at my school, idk how it led up to that but then I fell asleep. I left the blanket off from on my feet that night by I never had problems with it before. That was the first nigh in my life that I left my feet out from under my blanket. That night I had sleep paralysis and guess what it was. :) it was the girl I was thinking about with a metal spike thru her hanging on my wall as something pulled me off my bed from my feet. Once I was fully off my bed I woke up crying and screaming and I ran into my moms room with her and screamed for about 10 minutes. To this day, I still have NEVER left my feet out from under my bed. :)
Lauren Mello
Lauren Mello 19 hours ago
Oh my god seriously Sam