Girl Talk with the Dead!
Babies in Skull Helmets
Death & Minimalism
8 months ago
send me your children
2 years ago
Making your DEATH PLAN!
Diana Cramer
Diana Cramer 54 seconds ago
enjoy watching you, awesome, learn a lot, thank you
S.U.Spenc 2 minutes ago
If I die in the presence of my pets, I want them to eat me, so they do not die as well. I mean, it's only fair they gave me company as I was dying and when I was alive.
ProCrit1c 4 minutes ago
Jelissa Ruiz
Jelissa Ruiz 5 minutes ago
So creepy!
ProCrit1c 22 minutes ago
I’m not even halfway through this video and my hand has already been clasped over my mouth for most of the time... god. The sickening audacity of white missionaries and the like forcing systematic genocide by taking opportunity of an already traumatic disease. And these people dared view themselves as morally upstanding. I want to cry. The worst part is you know those white missionaries were forcing their interpretation of the Scriptures and the stories of leprosy in them, somehow assuming that to be the “correct” way to deal with the disease. They couldn’t understand compassion, empathy, and community and togetherness and forced their way of doing things to be the main way through their white influence and dangerous power.
Kaden Grossman
Kaden Grossman 31 minute ago
ca you do a video on the hanging cliff cemeteries?
moon beam
moon beam 31 minute ago
This woman is sick and disgusting.
Backwoods Brit
Backwoods Brit 31 minute ago
Rochester NY. Creepy. Im from s suburb of ROC
Christine Hedstrom
Christine Hedstrom 33 minutes ago
Your talent is refreshing.
moon beam
moon beam 36 minutes ago
The only thing sicker than these 2 are the comments.
Anna Rebstock
Anna Rebstock 41 minute ago
I wanna die on tuesday 😂
Eccentric_Professor 54 minutes ago
I was watching Midnight Gospel and I recognized your voice the second I heard it. I’m so happy for you, sugar. Spread that knowledge everywhere.
Shannon Singleton
Shannon Singleton Hour ago
are those shirts still available? and where can I order one?
Catloverplayer Hour ago
Imagine being death rolled by nile or salt water crocodiles then eaten. This happens all the time especially with Nile Crocodiles in Africa although Salt Water Crocs are the most aggressive. They take people in lakes,rivers and even the ocean. Imagine being bitten in half by a Great White or Tiger Shark or torn to shreads by lions and tigers.
Catloverplayer Hour ago
Being eaten by sharks,crocodiles,lions,hyenas and tigers.
Susan Pikal
Susan Pikal Hour ago
I was just watching a great documentary about what Queen Victoria had requested to be put into her coffin. Very interesting!
Amrita Maharaj
Amrita Maharaj Hour ago
Speaking as a New Yorker ...tourism at ground zero helped build the economy. It helped up rebuild. I worked 2 blocks away from it . The tourism was needed .I dont think it was bad for people to want to be there and see and learn. It helped them see the true horror of it . The smell of death lingered in the air months and months after. It helped the rest of the country humanize, sympathize and empathize. Wanting to see and learn is never bad. I speak for myself.....I liked that the rest of America wanted to see. They didnt just see . They smelled, heard ,felt , saw . Sorrow and horror was in the air but also hope and togetherness.
Jasmine M
Jasmine M Hour ago
You are so good at explaining these difficult subjects to people.. .thank you for teaching me so much! To be more involved and ask questions
luis garcia
luis garcia 2 hours ago
Natives USA " not Indians or natives Americans!! So much to be CORRECTED!! In USA history by white PEOPLE !!🤔🤔🤔🤙🤙🗽😎
Kate H.
Kate H. 2 hours ago
In my junior year of High School, my high school received a school shooting threat. The rumor spread across the school and that night I begged my mother not to send me to school. She allowed me to stay home. The threat turned out to be false but most of my fellow students stayed home that day as well. Even thinking about it now, two years later gets me sick to my stomach of how scared I was.
Catloverplayer 2 hours ago
Since your talking about skulls if a person is decapitated in a car accident do yall sew the head back on?
VitoScaletta1942 2 hours ago
I plan on being a mortician
Melissa Weidel
Melissa Weidel 2 hours ago
So a friend of mine posted on Facebook that if she dies, she wants her corpse to be flung at a specific person’s window at 3AM. If this is written into a legal will would it have to happen?
Kate H.
Kate H. 2 hours ago
I went to many funerals when I was younger. My family is Irish and that's kind of what we do, we bring the little ones to the funerals. Yet I never remember the service. I can remember going into the church and running around the cemetrary afterward but I never remember the actual wake. I lowkey believe its because I saw an embalmed body and it freaked me out so much that nineteen years later, I'm still repressing those memories.
Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor 3 hours ago
The poor sister... Imagine seeing the “doll” and then finding out it’s your sister... Those are some images that will never leave your brain...
leah young
leah young 3 hours ago
Brooo I went to school with someone that just graduated from the bethel churches school of supernatural ministry
hannah noralee
hannah noralee 3 hours ago
i clicked when i found out it said tri-state
hannah noralee
hannah noralee 3 hours ago
this reminds me of the time my criminal justice teacher once told us a story of something that happened once when he was teaching. he was recreating a 4 day old rotting corpse for his classes project and he sent a kid to go get the rotting corpse smell. well the student tripped on the way back and smashed the bottles and the liquid went everywhere. well everywhere was the cafeteria and the students thought it was a prank with the poop spray and the administration never told them any different. so for the next month and a half the cafeteria smelt like rotting corpse and only 3-5 people knew
Acquavallo 3 hours ago
If there are these laws around corpses as "quasi-property" how can museums own skeletons and mummies and other human body products?
Scott Ostrowski
Scott Ostrowski 4 hours ago
Why don’t they do genetic testing of unclaimed bodies to see who they’re related to so they can be claimed?
OC Wood
OC Wood 4 hours ago
Why am I watching this? So the choices are eaten by worms or burn for 2 hours. Not very appealing at all. I’d rather be frozen.
Katrina Umana
Katrina Umana 4 hours ago
I really like the New Orleans style or West African style funeral. Dancing and singing a true celebration of life 👏🏽
Laurie G.
Laurie G. 4 hours ago
I love Caitlin, she is so cute and interesting! Thank you for being my go to for my at home office time.
Captain Keyboard
Captain Keyboard 4 hours ago
This is a fact of life that is good to know. The mortician knows her subject matter. This makes death an easier subject to understand.
John Smith
John Smith 4 hours ago
Religion poisons everything.
chriscumbag 4 hours ago
Was the Secret Porpoise moved to the House of Special Purpose?
micwclar 4 hours ago
Was in Moscow in 1990, went to the Tomb. It was like a Disney attraction in the length of the line. The guards both outside and in added to the gravity. Bayonets will do that. Lenin looked like a Disney Anamatronic. Waited for him to to sit up and talk like Lincoln from the Hall of Presidents. Weird tradition was for married couples to go through the Tomb.
goodiesohhi 4 hours ago
defka99 4 hours ago
Lmao Professional funeral visitors returning from ancient Egypt.
ArmouredKat 5 hours ago
Sounds like a scam to me.
micwclar 5 hours ago
It is completely understandable why you have 1mil+ subscribers. Excellent storytelling.
getskared 5 hours ago
My dad said when he was a kid he had a classmate fall head first into a thresher or a baler I can't remember which, but it was mutilated. He said they had an Open Casket funeral and they made a wax head for the poor kid
Christopher Anonymous
Christopher Anonymous 5 hours ago
Just have to say i spent the pass 4 hours binging your videos. Your amazing 👏 please keep creating 🙏 ❤ im so glad i found your channel!
Kate Marlowe
Kate Marlowe 6 hours ago
I once had a nightmare about the living dead after seeing The Night of the Living Dead movie..... I had fallen asleep with one arm behind my head, and as the zombie in my dream approached me, I awoke and sat up (in anticipation of the relief I was sure to feel when realizing it was just a dream) when the arm that had now lost all feeling flopped down beside me- as cold and dead as any corpse. I let out a piercing scream of terror and turned to wake my husband when the arm followed me... Needless to say, he got quite the kick out of the experience, once the pins-n-needles kicked in. 😬
AmethystEyes 6 hours ago
Now it’s 15,000 dead in CA.
Young Han
Young Han 6 hours ago
Wouldn't there be tons of ghosts if all the deaths of history were in the trillions....
Remy 6 hours ago
What are we supposed to do if we dont have anyone close enough to name? I don't want anything to go to them, but I dont have any close friends either...
kathy mosier
kathy mosier 6 hours ago
Marc Denning
Marc Denning 6 hours ago
Oven Crypt, another awesome name for a death metal band.
E 6 hours ago
You're bonkers 😆
ProCrit1c 6 hours ago
It’s interesting that no unifying factor was found despite all of the bodies being found. It seems like all the evidence points in all different directions out of context. Personally I hold to the infrasound theory combined with maybe some other factor that prevented them from regrouping or utilizing their experience and skill in the Russian wilderness after they escaped the initial camp site. They were on government property, and while I am not sold on any government conspiracy, there’s a possibility tests were performed there that made the environment more unstable or dangerous. I know two of the kids worked with radiation, which explains their clothing, but it’s strange that they would wear those out on a trip, and without the items being checked by officials that would inevitably have been around as they began their trip. It could even have been wildlife, like a bear that came too close and scattered the group. Bears have a staggering amount of force and also a bear is more believable than a yeti lol- although there should have been evidence of a bear attack had that occurred. Anyway the interesting thing is how this case goes in all different directions with leads leading to dead ends or into infinite hypothetical questions, and it’s tragic for these kids and their families that suffered such a sudden and unsolvable tragedy.
The Sinister Minister
The Sinister Minister 6 hours ago
I was with my ex wife two damn years before the State police showed up and told me I was one of them Necrophiliacs. Confused the shit out of me. Nothing had changed about her activity level in the bedroom; and since I been getting the cold shoulder since President Clinton’s first term, it wasn’t unusual she didn’t talk much. One clue I should have picked up on though was the fact that she stopped spending money. Now here I am, locked in a tiny room waiting for this plastic surgeon to rebuild my face so I can travel to Pittsburgh for weekends.
SpoonCat 6 hours ago
I would ABSOLUTELY consent to my bones being used for something like 10:24 Also, the guy at 11:08? I really feel like I "get" him.
smurfthumper 7 hours ago
Sweet Carlyle photo!
Luciano B
Luciano B 7 hours ago
If I am put in a dress, if my nails are painted, or if I am eulogized with the wrong name, I will LEGITIMATELY come out as a ghost and haunt some damned people!
Marc Denning
Marc Denning 7 hours ago
With all the stray cats that have come and gone over the past 30 years there would be enough of them to fill up an entire pet cemetery.
Scotty 79
Scotty 79 7 hours ago
9:06 😁😁
Ruth Ann B
Ruth Ann B 7 hours ago
Love the longer videos better
Jay Jeckel
Jay Jeckel 7 hours ago
Or, and stay with me here, you could judge what people say on the words they actually speak and not on second halves of sentences that you invented in your head.
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 7 hours ago
Got my book today :( not signed stampered or stickered. Let down
prettylittlegeek1 7 hours ago
I saw this today, 9/21/2020, and was like "someone should've shown Logan Paul this" I DIDN'T REALIZE HE PULLED THIS CRAP 2 YEARS AGO. 2020 is such a twilight zone.
Jay Jeckel
Jay Jeckel 7 hours ago
You gotta love people trying to lawyer their deity's rules, like the deity is going to ignore the spirit of their own law because you technically, from a certain perspective, met the letter of it.
Richard Contla
Richard Contla 8 hours ago
Hi Caitlyn. There has been something about you that I just couldn't put into words. But finally this morning it just crashed in on me. So I'll just say it. You are a dead ringer twin to Bettie Page. She was and still is a stripper icon of the 50s and 60s and is a legend for those of us who are into skin illustration art. In other words TATTOOS. Indeed I have several of my tattoos that bear her likeness. But also her story is such an different rise to fame. But she is immortal to all of her fans. As a young child' I found my dad's old hidden magazines and that is where I found her. And she will be with me all my life and hopefully beyond. And her story is an incredible one at that. I hope you look her up. SHE IS YOU.
Jay Jeckel
Jay Jeckel 8 hours ago
I've never heard Frankenstein referred to as transhumanist and I can't for the life of me think of any reason someone would refer to it as such. The monster is in every practical way human and in no way posthuman. Frankenstein's experiments aren't transhuman, as he isn't extending anyone's life or bringing anyone back from the dead, he's giving life to what is effectively inanimate flesh, which is cool and everything, but not transhuman when the life you create is basically stock human 1.0. Seriously, calling the story transhumanist is nonsensical.
smokeykit57 8 hours ago
Thank you for sharing.
ugh 8 hours ago
That’s honestly horrid. Did the dog at least get a quick end?
Anthony Mcdonnell
Anthony Mcdonnell 8 hours ago
well our govenment the uk who are liers are saying by the middle of october we will be having 200 deaths a day from covid 19 or 50,000 cases
HentaiHatchback ❻9
HentaiHatchback ❻9 8 hours ago
They died
Rachael Stanislaw
Rachael Stanislaw 8 hours ago
I recognize this shirt and this hair from "a week in my life" you were right!
SpoonCat 8 hours ago
I read She Said Yes when I was younger. Until I saw this video I had no idea it was based on a mistake. Thank you for setting me straight! Same with the Victorian standing death photos, I thought those were real too. You're a good debunker, Caitlin.
Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons 9 hours ago
Caitlin are you really a vampire?
Georgia Spence
Georgia Spence 9 hours ago
have to write essay on this don’t have strong opinions
TachyonDriver 9 hours ago
Haha! I loved the way you checked that the bubbles where still in family friendly position after you fanned the paperback! Attention to detail!
smokeykit57 10 hours ago
Thank you for sharing.
kathleen obrien
kathleen obrien 11 hours ago
I would recommend burial at sea to anyone named Bob
kathleen obrien
kathleen obrien 11 hours ago
Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys was buried at sea
Patricia Rhymer
Patricia Rhymer 11 hours ago
I have questions about the Vietnam war and the dead. Also about how someone can survive by a mortar blast and they cannot remove the shrapnel. Both grandfathers served. Both have agent orange and one was hit by metal pieces that come to under the skin.. and look like tattoo dots of grey.
Dave Why
Dave Why 12 hours ago
Do you have to put into a vault in a cemetery or can a casket just go into the ground...
Belynda Devotchka
Belynda Devotchka 12 hours ago
That funeral home tho 😍🖤😍🖤 I’d love to live there
Holo Piano
Holo Piano 12 hours ago
Thank you so much for naming this! As a trans person had this not crossed my mind yet. I need to start thinking of how I want my funeral (cause I already know I want to be barried or kept as bones for my family and partner).