The Birth of Hip Hop
Martha Darson
Martha Darson 2 hours ago
May God bless you both 🙏 ❤ 💖 ✨ ♥ 💕 and your love one's in Jesus name 🙏
Untouchable vi
Untouchable vi 2 hours ago
Where is the rest of the video it ended while they were talkin
mike banga
mike banga 2 hours ago
For the record, lux had the best funkflex freestyle
Shynelle Cade
Shynelle Cade 2 hours ago
They clowns. Joe always say ALLEGEDLY
Brandon Bradley
Brandon Bradley 2 hours ago
What happened it just cut off at 1:22:55 short show this time I mean what happened
Lisa Harper
Lisa Harper 2 hours ago
I love John legend
ima edit that out
ima edit that out 2 hours ago
Look at where the ads are placed. Fouler than gats that dont bust when they supposed to!
suudani 2 hours ago
Let’s be honest nobody knew who Gillie was till Wayne dissed him ....
Inez Guillen
Inez Guillen 2 hours ago
This interview was AWESOME!!!!! I didn't want it to end!
Donnamaria Olivieri
Donnamaria Olivieri 2 hours ago
Larry Nealy
Larry Nealy 2 hours ago
Gillie, Walo. and Nori had me crying over here...... Man I would love to have a drink with them guys they remind you of all the dudes in the hood that was funny but crazy at the same time. Big respect!!!
Dayo sonic
Dayo sonic 2 hours ago
You already know Nore we Nigerian are neck-deep in them digital marketing taking advantage of 3rd platform technology to accelerate our Afrobeat movement Russ know. he connected real talk.
King James
King James 3 hours ago
Diddy did it haha see everybody knows X 4 life
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown 3 hours ago
A sprinkle of Dave East 💁🏻‍♀️🙌🏽!!!
Sway's View
Sway's View 3 hours ago
You can tell Wallo always been business minded and you know he stays on point at all times.
Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs 3 hours ago MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!
kmraimo0908 3 hours ago
2019, "We make comedy for us, things that WE think funny. We gotta promote black." 2020, "Why can't we be treated as equals?"
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose 3 hours ago
I met jeff and will waaaaayy back in 84 at a party real down to earth dudes man so good to see these brothers repping my home town salute
Bashawn Patterson
Bashawn Patterson 3 hours ago
Gillie overreacted to the Joe Budden situation 🤦🏿‍♂️ Gillie takes everything personal calm down Gillie it’s not that serious 🤣
Lisa Stark
Lisa Stark 3 hours ago
Genuine friendship. Nothing manufactured with these women. Gotta love it!!!
Mike Humphrey
Mike Humphrey 3 hours ago
How about trying to get in college?
soid drone slayer
soid drone slayer 3 hours ago
TOP 50 "T.I" SONGS 1.What You Know 2.24's 3.Bring Em Out 4. Live in the Sky 5.Dope boyz 6. Be Easy 7.What's Yo Name 8.I Can't Be Your Man 9.I'm Serious 10.I Can't Quit 11. Top Back 12.Why You Wanna 13.U Dont Know Me 14.ASAP 15.Swagga Like Us 16.Rubberband man 17.Project Steps 18. Live Your Life 19.About the Money 21.Trap Back Jumpin 22.Big Shit Poppin' (Do It) 23.Let's Get Away 24. Im A King 25.Ball 26. I'm Back 27. What Happened? 28.Still Ain't Forgave Myself 29. No Matter What 30.Sorry 31.Motivation 32. Be Better Than Me 33.Freak Though 34.Stand U 35.Ride Wit Me 36.Kingofdasouth 37.Front Back 38. I Still Luv You 39. You Know What It I 40.Go Get It 41. No More Talk 42.Doin' My Job 43.Bezzle 44.T.I. vs. T.I.P. 45.Get Loose 46.Let Me Tell You Something 47.Whatever You Like 48.Touchdown 49.Chooz U 50. Hotel VS "50 CENT" 1. How to Rob 2.Your Life's on the Line 3,Wanksta 4.What Up Gangsta 5. In da Club 6.Patiently Waiting 7.Many Men (Wish Death) 8.21 Questions 9.High All the Time 10.If I Can't 11.Heat 12.U Not Like Me 13.Back Down 14.Blood Hound 15.Don't Push Me 16.Hustler's Ambition 17.Window Shopper 18.I Get Money 19. In My Hood 20.I'm Supposed to Die Tonight 21.A Baltimore Love Thing 22.Ryder Music 23.Position of Power 24.Gunz Come Out 25.What If 26.When It Rains It Pours 27. Talk About Me 28. Ski Mask Way 29.Jus A Lil Bit 30. Im So Hood 31. I Smell Pussy 32. Officer Ricky Go Ahead & Try Me 33. Be A Gentlemen 34. As The World Turns 35. Ghetto Quran 36. Stop Crying 37.Fuck You 38. Problem Child 39. Put A Hole In Yo Back 40.I Line Niggas 41.Gotta Get Mine 42. Rotten Apple 43.Corner Bodega 44. It Is What It Is 45. When You Hear That 46. Dont Front 47. 50 Bars 48. Watch Yo Back 49.These Niggas Aint Hood 50.The Good Die Young
Andria Pizzi
Andria Pizzi 3 hours ago
Candace Owens legend ... comes with the facts., numbers period. Typical celebrity and emotional crown and panel who can’t even let her speak. She sat quietly and listened to everyone else.
isaac x
isaac x 4 hours ago
lmao this is kinda sick to look at in 2020 😂
Low Bo47omz Ascot Ave
Low Bo47omz Ascot Ave 4 hours ago
*Eastside Low Bottoms sh*t !* About that asian stereotype... I drive on the fwy for a living. Been doing it for over 8 years. I myself thought it was a stereotype and I can tell u from first-hand experience that _it's fukken true !_
Dmx did my favorite track he has 1st.......I KNEW EVERY WORD FRFR
love4lust7301 4 hours ago
N. O. R. E not really into this interview and it's sad coz 3 6 is the shit. He could ask better questions instead this nucca yawning and shit. Come in dude!!
VIN VegasOwn
VIN VegasOwn 4 hours ago
He said “ he was captain of the wrestling team.” In PRISON! I’m dead.
Sonny Wright
Sonny Wright 4 hours ago
yuuheard me?
Raymond Colon
Raymond Colon 4 hours ago
Everything was fine until the devil popped up on that screen nah I’m good
AliEnigma Show
AliEnigma Show 4 hours ago
best episode ever
Chaoss Sheep
Chaoss Sheep 4 hours ago
know I'm mad late but that MMM at 3:15 is hilarious... that's the nigga just got caught and don't know what to say MMM
ray s
ray s 4 hours ago
Love the interview. I like faith but yall can't tell me mama don't seem kinda off in every interview. Like a mental issue or something. Still love!
Ni Ha
Ni Ha 4 hours ago
Gladys looks so much like my mama. I have receipts if you need it. They nicknamed my momma Gladys when she was young.
Ni Ha
Ni Ha 4 hours ago
Ms Patti has the energy of Brandy and Monica combined live and funny but she will cut ya! 🤣🤣🤣
Mista Mane
Mista Mane 5 hours ago
Nore acting like a straight up fangirl lol
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 5 hours ago
love4lust7301 5 hours ago
That was the worse song that ever won an oscar.. what kind of message is that
Lilvictor Bassett
Lilvictor Bassett 5 hours ago
Tattle tale just so happened to be 6ix9ine album name lol 😂😂😂 make some noise for fab for naming 6ix9ine album
AliEnigma Show
AliEnigma Show 5 hours ago
yo i can't breathe gilla and his cuz are comedy gold
Big Keef
Big Keef 5 hours ago
New segment was is the shit
2x Baby
2x Baby 5 hours ago
Dang I miss my brotha
love4lust7301 5 hours ago
That was great. I sure they had more stories to tell
K Clems
K Clems 6 hours ago
When He said "Puff Crazy As Shit!" , I said OUTLOUD, "GET THAT MONEY, NORE!"
Richard Jakuba
Richard Jakuba 6 hours ago
I like that DENVER NUGGETS HAT👍😀 Floyd is the best..No doubt!
Leonora John-Baptiste
Leonora John-Baptiste 6 hours ago
Best one in a long time , I laugh my ass off 🙌🙌🙌🤣🤣🤣
Andy Sutton
Andy Sutton 7 hours ago
So was it right when Biden called trump xenophobic for blocking flights from China? Was trump not in the right there 🤔 Trump2020! Good vs communism!
Andy Sutton
Andy Sutton 7 hours ago
Biden and Harris sent so many black men away to jail from their families, no daddy in the home is a huge problem. Trump has done more for minority’s then Obama did that’s for sure! Do your own research ppl 🙏
Official Records
Official Records 7 hours ago
The first drink Champs I watched all the way through
Scrape God
Scrape God 7 hours ago
Nore doin way too much talkin.......efn look scared to talk....gillie in his own world...wallo soaking everything up taking hella mental notes.....
Mike A
Mike A 7 hours ago
IceTeA 7 hours ago
Ricky Minaj ahaaahah
Sword Fish
Sword Fish 7 hours ago
Glady and Patti these two beautiful ladies can sing. I must say I am truly a big fan of both of them.
Mr. Stark
Mr. Stark 7 hours ago
Looks like 69's mom did drugs, smoking,beer and exercise all at same time
V R 7 hours ago
The moderator is a piece of shit.
Mccoly Coken
Mccoly Coken 8 hours ago
Stoute didn't wanna say Nas won because he in business with Hov
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 hours ago
Ms. T_Brain
Ms. T_Brain 9 hours ago
Gillie crazy, he’s whole demeanor changed when Nore said Joe wants to Spar, Gil said gloves on tomorrow. They said no, not like that😂😂😂😂
lance tarl
lance tarl 9 hours ago
Nah sorry you guy stole taxstones formula
corregidor park village
corregidor park village 9 hours ago
Water 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Kayshawn Whitehead
Kayshawn Whitehead 9 hours ago
Put my feet in the jello lmaooooo wallo a funny niggas
Linda R
Linda R 9 hours ago
JazzysClassicJazz 9 hours ago
They still can sang....Bless Them 💗 💗🔥🔥
Twin Raw
Twin Raw 10 hours ago
This the best episode real niggaz Politicking💯⛽️🔥
Quotemywords 10 hours ago
great espoide but millions dollar worth game lack content its always what the top 5 of such & such
T Henning
T Henning 10 hours ago
They cheating us out of some Gladys time, they have played 2 or 3 Patti songs back to back about 3 times. Still here for it though 🤣
Bro Burch
Bro Burch 10 hours ago
They energy is crazy s/o to Gillie and wallo 💯
ESCOEXCLUSIVE 10 hours ago
We need more of this people to invest in the black community . Stop voting democrats .
J H 10 hours ago
Betta sing background Gladys.. Looovveeee this!!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 hours ago
I absolutely adore and love both women but baaaaaaby... Patti songs hit ya different... Yes sir❤❤❤
O Moon
O Moon 10 hours ago
Nore and his interruptions are annoying. I can see if he has some valid points but damn, let Wallo and Gillie go in dayumm
K. Ervin
K. Ervin 10 hours ago
Look at us all fallin' in love with Zoom (which is good), when there's a comparble Black owned alternative out there that nobody knows about. If this brother can't get the mainstream PR that he needs,then let's give him the support he needs through word-of-mouth. We all say we need our own platforms, so let's get behind this one. It's called "Connectals." ...Ebony, you‘re great. That's it.
A You
A You 10 hours ago
Lamar had the 20 to life with no parole look loll
PED GSP 10 hours ago
Who's the idiot that got up in the audience tweaking with his eyes bulging out of his skull? Cool ideas!
chris allen
chris allen 10 hours ago
chris allen
chris allen 10 hours ago
Shit Happens
Shit Happens 11 hours ago
NORE STFU And let these podcasters talk out they radio beef 😂
Rahmel Amuuru El
Rahmel Amuuru El 11 hours ago
Leverage your platform while helping others collect assets/precious metals.
Farhaad Dildar
Farhaad Dildar 11 hours ago
Host needs to talk less
Benn Mendoza
Benn Mendoza 11 hours ago
If somebody wants to keep their job they better cut the lyrics on! 🤣