Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 12 minutes ago
Please pleas
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 13 minutes ago
Help friend
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 14 minutes ago
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 14 minutes ago
Help hi hour you
Ly Vũ
Ly Vũ 15 minutes ago
Why she didn't wear gloves to project her hand :((((
Sinh Nguyen
Sinh Nguyen 16 minutes ago
Somebody I would talk to.
Edelmira Pinilla
Edelmira Pinilla 17 minutes ago
Deliiiiiiii 😋 sus platos felicitaciones
samrat bhai
samrat bhai 17 minutes ago
She is great
Riyaz Riyaz
Riyaz Riyaz 17 minutes ago
I love you
Fikri Noor Azy
Fikri Noor Azy 17 minutes ago
I just want a wife like her 😭
Deepika Rao
Deepika Rao 17 minutes ago
Will 🐦 not come and peck and eat a peeled fruit hanging like that?? But it looks magical
Singrala Remmeikeishing
Singrala Remmeikeishing 18 minutes ago
My soul is at peace watching her 🙏
cindy green
cindy green 18 minutes ago
the beautiful cinematography and soothing music, place to what is realistically back breaking work is both admirable and empathizing. the outcome is wonderful and the ability to see it is another true talent. Thank you again for translating into English
{Erin In Florida}
{Erin In Florida} 18 minutes ago
watermelon sugar high
Урмат Байдулдаев
Урмат Байдулдаев 18 minutes ago
По дог
Aria Montemayor
Aria Montemayor 19 minutes ago
I want to live with her as my teacher and learn all these life techniques and cooking skills. I am a very lazy person but I am really enthusiastic to learn these!!!! 😍😍😍😍 (And that doesn't happen very often.)
#KOREA SCHOOL #REAL MUKBANG #급식먹는날 19 minutes ago
힘들게 하지마. .꽃길만 걸어~~
Kbg Kong
Kbg Kong 20 minutes ago
Is that a Muslim family .if this is so I'm also a Muslim.......🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Novani S. Rahmawati
Novani S. Rahmawati 22 minutes ago
Ziqi, how about "the life of apple" or "the life of jasmine" ? Well, in my thoughts, they would gonna be so interesting...
demin wang
demin wang 22 minutes ago
Pragna Divakala
Pragna Divakala 22 minutes ago
Wow wat a life style👍👌👌👌
Kbg Kong
Kbg Kong 23 minutes ago
Wow amazing ❤️👍
#KOREA SCHOOL #REAL MUKBANG #급식먹는날 25 minutes ago
수박 껍질로 음식을 대단해~♡
Muntahena Akter
Muntahena Akter 26 minutes ago
Onnek sondhor, mane, very nice
sruthy l s
sruthy l s 28 minutes ago
I am very much of jealous about you Liziqi. Because you are living in a heaven and full of happy with your Grandma.
Advocatesureshmkumar Advocate
Advocatesureshmkumar Advocate 28 minutes ago
Angry mood on
Varth Dader
Varth Dader 29 minutes ago
its just soothing and relaxing
Alessiii 29 minutes ago
Dani Fati
Dani Fati 29 minutes ago
Español quien😹😹?
Suba Nandu
Suba Nandu 29 minutes ago
So, natural and beautiful
ngọc Nguyễn Thị
ngọc Nguyễn Thị 30 minutes ago
nhìn khung cảnh vs cây cối mọc đã thiệt ấy chứ
Saif Ali
Saif Ali 31 minute ago
Is she from mainland China or Taiwan?
Canal LMSC
Canal LMSC 32 minutes ago
Nishi's Gallery
Nishi's Gallery 32 minutes ago
relaxing video ..lovely roses
Emerald Green
Emerald Green 33 minutes ago
Every year she has new puppies, where did the other dogs go : ( ???
Анна Комур
Анна Комур 34 minutes ago
Кто знает, что за плоды она собрала в бутыли?
suvarna wankhede
suvarna wankhede 35 minutes ago
vtv365 nursery
vtv365 nursery 35 minutes ago
#KOREA SCHOOL #REAL MUKBANG #급식먹는날 35 minutes ago
vtv365 nursery
vtv365 nursery 35 minutes ago
vtv365 nursery
vtv365 nursery 35 minutes ago
Nice 🌺🌺🌺
ken C
ken C 36 minutes ago
一直都是把一些人,生活方式商品化 悲
le gao
le gao 36 minutes ago
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 36 minutes ago
So very very testy
vtv365 nursery
vtv365 nursery 37 minutes ago
Nice. 💖💖💖
F-Fire guys
F-Fire guys 38 minutes ago
Who is the camera man 🤔???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Blunt Blunt
Blunt Blunt 38 minutes ago
The editing is so PERFECT😎👌🏻
費艾力 Fei Ai Li
費艾力 Fei Ai Li 38 minutes ago
thats the purest channel on USshow I saw ! feel so relaxing to watch 看這個影片很舒服,希望USshow有比較多的!
Anim Shimphrui
Anim Shimphrui 39 minutes ago
The camera man just run as soon as he gets his good 😁 she is super skillful love it her channel. 👍
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 39 minutes ago
Attract Beauty
Attract Beauty 39 minutes ago
She is such a strongest, talented, beautiful girl, his every video with a new lesson for us. when i see his videos i feel relaxed ❤
Mst Jerin
Mst Jerin 40 minutes ago
you are awesome ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
CARINA YOU 41 minute ago
Can you do something with the gourds? I am very interested about the fresh gourds.
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 41 minute ago
My name is tasneem
Kbg Kong
Kbg Kong 41 minute ago
I think she have the iron man hands 🤔🇵🇰😍😍
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 41 minute ago
What is your name
Yld Y
Yld Y 41 minute ago
鋤禾日當午 汗滴禾下土 誰知盤中餐 粒粒皆辛苦
Srishti Negi
Srishti Negi 42 minutes ago
Sooo helpful brother.👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Patrice ferdinand
Patrice ferdinand 42 minutes ago
Indonesia , anyone?
Василина 42 minutes ago
Выглядит как в сказке.а ведь это все каторжный труд.
Francesca Icaza
Francesca Icaza 43 minutes ago
Are this people fairies of the woods? I think so
Leydy T Narzo
Leydy T Narzo 44 minutes ago
She is good on everything
سلوى الشرقاوى
سلوى الشرقاوى 44 minutes ago
انتي شطوره أووووي
Утренняя звезда
Утренняя звезда 45 minutes ago
Прекрасная Ли Цзыци - показала как добывается натуральный шелк. Она это продемонстрировала с самых азов. В начале, где она режет листья тутовые и на них сыплет чёрные штуки - это зарождение шелкопряди. Затем она показывает их в более зрелом возрасте и сразу готовит шелк. А вообще наблюдать и выращивать их - это целое красивое искусство. Некое таинство. Представьте как приятно спать на такой постели и носить одежду настолько натуральную. Смотрю, очень мало комментов на русском.
Meggsie 45 minutes ago
There is a ranch I could move to and create my own world but I'm trying to become an architect. 😬
Attract Beauty
Attract Beauty 46 minutes ago
She is such a strongest lady in the whole world. She is a perfect woman in this world beautiful, charming, talented, innocent, cutest, hardworking, model, painter, and much much much more ❤ i am really Inspired by this lady. 😍
Claire Balignot
Claire Balignot 46 minutes ago
Kelan kaya?
tyara tya
tyara tya 47 minutes ago
Alexis Ang
Alexis Ang 48 minutes ago
Yummy food.
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda 49 minutes ago
Thanks for setting the example, we must learn from you and plant our own vegetables.
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 50 minutes ago
Help friend
Ekta Raj
Ekta Raj 51 minute ago
Nice ❤️👌❤️👌❤️
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen 51 minute ago
Cô ấy như đang ở một thế giới khác với chúng ta. Thấy lòng mình thanh thản hơn khi xem những clip của cô ấy.
Kamil Hoque
Kamil Hoque 52 minutes ago
Ning Onestar
Ning Onestar 53 minutes ago
I feels this is not easy but your well done very impressive ❤️💗Love
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An Apple
An Apple 55 minutes ago
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Canal LMSC
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Canal LMSC
Canal LMSC 56 minutes ago