Adapting to a New Normal
Fall Into Style
2 years ago
Lexi Border
Lexi Border Hour ago
Ally Marsh
Ally Marsh 2 hours ago
it’s even better if u put it in the fridge overnight it becomes like a block of fudge
Kristina Yun
Kristina Yun 3 hours ago
She actually pronounces the names way better then the girl that’s correcting her!
louise scott
louise scott 3 hours ago
I've just twigged this is what Paris Hilton does as well isn't it - Corporate DJ!!
Yohannes Nurga
Yohannes Nurga 3 hours ago
And look at us having no physical disabilities but still complaining!
Ellie B
Ellie B 3 hours ago
I love how Renee still sounds good even when she’s just messing around 😂
earthtoianna 6 hours ago
half of this video was just them messing up a 5 second outro...
Reazer 6 hours ago
Wtf was Tommy dorfman wearing a liberty letterman lmaoo
Gia Klein
Gia Klein 6 hours ago
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby 7 hours ago
00:41 She forgot to say and boogers.
Brii 7 hours ago
Isha Hussain
Isha Hussain 7 hours ago
Who else thinks naomi could be millie Bobby browns mum????😞😞😞😞
CamCam_YT 8 hours ago
so cool!!
pallor mortis
pallor mortis 9 hours ago
That one girl looks like a younger Selma Blair. Her personality is bland like most of Selma's acting roles.
Sela C.
Sela C. 9 hours ago
I cant imagine Madelaine being bullied
Dau Tei
Dau Tei 9 hours ago
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
KEIRA GORDON 12 hours ago
riad silva
riad silva 12 hours ago
Brazilian' s concept of "curvy" is different from American's. Sometimes I see a lot of obese American womens calling themselves curvy, which is not the case in Brazil (at least not so frequently).
Itz graycn
Itz graycn 13 hours ago
_djkingssound likedat
_djkingssound likedat 15 hours ago
This looks good 😌 she making me hungry 🤤 ❤️❤️. Great job for this video 💯🙏🏼.
Mariam 16 hours ago
*At-tabarruj* for women is the impermissible exposure of adornment and beauty before non-Mahram (marriageable)men. This applies to exposure of jewellery, bare skin, makeup, or whatever may excite sexual desire such as behaving in an alluring manner through speech, a strut etc. This can be clarified from evidence from the Qur’an, Sunnah and noble scholars: Allaah azza wa jal mentions in his Noble Book: *And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakāh and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.* (Surah Al-Ahzaab: 33) Saheeh International translation Ibn Katheer (rahimahmullaah) said: Mujahid said: “A woman would go out and walk amongst men (i.e intermingling) . This was the Tabarruj of the Day of Ignorance." Qatadah said: “The women would walk out, swaggering and flirting (with men) so Allaah forbade them from doing that” Muqatil bin Hayyan said: “Tabarruj is when a woman puts a Khimar on her head but not fastening it properly so her necklaces, earrings and neck, and all of that can be seen. As a result of this, these are all exposed from her. This is Tabarruj” (Mukhtasar Tafseer Ibn katheer, volume 3, page 94) Imam Al-Qurtubee (rahimahullaah) said: “From the ways of Tabarruj is that a woman wears two transparent garments that describe her body” (Tafseer Al-Qurtubee, volume 12, page 310) Imam Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Naasir As-Saa’dee (rahimahullaah) said: "This (ayah) means: Do not go out whilst you are beautified or perfumed, as the women of the Days of Ignorance used to do since they did not have any knowledge or religious characteristics." (Tafseer Ibn Sa’adee, volume 6, no.107) Imam Al-Albanee (rahimahullaah) said: “Tabarruj is when a woman exposes her adornment, body features and all that she is obligated to cover which invites the desires of men” (Mar’at-il-Muslimah , page 54) The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “And the worst of your women are the ones who commit Tabarruj, who strut around in arrogance. And they are the hypocrites. None from among them [i.e. these women] will enter Paradise except [those who are] like the rare crow.” [Reported by al-Bayhaqee in his Sunan (7/82) and authenticated by al-Albaani in his as-Saheehah (4/1849)] Commenting on this Hadeeth, Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimuhallaah) said: “What is meant by the rare crow is that which has a red beak and red legs, as occurs in a hadeeth that states the small amount of women that will enter Paradise. [1] This [is] since there are very few crows that match this type of description.” From: Silsilat-ul-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah [4/1849]
Gümmy Smîle
Gümmy Smîle 17 hours ago
Where’s the flavor in this?
Tre Fani
Tre Fani 17 hours ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Arianna Leung
Arianna Leung 17 hours ago
wait is Lucas Bravo’s name pronounced with the S at the end or without? Im getting confused because hes introduced himself as Lucas but ppl call him Luca
Shadowstar Prime
Shadowstar Prime 18 hours ago
Hermaphrodites are better than transgenders, they have both reproductive organs
soleil 19 hours ago
if it weren't for the title and thumbnail, i would've thought that charli d'amelio was with kristen stewart 💀
Davy Giraldi
Davy Giraldi 19 hours ago
What the hell is this, I respect her freedom to think that way, but in my opinion she seems too confused with her identity...
artistic persona
artistic persona 19 hours ago
She is so smart its important to brand yourself
BOB 21 hour ago
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Xroblox_ kathy_and_friendsX
Xroblox_ kathy_and_friendsX 22 hours ago
I didn’t even know something was wrong with her eye. I just looked at her talent and her hair and smile and outfits 😁
Freddy Faz18
Freddy Faz18 22 hours ago
Just found miku plushy on the streets and use google lens and i got here
Haries Villa
Haries Villa 22 hours ago
Anne Hathaway is very beautiful. 😍
NJgamer 23 hours ago
Wow Charlie had a major glow up this past week
Gregory Ludkovsky
Gregory Ludkovsky 23 hours ago
Muhubo Abdirahman
Muhubo Abdirahman Day ago
Who else just came to this video just to make fun of their hair
Brylie :P
Brylie :P Day ago
I absolutely love Eliza, she’s so adorable 🤍🥺
Eleven11_ _Eight8
Eleven11_ _Eight8 Day ago
When u hear zendaya say periodt before it’s even a thing
Priscilla Wheeler
Priscilla Wheeler Day ago
I don’t like phi phi, it’s not just drag race. I’ve never seen her actually dance well , act well , her mug isn’t very clean IMO, and she just isn’t a funny or well rounded performer, I’ve also had friends who ended up crying after an encounter with her because she was very rude with them
Hunter Jackson
Hunter Jackson Day ago
0:02 when Jason has the only working mic
Kim's Lost Earring
Kim's Lost Earring Day ago
Remember that these girls parents are politicians and models. Privilege is all they know🙄
Cheryl turtlemoon
Cheryl turtlemoon Day ago
Brilliant. Worked though 10 minutes is better than 5. Thanks!
Anika sayed Shoptorshi
Anika sayed Shoptorshi Day ago
I love Zayn ❤️
UFC 238
UFC 238 Day ago
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Kassidy unicorn Scott
Kassidy unicorn Scott Day ago
Ugh ignore my last comment 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 the Queen of .meaaaaaaaaaaaan
Kassidy unicorn Scott
Kassidy unicorn Scott Day ago
The swear assess seas an of meaaaaaaaan what is that
Asjad Hameed
Asjad Hameed Day ago
None of them had good body
Monika Sienkiewicz
Monika Sienkiewicz Day ago
Clickbait Alert!
EGG Weirdo
EGG Weirdo Day ago
I could do this so fast bro-
Lore Day ago
abella danger
Tracy Martin
Tracy Martin Day ago
45. Perimenopausal. Black. Overweight. Still not in this “new” lineup. Y’all will never get it.
Aneira Arsaveda
Aneira Arsaveda Day ago
0:20 What's the last show you binge-watched? my answer: dance moms lol hAhaHa
Lo Doan
Lo Doan Day ago
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury
Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury Day ago
Oh my arteries
Sandy C.
Sandy C. Day ago
She is fabulous! Great tips!
Nieva singh
Nieva singh Day ago
I got all the answers right...
KissMySuccotash Day ago
This woman is amazing! A treasure for sure! I could listen to her all day too!
micky69 Day ago
Why is everyone complaining about the music? I can hear her perfectly
Phamnguyen Phat
Phamnguyen Phat Day ago
Bedena Khatun
Bedena Khatun 2 days ago
The way Idina didn't get any score and Kristen being competitive was so Elsa and Anna lmao
Brooklyn Dean
Brooklyn Dean 2 days ago
If charli is older why does Dixie look older
Reilly Cafferty
Reilly Cafferty 2 days ago
Dixie is older
Mateusz Cielas
Mateusz Cielas 2 days ago
is baking soda or seltzer safe for that?
A d d i s o n F a i t h
A d d i s o n F a i t h 2 days ago
Wow God bless her !!!
Chaungoc Bich
Chaungoc Bich 2 days ago
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
akshay kothawade
akshay kothawade 2 days ago
1:23 when my mom force me to eat😂
Gaming_With_Kay_ 2 days ago
The Fact is at 0:50 its all because of Hatsune Miku Even though Im a Miku Fan Myself!! She’s Very Huge in Japan and The USA
Rose 2 days ago
Why four hours ?
Nokomis Webster
Nokomis Webster 2 days ago
2020 anyone?
femboy hooters employee
femboy hooters employee 2 days ago
i feel so.. uncomfortable- like chile dis who y’all stan ????
Ráziel Villarreal
Ráziel Villarreal 2 days ago
Jazz!! a supergirl!!
Yadierelle 2 days ago
Burn your meth
Chloe Bowen
Chloe Bowen 2 days ago
hamilton is the movie that i watch all the time i LOVE IT
Ngina Mandouma
Ngina Mandouma 2 days ago
Oscar :”the surgery droid” am I the only one who knows Star wars
contenderbp 2 days ago
Kindergarten. An awakening. I knew. Didn’t know what the word meant until my friend said, “ I don’t care if you’re a lesbian”. I was 14 and didn’t respond. When I got home I looked up the word in the dictionary and realized that is what I am. Never second guessed it.
Nguyenminh Hieu
Nguyenminh Hieu 2 days ago
Iya ya Allah.
kevin tabler
kevin tabler 2 days ago
Thats a good one .. i know mmhhmhmm
Jéssica C.
Jéssica C. 2 days ago
It's funny that if you mix portuguese and spanish, Pia Mia, can actually mean, My Toilet
cool 2 days ago
that scary this give me chilis 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Burlykim13 !
Burlykim13 ! 2 days ago
Her eyes. Wow
hellokitty kitty
hellokitty kitty 2 days ago
I wann be like her at you madam!