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The Life Of Naga (Avatar)
The Life Of Pain (Naruto)
The Life Of Pabu (Avatar)
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The Life Of Kuei (Avatar)
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The History Of The Amagi
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RTV_ Shots
RTV_ Shots 21 minute ago
Do guy next
Terrance Siggal
Terrance Siggal 23 minutes ago
Plot twist: there are benders we where just separated cause everyone on earth are non benders
Jean-Luc Smith
Jean-Luc Smith 23 minutes ago
I used to have nightmares about orochimaru when I was a kid.
Redx Ex
Redx Ex 27 minutes ago
Me not realizing I watch this for a hour
Xiaojun Lu
Xiaojun Lu 29 minutes ago
I have the journal 3
Aayush Gupta
Aayush Gupta 33 minutes ago
It was very short.
J8NP 41 minute ago
I got told by a vid that the white swearly guy is tobi(they guy In the orange mask) and not obito(apparently the white swearly guy was pretending to be tobi and others 😂Well at least I no now thanks to the video
Sufiyan 42 minutes ago
Man said sukara😂😂
D'tyus Bell
D'tyus Bell 47 minutes ago
Nobody: Tay-k: 15:09
Dave Strider27
Dave Strider27 51 minute ago
Basically naruto in 30 minutes
ZIQ nolimit
ZIQ nolimit 52 minutes ago
Dakota Gordon
Dakota Gordon 59 minutes ago
So "The dude who played the dude, disguised as another dude"...... Is *Lil Ani/Lord Vader?*
Jonah Avri
Jonah Avri Hour ago
If water benders blood bend through the water in blood does that mean there can be bloodbending airbenders too ? If so, water is part hydrogen and oxygen, can a highly skilled airbender bend water ?
Wanitsu Hour ago
the life of a side character (Naruto)
Braydon_on_60fps Hour ago
the white masked person was obito but you kept saying tobi
Li Chua
Li Chua Hour ago
Ingat.... Ada allah....
Alijon Aliboev
Alijon Aliboev Hour ago
this is hella cap itachi is 8years older than sasuke
Ian Chung
Ian Chung Hour ago
He looks like joe exotic
xdPhaze Hour ago
There you go
Dylan Martin
Dylan Martin Hour ago
Sooo. This is probably gonna be an unpopular post, but... The life of Kiba Inuzuka?
Justin Morales Sanchez
Justin Morales Sanchez Hour ago
rin wanted to die she got in the way of the chidori
Werewolfknight _1942
Werewolfknight _1942 Hour ago
Then why in netflix the 3rd hokage was the hokage then when the 3rd hokage died the was lady tsunade can you explain?
Preston Ledlow
Preston Ledlow Hour ago
Please do rin
CyberRedWolf 2
CyberRedWolf 2 Hour ago
who tf asked for this
Bilal Abdulalim
Bilal Abdulalim Hour ago
Bruh the start just looks like people sealing the karauma in other people and them
theGaming Bat
theGaming Bat Hour ago
Long ago all nations lived in harmony and peace but everything changed when a guy in China ate bat
Michael Dallesandro
Michael Dallesandro Hour ago
I feel like kakashi should get a sharingon back. sasake give his to him and Naruto heals sasake eye done
theGaming Bat
theGaming Bat Hour ago
Ramen guy vs farmer who would win
theGaming Bat
theGaming Bat Hour ago
When you realise this video was in trending section
theGaming Bat
theGaming Bat Hour ago
When you came to realise 4th ninja war was started because my boi obito could not lay down rin
theGaming Bat
theGaming Bat Hour ago
You can hate naruto sometimes sometimes sasuke but admit it you can never hate Kakashi
Oscar Castillo
Oscar Castillo Hour ago
The only time I didnt get mad cuz a video is 1 hour long
trailers that are funny
trailers that are funny Hour ago
Julie McIntyre
Julie McIntyre 2 hours ago
michael Lorde
michael Lorde 2 hours ago
he messed up sakue Karin. Jugo. then got bored
London Bender
London Bender 2 hours ago
What’s chidori I thought it was the rin delete button
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon 2 hours ago
where do u get those early life clips?
shajclark 2 hours ago
get this man to 1 mill subs
Amy Speciale
Amy Speciale 2 hours ago
Imagine Naruto actually befriending the creature that killed his parents.
Matthew Wilcox
Matthew Wilcox 2 hours ago
Mr WorldWide
Dola Bawa
Dola Bawa 2 hours ago
Sasuke or Indra
Leah Lawrence
Leah Lawrence 2 hours ago
my favorite character hands down
Samuel Walsh
Samuel Walsh 2 hours ago
Do Kisame
Gaming legend
Gaming legend 2 hours ago
Ancient Chi
Ancient Chi 2 hours ago
I would be a simp for azula or I'd wife her up
kungninja 2 hours ago
29:27 there it is
Chi Le
Chi Le 2 hours ago
toph walked so every other metal bender could run.
Mitchello Romain
Mitchello Romain 2 hours ago
Fishy bot
Fishy bot 2 hours ago
Trained 4th hukoage and the 7th
Daniel Bagheri
Daniel Bagheri 2 hours ago
hi this isn’t a this makes your video bad but you missed out zaheer he may have been someone who got it after harmonic convergence but he is realy significant
Puna Paahana
Puna Paahana 2 hours ago
Dang i didn't realize how sad obitos life was
SuPa Kevin
SuPa Kevin 3 hours ago
Which characters should we cover next?
Royale Godess
Royale Godess 3 hours ago
Now I know all of these are fake. Renesmee was born 1 year and she was a kid that same year. It says 2006 to 2020, not ture.
Gladiator halo7
Gladiator halo7 3 hours ago
Did they let the armless person drive
Himanish Ghosh
Himanish Ghosh 3 hours ago
why am i crying
Ahmad Hammoudeh
Ahmad Hammoudeh 3 hours ago
Amagi: Eroh Me: Kirby has found your sin unforgivable
Gaby Molnar
Gaby Molnar 3 hours ago
I wish that the avatar would bend light peace and harmony and destiny like rava becusea rava mixed in wans body the first avatar
Stormflame Dawn
Stormflame Dawn 3 hours ago
Michael Hale
Michael Hale 3 hours ago
You know what’s crazy. Call it a feeling if you will but I feel like kurama felt disrespected that none of the other hosts tried to harness and use his power other than naruto. Am I correct on that? Because they all tried to suppress him.
Sleezy YT
Sleezy YT 3 hours ago
Holy $hit I am crying his life is so saddd
Ashton Wolf
Ashton Wolf 3 hours ago
I wonder if Kakashi sensei were there would Minato Lord4th and Kushina still Survive?.....
Gaby Molnar
Gaby Molnar 3 hours ago
She had too mutch envy
ABoomShackaWacka 3 hours ago
And when she touches it, she uh, turnes extra crispy.
oogly yem
oogly yem 3 hours ago
Arshia Heidari
Arshia Heidari 3 hours ago
Did this guy just call manga the novel
Dino nugs
Dino nugs 3 hours ago
I live for these videos lmao
Shae Doherty
Shae Doherty 3 hours ago
When Naruto basically asked Iruka to n his adoptive father before his wedding it made me cry like a little bitch.
Gaby Molnar
Gaby Molnar 3 hours ago
Becusea she mixed linthing and rage and fire
It’syaboi Erwin
It’syaboi Erwin 3 hours ago
Hol up this is off topic but do you think menma is actually naruto brother
An Artist That Draws
An Artist That Draws 3 hours ago
Naruto is Obito with hope Sasuke is Kakashi with Despair Sakura is Rin With better luck
oofisthebest 4 hours ago
Can you do the life of hinata pls
Arson 2.0
Arson 2.0 4 hours ago
Netflix adaptation .-. *REALLY* We remember what happened with death note.
HyperHamz 4 hours ago
everyone: The Amagi: However
CurlyCurl555 4 hours ago
Fake AccountTest
Fake AccountTest 4 hours ago
I like the name Mustang
dinner bone
dinner bone 4 hours ago
you should cover gaara
Tamim Ahsan
Tamim Ahsan 4 hours ago
kakashi=sasuke=boruto jiraya=obito=naruto
I Like turtles Gaming
I Like turtles Gaming 4 hours ago
Im amazed how this is over 1 hour
Jizzma 4 hours ago
can you do a "the life of danzo shimura"