John Dukes
John Dukes 2 hours ago
Damn guy fieri really let himself go
Kenneth Christensen
Kenneth Christensen 3 hours ago
That is the thinest bearnaise ive seen in a while. A real bearnaise is a lot thicker then that. Its roughly 100g butter to 1 yoke
TheMrPits 3 hours ago
How about mens bikini bottoms with the logo? Lap swimming has never been so delicious. I would wear one!
hunger8096 3 hours ago
damn his body says it all!!! xD
Fawking Guy
Fawking Guy 3 hours ago
JEEEZUS what kinda fuckin' pit sitick you buying......3 for 36 US.....better come WITH a fuckin' lobster bud.
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi 3 hours ago
Get Clayne Crawford from lethal weapon on the pod he would fit in perfectly with aesthetics of the show.
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi 3 hours ago
Get Clayne Crawford from lethal weapon on the pod he would fit in perfectly with aesthetics of the show.
Azul Luna
Azul Luna 3 hours ago
Allergic to shellfish and am vegan. Gonna use oyster mushrooms instead with some beyond sausage
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi 3 hours ago
Get Clayne Crawford from lethal weapon on the pod he would fit in perfectly with aesthetics of the show.
Samuel Gallezzo
Samuel Gallezzo 3 hours ago
Do they record this at a nut house?
Sin1stral 3 hours ago
If Rip Taylor and Chris Farley had a kid
Concept Art Diary
Concept Art Diary 3 hours ago
I'm buying 12 of that deodorant Matteh!
Juan cho
Juan cho 3 hours ago
Man I love(d) doordash, but Ive done alot of research on it and here are my findings: - Doordash's tipping system is completely bullshit and abusive. May have changed, but look it up. Its fucked. - Doordash not only charges you a delivery fee and a service fee (both of which are pretty fucking steep) they ALSO artificially inflate prices of all items, from all restaurants, but still pay the normal price at the restaurant. - Their "contactless delivery" depends on the stupid driver reading the "special instructions". Spoiler alert, most don't. - Some drivers do multiple deliveries at the same time, with no option to opt out of that or any sort of warning. - absolutely abhorrent and unacceptable customer service and support. Its hard to ignore, trust me I know, but Doordash can go fuck itself and you should avoid it at all costs.
BIG ARMADEOOO 3 hours ago
He didn’t take out the guts and shit 🤢
The House
The House 4 hours ago
- sponsorship from vegan deodorant company - meanwhile, 8:55
MasterJaron 4 hours ago
Does anyone know what those little onion shaped heads are on the end of Matty's pan holding rack are, or where I can get some of my own? I think they look really neat. I'd love to have them in my kitchen.
2Stonefly 4 hours ago
"A lot" not "Alot" Grammar Nazi here.
Hank Hames
Hank Hames 4 hours ago
You’re a heart attack waiting to happen chef.
fleabit peanut monkey
fleabit peanut monkey 4 hours ago
Always look like he's on pot
Swansen03 4 hours ago
Matty, make some bean based dishes or sides
Jon Haberski
Jon Haberski 4 hours ago
Get your beard back bro you look scary that the IT clown! lol
Osimear 4 hours ago
This guy is awesome!!!
Tomas Laverty
Tomas Laverty 4 hours ago
Thank YOU for the Detroit hat.
n0hara 4 hours ago
when he killed those lobsters ibfkjbdjksjk
James Duehring
James Duehring 5 hours ago
I love you so much Matty, I was having a bad day and just 5 minutes of watching you and I feel better. Thanks bro!
Mi Movil
Mi Movil 5 hours ago
Don't forget to remove the lobster stomach and digestive tract!
Ariel P
Ariel P 5 hours ago
Please never pawgnationn again. 😂🤦🏻 What!!? Haha
Evan Staresinic
Evan Staresinic 5 hours ago
Cut my thumb realllllllll deep on a mandoline cutting apples...while using the safety thing... I taped it up (probably needed stitches) and now I have a permanent weird bump/scar.
Drew Reischl
Drew Reischl 5 hours ago
I would love for Charlie day to do an episode with Matty. We would just be listening to an echo the entire time
1heavyhammer 5 hours ago
You're not at all concerned about your weight gain?
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz 6 hours ago
You gotta stop using canola oil Matty , we love you and want you to keep the show going forever 🔥🖤🔥
AlphaAsFuark! 6 hours ago
Don’t set your house on fire with the charcoal in the pan lol
Adam Riley
Adam Riley 6 hours ago
it’s ok, I never know where to really put it either
shoemaker.without.the. r.
shoemaker.without.the. r. 6 hours ago
Note to self: don't watch Matty when the baby is taking a nap 🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Roach
Joseph Roach 6 hours ago
Making this for service at a restaurant would be murder
ki koy
ki koy 6 hours ago
Mathe is the epitome of awesomeness!!
rushmatic 6 hours ago
This made me miss my old home town so much!!! Miss you Chicago and thanks for the Chi-Town props Matty!!! 🙏🏽
Justin Case
Justin Case 6 hours ago
What a long strange trip it's been.
THEAWESOMEGUY 223 6 hours ago
My son took one look at the screen and said "he looks like a fat tiger king".
Kek Omega
Kek Omega 7 hours ago
where do i get the binchotan grill?
Dindu McNuffin
Dindu McNuffin 7 hours ago
is matty getting fatter lmao
Joseph Roach
Joseph Roach 7 hours ago
“Edited by me directed by me created by me...” Ya and it shows fatty matt go keto already ya bobo
Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels 7 hours ago
You're a rustic genius..
Dave. 7 hours ago
Goddammit, vivisecting the LIVE lobsters w/o comment was a mortal sin... unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsu.....
C'est Moi
C'est Moi 7 hours ago
18 months to live
Alex Lewis
Alex Lewis 8 hours ago
oh god that potato and vinegar stirring sound is MOIST
Ripz Tubig
Ripz Tubig 8 hours ago
Come on Matty. You know more than anyone that your viewers don't wear deodorant.
Kaiden Martin
Kaiden Martin 8 hours ago
Bro your hair looks fucking great!
Thomas Eyre
Thomas Eyre 9 hours ago
Matty is a legend epic food
Michael Jay
Michael Jay 9 hours ago
You spelled 'crisps' wrong in your title.
Joseph Roach
Joseph Roach 9 hours ago
That breaded steak was straight outta lovecraft
Ian Jefferson
Ian Jefferson 9 hours ago
2:32 is where the video starts
HamsterHamish 9 hours ago
ive sliced the tips off at least 5 fingers
Joseph Roach
Joseph Roach 9 hours ago
Why do you never clean the digestive tract out of your lobsters Matty you filthy cretin
benzmansl65amg 9 hours ago
The editor really takes away from Matty. Just a dash edit back please.
andy14169 9 hours ago
theres a huge center right population. republicans are just as "the majority are actually centrist" as democrats. just because you live in a city you think that moderates are all centrist dems. but the thing is, there are a lot of people on the right who think trump is despicable but dont want marxist identity politics and victim/outrage/cancel culture taking over; that shit has infected the dems, and it causing a lot of good people to say "fuck it, ill take another 4 years of trump over our society going deeper into neo-marxist absurdity".
benzmansl65amg 9 hours ago
Still hate the editor
Jaime N.
Jaime N. 9 hours ago
Finally. An accurate representation of a spider
Nick .S
Nick .S 9 hours ago
Marty without a stache is unnerving
BanezIz 9 hours ago
he looks like the grown up version of Chris Griffin from Family Guy
Hugo Hugenotten
Hugo Hugenotten 10 hours ago
He looks like the baby of a lesbian obese with down syndrom and an obese 80s wrestler.
Stacey Abar
Stacey Abar 10 hours ago
Typically i don't like watching obnoxious eaters, but I just fucking love Matty. I vicariously live through this web series he does.
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 10 hours ago
Yeah, no.... that is not lobster thermidor.
Samuel Gallezzo
Samuel Gallezzo 10 hours ago
I love this freak
BreakingPlaid 10 hours ago
I saw that lobster move when Matty went to crack it after grilling it and so did Matty; deftly edited though.
Mulnader 10 hours ago
OMG! Who are you Matty?! You made my day :D I don't even care about recipe
cptn ofgravytrain
cptn ofgravytrain 10 hours ago
9:29 ummmmmm did that completely bisected lobster have an involuntary post-mortem muscle spasm
Zortha VII
Zortha VII 10 hours ago
I ran my whole hand over a mandolin once and cut off the whole skin layer of my palm looked like some shit from Saw really fun story.
สาวน้อย จอมเวทย์กุ๊กๆ
สาวน้อย จอมเวทย์กุ๊กๆ 10 hours ago
Thai food 🤤🤤
Grace Winship
Grace Winship 10 hours ago
Do you not need to clean out the innards from the lobster once you halve it?
Степан Арвеладзе
Степан Арвеладзе 10 hours ago
полюбил этого мужика , он классный
sirblackington 10 hours ago
@ Matty Matheson Next time put you book up on your fridge
Leroy Lallkissoon
Leroy Lallkissoon 10 hours ago
Matty Matheson was in my dream
Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson 10 hours ago
does anyone understand the cornmeal instructions? corn meal.. then cover with water?? im lost 4:17
Ryan Smart
Ryan Smart 11 hours ago
South africans are the true oxtail connoisseurs
brady vickers
brady vickers 11 hours ago
I'm new here, is this a MY WIFE podcast?
David 11 hours ago
Matty looks like a lady you try to avoid at Walmart
JeffClassic 11 hours ago
Matty’s editor really enjoying himself😂😂