Márton Vaszil
Márton Vaszil Hour ago
Are you kidding me?!? This song is fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 hours ago
You should put this on Spotify
Hahaha Hahah haha
Hahaha Hahah haha 2 hours ago
It would be better if the kid wasn’t there 🙂
Iceslanger 3 hours ago
I just got into the diss game, looking for input.
ItzSkidude 4 hours ago
so whens this song gunna be on spotify
bryce drip
bryce drip 19 minutes ago
Probably in a few days
Asiatique Media 阿西亞提克 媒體
Asiatique Media 阿西亞提克 媒體 5 hours ago
Yusdrew has that Post Malone vibe
IvanMan_RBLX 5 hours ago
mr mcdonalds your so good i need a version of only you singing
うぃっl 6 hours ago
The kid just doesn’t fit in man
Cole Stapleton
Cole Stapleton 7 hours ago
Dude this song is fire how is this a leftover
Jibedeer 4 hours ago
because it didnt fit in the album
Tony Haman
Tony Haman 9 hours ago
2:31 kinda sounds like ksi
Uncle Lou's Kitchen
Uncle Lou's Kitchen 10 hours ago
BurgerBae going in hard!
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores 11 hours ago
No cap this shi actually bomb asf
Yvng Bxby
Yvng Bxby 15 hours ago
Bro I'm trynna become a rapper but i really need sum fuxking help tho!!
BardMusic 15 hours ago
This is a masterpiece
Sean Hammersley
Sean Hammersley 16 hours ago
Please release this on Spotify and Apple Music
Kalib Nuzum
Kalib Nuzum 16 hours ago
Dam this song hit hard
Corey Orr
Corey Orr 16 hours ago
Hello Hello
Manny Hernandez
Manny Hernandez 17 hours ago
Chiller Boy IV
Chiller Boy IV 17 hours ago
Thats insane
animemasters1000 17 hours ago
I love the use of visuals in this music video, i don't know if it was intentional or not but his choice of shirt with the white lines matches/fits the background of the buildings behind as he remains perfectly still throughtout the video. The music is also great.
Metallic Twister
Metallic Twister 17 hours ago
Ay, I would probably have this on repeat on Spotify not gonna lie, I did it with Where’d You Go
Amy Ferrari
Amy Ferrari 17 hours ago
Can you going
Vlad Calinescu
Vlad Calinescu 19 hours ago
i swea to god, this beat is like mona lisa in the music industry. this is what is rong with a lot of producers on the internet making ''tutorials'', they do not put emotions in their beats.
Andy Kush Beats AKBeats
Andy Kush Beats AKBeats 19 hours ago
Vlad Calinescu
Vlad Calinescu 19 hours ago
Spotify pls !!
M8REBEL 20 hours ago
Bruh Quadeca release clean versions on Apple Music 😂
Aklestad 20 hours ago
This gave me the chills
Smokey_on_da_stix 20 hours ago
Salim is da best by far
Roshh 07
Roshh 07 20 hours ago
Quadeca and jaden smith should collab !
Achille Dardenne
Achille Dardenne 21 hour ago
FIRE !!!!!
Alex Verdin
Alex Verdin 22 hours ago
Quadeca you music and what u do Is inspiring and I and thinking about making my own USshow channel about music and hope I can get to be as successful as u
Jim west
Jim west 21 hour ago
U can do it bro Quadeca did it
Alex V
Alex V 21 hour ago
That so awsome bro u should do that
nexalcs 22 hours ago
This is so fucking good, how is this a leftover??
Historic 7
Historic 7 Day ago
Spotify? Plssss
bryce drip
bryce drip Day ago
He said it will be on spotify soon
Brent tayengwa
Brent tayengwa Day ago
This kid 12 years old : spittin bars Me 12 years old closing the fridge slowly to see if the fridge light will stay on 😂😂😂
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck Day ago
This not being Spotify is racist!
bryce drip
bryce drip Day ago
He said it will be on Spotify soon
trace_ gaming
trace_ gaming Day ago
this fire
McCoy Butler
McCoy Butler Day ago
Quadeca: Here's a leftover Half a million people: Interesting
I bet if nba youngboy droped this he would have more views and likes
rottencoffeecup Day ago
It's SO good you should've never had it left behind
E.D. Day ago
So whens it hit spotify
skyr3x Day ago
Did anyone make a cringy weeb anime edit yet?
Full BLACK_ 0
Full BLACK_ 0 Day ago
Yusdrew chillin
Tamás Gaál
Tamás Gaál Day ago
highkey epic song. If you callin this a leftover you tripppi
Hayden Day ago
Hurry up and put it on Spotify
Jbar Day ago
ik yusdrew got the hook, but damn he sounds so good he shoulda got more to sing
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz Day ago
chickantenders Day ago
kid ruined it ngl
Trillwolfie23 Day ago
This leftover is better than all of rice gums and ksi songs
Haadi Day ago
school pizza
school pizza Day ago
this that freestyle in the car while your in your feelings shit
Hasan Salim
Hasan Salim Day ago
This is just pure music🥰
Abdullah Shuaibi
Abdullah Shuaibi Day ago
This shit needs more views, Like it doesn't sound like an unknown group it sounds like Lil baby for the guy in the blue jacket and the other guys sound like their OG rappers that came back with a power-up
NickyPRO Music
NickyPRO Music Day ago
Just came here from a weird kids disstrack on you... My ears feel better now cause this is 🔥!!
crazytown_GForceGaming _
crazytown_GForceGaming _ Day ago
my rap song: quadeca's is better but still: yo, I was swordin through a forest as a tourist, it was green and mossy till I heard your raps are a tragedy like scratches seen on a badly cleaned buggati, lookin at me just like you got me, probably not see? because please don’t just underestimate cheeseburgers from a shop please. Its not clean but you must not scream, you were lucky not to get the full throttle from my bars, I like art properly produced by my art that is carefully displayed and hung up on walls stuck by tar, if you touch it my shots of security will smear their heat to get you far from bullseye like darts. My songs are smooth like piano keys, the melodie be piano piece makes you feel like in a shallow sea filled with fantasies and canopies, humanity is calm and peaceful, like such wealthy families, chimpanzees are swinging through the jungle like how monkeys be under me be people seein lethal as a good thing, they think they can beat me because they are free bro, no their mind’s the limit by the time I’m finished the rhymes I’m spittin would have made them die acidic times would finish them, like a blender filled with five knives and Micheal Myers and high tide water spitting bullets with you tied to the side of blender where the knives are present it evident that I committed crime to your rap, its time to get clapped, you might as well just die before i even come to you right? I need to re tie all this crap i see you inside of this crap ya…to be continued in this rap aye.
Dylan Hu
Dylan Hu Day ago
please put this on spotify
AJ Day ago
Streaming services pleaseeeee
Elite Blade
Elite Blade Day ago
nobodys talking about how still he is? df
Bdstudios101 Day ago
slow mo
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson Day ago
Why is this not on Spotify? Nooooo
bryce drip
bryce drip Day ago
It will be soon
Joiipk Day ago
Quadeca, bro you have to upload this to spotify bro🔥🔥😭this is GOLD🔥
bryce drip
bryce drip Day ago
He said it'll be on Spotify soon
glabz0r biggest PP in Israel 76 Inches
glabz0r biggest PP in Israel 76 Inches Day ago
The Song: Actually Fire That Lil Kid: Holdup
young kelvin
young kelvin Day ago
claim here before 1 mil
Caleb Cazares
Caleb Cazares Day ago
god damn i got the chills when a1th started spitting bars
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Day ago
You will never know now what this used to say.
Trigger Addict
Trigger Addict Day ago
ive been listening to this nonstop since its release ❌🧢
Devonte Merrill
Devonte Merrill Day ago
this>his new shit
All U Need Producer
All U Need Producer Day ago
Yeah this should be on Spotify idc
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Day ago
I might be stupid but at the end it sounds like hes yelling "1,2"
Alan Bardo
Alan Bardo Day ago
LEFTOVER?!! he's mad this is a BANGERRRRR
Purpletooth Day ago
Kids got all the ladies
abdullah dabbagh
abdullah dabbagh Day ago
shouyou Day ago
need this on spotify
This is so good that I putting this as my ringtone fam put this on Spotify please
Real GodZZ
Real GodZZ Day ago
Pls put it on Spotify
GamingCentral 23
GamingCentral 23 2 days ago
I love the song but I don’t like the little kids flow with it
BAꓘA 2 days ago
Release more songs like this please. Having this on repeat on SoundCloud for 2-3 days and I’m still not bored
tactu 2 days ago
dude this shit fye better blow up in the future
Shawn. • Txp
Shawn. • Txp 2 days ago
press four and i shift shift shift... $$$ thats a bar!
Chxtzy 2 days ago
is this on spotify pls
Charlie Torres
Charlie Torres 2 days ago
Bruh this is fire
Hyperium 2 days ago
Get this on Spotify!!
pop bubble
pop bubble 2 days ago
please add this to spotify
DREAMWRLD 2 days ago
that like ratio tho
Chase Bush
Chase Bush 2 days ago
tbh this is my 2nd fav song by quad but my all time fav by him is of course the og insecure diss track on ksi i can rap that whole entire track
Guder 2 days ago
So u know Quadeca, I stared at u for 2 minutes and 39 seconds. I’m sure I’m not the only one
teroot 2 days ago
This is my favorite song from you pls put it on spotify
Badly 2 days ago
I might be stupid but at the end it sounds like hes yelling "1,2"
bryce drip
bryce drip 2 days ago
That's what I thought when I first heard it
Damion Garcia
Damion Garcia 2 days ago
lux 2 days ago
How u sit there for so long? Even if it’s just 2 minutes I’d be crying lol
bryce drip
bryce drip 2 days ago
The video is slowed down
Funtime Quick Silver
Funtime Quick Silver 2 days ago
Why is everyone hating on the kid he's only 12 God.
40TWENTY Day ago
Hahaha Hahah haha stfu
Hahaha Hahah haha
Hahaha Hahah haha Day ago
And trash
Jakes Skates
Jakes Skates 2 days ago
bro tbis is lowkey heat!"
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 days ago
You will never know now what this used to say.
Urmom Gay
Urmom Gay 2 days ago
I can vibe to this shit non stop
Mark Tozzy VVO
Mark Tozzy VVO 2 days ago
Colby Froude
Colby Froude 2 days ago
0.75 speed 😭
Badly 2 days ago
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 days ago
On loop since the minute it came out .
Tidey Pods
Tidey Pods 2 days ago
Ok guys if u know any more songs that are amazing like this tell me cause I love this genre :o
Tidey Pods
Tidey Pods 2 days ago
@bryce drip wtf why does quadecas music make my hear melt
bryce drip
bryce drip 2 days ago
Man on my Left Shoulder, Alone Together
Mr .S
Mr .S 2 days ago
i don't care that this a leftover. i want this on all streaming platforms like apple music and spotify... not just soundcloud my guy
TheMiniME 2 days ago
Hurry up and put it on Spotify
GD Malouf
GD Malouf 2 days ago
i wish this was on spotify
GHVSTED MANE 2 days ago
the guy with the black jacket reminds me of lil uzi vert
Akhil Anand
Akhil Anand 2 days ago
When is FMTY Coming
Ochoa great wall of Mexico
Ochoa great wall of Mexico 2 days ago
Kids better than ricegum