The Top Tiny Houses of 2019
Just Merrily
Just Merrily 55 minutes ago
love it💚
Joe Dirtez
Joe Dirtez 57 minutes ago
The toilet paper changes at 8:35 to 8:38
Scott Gibbs
Scott Gibbs 58 minutes ago
All I can say is Fantastic! What a beautiful person.
Maria Regina
Maria Regina 58 minutes ago
She’s a floor gang
Joe Dirtez
Joe Dirtez 58 minutes ago
A white guy with a giant picture of an African Tribal woman right over his toilet. Are there no limits to what we can accomplish as a civilization?
OneLastDash Hour ago
They fr just said fuck humaity
TM159 mcBride
TM159 mcBride Hour ago
Thank you Bryce for sharing!! ~Only in my dreams!!
Devin Crockett
Devin Crockett Hour ago
my cottagecore lesbian dream
cresbydotcom Hour ago
Mattresses on flat boards need ventilation. My bed is on top of 4 war department drawer units with plywood top. The mattress vender warned me to vent it because fungus can grow and rot the covers if you don't. The mattress is of the foam type. And being along the wall, with wardrobe units half covering each end, making & changing the bed is not nearly as ergonomic! And being against an outside wall, you notice the cold in the winter. It is all about trade-offs - or what you are prepared to accept.
Ivon Gomez
Ivon Gomez Hour ago
This woman looks like she has tea with badgers in little vests. Like a fairytale life.
Evelyn Krull
Evelyn Krull Hour ago
While I agree theres a lot of privilege here (having family land to stay on, being able to build over a 3 year period while having a safe place to build) you cannot discount the skill of this young man and how thoughtful he was with his repurposing is.
Rebecca SIdiropoulou
Rebecca SIdiropoulou Hour ago
I absolutely love it!
Atlantis Hour ago
the main reason i clicked on this video was to figure out which one is the mom
Rulls Liloan
Rulls Liloan Hour ago
I love everything you featured a different tiny or small house,and what makes me amaze about is the interior ❤❤❤ Thanks for making me motivated and inspired 👍👌👏
DDK 007
DDK 007 Hour ago
Love the shingles the look is so cool, those front doors are incredible ,the land is awesome....Wow his kitchen & shower are wonderful, smart guy on the toilet, but when you get older like me he might just change his mind...This is a great build like this one a-lot all his materials are marvelous...our world is full of waste that could be used to build inexpensive homes for the homeless...Let's get started...
Linda Kloock
Linda Kloock Hour ago
Nice job. God Bless in your journey
What the
What the Hour ago
Dining area was amazing.
Alex Beasley
Alex Beasley Hour ago
I will hear "Yeah. Yea, yeah." in my dreams
A -socialite
A -socialite Hour ago
Imagine that was a sex swing
Meg Mellas
Meg Mellas Hour ago
The rollout compost toilet! Yes!!! Dually noted!!
Nirmal Sharma
Nirmal Sharma Hour ago
Saludo Cristine
Saludo Cristine Hour ago
The design of the house is amazing. I love it :-)
DDK 007
DDK 007 Hour ago
Love love love this Tiny House it has everything you need, I love the Windows they bring in beauty & color. Pink is a good color on you Bryce I love all the videos I am addicted to them I think about downsizing it takes me to a better place since I retired all I do is clean clean clean I want to be FREE like this happy happy fellow, but I can't convince anyone to go with me. My home is paid for and I have land in the back of the house we could use if the county permits...Stay well!! Keep the Videos coming, thanks for sharing!
Samm Vinesett
Samm Vinesett Hour ago
I love all the tiny homes on this show, but I wish you would showcase people who aren’t so...affluent once in a while. Maybe it’s common in Australia but here in the us I think you really must have money money to be able to build a place like this, or luck or a family with a lot of land/ someone who works in construction.
Karen Rozak
Karen Rozak Hour ago
This house is one of my favorites! So cozy. You can tell it is so enjoyed by the inhabitants! I could make myself right at home in it!!
Andrew Green
Andrew Green Hour ago
Still surrounded by people. 😑
girl43 Hour ago
This lovely lady has got to be to the long lost sister of Drew Barrymore right ?!
Roniel Zonio
Roniel Zonio Hour ago
Sierra Vista
Sierra Vista Hour ago
She is amazing!!!!
MayaReads 2 hours ago
I am an aspiring interior designer and I use your channel to get inspiration for homes to create in the sims.Thank you so much :)
eric mittenthal
eric mittenthal 2 hours ago
Does anyone know the breed of their dogs?
Danna Dennis
Danna Dennis 2 hours ago
Love that outdoor tub 🛀! And so many great plants 🌱.... she was look 👀 if you’re not single, then find me a friend
Juha Kopare
Juha Kopare 2 hours ago
Easily the best tiny home I have seen. Absolutely superb! But you need a good budget and a good piece of land to put it up on...
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani 2 hours ago
Love the tiny house
Remotely Rashad
Remotely Rashad 2 hours ago
I LOVE their tiny house!!!!!!!
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod 2 hours ago
Such a perfect and peaceful place to live in
Deniz Hammers
Deniz Hammers 2 hours ago
18:54 This is hilarious!
Bruin Mom
Bruin Mom 2 hours ago
This is by far my most favorite tiny home design!
Karen Rozak
Karen Rozak 2 hours ago
Love this couple and their wonderful attitude on life. Their home is stunning. My husband and I could move right in there. It is so cozy! Boy would I love to taste one of their juices!
MrEd Mister
MrEd Mister 2 hours ago
Your delivery, interview and summary of all of these great little homes is amazing. This is another great one. I wake up in the morning with coffee and watch these and dream of the future where I’ll be in one you can review. Nice work!
Dana Patricia Mary
Dana Patricia Mary 2 hours ago
This is by far the best and the most beautiful tiny house I've seen so far. Absolutely amazing.
Go Girl
Go Girl 2 hours ago
With air pollution as it is I wonder if rain water is safe?
Kyle Weiss
Kyle Weiss 3 hours ago
That's a camper.
Kaz Kasozi
Kaz Kasozi 3 hours ago
Incredible house. A genius creative lady.
Jeroen den Hertog
Jeroen den Hertog 3 hours ago
Lovely caban (...or is it?), and nice people....
Sofia Sudarma
Sofia Sudarma 3 hours ago
Love the house, it really looks spacious with lots of light. Great job!
Katye Proctor Freelon
Katye Proctor Freelon 3 hours ago
Gorgeous house! Lovely couple!
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 3 hours ago
"Oh Thank You"
bloodbuddy7 3 hours ago
This is one of my favorite tiny houses that you've shown! Gorgeous!
fitriyah muanah
fitriyah muanah 3 hours ago
This one is really like Bryce just visiting his grandma, she's really fun and totally friendly. Just feels like they have known each other for ages 😂
David Taylor
David Taylor 3 hours ago
absolutely beautiful, so so lucky
Myles Link
Myles Link 3 hours ago
I don't like that man
fatima majed
fatima majed 3 hours ago
Amazing place Quit life
Pauline Hawkins
Pauline Hawkins 3 hours ago
I just love this well designed tiny home. Love the screens. What a feature. The kitchen is amazing.
Ksenia Kamaeva
Ksenia Kamaeva 3 hours ago
This man lives in the future.
Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost 3 hours ago
This is probably one of the best designs I have yet seen for a tiny home, does she have any contact details for her design business?
Njessness 3 hours ago
ah my dream room no, really, i have always wanted my bed above everything else
MJ A 3 hours ago
The toilet 🤦‍♂️ but the rest 🤗
TrefyJot 3 hours ago
Beautiful. In and out. And great to see the embracing of Mitch Albom 👍🏼
Hair By Will
Hair By Will 3 hours ago
Yeah Yeah yeah
Shauna Evans
Shauna Evans 4 hours ago
This is a wonderful tiny home, looks very cozy and to be able to go off grid is awesome 😎🌞👍🏽
Glenna Jarvis
Glenna Jarvis 4 hours ago
What a beautiful cozy space and such an artist love it🥰💐🌷
Maria’s vlogs
Maria’s vlogs 4 hours ago
Wow that’s gorgeous tiny in a big house omg I can’t believe this♥️♥️♥️♥️
Glenna Jarvis
Glenna Jarvis 4 hours ago
I think I'm jelouse and envious she's living my dream of freedom not really tied to the modern world, so grounded with nature and I just love her little house she is not a sheep like we are, much respect dear sweet lady, ty you for featuring her and her house Bryce.🥰💐🌷
neelum pari
neelum pari 4 hours ago
wow.. Masha Allah.. u hav a beautiful tiny house.. i wish i can build a tiny house in my country
yosef yosef
yosef yosef 4 hours ago
it is a wounderful house , in which, can integration between human , living and nature .
Daysi Siso
Daysi Siso 4 hours ago
I do agree with a couple of others have written - definately not as easy than some people make out to beat the fear of driving. You should be aware of this and seek advice from other people. I looked a few sites and found some great help by searching google on websites such as Roys Quick Fix. Good luck and hope you are successful!
aijaz beigh
aijaz beigh 4 hours ago
Hi Bryce... I have watches almost all your videos and your work in exploring these places is absolutely fantastic.. though I love the concept of house on wheels i also have a soft corner for old style roof houses particularly the one in the above video.. If possible could you please make few videos on vintages houses or something like modern houses based on old architecture.(If Possible)
Simeon Barnard
Simeon Barnard 5 hours ago
I 100% agree with what he said about wanting to have a calm and monastic life while still being in the thick of it.
Prathapan Punalur
Prathapan Punalur 5 hours ago
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good one 5 hours ago
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skyebox88 5 hours ago
For a minute I thought you were in Scotland with the scenery/landscape
princess ann
princess ann 5 hours ago
U opened the doors n i saw heaven
Hossain Ellas
Hossain Ellas 5 hours ago
the greatest success that I have had was by following the Magic Container Plans (i found it on google) without a doubt the most helpful info that I have ever tried.
Dena Byrne
Dena Byrne 5 hours ago
Such a great couple! I love how they own and embrace/embody the tiny house living. Making the decking and gardens a huge part of their lives makes for amazing indoor/outdoor living which is key to making tiny house living not feel or be confining. The financial freedom is everything, key to being able to Really live life.! Congratulations to y’all and the great work you have done to make a wonderful life with so much to look forward together.
Meh 5 hours ago
lovely couple T_T i want to cry - im in love! ok im still in the middle of the video -more to go! <3 this channel is just so full of warm, good vibes! blessings!
DIX 5 hours ago
Nice ass little crib
Wisani Khipa_vlogs
Wisani Khipa_vlogs 5 hours ago
This is big actually
Raven TV
Raven TV 5 hours ago
Everybody builds this house in the jungle basically but nobody has mentioned the ravenous spiders etc in Australia etc
Iyaz 5 hours ago
Why the fuck have i been binge watching these videos this past week
Alice fait des carabistouilles
Alice fait des carabistouilles 5 hours ago
This kind of apartment awaken the claustrophobic in me. I felt fucking anxious watching this.
koncsaj 5 hours ago
I'm impressed he just googled foundation design and got on with it. That being said a fifty tonne block of concrete would hold most things down! The design is fairly simple, hollow tube section with welded stiffeners and something like 20 x M24 cast in holding down bolts. Looks awesome though.
Nashema1 5 hours ago
These videos are 👍 great.
no22sill 6 hours ago
very nice
Pindsvinet 6 hours ago
It needs more colors inside, quite cold feeling. Pool is Nice :)
Irfan Ghazanfar
Irfan Ghazanfar 6 hours ago
The worry Husband has for his wife shows how much both love each other....beautiful ....
An Old Flame
An Old Flame 6 hours ago
I'd like a tiny house. But I can't deal with the "crawling into the bed". Their are certain activites that are most recommended on beds. And many positions would not be possible if the ceiling is 3 feet from the bed.
Em White
Em White 6 hours ago how did you go about finding a builder and making it all happen?!
Meh 6 hours ago
such a beautiful piece of land!
Iliaanna I
Iliaanna I 6 hours ago
Beautiful but expensive
Matthew Getman
Matthew Getman 6 hours ago
She did an awesome job but did I just see her playing AC odyssey on an xbox 360 controller? Is that possible on steam?
Will C
Will C 6 hours ago
Is that the guy from star wars
Em White
Em White 6 hours ago
What an incredibly talented woman you are Shaye! Congratulations its beautiful. I am nterested in what type of ventilation and heating you have esp in bathroom
Iliaanna I
Iliaanna I 6 hours ago
All these windows with no curtains, how can one feel the sense of privacy?
ima faris
ima faris 6 hours ago
Hi, Bryce You are really doing a great job... Almost all the videos inspired me a lot. I am looking forward to start this concept in my country ( India). People are spending millions for small houses and literally without a useful space inside... Don't know how much helpful is this in my country.. But, I think this new concept can change their life... Your videos are inspiring me to do something... Especially as a beginner I learned a lot from your videos... Thanks a lot.. Once I am done with one.. Defenitely you can come n visit my house...
Tambong Valery Eyong Ltd
Tambong Valery Eyong Ltd 6 hours ago
she is as beautiful as her house.
Frank Faz
Frank Faz 6 hours ago
What I never understand is why make the lofts sooooo small?!? Add a foot in height and a foot or two in width and length and they would be much more comfortable. Just a thought.
lyn nerona
lyn nerona 6 hours ago
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 6 hours ago
Off the grid? Why the clear door and windows?