Best of Mic'd Up Round 2
Mikey C
Mikey C 39 minutes ago
Hits nowadays are so weak. Bring back the 90’s-2000’s hockey
Kreece 40 minutes ago
looked like barzal popped a vessel in his right eye, poor dude
Jim Stark
Jim Stark 48 minutes ago
Barzal caught puck watching instead of getting in front of the goal scorer.
Kevan Patel
Kevan Patel 50 minutes ago
No Kuch Game winner?
Вадим Кор
Вадим Кор 50 minutes ago
Блестящие голы Тампы, особенно на 2-ом месте -пас Кучерова, великолепно!
Oreos&Milk 51 minute ago
Amazing goaltending performance. I wanted a Game 7, but the better team was obvious this entire series. Hoping for a 7 game Stanley Cup Final
Mark lucifer
Mark lucifer 52 minutes ago
NHL= N*** Hockey League
Paul Moulaison
Paul Moulaison 55 minutes ago
Islanders had chances, O.T. breakaways, etc...could watch these 2 teams play 100 times, loads of talent from both sides. Vasilevsky is Playoff MVP but how about Hedmans play !?!--9 goals !!
kamikaze 58 minutes ago
Felt bad for varlamov on that loss. He was a beast that game.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 59 minutes ago
Just like we all thought this series would go lol.
Mausschwitz Hour ago
The Islanders proved they rightfully belonged in this Conference Final series. No quit in them whatsoever, and have a team they can be proud of for next season. The Lightning showed they can win in high-pressure situations, however; I feel like it's still a "cup or bust" season for them.
Ilya Ibrahimovic
Ilya Ibrahimovic Hour ago
1:20 isn't that a hit to the head?
Clipxz FN
Clipxz FN Hour ago
Jblaze600 Hour ago
Rooting for Tampa, Caps fan here.
Highfive2fakie Hour ago
Myers just play the puck bud you’re gonna hurt yourself
owen daboss
owen daboss Hour ago
Islanders had a good season I think they need one more star on forward.
[Rock] [Star]
[Rock] [Star] Hour ago
Кучеров красавчик🔥
Timo Nuotio
Timo Nuotio Hour ago
All good, but I would have changed number 2 as number one..
Daniel K
Daniel K Hour ago
Point - Kuch - Palat = The Real Perfection Line
samuel attias
samuel attias Hour ago
2020 Stanley Cup Finals
SadHawksFan12 Hour ago
I like how Vasy just flops over like a fish at 3:04...😂
Matfast32 Hour ago
Both goalies have been outsanding, give a lot of credits to the Isles too. I don't think much people were expecting them in the East Finals.
KalmoK Hour ago
KalmoK Hour ago
StanleyCupPlayoffs GoBolts
StanleyCupPlayoffs GoBolts Hour ago
And all the Lightning-hating virgins and cretins everywhere cry again. On a serious note, GG and good series to the Islanders, gave us hell and would not go away. Hope they give the Leafs their karma by returning the Cup to Long Island soon.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Hour ago
Let's go Buffalo even though not in playoffs
jake_.420 Hour ago
Tampa in 6
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez Hour ago
GO BOLTS! Bring home the big cup.
Hayden V
Hayden V Hour ago
they brung it to another overtime really wanted the islanders to win bc my favorite team is out the golden knights
Ілля Прасол
Ілля Прасол Hour ago
What song?
PaleFloridaBoy Hour ago
Team goals in this video: Lightning - 5 goals Golden Knights - 2 goals Islanders - 2 goals Stars - 1 goal
Holden Bishop
Holden Bishop 38 minutes ago
@GrumpyNickmaster definitely. Joe Pavelskis backhander goal in game 4 was ridiculous. Deserved top 5 on this least
GrumpyNickmaster 48 minutes ago
i think they missed a few honestly
krazygzandjm1898 Hour ago
Islanders played one hell of a series, their fans should be proud, the clearly have a very dominant team. -Tampa Bay Lightning fan
Andi Wolff
Andi Wolff Hour ago
I like Dallas ! I like Khudobin ! Stars - take the cup!
logan dnl
logan dnl Hour ago
Tampa in 6
lakerskid2013 Hour ago
As a Lightning fan, this has been such a turnaround year to watch. After what happened last year, I’m really hoping they can complete the turnaround. The revenge tour almost complete, time to beat Dallas next
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez Hour ago
Islanders live and die by their style of play. It worked game 5 and didn't game 6. This Lightning team is able to adjust to whatever style the other team brings.
Ingrid Sampson
Ingrid Sampson Hour ago
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
The Cat.
The Cat. Hour ago
1:58-Every other sports league should do the same thing in the postseason.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Hour ago
259th comment
Teddy Robinson
Teddy Robinson Hour ago
awesome game--Tampa VS Dallas for the Cup--Hopefully,Tampa wins and Pat Maroon gets his 2nd Cup in a row.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Hour ago
300th comment
Rs07Jehts Hour ago
No 7 second left kutherov goal or eberle 2OT?
NYRfan4Life 2 hours ago
The Isles have nothing to be ashamed of. They have a good team, but this was an incredible season for them. Nobody expected them to make a run all the way to the Conference Finals. They'll be back next season. As for Tampa, they were more deserving of making a return to the Stanley Cup Finals. I hope that Dallas will wipe the floor with the Lighting in 5 games, that I damn sure guarantee.
Janssoni 2 hours ago
Those tampa bay plays are Art
Meumeel 2 hours ago
before 1k
Patriot 2 hours ago
Stars will win
Aaron Higgs
Aaron Higgs Hour ago
Daniel Cotnoir lol. And the stars aren’t? Plus Vasy is the best goalie in the league. Even a tired Tampa Bay Team is faster than the stars. Plus we maybe getting Stamkos back.
Daniel Cotnoir
Daniel Cotnoir Hour ago
Aaron Higgs Tampa’s running out of gas
Aaron Higgs
Aaron Higgs Hour ago
They can’t keep up with Tampa’s speed or depth.
MaddVentures 2 hours ago
Dalal stars
Antonina Chester
Antonina Chester 2 hours ago
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
nickelinapickle 2 hours ago
dallas in 6
Rex Burstein
Rex Burstein 2 hours ago
Elvijs Barzdins
Elvijs Barzdins 2 hours ago
Nelson Cost them the series... Trade him
TH3BL0CKH34D 2 hours ago
1 like = 1 R.I.P. for Stastny’s stick
NotFurious 2 hours ago
Christopher Gaming25
Christopher Gaming25 2 hours ago
Let’s go LIGHTNInG!!!!!!!
Pooter J
Pooter J 2 hours ago
Knights got some big hitters ay😈🤩
teddy mills
teddy mills 2 hours ago
Islanders used the best strategy given the circumstances. Insane goaltending assisted by a pretty good defense. Not many shots on goal but making them count. Tampas strategy was just attack and as many shots on goal as possible. With a good defense and a strong cycle. Tampa has too many snipers. Even the winning goal was a bit of a fluke.
Petter Iversen
Petter Iversen 2 hours ago
Arizona is way better than Tampa..Tampa dosent deserve to be in the finals
Lil Ninja 1
Lil Ninja 1 2 hours ago
Let's go tampa
Kaisen Official
Kaisen Official 2 hours ago
Blake Sking
Blake Sking 2 hours ago
This is gonna be the most boring finals in a while. Dallas puts me to sleep every game.
Mathias Forest
Mathias Forest 2 hours ago
Sara Cherry
Sara Cherry 2 hours ago
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Tactical XD
Tactical XD 2 hours ago
Tampa was for sure the better team, but Varlamov kept the series close and the Islanders had some fair chances. When you play with Tampa, you play with fire. Good try Islanders. You got somewhere John Tavares will never get in the playoffs. Time to root for the Stars.
Jay Daigle
Jay Daigle 2 hours ago
Tampa in 1.5 secs
Aunt John
Aunt John 2 hours ago
Go Dallas beat those cunts
Sunny Sammy
Sunny Sammy 2 hours ago
Good series and great win for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now it's on to the Stanley Cup finals to face the Dallas Stars
Chubs Bunny
Chubs Bunny 2 hours ago
Aaron Samuels
Aaron Samuels 2 hours ago
*Crash* *BAM* *BOOM*
Evan Jackson
Evan Jackson 2 hours ago
Tough go Myers
KalKenobi83 2 hours ago
These are Satisfying to watch Hate The #DrtyStars Hope they Lose
KalKenobi83 2 hours ago
@SlickMcChicken 04 Why I cant be Angry STFU Gatekeeper
KalKenobi83 2 hours ago
@SlickMcChicken 04 if we had Landy had Gruby we would've won been but goons decided to injured both of them cheaply
KalKenobi83 2 hours ago
@SlickMcChicken 04 you bet i am youur team is dirty admit it
SlickMcChicken 04
SlickMcChicken 04 2 hours ago
KalKenobi83 someone sounds mad😬
Juicy Guy
Juicy Guy 2 hours ago
First ever game for hitting for me in 2 hours
Halfgerman Hawk
Halfgerman Hawk Hour ago
Juicy Guy hitting sounds scary but as long as you know how to take a hit it doesn’t hurt
Jacob Hallberg
Jacob Hallberg 2 hours ago
I love how Matt Martin ran into Travis Konecny and then helped him up 😂 That's hockey for ya
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline Hour ago
@Halfgerman Hawk "Oooh soorry bud, yooh oookay?"
Halfgerman Hawk
Halfgerman Hawk 2 hours ago
It’s the Canadian way
Steven Cole
Steven Cole 2 hours ago
Didn't the Prince of Wales have Jeffrey Epstein killed??
Benjamin Sheridan
Benjamin Sheridan 2 hours ago
All Stars
All Stars 2 hours ago
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 2 hours ago
Who's pumped for the Stanley Cup Final?
Connor Deschamps
Connor Deschamps 2 hours ago
Carmine Cardinale
Carmine Cardinale 2 hours ago
Patrik Järvine
Patrik Järvine 2 hours ago
Only thing Reaves is good at
Micah McCombs
Micah McCombs 2 hours ago
gamesisi _lv
gamesisi _lv 2 hours ago