Phyl D
Phyl D 20 minutes ago
Twenty million dollars a year.And people feel sorry. For her. Go figure.
Debra Maxwell
Debra Maxwell 30 minutes ago
Howard could be crude but I like him outspoken honest self made man definitely a NY MAN
robert proctor
robert proctor 42 minutes ago
The twisted minds of the inbreeders.
Jim Halfpenny
Jim Halfpenny Hour ago
It don't matter who you are skid row Joe or super star your going out the same way you came in
norma desmond
norma desmond Hour ago
the best Bond since Sean Connery.
Josephine Lautier
Josephine Lautier Hour ago
I love Bob jovis concerts. He's great. I wish could come to perform in Malta ❤
Josephine Lautier
Josephine Lautier Hour ago
robert proctor
robert proctor 2 hours ago
Another mocker and scoffer.
robert proctor
robert proctor 2 hours ago
Pure stank people!!
kewl malibu
kewl malibu 2 hours ago
Lewis is an ftm gender bender.
robert proctor
robert proctor 2 hours ago
Hi I am a actor and don't ask me anything. I am merely acting my way through life. I don't know who I am at all. I am an actor, so their for I act. The bottom feeders of the world.
Barb Levkulich
Barb Levkulich 2 hours ago
That’s his second wife.
Brandon Newhouse
Brandon Newhouse 2 hours ago
You had me until the cars. He hasn't had a Corvette in over 20 years lol
william absher
william absher 3 hours ago
Seen journey live in Greensboro NC loved show and vocals.
RobbieBobby 3 hours ago
2:22 that is not a Tina
Tom Garbo
Tom Garbo 3 hours ago
He rufuses to have a star on hollywood blvd. Got to love him for that.
Zoughar Yahya
Zoughar Yahya 4 hours ago
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Wayne Merryman
Wayne Merryman 4 hours ago
I use to watch "Pinky and the Brain" and that's NOT "the Brain." Im pretty sure that's "Brian Johnson."
Harald Haram
Harald Haram 4 hours ago
He has the S E N S E I look
Maria Cardoso
Maria Cardoso 4 hours ago
Love you Steve. You're my favorite singer! 💕
Jehan Ashraf
Jehan Ashraf 4 hours ago
Connie Vollmer Some Girls/Women Have No Self Esteem Or Self Respect They Are So Desperate Or They Want Wealthy Partners /Men or Famous Men Plus Eddie Murphy Is A Sleazy Sleep Around With Different Children From Different Women Just Like Miser& Money Grabber & Sleaze-ball Mick Jagger Just Many Other Famous and Non Famous People!!!
Peter Haynes
Peter Haynes 5 hours ago
Jehan Ashraf
Jehan Ashraf 5 hours ago
Who Are The Idiots Who Pay This Person So Much Money To Act Or Make People Laugh?
Jehan Ashraf
Jehan Ashraf 4 hours ago
Ursula Coultier What Sort of Replies Are These In Code?
Jehan Ashraf
Jehan Ashraf 4 hours ago
What Sort Of Replies Are These In Code?
Ursula Cloutier
Ursula Cloutier 5 hours ago
. np
Ursula Cloutier
Ursula Cloutier 5 hours ago
Jy666 hi hi. L0
Ursula Cloutier
Ursula Cloutier 5 hours ago
Michelle Carollo
Michelle Carollo 5 hours ago
Chinnifer Manniston is a MAN Stop watching these satanists! Connect the dots PLEASE!!! anatomy does not lie but these people ALL DO !
Kezia nazario
Kezia nazario 5 hours ago
Love you Bon jovi❤
Edit Farkas
Edit Farkas 5 hours ago
Nizi Peer
Nizi Peer 5 hours ago
Lee Allred
Lee Allred 6 hours ago
If your going to be the narrator... Learn how to pronounce his old last name! Geez...ts not furnIEr!!!not pronounced that way!!! Idiot😤
Robert peterson
Robert peterson 6 hours ago
Stevie nicks would be great
Stefan van der Spuy
Stefan van der Spuy 6 hours ago
Jimmy Page is the real king of rock, and seems highly intelligent.
Rebecca Gandi
Rebecca Gandi 7 hours ago
I wish Our Young Celebrities will copy these older Ones Look how far Freeman had up to 80-90 Good!!!
Rebecca Gandi
Rebecca Gandi 7 hours ago
Look how far he had Carried his life Now 80-90 Good Good Good.
Pam M
Pam M 7 hours ago
Didn't Page hold a 17 yr old girl against her will many yrs ago?
bakeem95 7 hours ago
Roxie Roker is indeed smiling and beaming with love from her eternal resting place..............
Winston Bennett
Winston Bennett 7 hours ago
Who is the girl in the pink suit there was no mention of who she was what was the point of having her in the frame
Wanda walker
Wanda walker 7 hours ago
I love you steve.. ..
Gypsy Queen
Gypsy Queen 8 hours ago
This was a total waste of time to watch.
robert proctor
robert proctor 8 hours ago
A guy I know, passed up a drum audition for the Silver Bullet Band back in 75. He had no clue it was Seger, as he was in a band at the time. When he found out it was Bob's band, he truly was pissed. But that's the music industry, as it goes. That's a Shout out to you Rick.
Martin Allen
Martin Allen 8 hours ago
UltraSupra 9 hours ago
Steve Perry ranked #76 in the all-time greatest singers list by Rolling Stone...what an utter joke! Show me a better singer in their prime. I haven't heard a better singer than Perry in his prime.
Douglas Taggart
Douglas Taggart 9 hours ago
Can't believe you didn't mention his best film outlaw josey whales
Deffanie Webber
Deffanie Webber 9 hours ago
Al is an instrument. What he does with his voice is phenomenal. Just a gem.
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia 10 hours ago
I want one like this!!
Dante' 317
Dante' 317 10 hours ago
Just let the video play
Valerie Lamberson
Valerie Lamberson 11 hours ago
I love his music I have followed his career since the beginning and have
jeff williams
jeff williams 12 hours ago
Hey he must live next door to Jimmy Page , they have the exact same house. Same car as well
Margaret Darchinger
Margaret Darchinger 12 hours ago
Love this man, he is so real.
Free Thinker
Free Thinker 13 hours ago
Now that's excessive living. How nice.
Mike Gushwa
Mike Gushwa 13 hours ago
mountain bear
mountain bear 15 hours ago
There's something very odd about the way this guy does a mini-documentary.
Lascelle Turner
Lascelle Turner 16 hours ago
Anthony Terwogt
Anthony Terwogt 16 hours ago
This guy is 95 yrs old wow
Anthony Terwogt
Anthony Terwogt 10 hours ago
@MathsYknow wow HE looks more like 95.... Anyway.
MathsYknow 11 hours ago
No, he's 85.
Judah58 16 hours ago
Its sickening, ALL that damn money and ppl living on the streets, i hope she take half of everything and she will.
muddbosss 17 hours ago
Jimmy Page..the great guitarist....gee, I wonder why his affair with a 14-year-old Lori Maddox in 1972 is not mentioned? perhaps that is why he doesn't like to talk about his personal life? sure...he is a great musician but does that give him a free pass to be a pedophile? the prick should have gone to prison, many will praise him but I will never forget, these people should set a good example...not target our children!!!!!!!!!
Chris E
Chris E 17 hours ago
"The family man"
Camille Jnes
Camille Jnes 17 hours ago
That was very rude whether if it wasnt ms winfrey or not or some one else the person ask to look at the pocket book and you refused to let her have it that was selfish
Rockefeller Clementino Da Silva
Rockefeller Clementino Da Silva 18 hours ago
5:10 is equivalent to 1.75m, not 1.80.
Daniels H
Daniels H 18 hours ago
His distinctive guitar is what made me the biggest fan of Mark Knopfler 💫
Kaotic Notes
Kaotic Notes 18 hours ago
Scarlet Sabet is not an actress. Shes a poet. Who does fact checking on these things? was only married twice not 3.
Daniel Volpini
Daniel Volpini 19 hours ago
Un caso único en la música. Una cosa era en la época de Woostook y en los primeros álbumes, Hasta carabanserai. Después cada año bajaba un escalón, hasta el día de hoy. Un guitarrista que si se llamara Juan Pérez, lo echarían en la primera prueba. No compone y no canta. Saludos
Don Desnoo
Don Desnoo 19 hours ago
There's a video with Mickey gilley his cousin playing piano together is amazing.🤗 U tube
Julia Douglas
Julia Douglas 19 hours ago
What’s with the picture at 3:26 of the other actor. Can’t think of his name. Used to do the ever ready battery commercials.
Lisa Hepper
Lisa Hepper 19 hours ago
We love Warker texas rangers we wish you the best Chuck Noris P. S hope to see you on TV again soon ❤️❤️xxx
Coc Ca1
Coc Ca1 19 hours ago
Bro he didn't need to sell star wars
Claire Stephen
Claire Stephen 20 hours ago
I love all his music.
Ian McKenzie
Ian McKenzie 20 hours ago
If Oprah ran for the presidency for either party, the other party needs to be prepared for a landslide defeat!!
freaky frank booth
freaky frank booth 20 hours ago
GIRLfriend? Keanu Reeves?
Sharon Coffey
Sharon Coffey 20 hours ago
Btw I have my own radio station OutlawAngel Radio 😇Journey is always first song open with
justgivemethetruth 20 hours ago
4:33 - Dot? His first girlfriend looks asian, or is that just a trick of the camera.
justgivemethetruth 20 hours ago
I'm so sad for Paul that Linda passed away.
Sharon Coffey
Sharon Coffey 20 hours ago
My brother Jack Coffey worked for you n I meet you in Bloomington Indiana Jack now has passed killed on his Harley not long after he came home from you guys✨😇
justgivemethetruth 20 hours ago
Buttered bread with steak fries? Yeah, vegetarianians sounds so healthy! ;-) Glad I've never tried that, I'd probably get addicted and have a heart-attack or stroke. This guy is amazing, what a positive charmed life that hard work made the most of.
justgivemethetruth 20 hours ago
Love Macca, but pop music is nothing like classical music. I never knew he was so tall, 5' 11.
L Thomas
L Thomas 20 hours ago
Get your facts right before you post and try to act legitimate. Besides Conrad, it's Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park. Can't even finish watching .
Ramsey A. Bear
Ramsey A. Bear 20 hours ago
Waste of time, Watch something else.
Sandra-Mae Lux
Sandra-Mae Lux 21 hour ago
Many thanks for uploading! Do you have a second? I shared a new song of mine on my page. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd check it out. Don't go too hard on me :)
Ryuichi Obata
Ryuichi Obata 21 hour ago
Bruh,this thumbnail was from supercar blondie,except with elon and billie
Oliver Kalamata
Oliver Kalamata 21 hour ago
Just like any other Hollywood talking piece and Hip Hop artist, he liked Donald Trump until he decided to run for President as a Republican. Then overnight he did a 180 and preaches how he never liked him....
rileyandmike 21 hour ago
Wait, “he’s the only DAUGHTER of his parents”?!?!
popeye de sulaiman
popeye de sulaiman 21 hour ago
Drugs issue again
Mike Greer
Mike Greer 21 hour ago
Willie supports a gun grabbing pos in Texas. Goes by the name Beto ORouke. Beto as he's nicknamed himself so it's easier to pander to Hispanics, he must think Latinos are stupid. Anyway Beto want to end our 2nd amendment rights.
G G 21 hour ago
No mention of the prostitute he nearly beat to death? Or the other incidents of attacking women, or underage girls and prostitutes? This creep should be in jail but he has money and is a celebrity so like so many of his friends he is given a pass.