Jeezy - Niggaz (Audio)
Jeezy - Look Like
Jeezy - 1 Time
Jeezy - Respect (Audio)
Jeezy - Spyder (Audio)
Jeezy - G-Wagon
3 years ago
Jeezy - Recipe (Audio)
Jeezy - U Kno It
4 years ago
Jeezy - So What (Audio)
Jeezy - Goldmine
4 years ago
Jeezy - G-Wagon (Audio)
Jeezy - J BO (Audio)
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Young Jeezy - I Luv It
Young Jeezy - Nothing
Arnteral Jerger
Arnteral Jerger 6 minutes ago
Aight Jeezy, it's time for a crossover. Make this video asap!!
Tiff C
Tiff C 21 minute ago
“Forever I’m immortal, naw you can’t kill my spirit. Why they always hating on your name, cause they fear it” 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Desiree Agyarkwa
Desiree Agyarkwa 37 minutes ago
And stop saying comments that make it seem like people in the hood is stupid u maybe but we ain’t we kno wat a recession is dodo
Desiree Agyarkwa
Desiree Agyarkwa 36 minutes ago
Desiree Agyarkwa
Desiree Agyarkwa 39 minutes ago
What the he’ll Jay-Z talking bout
Mvp_Moe 40 minutes ago
Best track 💯
Deb 1
Deb 1 44 minutes ago
You know, even though l don’t listen to rap regularly. But, Adrienne, from the Real shouted this track out... (was that Jeanie Mai in the video?) Anyhow they were talking about supporting black businesses. But, l have to say this song, though.... they were saying something. l just needed the clips to match the words.... less furs, bling, and bougee-nis.
Luke Njagi
Luke Njagi Hour ago
One time for SNOW!!!
Angee Lance
Angee Lance Hour ago
Hell yes!
707 Nicky
707 Nicky Hour ago
rafael bokito
rafael bokito 2 hours ago
This song is so good you can't even inmage what i have seen and bin Tru my life almost over i always dream about getting money and try to be somebody in life Ya Digg?!
OG Tall Tee
OG Tall Tee 2 hours ago
Did he send Pookie Loc On That Mission or What 🤷🏾‍♂️ if so look out for his people
Laker Fan
Laker Fan 2 hours ago
Kanye went absolutely ape shit on this. It remains as one of my favorite verses of all time.
Aaron Jefferson
Aaron Jefferson 2 hours ago
Best Jeezy Vs Gucci Freestyle‼️ This Chicago Nigga‼️🔥
Quinten Robinson
Quinten Robinson 2 hours ago
Big Snow 🙏
Culton Litdayton
Culton Litdayton 2 hours ago
Culton Litdayton
Culton Litdayton 2 hours ago
Jezzy go get her
Culton Litdayton
Culton Litdayton 2 hours ago
I mighty need the yacht!!!😁
LamontDaLegend 2 hours ago
Lil nuggey
Lil nuggey 3 hours ago
I’m so happy that PlayStation now added saints row 2 and I found this song and I luv it
Deyonell 4 hours ago
Isaiah McNeail
Isaiah McNeail 4 hours ago
Isaac Simpson
Isaac Simpson 4 hours ago
YEAHHH 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤💰💰💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊🏾💯
Isaiah McNeail
Isaiah McNeail 4 hours ago
Flip Lundy
Flip Lundy 5 hours ago
Damon Grover
Damon Grover 5 hours ago
Jeezy all the way
Carlos Carrera
Carlos Carrera 5 hours ago
Did he play this in the verzus?
Gotta Have IT
Gotta Have IT 5 hours ago
Jeezy dat muthafuccin nicca BMF 4Life nicca YEAAAAAAAA’jeezyvoice
Brandon Brickhouse
Brandon Brickhouse 6 hours ago
On repeat!!!
Smiley44 6 hours ago
Why they always hang on your name cuz they fear it
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali 6 hours ago
Skate 3 theme song
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 7 hours ago
You know Jeezy is fraud
zionn184 7 hours ago
Every line in this song is being lived by millions
Polar 8 hours ago
Behind the scenes
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 8 hours ago
I was wondering when you were going to make another album
Polar 8 hours ago
Behind the scenes
Polar 8 hours ago
Behind the scenes
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith 8 hours ago
FINALLY..........JEEZY is BAACCKKKK.....with super high quality material........BOUT DAMN TIME.....
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith 8 hours ago
This album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
infowars dotcom
infowars dotcom 9 hours ago
the case for us what u owe us
KEVIN SMITH 9 hours ago
FIRE💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😏😏😏😏😏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 THIS SHIT FIRE😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍
Sap Xuy
Sap Xuy 10 hours ago
1:40 dog: help my please
UDDINBOSS 10 hours ago
Would be great to see Gucci on a remix to this, this is 🔥🔥🔥
UNCLE’S_ NEPHEW 11 hours ago
He Been Dissed 50 Cent. On Let’s Get It Like ‘05. “Listen Yung Buck, I Kno Its Evident, Round Here We Kill Ur Ass Ova 50 Cent, Better Run Save Ur Ass, Best Believe It’s Gon B A Shady AfterMath, He’s In His V12 Eatin Eminems..”
Lroy Sam
Lroy Sam 11 hours ago
Listening to this one early at work that real motivation I need all money in 💯
JAPSTA JUPITER 11 hours ago
Rakim Sing
Rakim Sing 12 hours ago
Ghost should been on remix not jay
Jamie Robert
Jamie Robert 5 hours ago
I know jay seems so out of place on it
Cal El
Cal El 12 hours ago
R.i.p one of my 15s.
Moctezuma 13 hours ago
Jeezy tryin mad hard to ruin this song, but the beat is just too 🔥🔥 GIVE IT TO THUG
David Gallego
David Gallego 13 hours ago
Thanks for fucking the whole song up
Cal El
Cal El 13 hours ago
That pre-mental breakdown Kanye is undefeatable!
Greenpastures Resort
Greenpastures Resort 13 hours ago
jeezy young artist of the yr 4 this song
HustleFirst Music
HustleFirst Music 13 hours ago
I came here after versus too y’all 🤷🏾‍♂️
No Paper No Pen Music
No Paper No Pen Music 13 hours ago No Paper No Pen Presents: I Am Volume 1 by Supakool
Keisha Redmon
Keisha Redmon 13 hours ago
I been listening to the wrong shit
Mr. Oi
Mr. Oi 13 hours ago
Blessing to you 💛 stay healthy
RJman101 14 hours ago
Bro has never changed. Awesome
George Knight
George Knight 14 hours ago
Jazzy dope asf one of the hardest in the game 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯☄
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 14 hours ago
Versatile album,
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 14 hours ago
Beat tough, 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 14 hours ago
🧟‍♂️ flow, 🔥
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 15 hours ago
Jeezy was holding onto this , 🔥
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 15 hours ago
Oh lord this fire 🔥
Joshua Munoz
Joshua Munoz 15 hours ago
Always gon be heat from #JEZZY! member that car!
Levon Jackson
Levon Jackson 15 hours ago
Old School 98
Levon Jackson
Levon Jackson 15 hours ago
Keep it Pimping Man
Randy Sprouse
Randy Sprouse 15 hours ago
Cam made a cameo in this?
Randy Sprouse
Randy Sprouse 15 hours ago
The base in this track is insane. Keep my trunk happy.
Rob Fintly
Rob Fintly 16 hours ago
It’s past Over due black need to stick together let’s do for self
will frazier
will frazier 16 hours ago
Pay my nigga smack
carlos mairena
carlos mairena 16 hours ago
Bad bunny in 1:21
Derrick Berry
Derrick Berry 16 hours ago
Jeezy another level 4 real.
c tasby
c tasby 16 hours ago
dope track
Lil bobo mc9
Lil bobo mc9 16 hours ago
You Good man you on 🔥
Gary Shelton
Gary Shelton 16 hours ago
Mission impossible ain underplan that shak took his own life ain understand that😢
Junior Ramos
Junior Ramos 17 hours ago
Waiting patiently todavia
Marknoble16 Acsosaloba
Marknoble16 Acsosaloba 17 hours ago
young jeezy and slick pulla 2 monsters of all times
Its YourFam
Its YourFam 17 hours ago
Skate 3
columbusohio72 17 hours ago
Stripclub music
aBDKstan 17 hours ago
Love all the Tupac references on this album
aBDKstan 5 minutes ago
@JR M this song is a reference to Live & Die In LA
JR M 12 hours ago
Which songs he referencing pac?
aBDKstan 17 hours ago
I was skeptical seeing Demi Lovato on a Jeezy album but having her do the hook from Heavy In The Game by Tupac is actually dope. Glad it’s not a lame radio song