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11 months ago
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Manuel Cirios
Manuel Cirios 11 hours ago
She made a song showing a house tour
Ish 11 hours ago
can u react to louder than bombs? it has this amazing vocalisation! I think u should give it a listen.
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns 11 hours ago
Would be pretty neat if you did a video on Chrissy Costanza
microwave 11 hours ago
_"calm, calm, IN YOUR FACE"_ _"calm, calm, IN YOUR FACE"_
edje_tean 11 hours ago
Saw your hair and thought this was a maxmoefoe video, but this is nice as well xD
Lizzy Lockheart
Lizzy Lockheart 11 hours ago
Am i the only one who thinks you look like Anthony Padilla with long hair xD
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 hours ago
I don’t like the song but the chorus is catchy it’s been stuck in my head and I want it out
Lola Jordan
Lola Jordan 11 hours ago
Tristan: I’ve never actually heard little mix before Me: well then you’re in for a treat :)))
NFL Girl
NFL Girl 11 hours ago
Ps she is saying but and “if lonely” for that part in the clip that might be a little confusing
Desiree Aguilera
Desiree Aguilera 11 hours ago
REACT TO LOREN ALLRED -never enough live!!!! Not the movie one (different actor)
B T 11 hours ago
She doesn’t have color in her voice imo
Dianna Galii
Dianna Galii 11 hours ago
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 hours ago
React to Aidan Gallagher “Fourth of July”
Music Gaming
Music Gaming 11 hours ago
Just enjoy the song!!!!!!!!
Amber's Makeup
Amber's Makeup 11 hours ago
You should react to harry styles again🥺💖 cause we both know it would make all our days better
Stephanie Hardee
Stephanie Hardee 11 hours ago
arelis Rumberger
arelis Rumberger 11 hours ago
Bruh the cat🙁
peachy ava
peachy ava 11 hours ago
His voice is so soft it’s like: ☁️🐰🍼
Bianca Panares
Bianca Panares 11 hours ago
Yea it is her house but lololololol xD Dixie was saying BAHAHAJKANSKAKKSKAJ LOL*screams* BHAHAH *cough*lol
Leah Brushett
Leah Brushett 12 hours ago
I’m dying hahahahaha when he can’t understand what she’s saying
Zenyraia Baraoidan
Zenyraia Baraoidan 12 hours ago
Yes thats her house
im nabong
im nabong 12 hours ago
Niziu pleaseeee
Brittany Rodriguez
Brittany Rodriguez 12 hours ago
Why does he look like Keanu Reeves in bill and Ted's big adventure
Alyson Freitag
Alyson Freitag 12 hours ago
ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆
Briana Cunningham
Briana Cunningham 12 hours ago
You're so sweet! Subbed.
ZevZuu 12 hours ago
Nobody: Tristan: Buöye
Trinity Reed
Trinity Reed 12 hours ago
She can sing lock at her tik tok
Sulli 12 hours ago
Can you please react to: Tik Tok sing off, James Charles(ft. The Lopez Brothers & My Best Friend)
MacPro8CoreMan 12 hours ago
You are the dumbest reactor I've ever watched. This movie is remarkable, the cast is remarkable, the play was based on a 1936 C.S.Lewis book of poems. Please just stop here because you, like so many in your generation do not understand true performance art.
TBNR ANDREI 12 hours ago
He/she can just reacts zayn's voice
Blue_ Moons
Blue_ Moons 12 hours ago
React to Aidan Gallagher “Fourth of July”
Hussein Diab
Hussein Diab 12 hours ago
3:26 HAHAHA I’m dying
KimTaetae 12 hours ago
please react to jungkook still with you
MULLET BROS 12 hours ago
Idk if it’s the hair but Tristan is looking very attractive 💞💞
Twobarpsi 12 hours ago
Dixie is a racist name! Represents the South! BLM!
Lovely Rose
Lovely Rose 12 hours ago
wow but youre so rude. like seriously.
Isabel Monica Sumbo
Isabel Monica Sumbo 12 hours ago
XxemosnowflakexX Channel1
XxemosnowflakexX Channel1 12 hours ago
how do you not know...Dixie
Samantha C
Samantha C 12 hours ago
Him trying to figure out what she was saying 3:27 HAD ME CRYING 😂😂😂
Musixchill Visuals
Musixchill Visuals 12 hours ago
ᴵ ᴸᴼᴹᴱ ᴺᴬˢᴬᴸ
zellty 13 hours ago
I thought this was Anthony Padilla
Mary katherine Atwell
Mary katherine Atwell 13 hours ago
She is saying but
Ananya Sahay
Ananya Sahay 13 hours ago
#48 trending in India 💞
_Im weird_ isn'tthatjustgreat
_Im weird_ isn'tthatjustgreat 13 hours ago
I didn’t at all realize that he was the same guy I thought it was a different channel omg
just erin
just erin 13 hours ago
She's saying "but" not böuye
Kayle Vo
Kayle Vo 13 hours ago
i remember coming to school and thats all ppl were talking about LMAO
Veronica G
Veronica G 13 hours ago
Can you post a cover of you singing the Aladdin part for a whole new world becaus you sounded really good at that part 7:28
Rylie Armstrong
Rylie Armstrong 13 hours ago
when he pulled up the jake paul song lmaooo
Caleb Gaming!!
Caleb Gaming!! 13 hours ago
Honestly you need to react to brakence my guy!
Mini Doc
Mini Doc 13 hours ago
She says "but" had to look up the lyrics
_ Annita_
_ Annita_ 13 hours ago
The Tessa Brooks comparison i can’t 💀💀
Tanya Ganesh
Tanya Ganesh 13 hours ago
Nobody: My mind: ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆
Trinh Nguyễn
Trinh Nguyễn 13 hours ago
React to jungkook singing never not - lauv plsss
alo rivera
alo rivera 13 hours ago
he is me replaying it because of their beautiful voices
Marlena Mallari
Marlena Mallari 13 hours ago
React to James Charles's Tiktok Sing-off!
SeokjinGay 13 hours ago
Hey Tristan, you should react to “my time” by Jungkook... 👁👄👁
Gabrielle Widjaya
Gabrielle Widjaya 13 hours ago
His face at 6:42 I just can’t 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JVCKPOT 13 hours ago
Bad song
SeokjinGay 13 hours ago
React to “My time” by Jungkook 👁👄👁
ItsKaly Roblox
ItsKaly Roblox 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks it’s probably the only song she will ever do
SGG Kurik
SGG Kurik 13 hours ago
2:15 she said buddy
Potter Head
Potter Head 13 hours ago
She said "BUT"
Super Fox
Super Fox 13 hours ago
You should do ON from BTS
Kalanii 13 hours ago
Please react to Cuckoo by Netta 🙂 Love the vids as usual
Balroop Kullar
Balroop Kullar 13 hours ago
She said but sometimes I don’t want to be happy
Sofio Velazquez
Sofio Velazquez 13 hours ago
You should react to Jaden hossler’s music video and clips of him singing
Veronica G
Veronica G 13 hours ago
From 17:30 to 17:57 James sounded so good!!!! It’s amazing how much progress that can be made in a short time
Bria 13 hours ago
And here I thought Suga was the one with the tongue technology 🙈
Alex Killington
Alex Killington 13 hours ago
Everyone look at Tara's comment and look at the replies WHY DO YA'LL THINK HE THINKS HE'S BETTER THEN HE IS CAUSE HE'S JUST AS GOOD AS HE THINKS!
Vick's Vlogs
Vick's Vlogs 13 hours ago
How does he not realize the girl who was “singing in the shower” was lip syncing
P.B.P Gaming
P.B.P Gaming 13 hours ago
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jianxaal_ 13 hours ago
Selena Rios
Selena Rios 13 hours ago
Me when he clicked the parody: 👁👄👁 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Idk What to name myself
Idk What to name myself 13 hours ago
have😦you😱ever😭been😫snaked🤬by🤐a😏friend🤨then😞just🤩for🤒the🥶clout🤪they’ll🥳do😇it😊again🤯 OMG 🤪 it’s ‼️my 👁 flop 🧍🏻 flop 🦠 fish 🐟 robot 🤖 for 🧱 ghetto 🙈 cat 😻 period 💅🏻 If🦶🏼he🗣ever👶🏽see😦me🥱fighting🤡in💕a😭forest💅🏽with🧴a🤷🏽‍♀️grizzly😅bear🧚🏻‍♀️HELP😱DA😽BEAR🐻 Do you ever just 🙀🙀😼😹😿😻😼🙀😸😸🎃😻😹😿😹🤖😺🙀🙀😽👐🏻😿😹👾🤖🎃😽😽🤲🏻😹🤖🎃😽😽😽😼😾😾😿😹😻😽🙀😺🎃🤖😹😹😹😿😻🤖😺🙀🙀😼😻😿😹👾🎃😽🙀😻 ɦɛʏ👋ɮɛֆȶʏ😻ǟʀɛ⚫️ʏօʊ👤ƈօʍɨռɢ🏃‍♂️ȶօ👄ȶɦɛ👑ȶʀè🌲🌳 👽⎅⍜⍀⟟⋔⟒👽⏃⋔⎍⋔⎍👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽⍀⏃⏁⟒⎅⏃⟒👽⌰⏃⏁⟒⟒⎅⏃⟒👽⋔⍜⟒👽⎅⍜⍀⟟⋔⟒👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽⍜⌰⋔⟒⋏⏃👽⎅⟒⌿⏃⎅⏃⍀⟟👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽 ⎅⟟⋔⟒⎅⏃👽 r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️ LAUV[sulk]LAUV[wicked]LAUV[scream]LAUV[shout]LAUV[angry]LAUV[speechless]LAUV[cry]LAUUVVVV[weep] riding 👻round😽 in 👽a 😾rover 🥵if 😻i 🐱see😘 ops🦟 then👁it’s🙈over 😍 ill👄send🛫man🚶🏼‍♂️straight🤪to😳Jehova🕌 why❓don't⌛we🔪just👽relax😩and🤬turn🦷on🦾the💅radio📻 would👿you😼like💕AMMMM👹or🤪 FMMMM👺 ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆
Toxic T4Dr4w
Toxic T4Dr4w 13 hours ago
Có Chắc Yêu Là Đây - Sơn Tùng M-TP reaction đi anh Tris ơi
notayusername 13 hours ago
Does anyone else think this guy looks like ray toro?
P.B.P Gaming
P.B.P Gaming 13 hours ago
namjesus loves his titties
namjesus loves his titties 13 hours ago
hai can u please react to stray kids 'easy' ? :D
Ross Martin
Ross Martin 13 hours ago
Please do a review of amber riley her vocal range is amazing she is so talented love her please check her out and see if u want to do a video. Thanks Ross M.
Karen Smith
Karen Smith 13 hours ago
When I saw vocal Coach I was like OH SNAPPPP
Rick Andersen
Rick Andersen 14 hours ago
The best voice in the world...? Australia's John Farnham....Don't believe me> Check
K & J vlogs
K & J vlogs 14 hours ago
Can you react to this song? It’s a Cambodian song so you might not understand but I really wanna know your judges on the artist. It’s called Three Maidens by Ros Sereysothea, Houy Meas, and Pen Ran.
Lynn Lourenco
Lynn Lourenco 14 hours ago
I couldn't stop smiling either!
Lukas Poore
Lukas Poore 14 hours ago
I see it,I like it,I want it, I look in my wall it empty.
Lukas Poore
Lukas Poore 14 hours ago
Avery Dorion
Avery Dorion 14 hours ago
In some of those videos they were lip singing. 🎤
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 14 hours ago
this actually sounds dope
c h u b b y p a n d a s
c h u b b y p a n d a s 14 hours ago
I love the song
BlackTo ThePink
BlackTo ThePink 14 hours ago
He's reaction when he recognized jisoo is everything I'm crying 🥺🥺🥺 thanks for recognized jisoo Blackpink in your area
Kristina House
Kristina House 14 hours ago
Just saying it is but and it is the slat on my tounge
bren 14 hours ago
react to txt’s fairy of shampoo please 🥺
Why are we still here Just to suffer
Why are we still here Just to suffer 14 hours ago
Hi Tristan! I absolutely love your videos and you taught me a lot of things from your videos! You're amazing! I have a request, can you please react to eaj - Pacman? Or Day6 Zombie? Day6 is a korean band and zombie is their newest song. And Eaj is one of their member, his name is Jae and he released the song Pacman just a few days ago! It would be amazing if you can react to them! Thank you so much!
Kat 258
Kat 258 14 hours ago
“He’s not allowed to have all that talent, he needs to share some of it >:3” *casually sips coffee*
Genesis Saldivar Guerre
Genesis Saldivar Guerre 14 hours ago
Dixies voice is perfect
Lisa Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez 14 hours ago
"It's my voice unfortunately" That is definitely not unfortunate. He sings so good without autotune ❤️
BlackTo ThePink
BlackTo ThePink 14 hours ago
When he say blackpink almost have the same voice or pretty similar except for jisoo I'm crying finally someone recognize how unique jisoo voice 🥺
Kenny Thao
Kenny Thao 14 hours ago
Donald trump impression😂😂
Guille de Felipe
Guille de Felipe 14 hours ago
no one: him: He/She does x thing bUT ITS NOT NECESARILLY BAD THO, I SWEAR
Deanna W
Deanna W 14 hours ago
This video is funny. You look like Anthony Padilla
Kadence 14 hours ago
ITS SUPPOSED TO SAY BUT NOT BOUYE U BOBOS! I hate this song but, every time I hear this song I wanna cry.
daniela 14 hours ago
I hate this song so much but I love them
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor 14 hours ago
Lmao the parody sent me 😂