how 2020 has me feeling
oops! i moved to NYC!
10 months ago
how i do my hair
2 years ago
TheChemist 9 hours ago
Barney Stinson? Even though NPH is gay but...SUIT UP!
Addie 9 hours ago
This is great!
Margaux C.
Margaux C. 9 hours ago
Your style is so amazing! And the way that you find a situation for all of them is so funny :))
Juvelle Amancio
Juvelle Amancio 9 hours ago
I love you Ate Ashley , you inspired my wardrobe - your fan from Philippine
Olivia Dunham
Olivia Dunham 10 hours ago
No wonder you were so heart broken over this guy. You went over and beyond for him. Sorry it didn’t work out. So many guys these days don’t want to commit. They have this mentality that the next best thing is still out there.
Akansha 10 hours ago
where is the next video??!!
Abigail Lim
Abigail Lim 10 hours ago
It’s nearly 2021...
June Ling Lee
June Ling Lee 10 hours ago
I kept squealing so much at the Chinatown one because she filmed a singaporean-malaysian restaurant and I immediately daydreamed about how fun it would be to have something that reminds me of home if I ever have a holiday at the us (I'm from Malaysia :D)
pippylunalove 10 hours ago
Why are so many people acting so normal? Maybe it's a coping mechanism. Maybe they feel like their life hasn't changed? Maybe they have seen enough Ted talks to know that if we don't tackle global warming we are going to have even more pandemics as more species are forced to share smaller territories? Either way, I liked your voice over, didn't find it cheesy at all. But then again I love cheese both actual physical cheese and puns and cheesy words. I hope you are feeling better and you eventually have some sense of peace.
Yoon _Kook
Yoon _Kook 10 hours ago
Hey Ashley 💜 I love you and keep doing what you always do. I'm totally in love with your style and yes, of course your humor 😁 Waiting for your next video✌️
Yemima Lim
Yemima Lim 10 hours ago
all your videos always made my day
punsiella 10 hours ago
when i was in hs, everyone literally wore tube tops and booty shorts w the infamous brown teddy jacket all year long... california tings ✨
Yemima Lim
Yemima Lim 10 hours ago
Beatrice Ray
Beatrice Ray 10 hours ago
Needed my dose of Ashley's thrifting haul soooo bad.
renzsss andradasss
renzsss andradasss 10 hours ago
The way I gawked at this video. New subscriber here!
Nicki de Souza
Nicki de Souza 10 hours ago
great short film :)
Vhia Victoria
Vhia Victoria 11 hours ago
you're glowing!! your skin is so nice whyy??😂😂
una 11 hours ago
ur so cool , this video made my day :D
Xuânshine 11 hours ago
you should know that everytime I go thrift shopping I have your style and tips in mind *_* just love you and your videos. your are amazing. thank you
Hannah 11 hours ago
I love you Ashley! Content and everything! I didn’t know how mean others could be and I just wanted to remind u that we love u and we appreciate everything!! ❤️❤️
Ancella 11 hours ago
hey ashley i just wanted to leave a message for you since recently theres been lots of people making negative videos about you i just wanted to let you know that no bodys perfect! you are never expected to/have to live up to the unrealistic standards of some people who watch your videos you have lots of people who support you and always want the best for you no matter what! always stay true to you and want YOU want to do, you know the type of person you are and the intentions you have with what you put on the internet and no body else! so stay strong you are doing great girl! i love your videos
Blanca Urigoitia Olivella
Blanca Urigoitia Olivella 11 hours ago
This is still my favourite USshow video of all time, and I'll use it as inspo for my room decor. Thx Ashley!! <3
Eva Xu
Eva Xu 11 hours ago
Little did she know what 2020 is like...
Ellie Plunkett
Ellie Plunkett 11 hours ago
Most of the clothes you wear would either look awkwardly slutty or just awkward on me bc of my large chest but I love your videos anyway<3
Sky W
Sky W 11 hours ago
love you <3
Sky W
Sky W 11 hours ago
look at you go youre so cute
Sky W
Sky W 11 hours ago
you're so cute i lobe your style so much <3
CHRISTINE ACBO 12 hours ago
"i feel like im falling off a cliff and still worried about what outfit im gonna wear" :( i am sad
Priyanka 12 hours ago
Gray version of Steve Jobs 😆😆
Palak Arora
Palak Arora 12 hours ago
She puts good content, we can see that she pours her heart and soul in making a video, it is so damn creative! She is the best. Please keep uploading, don’t listen to negative people. They are just losers who trying to put other people down. There are Subscribers who love your content and appreciate your creativity.
Cherry_Berry3 12 hours ago
1. man, moms just dont understand aesthetics ;-; 2. i dont look good in anything TwT
Pink Droid
Pink Droid 12 hours ago
Idk about the tucked sweater. Like, sure you didn't look like your diaper is is being bench tested, but it leaves one with the illusion of an impressive gunt.
Anna 12 hours ago
Love your channel!
Liv Paszkiewicz
Liv Paszkiewicz 12 hours ago
6:45 *sweater weather by the neighbourhood starts playing*
Pink Droid
Pink Droid 12 hours ago
Are you that Jesus died for your ass? Isn't that a bit egotistical?
Ashanti Taylor
Ashanti Taylor 12 hours ago
We love you Ashley 💞😘
Owais Arshad
Owais Arshad 12 hours ago
Love every video you post ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thareni Luxmanan
Thareni Luxmanan 13 hours ago
i literally wear the same clothes everyday
Tasha_Amy 13 hours ago
This video was amazing!!! Likewise all your past videos. I hate the fact you have to deal with so much hate in this industry 😔 just keep in mind who you do this for!!! Love you girly!!! Keep up the amazing work ✨🧡
Monica 03
Monica 03 13 hours ago
I just wanna say that I think you're doing great overall as a person and youtuber and more! ☺😁
irene antony
irene antony 13 hours ago
This is beautiful ahhh ❣️
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 13 hours ago
I mean she didn't lie... 2020 *is* a bitch
em 13 hours ago
noo oh worm the vigipirate soldiers (:
Kemille Greene
Kemille Greene 13 hours ago
One of the best youtubers. Your Videos are addictive.
Akansha Chakrabarty
Akansha Chakrabarty 13 hours ago
I love ur videos!!
Krista Faith
Krista Faith 13 hours ago
Sofia Daley
Sofia Daley 13 hours ago
Y'all are way too critical of Ashley
Jhodie Nicole
Jhodie Nicole 14 hours ago
can't wait for Ashley's apartment to become a jungle (of plants or clothes, who cares?) 😌
mari13ssaTheStrange 14 hours ago
Honestly the main reason I got into kdramas: boys in suits! xD
ZEPHYR 2 14 hours ago
Hi Ashley i was wondering after watching your old outfits reaction vid do you still wear flip flops like you did in some of those pics.
Akshita Nandanwar
Akshita Nandanwar 14 hours ago
Loved the Film Ashley❤ You Go Girl
Aussiechick 14 hours ago
Language geeeeez👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 14 hours ago
I have a really great aesthetic/style but I'm too broke to afford it, so I wear boring clothes that I do now.... Uhm chile anyways so I'm going to Venus, y'all want anything!?
fukaimorispirit 14 hours ago
Love your videos! 🧡
Azza Halid
Azza Halid 14 hours ago
really enjoy watching your videos. keep going. love you ashley.
Sximply Pxanda
Sximply Pxanda 15 hours ago
i already know what my style is pastles with black but im stuck bettwen if i pefferleggings or skirts cuse pepole whould makefun of me when i whare a skirt and call my girly and they dont care if i whare leggings so i wonder if its okay to whare a skirt and stuff
Sara Berry
Sara Berry 15 hours ago
shubham sharma vloger
shubham sharma vloger 15 hours ago
Cam David Diep
Cam David Diep 15 hours ago
Why not move to Canada?
Reena Towne
Reena Towne 15 hours ago
This was beautiful.
A M 15 hours ago
Period sex isnt enjoyable for me. It got sticky after a while and there were some clumps of uterine lining (probably) on my bf dick after
Jahayra Rivera-Gotay
Jahayra Rivera-Gotay 15 hours ago
I love you Ashley
Daniel Luis Venturi
Daniel Luis Venturi 15 hours ago
Thanks for that i needed it, and i love your videos!
Bernardo Martínez
Bernardo Martínez 15 hours ago
Viswatara 15 hours ago
Christian Guevara
Christian Guevara 15 hours ago
Paris is a dope town...At her age I was too busy trying to figure out the tangled web in my head I couldn't ever travel. See the world guys...while you are young esp. But you have to see it...its an amazing place.
Tami Shay
Tami Shay 16 hours ago
Wow, that was so fun! I called my 22-year-old daughter in to watch and now she has also subscribed. You are so funny, witty, charming, smart, creative, talented, oh and well dressed of course! I predict you will either be acting, writing, directing, or producing shows/films in the future. I will truly enjoy watching this come to pass! Love your content!
Viswatara 16 hours ago
Lovee this❤️
Isabelle Rivera
Isabelle Rivera 16 hours ago
Oh I see, nodding* you changed your hair! raises an eyebrow* Apologies, I was just shook to see you, a proud asian in living in LA (came to Phily) that I never thought, is a has been blonde XD You pulled it off though! :3
Isabelle Rivera
Isabelle Rivera 16 hours ago
Wow😱 you've been to Paris?!?! That's amazing!😍 I totally dig the U.S. Army sweatshirts🤭 yeah, America is that great💞 and the value of your country would never be dragged down by some peace of poop named Donald Trump.😒
Delina Pham
Delina Pham 16 hours ago
i swear i mean this in the nicest way possible but the dress at 6:10 looks like the other mother's outfit from coraline
Ili Rong
Ili Rong 16 hours ago
incredible. I'm in love with this vibe.
Tseten Tashi
Tseten Tashi 16 hours ago
the way she just echoes into the void when saying the word "cute" right after her existential crisis about fashion vernacular HAHHA
Isabelle Rivera
Isabelle Rivera 16 hours ago
So, hi again, I'm here watching a make-up tutorial from you my fave beauty and fashion youtuber slash role model when I have literally no make-up to use :'> but anyway, it was entertaining to watch you make yourself pretty when you're already pretty without make-up <3 and inevitably make fun of yourself while doing it XD
Bud See
Bud See 17 hours ago
At the age of 21, Ashley is giving us better advice on relationships than Dr. Phil ever gave anyone. I am very impressed that such a young person has gained so much wisdom! Thank you, Ashley! I, too, have found that I would rather be alone than in an unpleasant relationship. Also, you have reminded me of two rom-com movies: "Sex and Death 101" and "What's Your Number?"
Krista Leicht
Krista Leicht 17 hours ago
Beautiful short film
Isabelle Rivera
Isabelle Rivera 17 hours ago
Hi again😊 Honest question here✋ did you change the arc of your eyebrow?🤔 Or is that arc of yours natural?🤭 Like the way it is, since you were born?😳
Madelyn Hichme
Madelyn Hichme 17 hours ago
Hi Ashley I'm gonna assume you may not see this BUT just in case you decide to go on a late night dive into the comment section, I want you to know how sorry I am about your following. I just heard about the drama surrounding you and your followers and I think it's appalling that some people feel so entitled to another person's life. Wishing you the best, keep doing what you're doing girl. I love your content and would love to see more of it. Don't change for anyone, especially for someone who doesn't even know you.
Isabelle Rivera
Isabelle Rivera 17 hours ago
Hi, I'm from the future lol XD I have a mission this week, and that's to watch all of your videos ^^ and I'm starting here on your first playlist's first video :) I figured u were asian when I saw u but I only know now 'cause like I can't figure out if which asian you are :'> I'm asian too heh, a Filipino one : D
Paola Villa
Paola Villa 17 hours ago
this was beautiful ashley!! we love you 🥺