robbiesilverwolf 58 minutes ago
I’m not saying he’s Peyton Manning but he is already playing better the Manning did in his rookie year lol
Susan Waters
Susan Waters 58 minutes ago
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Body comp
Body comp 59 minutes ago
It's crazy because you can't fight like that in real life anymore and just walk away. If you fight someone like that they'll be so scared and offended feeling like you just disrespected every ounce of their whole life and they just can't take it or forget about it. So you know what they do next boom boom
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs 59 minutes ago
This goal made lampard finished with his water but pep very thirsty? Lol
ShokusApolloTV 59 minutes ago
Burrow looks like Macaluay Culkin lmao
DoggieNYC Hour ago
Yes, don't need him to win. Trade him to tweak rest of roster.
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs Hour ago
Cold Blooded 🥶
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza Hour ago
Obj to the pats
Aaden Green
Aaden Green Hour ago
The games you don’t want to play the Seahawks is on a Sunday night game, Monday night, or Thursday night you don’t mess with Russel in night games
David Christy
David Christy Hour ago
Nobody will offer better than a 4th round pick for narcissistic OBJ.
Scott -O
Scott -O Hour ago
Aikman was basically on his knee💍
Fish Hour ago
2021 is gonna be great. Think about all the world records and incredible marks people have had this season even with covid. If they can keep this up I think we will have a great 2021 season.
George W Bush
George W Bush Hour ago
If this man was traded to the Bears he would have multiple rings.
Omar 59 minutes ago
Leroy Xiong
Leroy Xiong Hour ago
Joe is the Bengals franchise qb he’s a very competitive talent rookies qb I ever see, he’s played like he was 3 to 4 years in the nfl
Joe Manly
Joe Manly Hour ago
Here is your education - the vehicle matched the reports of a vehicle that just did a drive by shooting. How did you not see that if you read all the facts? That was the whole reason they were pulled over for. You guys are speaking off of a false premise. You have disrespected those who are willing to look at the real details and willing to put their reputation on the line for what is right.
Robert Redmon
Robert Redmon Hour ago
Yes because he's a cancer
Corey Singletary
Corey Singletary Hour ago
Seriously, one game, just chill. We’re about to get this thing going and put the critics to rest and put together a few streaks of wins! Brady not gonna bow to the pressure neither will the rest of the team. We’re primed for a great response and we’ll see N.O. Again and will perform much better.
Corey Singletary
Corey Singletary Hour ago
Seriously, one game, just chill. We’re about to get this thing going and put the critics to rest and put together a few streaks of wins! Brady not gonna bow to the pressure neither will the rest of the team. We’re primed for a great response and we’ll see N.O. Again and will perform much better.
Chris Toph
Chris Toph Hour ago
Why would they trade OBJ for a 2nd round pick? That’s dumb..
xavier ortiz
xavier ortiz Hour ago
Florio is loving that week 1 49er loss after they blew out his Vikings. He’s been hating since last year. “They’re not that good” “they’re not that good” “they’re not that good” lose a game.. see I told you
Heidi Pastore
Heidi Pastore Hour ago
Ok the hair purposefully kept in front of the dog's eyes is just stupid!!! Let the poor thing see!
Chris Hands
Chris Hands Hour ago
2 weeks they got ball rammed down their throat. The need some Linebackers to tackle Mr King. Not a corner. Put some pressure on. Can’t cover for 10 seconds!!’ Did he watch the same game???
T Lee
T Lee Hour ago
Ato back on the mic
Mione134 Hour ago
Maurkice does more for the community and the relations with police and the public, than you Michael Smith. So tell us, what are YOU going to do?
Dutch3k5 Hour ago
I look like a genius for picking up and starting burrow and Boyd this week. Too bad mixon couldn’t step up
Shari Payne
Shari Payne Hour ago
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz Hour ago
What a joke calling out Pouncy...The information that he didn't want to say BECAUSE he's trying not to say things about the kid are that he was just part of a drive by, it was only 10 minutes later that they were pulled over, the vehicle had bullet holes in it, the kid had gun residue on his hands, a 9mm magazine in his pocket, and took 1 shot to the face...soooo, not all in his back. Also, Fitzpatrick and Williams both said that the players never really voted. Soooo, do some research there guys. Not hard to find.
J430 Hour ago
downvote every video that spoils the winner in the title
David Christy
David Christy Hour ago
If the Bengals will sell Joe Burrows boxer shorts, the boys and girls commenting on this thread will snap 'em up. What'd he get, 5 yards per attempt? Anything less than 8 is unacceptable.
The Path Forward
The Path Forward Hour ago
Who decided LBJ was a football analyst? 🤔
Maharaja Ramzan
Maharaja Ramzan Hour ago
Carson Wentz SHOW ME SOMTHING you bum
hung tran
hung tran Hour ago
Alway back crimers teach your people be better person man person
Jack Brown
Jack Brown Hour ago
Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson Hour ago
Stop! Baker had IT. And he wound being full of IT. Don't start the hype game up again. But Burrows is good.
Benjamin Hoff
Benjamin Hoff Hour ago
His division is 3 teams with elite defensive fronts. Thats 6 beatdowns a year unless they can get this line figured out. Saw a stat that he has taken 22 hits so far which is more than any qb through the first 2 games in the last 10 or 20 years outside of one of Cam's years. No matter what Joe says its not good for the long term. Coach Taylor needs to start protecting his qb.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Hour ago
Your both morons oh by the way he had GUN RESIDUE after doing a drive by lmao
Willy Galvez
Willy Galvez Hour ago
I'm not Mexican but I love watching wolves play just because of raul Jimenez such a talented and smart 9.
15sof Hour ago
Another beautiful ride
ColadaK 58
ColadaK 58 Hour ago
i dOnT TakE Ls
Gabriel Dearing
Gabriel Dearing Hour ago
imagine breaking the world reccord and still losing...
Nate Salinas
Nate Salinas Hour ago
I'm hyped for everyone to say "iT wAs ThE jEtS" After Garoppolo Obliterates their Defense!!!
Mehmet Yigit
Mehmet Yigit Hour ago
Bengals need to invest in that offensive line, it looked terrible
Justin Kiker
Justin Kiker Hour ago
Need better play calling
Joey Carter
Joey Carter Hour ago
Wow, I never thought it would've been Mondo to break the record....... Haha. Just kidding. We all knew it would be him.
Nedim Ali-Mehmet
Nedim Ali-Mehmet Hour ago
I just don't understand why they went for rivers when cam Newton was available
Brian Waters
Brian Waters Hour ago
Chris Hour ago
Yeah Rice isn’t quite Ivy League there buddy, get over your Texas exceptionalism. Most people outside of Texas have never even heard of it.
Rob James
Rob James Hour ago
Florio is an idiot.
Jeff Todd
Jeff Todd Hour ago
The Bengals have to fire DC Lou Anarumo or they are going to be in for a long losing season.
Gia Hour ago
“Saints more likely to go 2-0,” Shut your mouth Florio. Go Raiders!!!
Julian Kuhn
Julian Kuhn Hour ago
Bengals fix the trenches on both sides of the ball and they are gonna be a team to watch out for.
Mortimer Snerd
Mortimer Snerd Hour ago
OK. But this Bengals team isn't going to win consistently with Burrow throwing 61 times and Mixon (a beast of a RB getting only 16 touches). And if the Bengals think they can win with this OL and this HC, they're crazy. I've seen better scheming and game management in HS - Taylor is not a HC material in the NFL. And that's not even mentioning the defense sucks as well. Progress? They may not even win the same amount of games that they did last year.
Benjamin Hoff
Benjamin Hoff Hour ago
I think its good to stick with him for a couple years but yes he isn't ready to be a head coach. I think they need to prove themselves and have a winning record then poach Lincoln Riley/Ryan Day or if a coach like Rivera gets fired due to a rebuild.
David Montgomery
David Montgomery Hour ago
They were chasing the game the entire night. About 15 of those pass attempts were in the final drive alone? Would you have liked to pounded the rock then? Also, no one in the world thinks they a going to win anything with that o-line. That isn't some grand revalation
Norwegian guy
Norwegian guy Hour ago
wait, Ted Lasso isnt a new show in 2020?! WHAT DID I MISS?!
parker98 Hour ago
The Pittsburgh Steelers have chosen to honor Antwon Rose II on their helmets this season. Anton's career as a drive by shooter was cut short when he elected to resist arrest and flee. He probably died not knowing whether he had been successful in killing William Ross who he had "da beef wiff". How sad. Antwon showed maturity beyond his years when he elected to use a stolen 9 rather than a 40 for the rapid fire situations required in drive by shootings. Antwon's low impulse control and lack of judgement led to the ruining of a Police Officer's life in a split second in not knowing whether Antwon was still armed when he fled and quickly turned. Antwon's Mama got a $2 million dollar settlement and is probably working on producing a replacement for Antwon. Antwon exemplifies the the type of person we should want to honor by prominently displaying his name on Steeler helmets for a season. NOT!
elnessify Hour ago
This situation was not police “brutality” !!! These guys are completely missing the FACTS!!
Maharaja Ramzan
Maharaja Ramzan Hour ago
Baker Mayfield made a bit of a statement last night hopefully this is a sign of his improvement
kingbey fan
kingbey fan Hour ago
He played thee Bungels, but ok...
RB Hayek
RB Hayek Hour ago
Colts went 3-13 in Manning's rookie year.
Mason Rodgers
Mason Rodgers Hour ago
Yeah true joe burrow could put the bengals in the playoff maybe next year and future years
ch1 Il
ch1 Il Hour ago
Stop being fake if you really care about black lives do a better job of reminding them that you cannot just go and do anything you please and if you resist arrest there are going to be deadly consequences , stop being fake and overlooking the most important fact's and enabling and encouraging this behavior , until then you fake fuks don't care one bit about black lives only pushing your agenda to make money it's absolutely pathetic and we all see through it .
GAMEON 5 Hour ago
Rivers suks lol
Rascl Fru
Rascl Fru Hour ago
Cowboys need to run the ball first and throw second
GAMEON 5 Hour ago
They can run it throw it dosent matter mccrthys a clown bot gng anywhere
Raf Lepe
Raf Lepe Hour ago
He's a beast 💪 let kittle play...he b fine!
Matt McCabe
Matt McCabe Hour ago
anybody else think that the Patriots were wildly underwhelming vs Miami
Fran Pitonyak
Fran Pitonyak Hour ago
CONGRATULATIONS!!! SO Happy for you!
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane Hour ago
where was Bolt closing with every stride?
Joe VLogs
Joe VLogs Hour ago
I would bench Burrows until i had an offensive line... And maybe this way he doesn't finish like Andrew Luck.
Lajlim H
Lajlim H Hour ago
I like watching Joe Burrow played, he's going to be great.
Jim Akin
Jim Akin Hour ago
The Cowboys will be mediocre as usual. Best hope? 8-8
Marvin Johnson
Marvin Johnson Hour ago
Keep that same energy hater
88Crager Hour ago
Nope, Cowboys are going to the playoffs.
Quan Chapman
Quan Chapman Hour ago
Kyler took his lumps last yr, dont trip
James Fens
James Fens Hour ago
Joe Burreaux's pocket presence is unbelievable considering his been in the NFL for 6 days. The fact that he only had 3 sacks is a testament to that. The offensive line is terrible.
John Beck
John Beck Hour ago
Trade his butt. No one would be happier to leave the quicksand in Cleveland that sinks careers. Now who are you going to get better? He is the best quarterback you have had in years.
Tre Slime
Tre Slime Hour ago
Like a 53 year old QB Tom Brady has been overrated for years
Dime Az
Dime Az Hour ago
It's always next man up mentality.for every NFL team . Dislike the injury list to justify the 49er lost. Arizona had injurys for years and teams took advantage of that.
kenny sanchez
kenny sanchez Hour ago
I said the same thing. No team gets to use injuries as an excuse.
Michael Wojcicki
Michael Wojcicki Hour ago
Trade OB, younger and hungrier players are a better bet. "Meism" leads to lesser and lesser play, with time.
ShadowCabalist Hour ago
You can lead a Brown to knowledge but you can't make him think. Dalton was a good quarterback for them, but after years of neglect and abuse i think he finally just gave up. Hopefully Burrow can be a force strong enough to spark a light in the darkness that exists in Brown's mind.
B Mad
B Mad Hour ago
Dalton ruined greens career and he was never a good qb
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez Hour ago
I’m a broncos fan but maaan burrow is legit. Gotta protect him better Cinci or he won’t last
B MF Hour ago
“ well, we knew we had to get OBJ the ball because he’ll have a homosexual hissy fit that demoralizes the entire team if we don’t” Baker Mayfield
CSlaught02 Hour ago
these rankings are really bad
Tom Hour ago
Go Bucs.
Bryant Nelson
Bryant Nelson Hour ago
The reason he had 3/13 is because the Bengals as a team are not ready for Joe Burrow type success. When they see his commitment for the next few games, theyll step it up.
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson Hour ago
He freaking threw 61 passes barely completed half of them. All he has is a loss and inflated stats.
B Mad
B Mad Hour ago
Go back to watching nfl red zone because you’re ignorant And know nothing about football
New Era
New Era Hour ago
Az Razerz
Az Razerz Hour ago
He was pressured again on almost 80% of his throws just like when he played the chargers. He threw no interceptions. There were a couple drops and bad get outs on routes that messed with his timing. Also, he is a rookie. Go look at veteran players that have had 60 throw games. They look almost identical.
Benin Templar
Benin Templar Hour ago
His oline is mostly made out of kleenex. He held up better than most would have resonably expected.