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Beavis De Jesus
Beavis De Jesus 16 hours ago
Urban people voices are funny. They also make a big mess. So funny. What are white people gonna do with these silly messy urban people?
S. Y.
S. Y. 16 hours ago
I still understood everything they said even with the “thick accent” lol 😄 I like the Scottish accent it’s so cute
Dolores N
Dolores N 16 hours ago
Aidy is just perfect. The best
John Smallcock
John Smallcock 16 hours ago
Brett .Ensminger
Brett .Ensminger 16 hours ago
I just keep hearing Charlie yelling about dirty cops...
lexitnute 16 hours ago
debbie downer
Rashi Batra
Rashi Batra 16 hours ago
Someone please Bitch Slap Riley Iscoff for me! I never met a man that deserved it more 👎
A Radical Cat
A Radical Cat 16 hours ago
i think margaret and bethany are lesbians
Pekingese Guy
Pekingese Guy 16 hours ago
He is going to win again
It's Okay
It's Okay 16 hours ago
This is not even a joke, it's just our actual lives.
Earth Wanderer
Earth Wanderer 16 hours ago
The sketch was "kewl" 😌
Shyam Vasudev
Shyam Vasudev 16 hours ago
Penelope is actually an Omnipotent, rumored to be the next big boss after Thanos in the MCU.
Ángel Urbina
Ángel Urbina 16 hours ago
The three Bergs colliding.
Billy The potato
Billy The potato 16 hours ago
Ok so no ones saying anything about the unicycle guy at the start
Noble Price
Noble Price 16 hours ago
He should of stayed FAT!! He was better when he looked and smelled like a piece of shit!!!
Michelle Ibarra
Michelle Ibarra 16 hours ago
Aidy tries so hard not to break 😂
Zaid Diaz
Zaid Diaz 16 hours ago
Jim Carey ❤️ Makes Life Worth Living.
Brian Reardon
Brian Reardon 16 hours ago
Lol I had a lawyer like this once! True story..he won the case! But i still don’t know how?
H. U.
H. U. 16 hours ago
And now Second wave of Corona is going to hit us
Thuan Phan
Thuan Phan 16 hours ago
Put your princess to bed might just be a new rule soon
Faris Raza
Faris Raza 17 hours ago
When you got a speaking test you don’t prepare for
Nick Allison
Nick Allison 17 hours ago
my favorite character was the principal
H. U.
H. U. 17 hours ago
Proud being a member of Asian American community and seeing him there
Okik E.
Okik E. 17 hours ago
After the last season any shit is better than got 😆
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana 17 hours ago
Seth is soooo cute
Swapnil Yadav
Swapnil Yadav 17 hours ago
Why does this video have only 455 comments ?
xxxlisa xzzd
xxxlisa xzzd 17 hours ago
I need Stefon to make an appearance!!!
Matt Brophy
Matt Brophy 17 hours ago
This HAS to be a Mulaney sketch
pq az
pq az 17 hours ago
02:02 originally pronounced kiggel (like "niddle")
Timothy Henderson
Timothy Henderson 17 hours ago
Poetic Justice league 😄🔥
cristian adragna
cristian adragna 17 hours ago
Who is the actress that is ironing?
Reacting With Lil Mike
Reacting With Lil Mike 17 hours ago
Besides the title DESTROYING the punchline, it's very funny.
S J 17 hours ago
TRUE, every white person ive ever watched on this show looks 32. And every person of color on the show looks like a white person with a tan.
Eileen Phillips
Eileen Phillips 17 hours ago
Totally great.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone 17 hours ago
I think they have Port and Starboard ass backwards.
Aaron W.
Aaron W. 17 hours ago
Cicily breaks off of other people breaking a lot of the time
Dickhead with a Catface
Dickhead with a Catface 17 hours ago
Who write this sketch! terrible.
moblacker 17 hours ago
The way he said I like a big ass 😂😂😭 nothing wrong with that partner. Ample voluptuous bbw stacked need it all like that. Im a beast so feed me.
Aaron 17 hours ago
what a cast. damn.
Yoga with Barb
Yoga with Barb 17 hours ago
Can Maya be my grandma 👵🏼
ungenannt 17 hours ago
John Lithgow is hilarious but I don’t get the point
Christopher Yiwei Liang
Christopher Yiwei Liang 17 hours ago
I thought me casually bringing up politics in form of customers was pretty bad...
waterbaby22274 17 hours ago
Hein Min
Hein Min 17 hours ago
this shit
Gregory Watson
Gregory Watson 17 hours ago
I especially love how Tom Hanks tried very hard to keep a straight face during the whole skit. 😂😂😂 AYE PAPEE! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ANY QUESTIONS?!
Big Guy’s 45’s
Big Guy’s 45’s 17 hours ago
...umm...you people know his wife is black, right?
Thuan Phan
Thuan Phan 17 hours ago
I just noticed the lady at the start never have her phone on lmao
Peter Chin
Peter Chin 17 hours ago
"The needs of the state outweigh the needs of the proletariat" Spock is a communist
rachael kelly
rachael kelly 17 hours ago
Ivonne Parrot Discher
Ivonne Parrot Discher 17 hours ago
This woman just roasted herself for being overly emotional. This woman is untouchable. UNTOUCHABLE I TELL YOU!!
mohd shareef
mohd shareef 17 hours ago
I just keep getting better every time I listen
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira 17 hours ago
Oh Yah
It's Okay
It's Okay 17 hours ago
It's lucky Issa is so awkward because she keeps getting more and more beautiful and if she wasn't so weird, she just might blow everyone's minds with her gorgeousness.
Leaf Cripe
Leaf Cripe 17 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Abby Swan
Abby Swan 17 hours ago
Alextheboss108 17 hours ago
Kevin Kemp
Kevin Kemp 17 hours ago
Bill is the man on this one!
Alex John
Alex John 17 hours ago
You'd think they'd be way more composed and polite, they couldve been executed at a moments notice
dev ravi
dev ravi 17 hours ago
king of consent
Ivonne Parrot Discher
Ivonne Parrot Discher 17 hours ago
She has an Amazing singing voice. ❤️
Novella 17 hours ago
I love when Adele curses. I love when classy women sometimes have the mouths of sailors.
Ly B.
Ly B. 17 hours ago
Ready or not...here we go again...happy halloween 😁
ChiliConQueso 17 hours ago
Dennis Miller really looked like Eddie Van Halen back in the day.
JengoMango 17 hours ago
so many stars in one little sketch.
It's Okay
It's Okay 17 hours ago
Is every single skit in Issa's episode about being black? Oiled up legs and all.
Aozotra 17 hours ago
colonel nasty kinda looks like that bitch who wants a donut
Kevin Corcoran
Kevin Corcoran 17 hours ago
Apologies to Mike Force"s parents. LOL
L R 17 hours ago
We can only truly come together when we can laugh at ourselves. You need look no further than the symbol of the theatre, the mask of both comedy and tragedy in harmony. That balance has been off kilter for too long now. Thank You SNL for making me laugh and bringing a little more balance to my life and hopefully many more. .
Matias 17 hours ago
I used to say shoulder instead soilder
neu qa
neu qa 17 hours ago
Richard Pryor, a true comedy legend. R.I.P.
Rob Whitey
Rob Whitey 17 hours ago
Is it me... or does that picture hanging over the mantle at 50 sec... looks like trump's dumb ass
It's Okay
It's Okay 17 hours ago
Did she not rehearse at all? Looking at those cue cards like she just found out about this skit five minutes ago.
Christopher Yiwei Liang
Christopher Yiwei Liang 17 hours ago
Anyone who seriously suggests this diet should be charged with premeditated murder /s
Private Citizen
Private Citizen 17 hours ago
We know Colin is hot right? I feel very conflicted abt thinking so as he tells racist jokes.
Andrey Lukashev
Andrey Lukashev 17 hours ago
somehow this was still gay
Dan Kim
Dan Kim 17 hours ago
Biden 2009: “There were moments when I wanted to say ‘this lady is a dummy!’ But I’m better than that!” Biden 2020: “Will you shut up, man?”
karmabitch xoxo
karmabitch xoxo 17 hours ago
Leslie's Flower facts were so accurate
Hoard_The_Garlic 17 hours ago
Snakes 17 hours ago
Our fellow animals are not here to be needlessly exploited for any human's idea of 'entertainment'. It wouldn't be moral to USE a live human infant, it's not moral to USE a non-human animal. No work (outside of unobtrusive documentary) should rely so heavily on the presence of an actual animal that it can't be performed without -- use creativity, use imagination, use talent. All exploitation is cruel.
Ly B.
Ly B. 17 hours ago
Who is coming back to see this every once in a while 😁