BB B Minute ago
Darryl Fraser
Darryl Fraser 8 minutes ago
Angel already in mid season form. Plus Boone shooting daggers is pointless at Angel because he can barely see balls and strikes.
Joel Barker
Joel Barker 10 minutes ago
They mick us with the cardboard cut outs...BOYCOTT SPORTS AND THEY'RE PLANDEMIC BLM TAKE AWAY ARE RIGHTS BS!
Stephen Kaake
Stephen Kaake 18 minutes ago
if you thought 'drone delay' is bad, wait til the zombie apocalypse
bigearedmouse17 21 minute ago
Almli was robbed !!!
Charlie Cash
Charlie Cash 21 minute ago
Nothing to see here just some astros advanced scouting
julian enriquez
julian enriquez 21 minute ago
Ángel Hernández should lose his job 😐
Actionronnie 24 minutes ago
I don't even follow baseball,& I hear the name Angel Hernandez and I'm like oh shoot here we go again.
Texas Hunter
Texas Hunter 24 minutes ago
Even the fake crowd called it a ball!!!
uvion 24 minutes ago
The whole dudes life is scrunched up!
Christian Cooke
Christian Cooke 25 minutes ago
That's a home run! Watch the frame by frame, it goes behind the foul pole
Jedi Jack
Jedi Jack 29 minutes ago
This technique isn’t new.
Bo Horn
Bo Horn 29 minutes ago
Machado is a P.A.B
Delawanna 30 minutes ago
Those stupid cutouts... OoFaa!!! 😂😂
Moe Hardgaming
Moe Hardgaming 30 minutes ago
Hahaha all the jury are guys i think, so do a wiggle and be the number one.
Sasuke TV
Sasuke TV 31 minute ago
"bases loaded to mike trout yea ill just fuckin retire" funniest sentence of 2020
C OB 34 minutes ago
T T 36 minutes ago
At a dodgers vs Padres game, a fan screamed MAAAAAAAANNY MUUUUUUCHACHA and I just want everyone to appreciate that
Hi There
Hi There 37 minutes ago
I don’t know how you go to work everyday knowing you’re the absolute worst at your job and all of your colleagues want you to quit
K Mac
K Mac 38 minutes ago
Lol “all the fake umpires”
Jim Gray
Jim Gray 38 minutes ago
Angel "noted bad ump" Hernandez
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder 38 minutes ago
Angel sure seems to be at the center of a lot of these types of "highlights". They're more like "lowlights".
James Hicks
James Hicks 43 minutes ago
wtf how have i not thought of this... oh yeah, i can just watch every game on Reddit like a normal person...
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn 43 minutes ago
I’m sorry I never hate to talk bad about anyone but he’s sooooo bad...time to ump high school baseball angel
Trenton Bless
Trenton Bless 51 minute ago
It's Angel Hernandez. Worst ump in MLB. He should've opted out of the season. Instead, he opted to not have a strike zone, as per usual.
Csaba H.
Csaba H. 54 minutes ago
Angel Hernandez, I would not let you go close to a baseball stadium. Not even as a fan.
Steve 55 minutes ago
Straightened his afro (via braiding) and dyed it blond. Cultural appropriation. But let him or anyone who, as they say, 'looks like' him see a white person with a black afro... Said white person would be jumped and beaten beyond recognition.
Noah Marcum
Noah Marcum 56 minutes ago
That’s an excuse for the pitcher he should throw just fine to third base
CookieeMonstarr666 59 minutes ago
Wait what? Is this channel always do commentary like this? lmao
Tim Jirsa
Tim Jirsa Hour ago
I lost it when he commented on the mascot
tank 28
tank 28 Hour ago
Drone jammer
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan Hour ago
I don't think anyone knows the rule. I don't lol I've been safe & out in different games / seasons / states for similar scenario. Similar for base running - can you / can't you
Steven Delgado
Steven Delgado Hour ago
It is my honest opinion that umpires make the game interesting for me. Angel Hernandez and other crappy umpires like him keep me interested in baseball. With that in mind they need to Mike up players and umps and MLB should give a contract to JOmboy to break these encounters down. This keeps me interested in the sport.
Kevin C
Kevin C Hour ago
Comments on a video about a Pirates/Twins game: “HuRr MuSt Be AsTrOs RiGhT gUyS XD?”
Obi-Shawn Hour ago
This is why the ballplayers went to the local strip clubs! But the Pfister is owned by the Marcus Corporation; same folks that own the largest theaters in the area. It's probably one of the nicest hotels in Milwaukee...though Milwaukee is not exactly a safe city any longer. But the Pfister is also close to a lot of entertainment. It's not that far from the old BC now the Bucks facility. It's also virtually a straight shot to Miller Park. However, they are building a great baseball facility that's probably 20 minutes from Miller Park that the players could stay at, and it's closer to the airport.
Just Abrahamse
Just Abrahamse Hour ago
Do a breakdown of mike soroka
Harry Bawlsack
Harry Bawlsack Hour ago
It was the yankees flying it
Andrew B
Andrew B Hour ago
I hope we get to see the footage from this drone lol be cool to see everyone looking at it and chucking balls at it
RA A Hour ago
Nevin was the worst, non clutch hitter in Padres history. Don't think he ever came through in the ninth, not once. He will forever be known as the guy who blocked the Griffey jr. Trade. Glad he supports the podcast though.
Joey Teter
Joey Teter Hour ago
Angel has been notably terrible for a very long time. The fact that he still has a job is surprising to me. I used to umpire too so I know the difficulties in it (I was far from the big leagues clearly, so I can understand it’s even more difficult). but he’s not only bad at every spot, he’s wildly inconsistent, which in that profession is worse
itsCorona29 Hour ago
I still don't get why they stopped. Drone wasn't doing anything
Jman thegiantsfan
Jman thegiantsfan Hour ago
I refuse to watch any of this trash season.ill watch some jomboy though.
R R Hour ago
If MLB don’t ban the Astros, than isn’t that condoning the Astros? So the message is, hey guys just don’t get caught but cheating is ok.
Colby Taylor
Colby Taylor Hour ago
The crowd is creeeeeppyy
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl*** Hour ago
like, dude ;)
Randell Porter
Randell Porter Hour ago
Phil Nevin best padres ever
todd goslin
todd goslin Hour ago
Must be really scary when you don't know what's coming.
Eric Carmona
Eric Carmona Hour ago
Jomboy I never ever gave a shit about baseball until I started watching your videos just because and now I’m a big fan of the sport. Keep doing what you do, you’re great.
Kovaxxed Hour ago
i’ve played at el camino and wow lemme tell you rn, experiencing the outfield is something else
Mack R
Mack R Hour ago
Angel Hernandez thinks the ball Trevor Bauer threw over the center field fence was a strike.
Dizzy Hour ago
damn these umps suck balls
Thomas Latimer
Thomas Latimer Hour ago
Kids Right!
Versatile Titan
Versatile Titan Hour ago
Good job angel hernandez we love to see it...
RustedPieces1 Hour ago
Angel is seriously still working for the mlb?
verde Hour ago
I don't exactly like the Yankees but this is terrible umpiring.
glimpy rimpy
glimpy rimpy Hour ago
**ear infections have entered the chat**
Alex Larsen
Alex Larsen Hour ago
Don't let Phil Nevin's ejection distract you from the fact that the Yankees disrespected the Griffeys and that's why Junior hates them.
Henry Kabeary
Henry Kabeary 2 hours ago
Angel is probably used in the entire video of bad examples for new umps
Scort 2 hours ago