Soreiyo Siro
Soreiyo Siro 22 hours ago
Kelly look stunning & supper hot this season🔥❤️👍
Ethan Twink
Ethan Twink 22 hours ago
He is really good...puts me in the mood.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 22 hours ago
He's from my city! Newport News Represent!
Pedro Lourenço
Pedro Lourenço 22 hours ago
I hope there is a studio version
Tess Davies
Tess Davies 22 hours ago
Her voice and her version of this song sounds like home
Fatma Hures
Fatma Hures 22 hours ago
Agree , Warm & Sincere voice , just attracts you into the music
laura crawshaw
laura crawshaw 22 hours ago
He has the most beautiful tone and vibrato ❤️
Chelsea James
Chelsea James 22 hours ago
Shes so black and smooth I want her skin
Nicole 's Right
Nicole 's Right 22 hours ago
Thank you John im playing this for my unborn daughter... see how she likes that😍
Ronny Silitonga
Ronny Silitonga 22 hours ago
I think he wore his sweater on the wrong position, look at the label
Pulsar Ruati
Pulsar Ruati 22 hours ago
56yo ahaha wow thpught in his 20s the lyrics odd coaches turned for catchy lyrics
Max Cady
Max Cady 22 hours ago
The fact they didn’t turn after he sang the first line makes me wonder what these guys are listening to. This show is getting a little stingy.
Daniela Escobar
Daniela Escobar 22 hours ago
"Yay Blakey" lmao gwen is such a sweetheart
Soft Pink
Soft Pink 22 hours ago
John is so picky that's why he is missing great talents
Yimjungnaro Changkija
Yimjungnaro Changkija 22 hours ago
So who did he chooosseeee??
tk tojin
tk tojin 22 hours ago
By far, my absolute favorite voice of this season so far. So unique, warm but firm and emotional. His personality seems to be nice too. Definitely looking forward to more performances by him!
DAY AND JAY 22 hours ago
She sings worship music. I can tell 🙌🏾Amazing
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 22 hours ago
So beautiful Ryan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Frenn Vlogz
Frenn Vlogz 22 hours ago
Hes so cute omg🥺
Nicole 's Right
Nicole 's Right 22 hours ago
I need to hear more from him😳🤯❣❣❣
Q Covers
Q Covers 22 hours ago
I feel like this dude’s gonna go a long way in this competition.
Soft Pink
Soft Pink 22 hours ago
He made the right choice.
gsaldana897 22 hours ago
Marlon Leocádio
Marlon Leocádio 22 hours ago
Their excuses are stupid. I'm just mad right now. "Go a little bigger" wtf I thought this was THE VOICE not THE HIGHER REGISTER
Fco P. R
Fco P. R 22 hours ago
chills is all I can say
Frenn Vlogz
Frenn Vlogz 22 hours ago
Such a Dark Horse! 🙂🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Aurelle Emmanuelle Yosephine Tampubolon
Aurelle Emmanuelle Yosephine Tampubolon 22 hours ago
Absolutely one of my top list so far.
Marlon Leocádio
Marlon Leocádio 22 hours ago
"what's going on?" That's me when they didn't turn. This pandemic messed them up. God. Wtf
Allison Gardiner
Allison Gardiner 22 hours ago
I am also confused why this wasn't a 4-chair turn! Freaking amazing. The best, so far, this season. Reminds me of Maelyn.
Daniela Escobar
Daniela Escobar 22 hours ago
this was an amazing performance and she has such a cool personality, hope she makes it farrrr
XZ- Gaming
XZ- Gaming 22 hours ago আমার চ্যানেলে গিয়ে সবাই ঘুরে আসেন আমার চ্যানেলটাকে সাবস্ক্রাইব করবেন৷৷৷৷৷ কষ্ট করে ভিডিও বানায় সত্যি, আপনাদের সার্পোট আমার অনেক প্রয়োজন
Freddy Fred Mata
Freddy Fred Mata 22 hours ago
This audition was Awesome and I was pleasantly happy with the song that she performed 'cause I love Toni Braxton and I feel that not many people cover her music 😓
Nina Mirelez
Nina Mirelez 22 hours ago
Great performance even now I enjoy this song well done yay 👍😊👏🦋🧡
ayomikun ajayi
ayomikun ajayi 22 hours ago
Kelly’s face saying yessss is it for me😂❤️❤️
J 22 hours ago
syahidah zaki
syahidah zaki 22 hours ago
I like the perfomen
anita cruz
anita cruz 22 hours ago
i hope he choose gwen
Chris Long
Chris Long 22 hours ago
Wow did legend just subtlety play the black card on that one
Lucinda 22 hours ago
The head of the White House security office is critically ill with Covid-19.
Cloreinda Augusta
Cloreinda Augusta 22 hours ago
So Layhla Hathaway❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dana Al-Aqqad
Dana Al-Aqqad 22 hours ago
Then I
akmal armansyah
akmal armansyah 22 hours ago
stubzy playz
stubzy playz 22 hours ago
Cant believe blake didnt know that song...
Born In Texas 82
Born In Texas 82 22 hours ago
I love how much fun the coaches have on the show. I also love how happy and supportive they are for the contestants even if they aren't on their team. It's just a fun show to watch and I know the contestants enjoy the experience.
Kopikaal 22 hours ago
4:02 When u trust someone blindly 😀
whitehairz 22 hours ago
Thank you Harry. 👍
Paul Is
Paul Is 22 hours ago
I think Kelsey is gonna be Kelly's coach
Caryn Thompson
Caryn Thompson 22 hours ago
So despise Gwen! Did they really have to bring her back. Any one but that! Blake underplays his choices so she can win! It's really Blake Gwen against Kelly then john. They continue to look at each other and ask themselves what to do! No 4 chairs just three! Should set her in Blake lap! Come on Voice someone else please! 🤮 Covid distance is bad enough by virtual audience. 🤮
Sydturated 22 hours ago
This season has been filled with amazing singers
Harmony Stearns
Harmony Stearns 22 hours ago
she is AWESOME
Abi Buckle
Abi Buckle 23 hours ago
VIBE TRIBE IN DA COMMENTS I SEE U 👀 VAN! VAN! VAN! VAN! You did amazing Van we love you! 💛
battycowboy 23 hours ago
To much like Ronnie not a unique voice or different enough but still good .
Osibamowo Moyo
Osibamowo Moyo 23 hours ago
Man...he gave Zaxai a run for his money
Kenisya Sabrina
Kenisya Sabrina 23 hours ago
he deserve a 4 chair turn
Soreiyo Siro
Soreiyo Siro 23 hours ago
Ben Allen !.. remember his name. I just love his voice and style of singing.
Helen Legada
Helen Legada 23 hours ago
Wow I love Dat song, love it girl
john kamulegeya
john kamulegeya 23 hours ago
She obliterated the original singer
john kamulegeya
john kamulegeya 23 hours ago
She obliterated the original singer
Merve Uysal
Merve Uysal 23 hours ago
Stream Golden&Falling everyone🙇
S JEE 23 hours ago
tf is wrong with these coaches
Faisal Shk
Faisal Shk 23 hours ago
kingF Gaming
kingF Gaming 23 hours ago sub to me
jdniff 23 hours ago
John was more brave than Kelly and Kelly has good experience in the country genre sense she can do just about every genre in existence. Not sure why she didn't just turn to give him a 4 chair turn or to at least try to steal a country singer from Blake, also she has won with a country singer so~ it's not far fetched for her.
S JEE 23 hours ago
finally harry styles
Whor dell
Whor dell 23 hours ago
His voice sounds nothing like 80,s or 90,s singers lol. He’s mediocre at best. That’s why Blake didn’t turn
Born In Texas 82
Born In Texas 82 23 hours ago
He is adorable and has really good voice control to be as young as he is. His biggest problem after the show will be adjusting when his voice changes. I love how Kelly is always so complementary even if an artist is on her team or not. That just shows what a big heart she has. Carter is a good singer but more importantly just seems like such a good kid that loves his family and is grateful for their love and support. No matter how far he goes in the competition I think this will be a great learning experience for him and I think Gwen will be a good coach for him.
Jenny Waite
Jenny Waite 23 hours ago
I would’ve turned the second he opened his mouth! His voice is perfect
Lakota Hickman
Lakota Hickman 23 hours ago
Omg he is going to win this thang omg he is amazing!
Am Lee Yuchan Kamarudin
Am Lee Yuchan Kamarudin 23 hours ago
I would like john to keep talking till im sleeping.. His voice so addictive.. So calm piece by piece
Mia 23 hours ago
Those edges do be rising up against you at the worst moments though ​​😭​​
Melissa Greenland
Melissa Greenland 23 hours ago
He’s good but not good enough
Bernard Richard Nainggolan
Bernard Richard Nainggolan 23 hours ago
Who did she pick as her coach?
Annette Glomstad
Annette Glomstad 23 hours ago
what is up with Gwen and Blake? They have to look at each other, when one turns around the other follows, seriously cant they thin for themselves
Hamza Shehzad
Hamza Shehzad 23 hours ago
Who did she pick
Kelvin Kyle
Kelvin Kyle 23 hours ago
omg loooover her voice wow...i would love to hear her sing Be Without You by Mary J Blidge
Sheila Mc Intosh
Sheila Mc Intosh 23 hours ago
Come back next year bro
Chavez3d 23 hours ago
That was not good
Claudio matias
Claudio matias 23 hours ago
hermosa voz!
Kelvin Kyle
Kelvin Kyle 23 hours ago
looove her personality...she seems so fun