robert parenti
robert parenti Hour ago
I'm a big Indian's fan, I fear the twin's. Their a very talented team who will be in the playoffs!!
V0LT0RN Hour ago
get a load of that simp
Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie Hughes Hour ago
Love my Redlegs!
Haris Mahmic
Haris Mahmic Hour ago
vista7 Hour ago
The 70's and 80's had so many personalities in baseball like Perry, Rose, Jackson, Bench just to name a few. 300+ complete games is insane. Then back in his day they had a 4 man rotation. Crazy he pitched 16 innings.
Gabriel mendoza carvajal
Gabriel mendoza carvajal Hour ago
TATIS el unico que pone la cara por este equipito
hiymi and imyuyt
hiymi and imyuyt Hour ago
Ryan Castellans’s wind up looks so much like scherzer’s
Kuro Inoshita
Kuro Inoshita Hour ago
What a simp
Luis Nieto
Luis Nieto Hour ago
So Castellani basically no-hit the opposing team on his Debut. How many rookie pitchers could’ve said that?
Chris Casafranca
Chris Casafranca Hour ago
Cueto is better than Kershaw these days
Buster Coins
Buster Coins Hour ago
People were kind of mesmerized by that. Me too.
horizon 987
horizon 987 Hour ago
Scott -O
Scott -O Hour ago
Sorry Stanton fans but now we can get the real RoY some ABs.
Drewskikc Hour ago
The first Rockies pitcher looked like mad max
TheHardcoreRob Hour ago
The GOOSEBUMPS right now are insane!!!!!
stev stevhoov
stev stevhoov Hour ago
stupid lady right behind home plate looked down and she never saw the homerun ,.lol
Hayden Jurgielewicz
Hayden Jurgielewicz Hour ago
Great game!
Derrick Yee
Derrick Yee Hour ago
Please call Clayton Kershaw "Little Daddy".
こおりみず Hour ago
James Stewart
James Stewart Hour ago
Dude can’t throw lol
ricardo albarracin
ricardo albarracin Hour ago
nick alker
nick alker Hour ago
JD Davis and Charlie Blackmon are on huge hitting streaks to start the season
Scott -O
Scott -O Hour ago
Soler system,🤪
Luke Carney
Luke Carney Hour ago
The Angels are just depressing. So much wasted potential. They could of had Ross Stripling and Joc Pederson, but they stuck with Rengifo who is a bum. 143 BA, 0 Hrs, 0 RBIS. 429 OPS. Both Pederson and Stripling are off to a great start as well, which is just rubbing salt in the wound.
Josean Thompson
Josean Thompson Hour ago
Do you have the whole derby on tape.
Nets Hour ago
We Need more pitching, #yankees
Richie Lavariere
Richie Lavariere 2 hours ago
Bonds was not over the plate
Ron Rossman Jr
Ron Rossman Jr 2 hours ago
That's more like a fast pitch softball delivery than anything else I've seen in baseball
tubenachos 2 hours ago
Tatis is slugging at pitchers friendly Petco Park he's a stud
Jack Off
Jack Off 2 hours ago
The Croatian sensation...Plesac baby!
Luke Green
Luke Green 2 hours ago
How a bout that in your face marlins
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 2 hours ago
Stanton probably won’t make it to the Hall of Fame because of injuries 🤦🏽‍♂️
BBToast 2 hours ago
From a Phillies fan. Thank you mets for dehumbling the cocky marlin fans
BBToast Hour ago
Fwelibro -Yt your high if you think your coming out with this division
Cronos Hour ago
@Fwelibro -Yt Do you actually think y'all gonna stay there for the rest of the season? 😂😂
Fwelibro -Yt
Fwelibro -Yt Hour ago
BBToast we still on top 💀😂
Hayden Jurgielewicz
Hayden Jurgielewicz 2 hours ago
Everything Sports
Everything Sports 2 hours ago
Great to see him back!
CYKA BLYAT 2 hours ago
Makes me 😢
JASON BUTZ 2 hours ago
gargantuan good!!
Kevin Terry
Kevin Terry 2 hours ago
Hernandez swings and misses at an 88 MPH fastball....stupid
Kevin Terry
Kevin Terry 2 hours ago
made Godley look good last night
Jay Tone
Jay Tone 2 hours ago
Tough break for Cueto. Even if he wouldn’t have completed the no-hitter, that small mishap cost him 4 earned runs. Went from pitching a gem, to not even going past the 6th. But mistakes happen, at least he got the W.
sal vatore
sal vatore 2 hours ago
Had John McSherry god rest his soul been umpiring Berryhill may have been called out on strikes, Mcsherry was more of a pitchers ump who had a more generous strike zone
Don Paul
Don Paul 2 hours ago
Keep it going Tigers!
buixrule 2 hours ago
Thumbnail is hilarious. Roided up if I've ever it.
PurpleRanger69 24
PurpleRanger69 24 2 hours ago
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 2 hours ago
Yum yum yum!!! And YUM
Machado 2 hours ago
Didn't know they allow wizards to play.
TheWerid1sOut 2 hours ago
WolfToonsYT 2 hours ago
Let’s go reds 🐐🐐🐐
Ochaka Uraraka
Ochaka Uraraka 2 hours ago
Albert Ross
Albert Ross 2 hours ago
D-Backs pitching not bad
buixrule 2 hours ago
man I remember John Milner. I can't even remember how many times he smacked the front of the scoreboard at Shea
Louis Verdié
Louis Verdié 2 hours ago
Crazy how it's difficult to win without know what pitch will be throwed
Javier Sánchez
Javier Sánchez 2 hours ago
You need to win close games like this. The pitching didn't give up too much. Sox offense has to come up with some run support.
Anonymous Customer
Anonymous Customer 2 hours ago
I feel like every time I watch a highlight , Ian Kennedy gives up a big fly ...
Bryan Dahn
Bryan Dahn 2 hours ago
Miggy is now 19 HRs crom 500
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan 2 hours ago
Use the DH to get bats and players in the lineup,use FORD ,need his lefty bat,hide Torres there and get Wade's Speed in lineup,bring back Frazier he deserves a chance,drop a deadbeat arm from the bullpen and bring Andujar back to!! Make it a positive losing Stanton,He only hits LEFTIES!!
Reece Yee
Reece Yee 2 hours ago
I don't like you trumpet players because I am a French horn player....
dingecibbs 2 hours ago
That guy was lights out....always dangerous at the plate.
Luis Nieto
Luis Nieto 2 hours ago
Beautiful swing by Domingo
Swayam Narvekar
Swayam Narvekar 2 hours ago
iilove Kobe
iilove Kobe 2 hours ago
After year
shwan jones
shwan jones 2 hours ago
Peterson definitely a good southpaw in the makings
BIG BRAIN TIME 2 hours ago
The sad part about this is that if it happend now that boy probably would've been called a simp
Ryan Semrau
Ryan Semrau 2 hours ago
We have two of worst G.Ms in professional sports but I give credit when it’s due and big AL made a couple nice free agent pick ups this year. We are years away from being good but so far in a 60 game season this team has been fun to watch. It’s not always pretty and they have more than a few flaws but these veterans and younger players leave it all out on field. That’s all you can ask.
Bear 2 hours ago
No one is gonna talk about how they used Bangarang of all songs?
Hana Kakuru
Hana Kakuru 2 hours ago
Kershaw is getting old.... Gave up so many HR... But still one of the best pitcher in 2010s...
Jacob 3 hours ago
hes a pretty good golfer
Adam Foster
Adam Foster 3 hours ago
Just in case you don’t know. Rockies have the best record in the league. stay asleep tho 🤫
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes 3 hours ago
Wowwwwwwwwww les got , yankees
Lonewolf Fisherman
Lonewolf Fisherman 3 hours ago
Why is he a simp for this? It's a baseball! It's not like he gave her naming rights to his first born.
lizndro 13
lizndro 13 3 hours ago
5 years later he would look back to this as a 17 yo being like "danm im a simp"
BAT FLIP 3 hours ago
im glad i have this guy in fantasy baseball
Jacob 3 hours ago
bush league david cone
dave m
dave m 3 hours ago
Cubs fan here thanking the Reds again
Estrella Kaufman
Estrella Kaufman 3 hours ago
Too bad
Javier Soto
Javier Soto 3 hours ago
Iglesia reminds me of Ray Ordonez
Unfocused Senior
Unfocused Senior 3 hours ago
And then Clemens on the mound. Cool!
Joe Batts
Joe Batts 3 hours ago
Tatis the most exciting player to watch!!!!!!🇩🇴
Daniel Hutagaol
Daniel Hutagaol 3 hours ago
SLUMZ KAP ALOT 3 hours ago
What a SIMP
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 3 hours ago
5 years later she accuses him of harassment
James Allen
James Allen 3 hours ago
C.J. is going to end up putting a patent on the hard hit doubles down the third base foul line.
RHYS TAN 3 hours ago
That thumbnail is cute. 😂
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook 3 hours ago
Good riddance. Seriously though, how can some of you still support a team that cheated without any regards as to how that might impact your person? Their disregard of their own fans in the face of the whole scandal goes to show how much they really care about fan input. In my honest opinion, If you still support the Astros in the face of their actions and the proof that follows, you are a fool.
Omar Perez
Omar Perez 3 hours ago
Villar didn't go around. smh.
The black sheep Of kangz
The black sheep Of kangz 3 hours ago
Manny in peak road rage
Mamba 14
Mamba 14 4 hours ago
jerry springer
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Ingram 4 hours ago
I miss Alex but at least we have mookie but still I loved him
Adam Howard
Adam Howard 4 hours ago
And the cycle continues...
Love JetFuel
Love JetFuel 4 hours ago
Marlins fan since 95, knew it wasnt going to last. It all goes down from here. They need the team back , mostly the pitching staff. The offence is pretty good actually, but without good pitching, its unsustainable
sky langford
sky langford 4 hours ago
Frankie cheatin montas vs houston cheatin asterisks. What can one say, cheating is hip......
A.K. 4 hours ago
The good ol' days before covid. What a generous kid!
Josean Thompson
Josean Thompson 4 hours ago
It's about to be 2021 MLB are these coming back or making a cameo appearance ???
Scott 4 hours ago
Wasn't that good. Simon has absolutely no energy at all. I was thumbs down #32.
DC Image
DC Image 4 hours ago
Good for Judge to know he ain't always gonna blast a home run. He looked so devasted when that ball was caught
MusicalPancakes 4 hours ago
Whoever edited this doesn't understand baseball.. By putting the play by play before the hit, it's almost (to me) unwatchable.
Marcelina Rodriguez
Marcelina Rodriguez 4 hours ago
Fernando Tatis el mejor
jankel romero
jankel romero 4 hours ago
Rbita 4 hours ago
TralfazConstruction 4 hours ago
Good. Now it's all double-headers until Thanksgiving.