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Getting My LIPS DONE!
EDC 2018 VLOG!
2 years ago
roxana s
roxana s 5 hours ago
Awsssss ❤
Alex xoxs
Alex xoxs 5 hours ago
Ok so like when you put the clown I didt got scared at first then I got scared 🤣🤣
JoannaMarie Gomez
JoannaMarie Gomez 5 hours ago
Chicken wing, chicken wang, 10:30, something macaroni
Maria Arenas
Maria Arenas 6 hours ago
Elana B
Elana B 6 hours ago
Watching these two just make me smile 😊
Shfzghzhgdj Aasjnkye7kcuhdgut
Shfzghzhgdj Aasjnkye7kcuhdgut 7 hours ago
Tell me why Louie looks like that one episode from the familia peluche with the purple wig 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alec World Of Gaming
Alec World Of Gaming 7 hours ago
alecittoo mistelo
alecittoo mistelo 7 hours ago
They should do the most expensive wigs !!
Denisse Acosta
Denisse Acosta 7 hours ago
First wig made Louie look like Albertano from nosotros los guapos 🤣
Nicølas Flørez
Nicølas Flørez 7 hours ago
i want the red one lowkey @sp00ky.joshler xD
Caleb Foesig
Caleb Foesig 7 hours ago
edna mode
iamaweirdo sunflower
iamaweirdo sunflower 7 hours ago
I barely got service and I'm late to your video but really made my day♥️ Also love the "pink" wig @ajay_alajim
Dayanara Zelaya
Dayanara Zelaya 7 hours ago
You should make Tavis his own USshow channel so he can play with his toys on the and when he starts school you should do a haul of the things you got for him
Katie Carrillo
Katie Carrillo 8 hours ago
I love you Im your big fan
Priscilla Aguilera
Priscilla Aguilera 8 hours ago
The first wig is giving me emperor kuzzco vibes from Louie 😭
Da Juan Bitch
Da Juan Bitch 8 hours ago
The first wig made louie look like Vic fuentes from pierce the veil😭😭😭
Ashley Gonzalez
Ashley Gonzalez 8 hours ago
I can’t with Travis 12:26
Cupcake Sugar
Cupcake Sugar 8 hours ago
Trives will be so happy and love the puppy and will probably sleep with it
Venus Han
Venus Han 8 hours ago
Can u guys post exactly what wigs they are so we can buy them off amazon too?
Amanda Christine
Amanda Christine 9 hours ago
her explaining the chika dance LMAOO
Sophia Mendez
Sophia Mendez 9 hours ago
I was sad today. and. I came and this video made my day it's so funny ily guys 😂😂😂❤
Judith Lemus
Judith Lemus 9 hours ago
I honestly love how the wigs looked on you Yoatzi!!!
Cutie_girl 55
Cutie_girl 55 9 hours ago
Omg you guys sould defenetly do a part2😂💜
Cutie_girl 55
Cutie_girl 55 9 hours ago
Omg,I'm living for the purple wig😂💜
Lovely C
Lovely C 9 hours ago
The red wig was the cutest fr yoatzi looked cute 😍 IG: CINDYXGLAM ✨
Alondra Patino
Alondra Patino 9 hours ago
Quote of the year!!!!! "Is Edna a princess" 😂😂😂😭
Karla Dayana
Karla Dayana 9 hours ago
No cap you sisters are everything and you guys surprisingly sing good 😂💜👑
Daniela's Vlogs
Daniela's Vlogs 10 hours ago
The novela tho
Jessica Velazquez
Jessica Velazquez 10 hours ago
Omg I love your videos there so funny 💞
Jessica Velazquez
Jessica Velazquez 10 hours ago
Yoatzi is mee laughing a lot 😂
Anabel Escobedo
Anabel Escobedo 10 hours ago
Was it just me or did yoatzi look good in all of them lol
Diana Cruz
Diana Cruz 10 hours ago
I love how the rainbow one looked on you guysss idkkk whyy but still rocked them😍😭 x.diana_spamss.x
FaZE MeLaNy 10 hours ago
Also y’all don’t know how freaking much I love wigs but I never had one I really want one but my mom won’t get me one sadly my wish is to get those wigs mostly if it’s from you guys my biggest biggest biggest fans for my b-Day in September 8 since it’s COVID I didn’t do anything or got no 🎁 presents 😔 I will love for you guys’d wigs to be one of my birthdays present and imagen says to my freind Louie and goat I have these wigs to me❤️❤️❤️❤️ what a dream come true don’t y’all think 🥺❤️❤️
FaZE MeLaNy 10 hours ago
Instagram:anyloly88❤️❤️❤️❤️ i really hope I win if I do ima have a smile in my face for life and if I don’t welp I tried right never don’t try something when you don’t know if you will have that or not❤️🥺
FaZE MeLaNy 10 hours ago
Hey guys I love you all and I don’t know if anybody else wants some but I want the red shirt one the light purple short one and unicorn 🦄 and the black shirt one I will love that and ya I have in mind that y’all wore them😂😂 i love you guys in so inspired by you guys and I love you guys❤️ y’all don’t know how long I watched yall almost since I was little❤️❤️ and I hope I win I have never one a giveaway in my lifeeee and I hope god gives this one giveaway ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🥺🥺
Ilse Mendez
Ilse Mendez 10 hours ago
Louie looked like Yami in the 1st wig 😭😭
jasmine chavez
jasmine chavez 11 hours ago
I dont think I’ve ever laughed so hard
Lesliee Guevara
Lesliee Guevara 11 hours ago
I can’t stop laughing 😂😭😭
Kathia Carolina
Kathia Carolina 11 hours ago
Hahahah omg!!! Im dying 😂😂😂 you guys are hilarious! 😂😂🤣❤️ i just had a c-section, I’m at the hospital watching you guys and I had to stop the video because I was laughing too hard lol 😂😂🤣
Maria Olivares
Maria Olivares 11 hours ago
Louie looks like a cricket with a bbl literally 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Olivares
Maria Olivares 11 hours ago
Louie looks like a cricket
Ellen .T
Ellen .T 12 hours ago
Can you guys do a part two plzzz I LOVED this video it was really funny and plzzzz do a part 2
GamerXWeeb 12 hours ago
I like your cut g👋
It’s_aiko Hehe
It’s_aiko Hehe 12 hours ago
I loved when Travis blew out the candles 😂🤣😂🤣
vivianna cortez
vivianna cortez 12 hours ago
"Look at my panza"😍😩OMG
shellybelle93 12 hours ago
This video made me laugh so much. Ily guys😘🥰
Arielle Holguin
Arielle Holguin 12 hours ago
Her voice is beautiful and btw what is Jessie’s channel
Selena Chagolla
Selena Chagolla 13 hours ago
Omg that first wig makes him look like the Emperor from the Emperor's New Groove 🤣🤣🤣
Okay Axhley
Okay Axhley 13 hours ago
Im tripping the first wigs are giving me Justin Bieber Vibez
Maribel Hernandez
Maribel Hernandez 13 hours ago
They both looked so good in the blue wig 🔥
Cynthia Nunez
Cynthia Nunez 13 hours ago
I like the pink one @chikisroxx
Brenda Mercado
Brenda Mercado 13 hours ago
That's so cute!! I love it
frito 14 hours ago
Yoatzi always wins because she’s pretty. Like she’s so beautiful she always wins. But they should try men’s clothing to see who looks better.
Natti Natti
Natti Natti 14 hours ago
Why y’all scream to muchhh ???? So crining
J_J 713
J_J 713 14 hours ago
I’ve never wanted a BBL (just preference) BUT... you got a Bitch saying okay maybe?! Lol! In my opinion best looking BBL 👌🏼
Kimberly Burrola
Kimberly Burrola 14 hours ago
Tatiana is my grandmas cousin like deadass
Caytana Jesus
Caytana Jesus 14 hours ago
Louie looks like escueleto from Nacho libre 😭😂 luv you tho louie😂❤️
Raquel Acosta
Raquel Acosta 14 hours ago
Y’all are the only you tubers I watch without skipping to the end 🤣
Diana Carolina
Diana Carolina 14 hours ago
Ay no que risa!
Cici Lopez
Cici Lopez 14 hours ago
Your not tricking anyone we know that was Louie and daisy at the end
Alexa Camargo
Alexa Camargo 15 hours ago
SELENA TABAREZ 15 hours ago
yaotzi reminds me of cardi b’s sister caroline hennessy and they look alike 😍
Alcantars in the Valley
Alcantars in the Valley 16 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂sooo funny 😈😈
Alexandra Villanueva
Alexandra Villanueva 16 hours ago
I liked the pink one @musimicky I’d live for and might even send you how it looks on aswell 🤣
Christina Lay
Christina Lay 16 hours ago
This is so funny made me feel better :) especially with school
Nailsbyjosselin Nails
Nailsbyjosselin Nails 16 hours ago
Gigi Guerra
Gigi Guerra 17 hours ago
All the wigs looks good on yoatzi❤️
Cynthia Diaz
Cynthia Diaz 17 hours ago
Yoatzi, you have an amazing voice!
Crazybroma The baddest
Crazybroma The baddest 17 hours ago
The blue wing tooks good on louie
Crazybroma The baddest
Crazybroma The baddest 17 hours ago
Your video are so funny
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 22 hours ago
Omg they laugh at everything , I had to lower the volume cuz it was getting cringing 😂
Mikey Guz
Mikey Guz 22 hours ago
omg I lowkey want one it would be so funny. ig: mrg10136
America Parada Anguiano
America Parada Anguiano 23 hours ago
jessie rlly helped you he’s a good man🥺
Monique Marie
Monique Marie 23 hours ago
Aww this made me tear up. Reminded me of my parent’s reaction too 🥺 My mom left me a note too! I was 19 at the time.
Ximena Meza
Ximena Meza 23 hours ago
yoatzi looks so good with the bangs 😍.
Molly McGuire
Molly McGuire Day ago
The first one the black one wt bangs and the last one the red one both of those are the cutest love them!!😍😊😁
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Day ago
It was the purple wig with the little bang on Louie for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yaneli Ibarra
Yaneli Ibarra Day ago
hi yoatzi can you like this i like this video its funny and good
Michael Her
Michael Her Day ago
Asi me veo cuando me echo un pase
Evelyn Benavides
Evelyn Benavides Day ago
Omg can I please have the purple wig?? Or the black one? They would be perfect for my Halloween costume. My Instagram is @benavides4122 I hope I can get them🥺❤️