The Portless iPhone!
Sanal joseph
Sanal joseph 9 hours ago
I think if iPhone 13 comes we have to buy it’s battery extra 😂😂
Muhammad Syaugi
Muhammad Syaugi 9 hours ago
Hy david di sini 😂
Playstation IsAwsm
Playstation IsAwsm 10 hours ago
Well.. I will get ps5 anyways.. I dont care what xbox or any other company is offering.. I am happy with playstation and it's exclusives🤗😊
NAVAS NASAR 10 hours ago
am use note 20 ultra best phone.. But heating..😢
Grey ghost
Grey ghost 10 hours ago
$2000 for a 4k tv..hmmm
M J 10 hours ago
Both consoles are amazing, I personally am getting an Xbox but I reckon within a year or 2 I’ll get a ps5 because they’re both so good, lots of love From Xbox 💚💙
M J 10 hours ago
Very fair review and no bias, just subbed
Bippity Boopity
Bippity Boopity 10 hours ago
Very clean aesthetics in your videos I respect the quality.
HESI MISO 10 hours ago
i don’t understand why people care abiut the resolution of the ui it doesn’t matter
BIGKickz 23
BIGKickz 23 10 hours ago
Spiderman Miles Morales is the next GEN game but insomniac Developers Decided to make it available on PS4 because not everybody’s going to be able to get a PS five so that’s just more sales for them
Jonathan Marcus
Jonathan Marcus 10 hours ago
Xbox doesn't "boost", and PS5 isn't RDNA 2... Ijs🤷🏾‍♂️
N.D.T 10 hours ago
** 11 hours ago
Team Xbox!!!
Maximus and Seneca Global llc
Maximus and Seneca Global llc 11 hours ago
It will be recording vid in the next half decade😣🕵
Tashja Walls
Tashja Walls 11 hours ago
XBOX BABYYYYYYYY! Like for the Xbox series X
Abhishek's tech tips
Abhishek's tech tips 11 hours ago
Battery ??? What is this 2005??...
ImperialJohn 11 hours ago
I wonder how many people who buy the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air actually spend all their time using it at home and would be better off getting the iMac with the bigger screen and at a height that doesn't cause you to become a hunchback? It would be nice to see a test on an i5 13" MBP 2020 versus an i7 16" MBP 2020 running Logic, Reason, or Abelton with hundreds of plug-ins. Then to see whether you don't get any benefit from going up to the i7 from the i5.
OG_PD10 11 hours ago
I hate you acttually but ur vids are overpowered I’m subscribing with my 5 YT ACC’S bcz ur vids are amazing keep it up😍🤙🏾👍🏾
Mohammad Shahidullah
Mohammad Shahidullah 11 hours ago
Plz I want iPhone iphone 12
Bryce Pilgram
Bryce Pilgram 11 hours ago
For me I’m going to get the iPhone 12 pro max. blue color and it will take me more. then 1 to 2 months to get the money. needed to get the new iPhone 12 pro max. in November of 2020 after Black Friday after thanksgiving. So how can I transfer my stuff from the old iPhone 11. to the iPhone 12 pro max in November or in December or This year.
Carl l
Carl l 11 hours ago
2:11 so let me get this straight, you’ll spend an extra 300 on a iPhone 12 for the body frame...even tho most people get a case for their phone? 😂 this reasoning is absolutely maddening.
Carl l
Carl l 11 hours ago
1:09 “iPhone 11 has REALLY REALLY thick bezels...” Are you serious bro? My god, y’all tech tubers exaggerate the hell out of things. God damn man.
Carl l
Carl l 11 hours ago
@ZONEofTECH I understand that, but the level of exaggeration is overblown. Even if it is noticeable, it’s not substantial. It’s not a 300 DOLLAR difference.
ZONEofTECH 11 hours ago
No. The 11 literally HAS the thickest bezels out of any modern phone.
Journey Rodriguez
Journey Rodriguez 11 hours ago
I think the way to go this generation is to get both consoles
Adam K
Adam K 11 hours ago
Xbox series X
poodle eagrall
poodle eagrall 12 hours ago
Lmao remember when people believed this
Devin Bolster
Devin Bolster 12 hours ago
I am going ps5 way more feturs
Karlos Coleman
Karlos Coleman 12 hours ago
Ummm, excuse me! But hell blade2 is an Xbox exclusive
green ninja
green ninja 12 hours ago
Im gonna buy ps5 because i like the controller and the console bit Xbox series x is good too but for me ps5 is good 👍
Sanath Kumar
Sanath Kumar 12 hours ago
Sounds weird calling a processor’s clock speed as frequency eventhough the unit of measurement is Hz
paddy91317 12 hours ago
Not sure ps5 has quick resume feature
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 12 hours ago
TRUMP =PS5 BIDEN=XBOX SERIES X Which on you prefer?...
Eddington Cañete
Eddington Cañete 12 hours ago
I am preparing to buy both of them
ovscarr 12 hours ago
tbh 1080p on a ui is fine
MonReese 12 hours ago
I would take 1080p Ui with quick resume over having a 4K Ui anyday, js😴 I've never heard anyone say "Wow, look at the graphics on this Ui!"
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 10 hours ago
Bro the games load fast on ps5 and you can only play so many games at once , plus you have no games to play so you can’t even use the feature yet
paul phoenix
paul phoenix 12 hours ago
4K UI on Ps5 is just bullshit.
Sebi 12 hours ago
If you like Xbox, like If you like ps5 comment
MOUSTACH3MVF 12 hours ago
Microsoft net worth = 1 TRILLION $'s Sony net worth = 45 billion $'s
Goa 13 hours ago
Nice lighting choice
Gaming Spirit
Gaming Spirit 13 hours ago
ps5 cuase the graphics and the games are better for me even though fortnitr runs better in x box
Mark Arthur
Mark Arthur 13 hours ago
The only thing that discorages me from iPhones is that I feel that Apple purposely deteriorate the battery through software updates to make you always want to upgrade
Haris 13 hours ago
Simple ps5 is better .
M.M official Vlog
M.M official Vlog 13 hours ago
I’m getting both regardless
DadOfLilah 13 hours ago
From a x to 12 pro max
dog lab
dog lab 13 hours ago
That”s why the new ipads and iphones come with LIDAR
Fahim -ur-Rehman
Fahim -ur-Rehman 13 hours ago
I will go with PlayStation because I only play PS exclusive titles.. otherwise Xbox game pass is so impressive..
Jacob Underwood
Jacob Underwood 13 hours ago
I think you should’ve mentioned how the base price for new PS5 games has been bumped up to $70 US, or about £54. So if you got a good job or have rich parents, get a PS5 If you’re more money conscience and really wanna play some new cross platform games, and your TV’s not that great, get a Series S If you, for some ungodly reason, prefer the Xbox’s exclusives to PlayStation’s, wanna play some old games, and found $500 in the street, get a Series X.
Fahim -ur-Rehman
Fahim -ur-Rehman 13 hours ago
O dear .. outstanding video for buyers of the next gen console.. love the content.. thumbs up !!?
ati832 13 hours ago
I purchased the ps4 and xbox one last time and this is no lie I have never even played on the xbox one not 1 hour, xbox is going on the route of giving free games with game pass but that will only last so long, ps4 titles were a lot better there was not one xbox exclusive that interested me, I will but the ps5 only this time but when fable and elder scrolls release then will pick up the series x, I have actually got 4 xbox series x coming but will be flipping all of them.
Matt Goodrich
Matt Goodrich 13 hours ago
Valhalla is just upscaling 4K for ps5 not native 4k
Matt Goodrich
Matt Goodrich 13 hours ago
U didn't talk about full RDNA 2 specs on xbox
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 13 hours ago
Who else is still having a hard time deciding between these two systems?
Bbmma 13 hours ago
Black ops is not native 4k 120 fps its dynamic resolution and demon souls a launch day ps5 exclusive you didn't mention
Kodzuren 13 hours ago
ps5 has te better games, buy a ps5
riblakez 14 hours ago
Just wanna point out that the ps5 gpu performance is also variable. 10 teraflops is the peak just like the cpu it will not run at that the whole time.
Can Max Animate
Can Max Animate 14 hours ago
I am getting a pixel 4a for Christmas because at the the moment I have a 16gb 2014 iPhone 6 and I need an upgrade but the pixel 4a sounds the best for me with the 120gb and oled display 🙂
Vestodye Bg
Vestodye Bg 14 hours ago
Xbox because Forza Horazon
Kushal Sonavane
Kushal Sonavane 14 hours ago
he forgot to mention PS plus Collection feature to beat Gamepass
FishTail 14 hours ago
Didnt even get the fridge
Sagn Gaming
Sagn Gaming 14 hours ago
Been waiting for a video like this, great work! 👍 My history of theese consoles: ps, ps2, xbox 360(red eye after insurance end lol), ps3, ps4, ps4 pro. If/when I get new console it will be xbox, mainly because of microsoft got zenimax. After watching this I wish I could get the xbox console but the ps controller lol.
No Sleep
No Sleep 14 hours ago
Easy. If you’re not concerned with power differences that’ll likely yield negligible results, you go where Demon’s Souls is.
Ronnie Miller
Ronnie Miller 14 hours ago
Sounds like an accident to me someone is going to get killed with this crap
James 14 hours ago
The higher the tflop count the more useless they become, so frames and graphics on third party games should almost be identical
Asian Bacon
Asian Bacon 15 hours ago
You forgot to mention that Microsoft also owns Bethesda now, so they have some more more “tripple a franchises”
Zaid 000
Zaid 000 15 hours ago
Raman N
Raman N 15 hours ago
Ps4 disc's can be worked with ps5
Moonlight Reaper
Moonlight Reaper 15 hours ago
Hi could someone help please does anybody know which console will download games faster from network series x or ps5?
Yeezus Christ
Yeezus Christ 15 hours ago
Xbox Series X Day One With GamePASS Since EA COMING TO GamePASS
תומר שמש
תומר שמש 15 hours ago
14:36 Demon's Souls: Am I a joke to you?
תומר שמש
תומר שמש 16 hours ago
Like if youre buying a PS5
Cookie Donut
Cookie Donut 16 hours ago
I'm buying the xbox
blackanese outdoors
blackanese outdoors 16 hours ago
What about people who already wear glasses? We need contacts to use them?!
fr1sket 16 hours ago
Most of the people i know know put their phone in a case, i'm never going to see or touch the back or sides. Personally i think the line up differences this year, even the difference in the pro series is just apple being dirty. I don't want a massive phone, but and now i feel like the smaller pro is in some way cheaper, not the best..... but it's the size i want, that's a crappy feeling. Well done apple, guess i'll just save my money for next year, my XS is still going strong.
Co co
Co co 16 hours ago
How is this guy saying 1500 pound TV is affordable
True English Patriot
True English Patriot 16 hours ago
The series s is not next gen bro lets be honest here.
Sean Botha
Sean Botha 16 hours ago
Microsoft owns Bethseda now so expect many timed exclusives
Nasim Acdnanovic
Nasim Acdnanovic 16 hours ago
Price most be first
chosbach411 17 hours ago
Nice video. Tyvm
Liam Power
Liam Power 17 hours ago
best details in these videos. amazing.
Bhanumathi Srinivas
Bhanumathi Srinivas 17 hours ago
Jeremiah Powell
Jeremiah Powell 17 hours ago
You need apples 20w charger to get 15w charging rate even if the other types usb c brick is 20w. It pair up with apples plug to get the 15w
Harry Yano
Harry Yano 17 hours ago
Sorry but WHO is buying an xbox😂😂😂 Microsoft did you dirty this year Also you forgot to mention Demons Souls as a PS5 exclusive
PotBoyz 11 hours ago
Try proofreading