Greater Dog
Greater Dog 19 hours ago
Corinn Seeliger
Corinn Seeliger 20 hours ago
what about tablet
thebigbosss1000 20 hours ago
How do I get the beta ??
Martic Ztn
Martic Ztn 20 hours ago
If EverythingApplePro cannot find anymore features, no other channels can.
cokemanrblxYT 20 hours ago
Riley Martinez
Riley Martinez 20 hours ago
This is a poor advertisement for your phone cases.
Mxss Yxu
Mxss Yxu 20 hours ago
8:17 grand theft auto here
Xin Xim
Xin Xim 20 hours ago
Ooh thats why he wore gloves..
FN Imjustábunny
FN Imjustábunny 20 hours ago
I chose i phones because its direct to the point no widgets or whats so ever i guess its time to try android now 😂
Hawaiian Pizza Rolls UnU
Hawaiian Pizza Rolls UnU 20 hours ago
Alprazolam 20 hours ago
Link for wallpaper?
Xtreme Gamer
Xtreme Gamer 20 hours ago
Bro how is camrea
Tarydy 20 hours ago
TalsVids 20 hours ago
Dude slow down. Stop trying to show stuff at 100 MPH it's hard to see the stuff you are trying to show.
Jesse Owen
Jesse Owen 20 hours ago
We’re not going to see a notch less phone until the day before the apocalypse.
I request you to delete TikTok it can stole your file and not safe
jc50gt 20 hours ago
I mean but honestly, you’re stupid af if you don’t use a case if you regularly put it in a bag. Things break. Nothing new whatsoever. And the argument of “for the price it shouldnt bend” is so stupid. Everything has a melting/breaking/bending point. Absolutely everything.
Jess 20 hours ago
"...available in two sizes, large and super massive." had me dead 😹😹
Adam.stewart 239
Adam.stewart 239 20 hours ago
How u get the wallpaper that says 14 and the small two ??
dipankar barooah
dipankar barooah 20 hours ago
this guy is a loser
Pilo Rivera
Pilo Rivera 20 hours ago
60 plus changes be like a now looks like A the icon is bolder Instead of Tuesday now it says Tue 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Courtney Wilson
Courtney Wilson 20 hours ago
The number of unread emails would drive me nuts lol
Mohamed Moneim
Mohamed Moneim 20 hours ago
When are you switching back to iphone again after switching to s20?
Pavitar Singh Kailey
Pavitar Singh Kailey 20 hours ago
I liked your channel when u used to destroy tons of iPhones now ur channel isn't as destructive I like the destruction
The Weekly Update
The Weekly Update 20 hours ago
Could anyone attest to the ability of emulation on this device. Im looking to do a small game build but only need gba games to do so. Judt curious if someone has tested it on this phone before.
Samir Sharifiy
Samir Sharifiy 20 hours ago
Aries 20 hours ago
My dedicated widgets don’t work properly
Dominik 21 hour ago
You can also now change video settings directly in the camera app on other devices than the 11 Pro.
Garrett Driskill
Garrett Driskill 21 hour ago
“Available in two sizes, large and super massive”😂😂
julian uribe
julian uribe 21 hour ago
Does it work on iphone 6s
Ak 47
Ak 47 21 hour ago
Apple is like ea Change the number but its the same as lastyear
Cuz Im Fxntxstic
Cuz Im Fxntxstic 21 hour ago
Me: Hey Friend! Imma tell u a great story Friend: OK do it Me: sends message: 🏳️0🌈 Friend: Receives message Phone crashes Me: LMFAO
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 21 hour ago
Apple/Android wanna be! 🤣🤣🤣. Apple has run out of ideas so let’s copy Android 🤣
Diallo Amadou
Diallo Amadou 21 hour ago
S 20
Ethan’s vlogs Yessoufou
Ethan’s vlogs Yessoufou 21 hour ago
Roystun Li
Roystun Li 21 hour ago
Fact: iPhone sucks
Martina Zemanová
Martina Zemanová 21 hour ago
Dobrý je že jsi se na iPhonu mobil protože to je nejhorší mobil na světě doufám že tam není nikde Samsung
Kathleen Graveman
Kathleen Graveman 21 hour ago
Kathleen Graveman
Kathleen Graveman 21 hour ago
The last one could also be a very good way to hide candy from your little brother
Dafuq 21 hour ago
Is he shaking a lot or is that just me?
Everything Videos
Everything Videos 21 hour ago
It’s not bulletproof so it isn’t the world toughest glass.
Theta 21 hour ago
How come your update screen says public beta? The public beta isn’t out yet.
Scott Maulo
Scott Maulo 21 hour ago
Builder Shah
Builder Shah 21 hour ago
Samsung be like go head i have got your back... B)
emoney12366 21 hour ago
you’re the best!
FlameZ 21 hour ago
Will it freeze forever
D.K, DONKEY KONG 21 hour ago
Does this still work iOS 14?
delon white
delon white 21 hour ago
My Siri is still the same as the old Siri
Jen Bendall
Jen Bendall 21 hour ago
Anyone know if you can track these with Find My Phone like you can with real AirPods?
Chidi Anuforo
Chidi Anuforo 21 hour ago
As an Android user, I never stop hearing about iOS users hating green bubbles. I just think its ironic that the icons to the communication apps are green bubbles.
Omega Noob
Omega Noob 21 hour ago
JaydenU Benzez
JaydenU Benzez 21 hour ago
Kdi Ekendgf Siddhdbgu Essential Doodnf Rpddg Reggie Dodd Sidndg
FlameZ 21 hour ago
Dose it work in ios 13
John Diaz
John Diaz 21 hour ago
What happen to you making more videos I feel like lately you haven’t post much
Kenneth Raps
Kenneth Raps 21 hour ago
i got my airpods 1 for 130 on amazon but i put the serial number into apple and it says airpods 2
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez 21 hour ago
YZAR 21 hour ago
Tandyy Krish.
Tandyy Krish. 21 hour ago
Anthraxx_sG 21 hour ago
banking apps working on ios14 beta 2?
Optimal0159 [GD]
Optimal0159 [GD] 21 hour ago
🏳️‍🌈 wow it worked
Dwight Cavalcanti
Dwight Cavalcanti 21 hour ago
3:09 damn I paused the video to check my notifications
StrixROGGamer 21 hour ago
Android users: thank god it says iphone
Yusuf Khalid
Yusuf Khalid 21 hour ago
Apple is truly pathetic and lazy. So many useless minor changes. Yet lack of effort or attention to detail, regarding the actual important stuff. Like (Easy access to Location Services from the control center, battery percentage, hiding the annoyingly, obtrusive notch directly right within the software etc.) This is what Apple should focus on, rather than the stupid stuff that most people don't care about or pay attention to.
_Rian_. 21 hour ago
I have iphone 8 plus why IOS 14 not coming for me
Nikhil Nandikolla
Nikhil Nandikolla 21 hour ago
Big fan of ya Fam love ya cases
Andy Kwan
Andy Kwan 21 hour ago
Hey, is it just me or trying to watch live videos on USshow broken on iOS 14?
Monica Shirley
Monica Shirley 21 hour ago
Navigate by license plate?? What’s that? 👀
Pappu Can’t Dance
Pappu Can’t Dance 21 hour ago
I have also faced a problem in iOS 14 beta. If you're on a call and someone call you at the same time, screen goes blank.
Danielle Gael
Danielle Gael 21 hour ago
Thanks for the break down! I need a new phone now but I’m also waiting for the iPhone 12! So I’m going to get thee 11 and then pass it to my son!! Great info!
kayaplayer 21 hour ago
Beta 2 version fucked everything up on my phone. My battery life got worse, the widgets don’t work anymore, a lot of times my phone just crashed or it didn’t respond when I touch the screen.
MrTootyRole 21 hour ago
Just got iOS 14 and I’m loving it!
Ruben Sahakyan
Ruben Sahakyan 21 hour ago
When is it available?
fajny kanał
fajny kanał 21 hour ago
The iPhone kid and vacuum guy 1200
The iPhone kid and vacuum guy 1200 21 hour ago
GuyWithAHoodie 21 hour ago
Android user: *Laughs in not over-priced phone*
Nishantha Samarakoon
Nishantha Samarakoon 21 hour ago
Ah no... please give me a only one phone
Lati os
Lati os 21 hour ago
Apple is so much fucking better than Android
Jack HD
Jack HD 21 hour ago
My iPhone 8 Plus is stuck on iOS 13.5.1 can anyone help me . It says it’s up to date
David Konevky
David Konevky 21 hour ago
Wait, homepod now allows spotify to be the default? woohoo!
unholyblue 21 hour ago
Wait, if they're phones are frozen how could they threat him
Bella Bree
Bella Bree 21 hour ago
When will this be available?
The iPhone kid and vacuum guy 1200
The iPhone kid and vacuum guy 1200 21 hour ago
creative expresso
creative expresso 21 hour ago
Xr 🥺🔥
Janine L.
Janine L. 21 hour ago
My rebel case just arrived in the mail, what if I drop my phone on to its side?
ivang36 22 hours ago
i think this is worse than the 🏳️0🌈 text
Jose Mercado
Jose Mercado 22 hours ago
How do I get the update?
Evode Murenzi
Evode Murenzi 22 hours ago
Commit Summon Stand •
Commit Summon Stand • 22 hours ago
Spammed it to my mom for 10 minutes She didn't talk to me for 2 weeks
ivang36 22 hours ago
If I watched this a long time ago.... School Bully: hey dumbcrap wat u doing, being an annoying brat like u always r? Me: 🏳️0🌈 School Bully: whats that gonna do, you lit-
Mikas Kondrotas
Mikas Kondrotas 22 hours ago
Does it work on android? If i send it to an android user?
Takia Flores
Takia Flores 22 hours ago
This has to be fake
1 2
1 2 22 hours ago
Funny how he keeps talking about what will come in the future for the iphone to try and discredit the samsung and lessen the blow for the poor iphone which pales in comparison in nearly every aspect. You're not doing a review on future phones that don't exist, you're doing a review on the two right in front of you. (Excuse me, the one right in front of you and the one you hadn't yet received????)
Jokingly Jo
Jokingly Jo 22 hours ago
3:42 when you have 10k ping
King Luis
King Luis 22 hours ago
can you cover ipadOS 14 beta 2?
sarah daley
sarah daley 22 hours ago
Dang ima do this to my enemies
JR Auto
JR Auto 22 hours ago
I have a question will there be some features limited on my iPhone 8+
SOUND AFFECTS 22 hours ago
So sexy now I want to use my iPhone without any cover.
Brandon Noyb
Brandon Noyb 22 hours ago
Does anyone have beta 2 on a daily driver phone? if so does it work well? i am thinking about doing it.. i never did get the beta 1 profile? it should be ok to get the beta 2 profile and install beta 2? i am very new at this please let me know how beta 2 works?
Ultimate Game Player
Ultimate Game Player 22 hours ago
Could you drop the link to iOS14 Beta 2. Everytime I go to apples official, it only says 13 is available and preview 14