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Daniel Pincus
Daniel Pincus Minute ago
I watched this yesterday, and made it today with cauliflower instead of noodles. Fantastic.
Richard Carson
Richard Carson 3 minutes ago
"hey bro, you burned the bacon." burned to perfection is right.
Northz 18 minutes ago
I'm eating this right now, but I made it with white wine instead cuz that's what I had. Still delicious ofc!
Mike F
Mike F 33 minutes ago
Great video, being you also own the Ooni Pro, what are your thoughts comparing it to these two ovens?
Ben Brockert
Ben Brockert 59 minutes ago
In Alla Gricia you put water in the pan when rendering the meat, in this one you used oil. Have you compared them to see how it changes the end product, or do you vary it depending on how fatty it is to start?
Drakes Vater
Drakes Vater Hour ago
Parsley is better than cilantro change my mind
Matthew Breeden
Matthew Breeden Hour ago
On the subject of cutting fingers: Once, at a sushi bar, I was nearly done julienning 50 pounds of carrots, and one turned over as I was cutting. I sliced most of my left index fingernail off, spraying blood, and launching the fingernail into a full bus tub of already cut carrots. Had to throw them all away, bandage my finger and start over.
JonMW 2 hours ago
USshow's given me four different videos on this one recipe in as many days. ALL RIGHT, FINE, I'll cook it already!
Jimmy Stone
Jimmy Stone 2 hours ago
Do you have a recommendation on where to buy a molcajete. My local Mexican grocery doesn't have a great selection
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard 2 hours ago
I need this man’s discipline and portion control bc i would probably have 2 of those for dinner
Corey Baker
Corey Baker 2 hours ago
10:44 however said that must have an extra chromosome & a great lack of intelligence
Lol i wanna get 300 subs before corona ends
Maxaldojo 2 hours ago
I want the I'm the Wurst shirt!!!
Tribia tribia
Tribia tribia 2 hours ago
Airfryer same result
jeremy17m 3 hours ago
The legendary sous chef erik
Ethan Burke
Ethan Burke 3 hours ago
weilan h
weilan h 3 hours ago
Hi Kenji, I'm searching for a wok and the one you are using seems to be a perfect fit. Where can I buy?
Dze Ja16
Dze Ja16 5 hours ago
Onion eggs are the best .
Ms. Rae
Ms. Rae 5 hours ago
Thank you for providing a second use for my salad spinner! Also, thanks for always brightening my quarantine life. ❤️
Mark L
Mark L 5 hours ago
tastes insanely good but my farts smelled like garlic
Zyrog 6 hours ago
doesnt buffalo sauce also have a tiny bit of worchestershire sauce too?
PennyGeist 7 hours ago
Cups a barbaric
King Burton
King Burton 7 hours ago
While I'm already aware of the reverse sear method from Sam the cooking guy channel, I really found this video informative. I took your recommendation and purchased 4 of the chef presses. I am pretty excited to use them. Any idea where I can get that steel griddle though?
Newt 8 hours ago
Hello kenji, i've been binge watching your series for a little while now and i want to say i love what you do! i was wondering if you're going make a harvest season/thanksgiving themed video in the future? i really want to get into that sort of cooking but since we don't celebrate it here the way you do over in america i wouldn't know where to start! thanks in advance and have a great week!
MrOffTrail 8 hours ago
This was one of my favorite things when I lived in New Mexico. Simple, but greater than the sum of its parts. The only thing I’d add is a bit of mayo on the bun after toasting. Adds a little something, and keeps the bun from getting soggy too.
Sandra Shaw
Sandra Shaw 8 hours ago
Thanks for the tour, Kenji!
carpet everybody
carpet everybody 8 hours ago
Yo... Move to new Orleans plz...
JQuintos FootGolf
JQuintos FootGolf 8 hours ago
This dude needs to sell Kenji T-shirts that say : Not THE San Francisco Treat. Great branding.
Pinky Johns
Pinky Johns 8 hours ago
So glad you don’t put tomatoes on your burger! They make it slippery and hard to hold together!
Josh N
Josh N 9 hours ago
What peel are you using here? It looks like the pizzas slide off so easily.
Kev Mac
Kev Mac 9 hours ago
This guy has every utensil in the book
Horst Tristan von Wittenbach
Horst Tristan von Wittenbach 9 hours ago
Kenji, you forgot the MSG. 🙂😁
kolim jone
kolim jone 9 hours ago
So when is the rice-a-roni video?
Nick Grove
Nick Grove 9 hours ago
Chorizo Grilled Cheese...I click
Katedagreat 9 hours ago
Not a ketchup on burgers guy. Say no more, I knew you were the real deal Kenji <3
Taro McArthur
Taro McArthur 9 hours ago
Bacon is suggestive I think, you can have it stringy chewy salty mess or a nice crunch.
Jeremy Fancher
Jeremy Fancher 10 hours ago
Made this tonight, but had to use my weeding torch for the noodles/veggies. Turned out DELICIOUS! Thanks.
Jeremy Fancher
Jeremy Fancher 10 hours ago
also used dried ramen noodles from Ranch 99 because I didn't have fresh egg noodles
Reggie 10 hours ago
I grow like six to ten large cherry tomatoes planets in five gallon buckets every year, but give them away, as I never know what to do with them. I just like growing them. But now me thinks I have a plan for myself! To the porch!
Mark 10 hours ago
What is the name of the chili you sprinkle on at the end?
renevas2 10 hours ago
What is that beer in the fridge? 👀
kolim jone
kolim jone 9 hours ago
your videos and never paid attention but this time I did and wasn't disappointed. Keep up the good work man!
Hyperion 10 hours ago
1:22 Gee that camera movement make me dizzy. Would be great if you prepare everything on set before you actually start recording
Reid Richardson
Reid Richardson 11 hours ago
keep up the good work
Mark-Angelo Famularcano
Mark-Angelo Famularcano 11 hours ago
"You can do this with water-chilled chicken too, it's just um-" Me: -just being a pleb and POOR! >:)
Mark-Angelo Famularcano
Mark-Angelo Famularcano 11 hours ago
growing up in the Philippines, everyone cooked their eggs like this. So good!
Johm Esmith
Johm Esmith 11 hours ago
@03:08 maybe some parchment paper over a rack? (love the content trying to be helpful)
Silver play button for my doggo
Silver play button for my doggo 11 hours ago
Almost forgot to watch this today
I crave this all the time thank you for sharing Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt I will share your technique to my family and friends and add your link and new Children’s book & The Food Lab to their wish list 😎👌
Thomas Mace
Thomas Mace 11 hours ago
Epically effed up and absolutely delicious looking. I loved where you blew out the fire on the stone!
redbarott 11 hours ago
Marina or Ranch has the fresh noodles (F.C.) although making them fresh is the best. I don’t like the oil they coat the noodles with...
Nate Tallman
Nate Tallman 11 hours ago
Are you a fellow lefty?
Oiled _Octopus
Oiled _Octopus 11 hours ago
I’ve watched 2 videos and each of them have alcohol, I’m think I’m seeing a pattern...
Fidodo 11 hours ago
Learning to add my sauce directly to oil was a game changer for me. Before everything just ended up tasting like soy sauce and my wok would become a sticky mess. The oil prevented the stick and mellowed out the soy sauce flavor!
tacoburrito Swanson
tacoburrito Swanson 12 hours ago
Glad I'm not the only adult who still uses tortillas for pizza crust lmao.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 12 hours ago
Its a bacon sandwich thats why the B is first.
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 12 hours ago
So good. Now I like Ranch. Thank you Kenji!
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 12 hours ago
I made this tonight. ...so good! thank you Kenji!