2018 NBA Mock Draft 1.0
No Mercy
No Mercy 38 minutes ago
Giannis played like trash he's also to blame for choking to the heat
Cj Richards
Cj Richards 55 minutes ago
That face reveal thooo
Raheen W
Raheen W 3 hours ago
Scara TB
Scara TB 3 hours ago
You mean the careers James Harden ruined
Scrungy Bingus
Scrungy Bingus 4 hours ago
Thanks for recommending me this USshow lol
Jared Abraham Cid FDA
Jared Abraham Cid FDA 4 hours ago
The true king of Cleveland
Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin 5 hours ago
Does Legend of Winning have an alltime NBA top 50/74? Man id love to Critique that
Elias KOUAKOU 6 hours ago
If he goes to the GSW.( and good lord I don't want that to happen) he will a 3 pts shooter like all GSW players 3 years prior
LaMarr Simpson
LaMarr Simpson 6 hours ago
They need a Chris Paul type guard who is a leader. The talent is there, they just need a "coach on the floor ."....and Giannis stop dribbling through traffic.......continue to improve the jumper....and post up..... he's a BEAST
ReTheMi 6 hours ago
Sizer fan here so bear that in mind, I say trade neither and look to compliment them better, but remain open to the idea of trading Joel, NEVER SIMMONS, but not until a little into next season with changes, see how things are working first and then maybe look outward, Hield and Paul need to be explored as options to bring to the team alongside both of our all stars
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 8 hours ago
Kris middleton averaged 25 a game which was more than giannis. Idk why everyone keeps saying he didn't show up. I guess giannis fans just think if middleton doesn't average 30, then he choked.
FruitPunch Samurai
FruitPunch Samurai 9 hours ago
Present Jokic is better than Prime Melo
jubyloo2 9 hours ago
Damn man you called it. Miami in the Eastern Finals. Prediction on Championship? 😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 hours ago
Literally no one him “trade everyone” us “we ain’t trading harden we ain’t dumb to give away talent like that”😂😂
Russian Spy
Russian Spy 9 hours ago
Who here after their sorry asses blew a 3-1 lead
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet 9 hours ago
milWOKEe bucks..get woke go home😂
Bhuku 10 hours ago
low brining out the personality, you gotta love it.
bantoine bong
bantoine bong 10 hours ago
Covid isn't even an excuse Jokic was diagnosed with it and he's balling like crazy
jeremy twang
jeremy twang 10 hours ago
Kris middleton did really well the entire series man. Why are u calling him out? He had great averages. Bledsoe has lost his step after the injury. Giannis was ineffective in that series as Budenholzer was out coached by Eric Spolstra. Lets not forget who is the championship coach among the 2. In my opinion it is Spo who was the most underrated factor in the series. He is one of the hardest working coaches in the NBA. That is my 2 cents.
Anthony Cortez
Anthony Cortez 10 hours ago
this aged well
AJD 10 hours ago
2020 Clippers will not be denied
Don DP
Don DP 11 hours ago
Gainnis just need a freaking realiable mid range like kawhi or KD....
Terrence Lopez
Terrence Lopez 11 hours ago
Ummm... No one ruined Hardens career... He hasn’t won any championships, because he doesn’t know how to take over in the important games...
Joel 11 hours ago
So way ahead of your time....who's here at 2020?
Chris 12 hours ago
if you look at his IG he says a shout out to milwaukee fans and says ill see you next season...
David Mata
David Mata 12 hours ago
ORRRRRRRRRRRR.. The Bucks are tremendously overrated.. The love affair the media talking heads have with Giannis is absolute and I believe that this love affair filters to the team as a whole.. Sure the Bucks are a good team, the dynamic works well and you don't have the best record in the league without having a decent unit on the floor during the regular season. However, I think when you look at individual players and really break down their game things begin to fall apart a bit when the playoffs begin and more is asked of each individual. If Giannis isn't scoring or is injured and you have to rely on these other players things get ugly very fast.. The drop off of talent after Giannis and Middleton is frightening when you look at the numbers, Matthews, Hill, Williams, Connaughton, DiVincenzo, Korver, etc. None of these guys is going to lead your team or bring enough to the table to make up for Giannis if he's out, especially in the playoffs.
LTATJ's JaYs 12 hours ago
Keep WestBrook & Harden, Bring in Yannis Antetounkounmpo
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 hours ago
What instrumental is that at the beginning ‼️‼️??
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser 13 hours ago
Sweet story
Jim Harrop
Jim Harrop 13 hours ago
I have been screaming this since last year! Play Giannis like a traditional post player! Yes, Bucks GM and coach have totally dropped the ball with Giannis.
laclinton jackson
laclinton jackson 13 hours ago
as soon as teams lose in playoffs everybody wants to start trading everybody
Roosevelt McCarter
Roosevelt McCarter 14 hours ago
It's very painful for all Wisconsin Sports Teams. The fans are impatient and they want to win the whole thing real badddddddddddddddddddd!!!
Oliver Carney
Oliver Carney 15 hours ago
3:16 I'mma give em their credit! Jimmy's from the H! We're built different
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip 15 hours ago
I’m sure the clippers would give you PG13 and probably Montrez for him.
20trillion 15 hours ago
You have to blow the team up every body on the rosters has a losing mentality
Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar 15 hours ago
A bunch of gobberish and not dense. Almost cheap, definitely room for improvement
jnevels12 16 hours ago
Who's here after they blew the 3-1 lead to the nuggets
P Ags
P Ags 16 hours ago
Great point about why trust your owner to spend now when they never have. Also, I think the bucs will need to trade Middleton as well if they are going to trade giannis before the next season. It's really up to giannis. But if he wants to go to the dubs then he needs to demand the trade now.
2010 KING
2010 KING 16 hours ago
That 2017 draft is the one that really got me heated. Never been so mad at sports in my life.
Hoodie Melo
Hoodie Melo 16 hours ago
This is the rockets fault, they force harden to control everything on the offense.passing, scoring,creating plays,EVERYTHING. This is why they need a player like Chris Paul who could take some of the pressure off of Harden on those tasks, and look how far they made it. If they just let harden focus more on his defense and got a point guard like Chris, they are easily championship material.
Future Lottomax Winner
Future Lottomax Winner 16 hours ago
Lmao, the only person who can effectively shoot the 3 is Middleton and even he is not considered as an elite 3 point shooter. The problem is not that their coach isn't as good, at least not elite level but good enough to win a ring especially with Giannis and Middleton on the team. The issue is that you have a PG and SG that cant shoot the 3 effectively and facilitate the ball up and down the court. They need to get rid of Bledsoe ASAP, maybe they'll have a chance at CP3 since CP3 is on an expiring contract if I am not mistaken. They also need a floor general and a mature presence in the locker room and someone with a lot of playoff and championship caliber experience, which CP3 can definitely provide.
Caner arduc
Caner arduc 17 hours ago
I said it first. The Rockets going to rebuild this off season. Harden to Miami is what we will see
kasnif pierre
kasnif pierre 18 hours ago
Yo bro after dom2k you are my favorite fan made basketball channel.
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 18 hours ago
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Ken Capers
Ken Capers 18 hours ago
It's NO WAY IN HELL Chris Paul is coming to the Bucks. 41 million would deplete that whole roster. Maybe Bledsoe, RoLo, Wilson, #24, and 22 frp, and a couple more fillers.
Vegamatic24 19 hours ago
who wouldve thought the harden and westbrook duo would fail? Anybody with a functional brain
e2- woah
e2- woah 19 hours ago
Robert horry
puddles puddles
puddles puddles 20 hours ago
Hold my beer. -2019-2020 Clippers
T T 20 hours ago
Man, i think you should start watching golf or something. Stockton was Larry Bird IQ player type. What a shameful video.
Na je
Na je 20 hours ago
I’m supporting you my brotha . Keep dropping these great videos .
Na je
Na je 20 hours ago
He should stay . Nobody should wanna join the warriors after they treated KD like shit . Just trade Bledsoe and get a better point guard . Cp3
Itz Mistamistagaming
Itz Mistamistagaming 20 hours ago
Chance for kobe nuff said
FaizoDoesIt 21 hour ago
I like ya cut g
Luckie Murillo
Luckie Murillo 21 hour ago
Westbrook is so trash to me!!!
Jake LA ponder
Jake LA ponder 21 hour ago
This is your worst video ever just sayin
G3 22 hours ago
Daniel Tolani
Daniel Tolani 22 hours ago
Talking about the accolades is unfair when you realize he played during the same time as MJ, Magic, Bird, Barkley, Hakeem, and alongside Karl Malone who are all top 15 players in NBA history.
Jerome Cortado
Jerome Cortado 23 hours ago
The Geeky Beaner
The Geeky Beaner 23 hours ago
Game of Zones calling Giannis the King of East is kinda awkward now
GG_3!no Day ago
Wtf Houston be thinking
ActionGenesis Day ago
Send him to the raptors
47 til infinity
47 til infinity Day ago
This hasnt aged well😂
Joshua Makshofi
Joshua Makshofi Day ago
Pairing Harden and Westbrook again was going to win games but not titles similar to their pairing in OKC
Mateo Arias Gonzalez
Mateo Arias Gonzalez Day ago
YIn Mn
YIn Mn Day ago
“Spend the Money” would look great on a bucks t shirt
MyFriendlyPup Day ago
Kobe scored 81pts on his 666th game. Raptors coach Sam Mitchell refused to double team Kobe despite Jalen Rose pleading. Kobe had priviledge. He was inverted. Pretty untalented as a rookie but for some reason the league invested 5 years into developing this cat with tiny hands.
UNC ARUN Day ago
Wowwww where's d rose,Kyrie and my boi Iverson(come on really no iverson)
kolim jone
kolim jone Day ago
Honestly the whole small ball thing was a bad idea from the start
jcs css
jcs css Day ago
Great video accuratefor sure watched plenty of pippens games
jcs css
jcs css Day ago
You take away those rings... No doubt Dominique is better. Pippen is hands down one of the best defenders. But 16.1 ppg career average. ouch
Jeremy Tucker
Jeremy Tucker Day ago
For one, you can't body a player today. All you can do is shadow them and try to cut their lane off. You can't hand check or body a guy which is a huge defensive difference than what you have today. Its just easier to score today.
rock merchant
rock merchant Day ago
Facts Badboys Pistons Heat Knicks Pacers Cavs
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver Day ago
James Harden is the exact same. Nothing got ruined.
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson Day ago
LOW, teach me how to become a millionaire, I would literally pay for lessons haha
rock merchant
rock merchant Day ago
1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 2. Michael Jordan 3. Magic Johnson 4. Larry Bird 5. Wilt Chamberlain 6. Oscar Robertson 7. Bill Russell 8. Tim Duncan 9. Kobe Bryant 10. LeBron James 11. Hakeem Olajuwon 12. Dirk Nowitzki 13. Jerry West 14. George Mikan 15. Steph Curry
Gross LA
Gross LA Day ago
Giannis is closet thing to Shaq ever
flights record really looks like my pro am
dhrrunrevh bernardo
dhrrunrevh bernardo Day ago
Kayne Mordini
Kayne Mordini Day ago
Who would want either Harden or Westbrook? They’re liabilities imo. Can’t stand their style of ball
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Day ago
I was thinking about a trade for Bradley Beal would be favorable foe the bucks
Lebron KING James
Lebron KING James Day ago
He’s not getting traded!!!!!!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄