Fortnite -  Spy Games
Fortnite - Love and War
Introducing Split Screen!
Winterfest Has Arrived!
P-1000 - Fortnite Shorts
Fortnite - Zone Wars
10 months ago
BlackBird Music
BlackBird Music 20 minutes ago
Agora ovo pode brinca de corsinha no FN vou me senti o Braia
Antonio Lombardi
Antonio Lombardi 21 minute ago
Saetta McQueen join the game
Revelation 21 minute ago
Move the frames of the skins on the side they make split screen so annoying to play
Omar Mario
Omar Mario 21 minute ago
Emirhan Yükseloğlu
Emirhan Yükseloğlu 23 minutes ago
Fake Taxi?
xany. 24 minutes ago
no one: literally no one: *_SEASON X IS HERE_*
sub 2 willNE
sub 2 willNE 25 minutes ago
Please keep the season's shorter
こおろぎ 26 minutes ago
hehe 26 minutes ago
Arav Mandaviya
Arav Mandaviya 27 minutes ago
please add moterbicks
SpinosaurusStudios 29 minutes ago
So... fast and furious update?
Dutcher Holland
Dutcher Holland 32 minutes ago
Fortnite great update the best of them oll don't get cars vaulted pls
Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero 32 minutes ago
They should have added “Drive Slow” by Julius as a soundtrack lol
mango 35 minutes ago
2020 takin notes 2:00
caco 36 minutes ago
fortnite, more like fornite
Max 38 minutes ago
Either this is death race, or fast and furious
CRNI HOKAGE 39 minutes ago
Thanks epic
Just watching YouTube 10
Just watching YouTube 10 39 minutes ago
I miss the ballers
EtatshE اوتشيها
EtatshE اوتشيها 41 minute ago
fourth panda
fourth panda 41 minute ago
Why do people still play this game?
QuaranTeen *
QuaranTeen * 32 minutes ago
Because a bunch of the younger kids like it? I moved on to war zone about a year ago, but we can’t hate on fortnite for good marketing. Just my thoughts, sorry.
EtatshE اوتشيها
EtatshE اوتشيها 41 minute ago
Itz.Adriii 41 minute ago
EtatshE اوتشيها
EtatshE اوتشيها 41 minute ago
كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض 0555717947
كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض 0555717947 42 minutes ago
ما شاء الله روعه
Jordan 42 minutes ago
What has this game become...
Sahlia Buyruk
Sahlia Buyruk 42 minutes ago
GTA or wish
Unknow 43 minutes ago
Ahora esto que es un gta v? Vaya mierda de fortnite
COD Mobile Gaming
COD Mobile Gaming 44 minutes ago
I want renegade raider.All those who don't have renegade raider,leave a like.
zurab aleksidze
zurab aleksidze 44 minutes ago
Dis is game not good cause kids getting adicted to it and not doing home work and skipping school so hi can play it you are suposed to get rid of fortnite forever and kids are asking for skins v bucks and dance moves
Terilos 44 minutes ago
One of them!
ريان RAYANE 45 minutes ago
اخير درت سيارات
COD Mobile Gaming
COD Mobile Gaming 45 minutes ago
Tortilla better than Fortilla
Andrei .gamer
Andrei .gamer 45 minutes ago
My Sister 0:31
Kipsalo 45 minutes ago
All we need is a bar
Felix Hilge
Felix Hilge 48 minutes ago
You Destroid your own game
Skull_frankyboybtw 48 minutes ago
Un ban jarvis
أستغفر الله
أستغفر الله 48 minutes ago
كيفكم يا حلوين يلا الكل يروح يشوف قناتي ويشترك فيها👍
Skull_frankyboybtw 48 minutes ago
In ban Jarvis
soulsmak 49 minutes ago
Fake Taxi...
Skull_frankyboybtw 49 minutes ago
Un ban Jarvis
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 49 minutes ago
Fortnite finally adds cars: Me: “ I am SPEED”.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 49 minutes ago
Obi-Wan: It’s over Diplo, I have the high ground Diplo: Well I have the higher ground Obi-Wan: ???
My dog loki
My dog loki 50 minutes ago
Why am I getting old videos on my recommended
tanzar - طنزر
tanzar - طنزر 50 minutes ago
Epic pls what will you lose if return the old version of fortnite😩😩😭we really miss it and we love it
Eilayah Shahid
Eilayah Shahid 50 minutes ago
Like last season we reccomended flare gun trailer
Eilayah Shahid
Eilayah Shahid 50 minutes ago
I think so event will be rifts I think so
Ryder Gambino
Ryder Gambino 50 minutes ago
Idc game still sucks
Jack Savage 75
Jack Savage 75 53 minutes ago
Why did I get this 3 years later
Andre Deale
Andre Deale 54 minutes ago
00:32 she just got out of the fake taxi 🚕 🚕
Dylon S
Dylon S 54 minutes ago
Me: Mom, can we have GTA? Mom: We have GTA at home. GTA at home:
AydenThings 55 minutes ago
I miss food fight and it should come back
kocaina .taetae
kocaina .taetae 56 minutes ago
Pray for Lebanon 🤲
Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera 56 minutes ago
Hey I’m not sure if this seems like much but I would really appreciate who ever good soul who is seeing to subscribe to me and hope you’ll have a blessed life
Numzy 57 minutes ago
To the person that's reading this, you're very intelligent and adorable human!!!! stay healthy during quarintine 😤 My dream is to have 2k, and a strong noti gang, I been struggling to get there😣
IFlex WithMyCorrolla
IFlex WithMyCorrolla 57 minutes ago
9 year olds who cant afford gta v.
Saltyz 58 minutes ago
who else saw this in their recommended
Aboodi hmz
Aboodi hmz 59 minutes ago
Plz we need levant servers and North America servers :(
hassan tsay
hassan tsay 59 minutes ago
gifme 1300 veboks im poor pleiz 😢
Baylee Schamberger
Baylee Schamberger 59 minutes ago
Finally, I've been waiting for the vehicular manslaughter update.