JET POWERED Vacuum Cleaner
Tree of Trees
7 months ago
Mr Beans RC Armchair
Jet Powered Kids Scooter
Walking Stick Tazer
The Briefcase Fireplace
BMW Hot Tub
2 years ago
3 years ago
AK47 door bell system.
Freeze Plate Reverse Hob
GizzaSquizz 2 hours ago
I don't know if you'll read this but I am going to leave an invention idea any way. A vehicle that when up to speed can continue to power it self by using wind to generate the power.
Keith Smith
Keith Smith 2 hours ago
Colin your a legand, your kids must love your ideas. I've subscribed to your channel but don't now how to enter your t shirt give away
Pop Nugget
Pop Nugget 2 hours ago
That’s cool and all but can you cut your lawn on the power of grass
ClassicMan Lou
ClassicMan Lou 2 hours ago
You should ad 4 retractable arms that plant themselves before elevation sort of like a crane
robert stirling
robert stirling 2 hours ago
Jet powered hovercraft?
Daryl Halliday
Daryl Halliday 2 hours ago
tyler smith
tyler smith 3 hours ago
hey colin! make the doomslayer's suit! i'm talkin' Doomblade shoulder mounted equipment launcher, that fires 3 different ammo types and a dash function (which could probably be a set of jets)
Prabh Jot
Prabh Jot 3 hours ago
I know a fix for air the problem. It'll require a little redesign. Do you want to know ?
Stevan Gucu
Stevan Gucu 3 hours ago
There is a old show from Yugoslavia called Truckers (or Paja i Jare by main characters) where they in desperation make a truck that goes on wood. I never understood how it worked but as soon as I saw this It clicked all in place.
Brian Perry
Brian Perry 3 hours ago
Lmao this dude on some Garry's Mod shit
wesley baker
wesley baker 3 hours ago
How much to build me this and the hibike/social distanceing bike? Im not kidding i want one of each
Mihai Alex
Mihai Alex 3 hours ago
Vacuum cleaner? More like *vacuum incinerator*
AyeAspectGaming 3 hours ago
Phineas and ferb build be like:
Jabba 3 hours ago
“ It’s Alive ! It’s Alive “ Dr Furzenstein on creating his monster mower
Yebber 4 hours ago
COVID 19 friendly belt
CRASH111 4 hours ago
collin can i make a suggestion for a video. take all the past builds and put them all in one video together. id love to see a warhouse full of your builds
Mr. Cloudster
Mr. Cloudster 4 hours ago
Your the mechanical version of Bill Nye
Bio Jarry
Bio Jarry 4 hours ago
I'm wondering if you are interested in reviewing our auto mini vacuum cleaner suction up to 13000Pa. [email protected] usshow.info/watch/d-9wq4Mzurk/video.html AutoBot
ARSAL ABDULLAH 4 hours ago
Colin likes to challenge nature, natures sends rain down, he makes an umbrella that sends it back up.
Nathan Esterkyn
Nathan Esterkyn 4 hours ago
collect and refine the wood gas with a separate machine
DK2blue 4 hours ago
still need gas to use the torch which ignites the wood
Florin Shc
Florin Shc 4 hours ago
How do you think a tie silencer house would look? I like the futuristic look of this, but as a house i have some doubts...
french toast
french toast 4 hours ago
i know its asking a lot because of how quick grass burns but it would be even better if it was a grass clippings fire rather than wood fire
Harrison Healy
Harrison Healy 4 hours ago
gas powerd cap that heats your head
Gavin Gamble The Railfan
Gavin Gamble The Railfan 4 hours ago
Or you could have A replacement mailman if your mailman is sick and they could be a bastard mailman they rip up all your bills
Hunter G. Carswell
Hunter G. Carswell 5 hours ago
Ordered a mug 😁😁
NickFlix 5 hours ago
When I saw “The Highcycle” I thought it was a bike with hidden edibles inside the wheels.
Laughingkiwi47 5 hours ago
You can make so much from a drill and a grinder
Agastya case
Agastya case 5 hours ago
billy bob
billy bob 5 hours ago
Try a riding mower, move room for filters
Kaiser Salty von Saltenburg
Kaiser Salty von Saltenburg 5 hours ago
Hey, where do you buy all the sheet metal, tubes, etc that you use? Thanks.
Isiah G
Isiah G 5 hours ago
Who’s here after the recent explosion
Logan the Sith
Logan the Sith 6 hours ago
I wonder what the neighbors think of this giant at-at in the neighbors backyard
Scot Fenn
Scot Fenn 6 hours ago
Put training wheels on it 😂
Andre Robinson
Andre Robinson 6 hours ago
Can you condense the wood gas into a liquid fuel?
Hamish Campbell
Hamish Campbell 6 hours ago
Is it just me or does his lawnmower look like it belongs on a steampunk style movie set?
Andika Tegar prakasa
Andika Tegar prakasa 6 hours ago
Hello love from Indonesia
Legend826 6 hours ago
I have a question why does this guy have a blow up mystic
Dan Mantyla
Dan Mantyla 6 hours ago
you could power a generator instead of a mower and use it to charge large batteries. Wood powered batteries.
m_a_s 7 hours ago
If you are making that much tar, your gasifier is running too cold. Don't put it through the engine until you are well over 800°C. Also, consider putting some thermocouples in there to monitor the temperature of the gasifier.
Logic44 7 hours ago
He's wrong about the flamethrowers, pretty sure the US used Sherman tanks with flamethrowers in 'Nam...
tyler krug
tyler krug 7 hours ago
Dude! You are friggin awesome! Coolest neighbor ever!
Fortnite X
Fortnite X 7 hours ago
Jordan Mark
Jordan Mark 7 hours ago
Spacetoon Poli Slavina Amilia Manihuruk
Spacetoon Poli Slavina Amilia Manihuruk 7 hours ago
wet tent
wet tent 7 hours ago
Haha he said epidemic
LJ McC 7 hours ago
wood burning produces carbon. carbon greens the lawn. cut the lawn. dry and burn the clippings. boom: colin built a perpetual motion machine.
Scott Nevil
Scott Nevil 7 hours ago
Should have just put a container full of wood gas on the mower. 2 part system but wouldnt have been so huge to mower with.
Cristina Pianta
Cristina Pianta 7 hours ago
Ethan Gillz
Ethan Gillz 7 hours ago
Not being. Weird but did anyone see how he crossed out Calvin Kline on his boxers?? Is that for the content addition or what?? Like if you agree dislike if you don’t you get it 🙂
אביאל רביבו
אביאל רביבו 7 hours ago
hes probably the most dangerous man in the world lol
Timmy Clark
Timmy Clark 7 hours ago
ALRIGHT. Enough is enough. Where the hell do you work???
Ian Bloggs
Ian Bloggs 7 hours ago
Love his videos but still waiting for the day for him to lose and eye or broken neck/brain damage - he’s always been too good for Protective equipment.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 8 hours ago
I think id rather put a 500cc street bike motor in it
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger 8 hours ago
What does the Silencer reference mean in the title ??
Bob Curtice
Bob Curtice 8 hours ago
Love the video Colin. The only problem is understanding how the process works for wood gasification. Its not the heating of the wood to produce the volatiles from it, its all about the conversion of those gases and more importantly the CO2 created in the hot 700-1000F burn space into CO+H2 in the charcoal below the burn zone. When the burn temps are controlled and kept at the best gas producing temperature, you will not have any of the tars and carbon smoke particles coming out. Please reference some of my wood gas stove studies at www.gospellearningcenter.com/resources/WoodGas/TincanStoves/default.html.
Matthew Ebben
Matthew Ebben 8 hours ago
This was only 4 months ago?
SF- Xxxtract
SF- Xxxtract 8 hours ago
That delorean must’ve costed over a million they haven’t made those in over 30 years about
Daniel White
Daniel White 8 hours ago
There is something g seriously wrong with the jet engine. It isn't supposed to spit fire like that