Brought My First Car / Vlog
emailit2ilana 55 minutes ago
Loved this song ever since hearing it on Dirty Dancing.
Richard 56 minutes ago
Cher is old enough to be your grandma AND she's a goddess AND she could kick your asses. What more could you want?!?! 😂😂😂
Shawna Newsom
Shawna Newsom 58 minutes ago
The movie was save the last dance
Underload Hour ago
Song written by Babyface, of course.
Julian Darden
Julian Darden Hour ago
Definitely pants for the video! I was not wearing them pants for dam sure! Lol
Bernie Scholey
Bernie Scholey Hour ago
Take a look at his other song with Calvin Harris "Giant" live on the Graham Norton Show - Brilliant
shannon2356 Hour ago
No one should go through life without hearing this song at lest one time!
Michael Wakefield
Michael Wakefield Hour ago
Bruce once sold out the old Giants Stadium for 10 shows in a row.
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner Hour ago
I got a few videos for you guys to see Steve Ray Vaughan. Any song by him. The song The Lion Sleeps tonight. Keep it up you guys are great
Shawna Newsom
Shawna Newsom Hour ago
Pleasssse •ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT• Mr. Wendel, Tennesse •De La Soul• Me, myself and I
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming Hour ago
These kids straight up lying. No way in hell have they never heard kid cudi. Literally refuse to believe them. Its so obvious they capping on every damn reaction they do.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Hour ago
Willie Magana
Willie Magana Hour ago
They were dressed like ancient Egyptians.
paula gomberg
paula gomberg Hour ago
He was only twenty five or six when he made this. He sounds so old . Try a Little Tenderness is his best song.
Daniel Mesery
Daniel Mesery Hour ago
paula gomberg
paula gomberg Hour ago
Dancing with Myself.. Billy Idol. Just a Mirage.. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Love you two!
deucesdad11 Hour ago
Y'all have to listen to secret garden with Barry white, al b. Sure, and el debarge
Marylou Woodward
Marylou Woodward Hour ago
Just an FYI, everyone who is saying this is from Dirty Dancing......No! It is from Roadhouse. Patrick Swayze’s love scene with Kelly Lynch. Your welcome! 🙂
Marcy Fraley
Marcy Fraley Hour ago
Yes.... It's pronounced eyes ley long "l" lol😊
Annatta Quiros
Annatta Quiros Hour ago
Please react to "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do" by Tevin, his vocal range in that song is incredible and it's a beautiful song.
ReformedOrderPart2 Hour ago
You're never too old or too young to get Rick-rolled. :-P
Sir Jorah Mormont
Sir Jorah Mormont Hour ago
That's the melody in Warren G Regulate
Chaundrail Moreland
Chaundrail Moreland Hour ago
The guy singing Roger Zapp was the King of Auto-Tune.
HarlemPixie33 Hour ago
Please listen to Mary J. and Method Man, Your All I Need....then listen to Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell do the same song. You're going to love it.
Lisa Bester
Lisa Bester Hour ago
Love these Twins😁💙💙
HarlemPixie33 Hour ago
You got it right when h you said Mary has soul. People argue about her singing voice but no doubt she's going to make you FEEL what she sings.
Gregory McKinney
Gregory McKinney Hour ago
Ah yes, Disco!
Barbara Lynch
Barbara Lynch Hour ago
I thought it was a girl singing it when I first heard it too!
Anne Marie Hules
Anne Marie Hules Hour ago
Diane Fiske-Foy
Diane Fiske-Foy Hour ago
Have you heard the Platters yet? If not, would you react to “The Great Pretender” by them? Great group! Tony Williams is their lead singers and he’s just wonderful 👏🏻💫🎤🥰‼️
Cindy Serbula
Cindy Serbula Hour ago
Great song. Not sure where to send requests. What about salt shaker...Ying yang twins!
Chaundrail Moreland
Chaundrail Moreland Hour ago
Above the Rim not White Men can't jump
Diane Fiske-Foy
Diane Fiske-Foy Hour ago
Sam is another great singer that I grew up listening to and watching 👩🏻‍🏫👍🏻👏🏻💫🎤🥰‼️
Kathleen Quinn
Kathleen Quinn Hour ago
Please, please ,please, check out Al Jarreau. Two of my favorite songs of his are We Got By and All. An amazing vocalist.
Gregory McKinney
Gregory McKinney Hour ago
In keeping with the Vietnam theme, “Last Train To Clarksville” The Monkees. A guy wants to see his girl before he reports for duty and gets shipped off to war. ”And I don't know if I'm ever coming home.”
Marion Brown
Marion Brown Hour ago
I loved, “he looked like a pimp, too”.
William Hartman
William Hartman Hour ago
Soul music never fails 🔥🔥
Tara Hill
Tara Hill 2 hours ago
Also please react to Emotions! It is so beautiful
Diane Fiske-Foy
Diane Fiske-Foy 2 hours ago
Gregory McKinney
Gregory McKinney 2 hours ago
Okay if you’re doing this I think you should check out “Town Without Pity” Gene Pitney
allpro 206
allpro 206 2 hours ago
dudes, the movie is Above the Rim
Q H 2 hours ago
Just to repeat everyone else this is his voice no auto changes or modifications
MaryKay Williams
MaryKay Williams 2 hours ago
Williams Kings, SHOUT OUT TO Y'ALL for being mentally diverse enough to take interest in Cab Calloway!! Not many young people I know would even tackle this!! That is why I call you guys DOPE.
Tara Hill
Tara Hill 2 hours ago
Music was so much better when normal people could write it and sing it. Some of the ugliest people on the planet have the most talent.
Diane Fiske-Foy
Diane Fiske-Foy 2 hours ago
This is my favorite song by Otis. Been lovin his music since I was a kid (67 now) 👍🏻👏🏻💫🎤🥰‼️
kikanee 2 hours ago
I think Fall Out Boys - Church, Wilson (expensive mistake), Heaven's Gate and Last of the Real Ones are pretty good songs. Also I think for something different how about some Nathaniel Rateliff - S.O.B. , Need Never Get Old official videos, Barney Bentall - Ballad of Reverend Billy, Jelly Roll, Won't Play House with You, Don't mean Nothin Baby. or some ELO - Rock and Roll is King, The Kinks - LOLA, Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime, Kathy Matteo - 455 Rocket, Cyndi Thompson - I'm Gone, Ozark Mountain Daredevils - If You Wanna Get to Heaven, Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Feel Lucky, Lace - I Want a Man
rich kim
rich kim 2 hours ago
who is telling you lot to react to Bob Marley 🤣🤣🤣
super rat kicker 12
super rat kicker 12 2 hours ago
You guys should definitely react to Big L if you haven't already. Hes another oldschool east coast rapper
Q H 2 hours ago
A smile slowly made it across my face.....
Love Bruce. Good song
Cathleen Crabb
Cathleen Crabb 2 hours ago
Check out him singing A Change is Gonna Come - so powerful and relevant after all these years
Troy Miller
Troy Miller 2 hours ago
Good video. ‘Treat em’ Right” Chubb Rock.
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy 2 hours ago
I have a suggestion: John Butler Trio-- "Treat Yo Mama". I think you'd really like this one.
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy 2 hours ago
Another song that's way different: Dead Can Dance-- " Yulunga (Spirit Dance)"
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 2 hours ago
Imagine how the parking lot looked, I love that comment. Glad you enjoyed the song guys! Remember Together, Wendy, we can live with the sadness I'll love you with all the madness in my soul Oh, someday girl, I don't know when We're gonna get to that place Where we really want to go, and we'll walk in the sun But till then, tramps like us Baby, we were born to run
Daniel Podulubny
Daniel Podulubny 2 hours ago
I really dig you guys!! I got a track for you.. I Still Love You - kiss Mtv Unplugged ... Mtv used to be this channel that showed music videos and music related shows...not that crap that they show today.. hope you check it out
anett evans
anett evans 2 hours ago
Love your vibe dudes! how bout some harmonies without auto tune- Try Suite judy blue eyes by CSN Stephen stills on guitar might turn you on! Peace and much love for making us all smile. *Awesome Feels*
D D 2 hours ago
80’s and 90’s were truly the greatest eras in rock.
Rose Underwood
Rose Underwood 2 hours ago
I'm very proud of you that you have a job and you enjoy it.🌹
chereece pace
chereece pace 2 hours ago
No auto tune guys, that's all him.😊
Joel Nelson
Joel Nelson 2 hours ago
Do Paolo Nutini iron sky. With what's going on in the world today it will hit home
Rhonda Dorin McClamma
Rhonda Dorin McClamma 2 hours ago
Thanks guys. I love Otis!!
Santiago Murillo
Santiago Murillo 2 hours ago
I sincerely appreciate your honest opinions to what is truly great instrumental music, & a person who can actually sing & carry a tune. I really like this kid, & I'm so glad that he's venturing out to experience something different to what he's use to hearing. Music is universal, & great music can be appreciated anywhere on our Planet.
Melinda Gutierrez
Melinda Gutierrez 2 hours ago
Do a reaction on Atliens by Outkast!
M.G. N
M.G. N 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh! Where have you been? I do not believe this for one single second. Don't tell me you haven't seen the movie "Roadhouse". Of course you did and this song was in it. Such a phony channel!!!!
21. Hlompho
21. Hlompho 2 hours ago
The great Wyclef Jean wrote and produced this great joint right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J. R.
J. R. 2 hours ago
Bruhhhhhh crazzzyyy in for the ride SUBBED
Sonal J
Sonal J 2 hours ago
Loll that's Kim K in the vid
21. Hlompho
21. Hlompho 2 hours ago
Please react to Gone till November by Wyclef Jean
One of the best ever!!!!
aarswft 2 hours ago
Curious if you guys would recognize Kim Kardashian in this. She barely looks like that now.
Rose Underwood
Rose Underwood 2 hours ago
It was played in living rooms on stereo players.🌹
Christopher Bonante
Christopher Bonante 2 hours ago
Hatebreed is one of the most motivating and positive bands ever.
Tanith McGlothlin
Tanith McGlothlin 2 hours ago
First offthose are apes, specifically chimpanzees. Monkeys have tails 😉Pretty sure they were really there. Live action as they are very smart and trainable. Check out Clint Eastwood costarring with an orangutan in the movie Any Which Way but Loose😜
Melinda Lawler
Melinda Lawler 2 hours ago
Heavy D got soul for real started
April Crespo
April Crespo 2 hours ago
Great pick. Tevin Campbell is one of my all time favorites and always in a playlist of mine. I’m ready & tell me what you want me to do are a must listen.
React to College Boyz - Victim of the Ghetto (Extended Version) and College Boyz-Rolin (HD) l Official Video
Larry M
Larry M 2 hours ago
Are these guys from another planet? I know toddlers who listen and jam to this song
Robert Young
Robert Young 2 hours ago
It don't get no better than this ,black white whatever music unites us
Minnie Kline
Minnie Kline 2 hours ago
Real voice