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SCOOB! Final Trailer
TENET - Official Trailer
Matthew McArthur
Matthew McArthur 3 hours ago
Do you often dream things as they happen just as you dream them
Gail A.
Gail A. 3 hours ago
Make sure you read the book first!
Gail A.
Gail A. 3 hours ago
Timothée and Zendaya in the same movie!? Are you kidding me!?!? I'm so excited!
Rachel Lascola
Rachel Lascola 3 hours ago
One year before I was born 1985
MargT 3 hours ago
Not everyone can comprehend what this movie tries to say. Its a silent masterpiece which does not deserve the typical hollywood hype and fame. For me its stands among the greatest films of all time.
Humberto gaming
Humberto gaming 3 hours ago
“I love Serverus Snape” Girl after she watches the deathly hollows part 2: WH- WA- WAAT WAT WHATTTTTT HE DIESSSSS
Leafy 3 hours ago
Why’s it say all these people are going to be in “bat man” and “the suicide squad” when they aren’t??? It says Jared letos playing joker in both of those movies but there’s no evidence of that here...
gmfama85 Fama
gmfama85 Fama 3 hours ago
It's not about how he made the movie, it's a humiliation to his intellectual. Such a mediocre movie.
Leafy 3 hours ago
Anyone else just know there gonna walk out of the movies like: Me: *dramatic stare into the distance* “I feel... powerful”
Saif Rehman
Saif Rehman 3 hours ago
I need to breathe in my air to read these comments, wheres my mask.
Leafy 3 hours ago
Wondering... is Jared letos joker coming back?
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 3 hours ago
Stranger: "Hey Christopher, what's the time?" Christopher Nolan: "Sit down you human, I'll explain!"
Leafy 3 hours ago
Truly would love it if Jared letos joker came back... and I need for joker and Harley to get back together... I need more Harley Quinn and joker
Wahyu Nur Setiaji
Wahyu Nur Setiaji 3 hours ago
So, you still here eh?
King Bling
King Bling 3 hours ago
This is actually a Remake of the version that comes out in 2050
Joshua Richmond
Joshua Richmond 3 hours ago
Good video, looking forward to seeing the film
Jelissa Castro
Jelissa Castro 4 hours ago
Warner pero te amooooooooo Dio mio, estoy emocionada que salgaaa yaaaa
T. Reza Budiansyah
T. Reza Budiansyah 4 hours ago
*N A L O N*
Lillian 4 hours ago
I am so excited for this
Bruce Merrill
Bruce Merrill 4 hours ago
Which one actor in this movie, 'Dr Sleep,' played with Jack Nicholson movie?
Arjun S
Arjun S 4 hours ago
0:48 OMG harry
Dasappagari Sivajee
Dasappagari Sivajee 4 hours ago
Don't watch this movie theater😱😱
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma 4 hours ago
It defines the word ' complex*
Pocketfilimz 4 hours ago
Netflix MovieHD
Netflix MovieHD 4 hours ago
hay gays enjoy this is movie original 2020
Netflix MovieHD
Netflix MovieHD 4 hours ago
123 『the witches』 (2020) Original Movies ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➱ t.co/pXbrjtQGQM?wtchs1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Leurs états de sant respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??22
2020映画 4 hours ago
Brother Mancing
Brother Mancing 4 hours ago
Moinuddinn 4 hours ago
Its happening
Aldos Moba
Aldos Moba 4 hours ago
where can I find this full movie please tell me
Netflix MovieHD
Netflix MovieHD 4 hours ago
123 the eitches (2020) Original Movies ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➱ t.co/pXbrjtQGQM?wtchs1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Leurs états de sant respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??22
WorldNews 4 hours ago
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount 4 hours ago
I didn't know Kick - Ass was in this movie too.
Srihari Prasad
Srihari Prasad 4 hours ago
xeliane 4 hours ago
comme une enfant qui n'aime pas ses brocolies pour la première fois...le regarder une seconde fois arrêter les grimaces...si je me fais curieuse d'un troisième oeil...issshhh.... surtout que je me rends conte que le premier Blade est plus optimiste que le second...je n'ai pas su regarder Arrival...des puissants science fiction...j'ai laisser mon frère à son Dune...
ZIE ZERY 4 hours ago
Wakanda Forever ? For future marvel movie?
Wiliams Adam
Wiliams Adam 4 hours ago
Oh, Wall-E
computerjantje 5 hours ago
I found the music in the trailer so irritating that I this is a movie I am going to skip 100%. If there is one thing I can't stand it is rappers who try to sing but can't and then use voice tuners to get the voice on key. The more they are off key the harder the voice tuner has to work and you ge this choppy iron sound. Really, they put this in a trailer or worse, in a movie?
pradumnya bhor
pradumnya bhor 5 hours ago
Well as a kid I enjoyed this movie like it was a blockbuster
TheMoistMaker 5 hours ago
Now people are more excited for DC movies than MCU phase 4, Marvel stop your thirst for money
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva 5 hours ago
Before i pay to see this, i need you to remove Amber H. from Aquaman 2
Ulugbek Abdurakhmanov
Ulugbek Abdurakhmanov 5 hours ago
Gal Gadot is trash. I never comment on anything but Gal is so bad
Reethamma Roy
Reethamma Roy 5 hours ago
One minute silence to the people who disliked this...
Nguyen Tung
Nguyen Tung 5 hours ago
One of the best Trailer ever!
Shreyansh Choudhary - GamingYT
Shreyansh Choudhary - GamingYT 5 hours ago
This trailer would be absolutely weird for those who thought 90's as black and white period xd
ameerah ameerah
ameerah ameerah 5 hours ago
My head is spinning
TheMoistMaker 5 hours ago
I appreciate comic accurate costumes
ALBERTO SILVA 5 hours ago
show de bola !!!!!!!
atmywitsend 1984
atmywitsend 1984 5 hours ago
What woke nonsense this film is. I know I am getting old and cynical,and at 52 I was not the demographic audience. The Foster family were picked to be as diverse as possible ( box ticked ) i believe it was even hinted at that the obese lad was gay!all the bad guys were white men even the bully boys were white. I just find it infuriating that although it showed so much diversity every where,it declined to show it with the bad people. Even the santa was shown to be a useless coward,saved by the black girl. I know that the film was clearly aimed at young children,but if you want diversity to work in films,then have equal diversity for all characters,and not just the good guys. I am sick of the double standards.
Highdrolic 0709
Highdrolic 0709 5 hours ago
Does it worry anyone else that you see usnavi on an island,
ncsr11 5 hours ago
usshow.info/watch/DVQ3-Xe_suY/video.html Pink Floyd - Brain Damage / Eclipse rehash . . .
Anamika Dk
Anamika Dk 5 hours ago
Watched the movie Read the book Remaining trailer.
Durin Flermoen
Durin Flermoen 5 hours ago
I loved the book but the mini series was so long and so bad I'm glad after about 4 decades they've finally rebooted the film(s). That is what I've researched for what might be a better movie split into two films.
Jehova Huolngo
Jehova Huolngo 5 hours ago
Every nice
Karan Field
Karan Field 5 hours ago
I think batman has had just about enough. He's not kidding around.
- 5 hours ago
Almost forgot to watch this today
sainik ghosh
sainik ghosh 5 hours ago
Black batman, White robin proud of Christopher Nolan
Karan Field
Karan Field 5 hours ago
The music.......sooooo sexy And Pattinson's eyes.....something in the way his unblinking stare takes my breath away.🌬
fugitive88888 5 hours ago
We need part 2 or a tv series
I am Batman
I am Batman 5 hours ago
I am awesome. I am Batman 😊
frostydowns 6 hours ago
I thought this looked to be like a lesbian feminist film, It's scored 10% higher than Joker, so it might be good, might have to watch it, I don't want any of that garbage political crap in the film though, I just want a good female character that my niece can look up to without the man hating BS, which isn't empowering woman.
Sambhranta Bashyal
Sambhranta Bashyal 6 hours ago
.eivom siht devol I
Manish Mhetre
Manish Mhetre 6 hours ago
Well I missed Hans Zimmer in this one
Aswin Nair
Aswin Nair 6 hours ago
Why is everybody talking about Harry styles when you got Thomas fookin Shelby on screen. BY ORDER OF THE PEAKY BLINDERS.
Manish Mhetre
Manish Mhetre 6 hours ago
After watching Rober Pattinson in this movie, now I think he can pull off Batman perfectly.
Nho Thu
Nho Thu 6 hours ago
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.
World is Here
World is Here 6 hours ago
Wonder woman swing with lightning Spoider mon - matlab hum yaha karne kya aye hai ..
Rabi Sarkar
Rabi Sarkar 6 hours ago
6 hours ago
0:58 Is this a new trailer for a new apex legend?
Guitarlord 212
Guitarlord 212 6 hours ago
only in theaters (and HBO Max)
Jane Duncan
Jane Duncan 6 hours ago
ratshave 6 hours ago
Wonder woman vs Cats
Tãnia 6 hours ago
Esse personagem ficará pra sempe na minha memória. História de amor maravilhosa.
Leet Baffometi
Leet Baffometi 6 hours ago
I kept searching Cyberpunk the movie because I knew when I saw the game Cyberpunk it was based on this but I seem to forgot the title. Looks like it's Blade Runner. XD
Vrache 6 hours ago
Never thought The Doctor would become The Thinker
Cyrus Gerard N. CASTILLO
Cyrus Gerard N. CASTILLO 6 hours ago
theres like 3 marvel actors, comment if you know who they are
Crown Of Blood Official
Crown Of Blood Official 6 hours ago
Thought it would be far better than we’ve seen, concept and story wise , else are fabulous
Amol Samarkand Jadhav
Amol Samarkand Jadhav 6 hours ago
Song name please
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain 6 hours ago
From Hans Zimmer to the auto tune of some moron named Travis Scott!! Oh, how we have fallen from grace!!!
vaishnavi xD
vaishnavi xD 6 hours ago
after all this time? always… - 2020
OchO! 6 hours ago
This looks promising. Like The Big Lebowsky.
Jude Sagad
Jude Sagad 6 hours ago
Stranger things set in 1984 Karate Kid set in 1984 The Terminator set in 1984 Back to the future set in 1984 Wonder Woman 1984 set in 1984 Man Hollywood made loads of movies set in 1984 😂
M Wolf
M Wolf 4 hours ago
God I love the 80s! 😤👍
natureboy 7 hours ago
Slow down! WTF is going on? Total mindfuck
Kevin van Niekerk
Kevin van Niekerk 7 hours ago
This is such a shit premise... Who gives a shit that it was hard to film. It's a garbage idea with garbage actors to back it up.