Cal Jam 17 - Good Times!
Foo Fighters - Sean
Per Cesena & #Rockin1000
Foo Fighters - Outside
The Feast and The Famine
6 years ago
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Help me Shaun
7 years ago
Right Now
8 years ago
Foo Fighters. Walk.
DongiorS band
DongiorS band 18 minutes ago
Amazing Dave !
Mim 20 minutes ago
Dave is the best thing that have happened to my life, well, the whole foo fighters actually♥
CAPUNGIN 23 minutes ago
King dave
dante v
dante v 47 minutes ago
Who else wants to see Nandi take on Tool songs on the drums?!?!
CRAIG IS 0K Hour ago
I wonder if Kurt was here what he would say
wvusmc Hour ago
Sounds like L7 meets Sonic Youth
sonik-boom 2 hours ago
Dave is the Keanu Reeves of music, and Keanu is the Dave Grohl of movies.
Burgers Beans and Chips
Burgers Beans and Chips 2 hours ago
When Yoyaka covers Nandi, then she's made it. (battening hatches...)
Share The Footage
Share The Footage 3 hours ago
Music is supposed to be fun and entertaining, both for the artists and for the audience. That's when you know you're doing it right! Ima go bang on some drums...
Drum Smash88
Drum Smash88 3 hours ago
That was so awesome! Dave Grohl is the best! I’m also a rock drummer and he and Taylor Hawkins are one of my favorite rock drummers ever! Foo Fighters rock!
Sourav Nandi
Sourav Nandi 3 hours ago
Odins Wolf
Odins Wolf 3 hours ago
I was falling down, then I learned to walk again
Craig sharp
Craig sharp 4 hours ago
Falling down 👌
Richard Davenport
Richard Davenport 4 hours ago
Love love love this.. Dave you rock... Thanks for all you do!!!
Melanie Phillips
Melanie Phillips 5 hours ago
So cool! Nandi you are one lucky kid.
Firsteerr Lastmwwew
Firsteerr Lastmwwew 5 hours ago
nandi kicks your butt grohl ...accept your defeat like a man !!!ha ha ha ha i can see a set of foo fighters drums turning up at nandis for Christmas all jokes aside encouraging kids to play and get into rock and roll is the future well done dave
Vince Mesa / Boogie
Vince Mesa / Boogie 5 hours ago
U rule Dave 🤘💯
b sa
b sa 5 hours ago
bloody nutter, got to love him! and let bbc live lounge artists cover a song for NHS- give the bloke a knighthood
Deedee Big
Deedee Big 6 hours ago
This gives me hope in the world again 😭😍
Andrew Fowler
Andrew Fowler 7 hours ago
Wait...who the hell would have the sour heart to hit "dislike" for someone who took their own time to generously make this song for a young kid? Rant over! Kudos to you Dave Grohl! Human kindness...its a thing!
N Moore
N Moore 7 hours ago
This song ... It's deep, it's sexy and tells a personal story for me. LOVE THE FOOS! <3 xoxo
MackisLife 8 hours ago
2:38 I don’t want lunch. I want breakfast.
Kieorasama 9 hours ago
It makes sense but I never released they made a Seattle reference in this video. Hwy 101, 110, and 405 are all well known, well traveled routes in this state!
Joanna 9 hours ago
This girl has to be the happiest in the world right now
Phantom Thief
Phantom Thief 12 hours ago
Can't believe this song is 9 years old. I always think that this album came out just before their latest album. (regardless of the number of albums after this one.)
LLARDOVERSE 12 hours ago
GodblessYou!! DAVE!!!
Caroline Cardoso
Caroline Cardoso 13 hours ago
battlethebollocks Rodgers
battlethebollocks Rodgers 13 hours ago
Carry on ...nothing to see here propaganda.... trailblazing now....find Christ David ....rock & roll has nothing to do with the who, what , why?
Butthole Surfer
Butthole Surfer 14 hours ago
Man, what a fucking legend.
Joanna 9 hours ago
Grohl, will the Foo Fighters sound like the Foo Fighters soon?
Alexandre Laforest
Alexandre Laforest 14 hours ago
Dave grohl is just one of these guys that is impossible to hate, no matter how hard you try. Dude is just too awesome.
Joe M
Joe M 15 hours ago
That is the coolest friggin thing i've ever seen... nandi, the gauntlet has been drawn.... good luck
Noology 15 hours ago
Dave just raised the bar. Good Luck Nandi, can't wait to see your reply.
Gearhead 6971
Gearhead 6971 15 hours ago
70s Superhero cartoon theme, Nice!🤘
TehNetherlands 16 hours ago
Dave Grohl should be on Joe Rogan's podcast.
Nick Kleiber
Nick Kleiber 16 hours ago
Have you ever wondered if Kurt killed himself knowing that Dave needed to be set free and that Dave’s contributions to the world of rock need to be set in motion!
Aaron Doodles
Aaron Doodles 16 hours ago
Ramones went Dave Grohl
Kevin Smyth
Kevin Smyth 16 hours ago
So cool... The world definitely needs more Dave Grohl...
Chris Agnew
Chris Agnew 16 hours ago
I love the focus on the guitar necks. This video is as instructive as it is entertaining.
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Subbing to everyone who subs to me 16 hours ago
Dave grohl is that one cool uncle at the family reunion
Mark Nope
Mark Nope 16 hours ago
Lars has been replaced by a 6 year old
Matt Dargis
Matt Dargis 17 hours ago
Said it before years ago. Dave Group is one of the coolest mother fuckers in rock today.
FireoftheGreeks 17 hours ago
OK, which one do you choose: The front man for the Foo Fighters wrote me a song, or The drummer for Nirvana wrote me a song?
Mavrick Haight
Mavrick Haight 17 hours ago
I've got a problem here with this music and that problem, is the production. I don't know who produced this track but who ever they are should add more pollish and make it sound like Foo Fighters and not i-heart the 2000s childrens music! The production is crazy low-fi and the sound is in mono and not stereo which poors salt into the woond. What else am I supose to say when this track gives me nothing to talk about! So yah their's my problem with this video. Hey dave, do you need any help relearning how to be the Foo Fighters? If so, go back and listen to your Everlong or Learn to fly or the pretender or anything from the 90s or 2000s work you did. If that doesn't help, than I don't know what will. Grohl, will the Foo Fighters sound like the Foo Fighters soon?
Mavrick Haight
Mavrick Haight 11 minutes ago
@iggifer Ok but isn't it supose to be in stereo? I mean Weezer made a video for the song, "Beginning of the end", and it was in stereo.
iggifer 24 minutes ago
How long do you seriously expect him to spend on post production? It's just a bit of fun, it's not for release, it's not going anywhere other than youtube so why waste time and money on taking it past demo level? It's probably got two guitar tracks, one bass DI, 3 vocal tracks and probably 6 or 7 drum tracks. That's already a ton of work when your intended audience is one person. Just see this for what it is, Dave Grohl being a great dude and having fun and helping to inspire future generations.
Diego _nes
Diego _nes 17 hours ago
Simplesmente o cara mais FODA que já existiu nesse "tal" de Rock n Roll!!!
Hugo Rafael Fonseca Silva
Hugo Rafael Fonseca Silva 17 hours ago
Nandi, Você tá com muita moral!!! Ganhar uma música tema do Dave Grohl... E que música! Você merece! Um salve do Brasil pra vocês!
Mike vasapollo
Mike vasapollo 17 hours ago
You're truly an amazing man, artist! How could you possibly be this cool, but you are!
Mother Maniac
Mother Maniac 18 hours ago
Oh I can imagine Nandi walking around feeling 8 feet tall afte seeing this. This is beyond amazing, such a great gift and gesture. Dave Grohl, you are my drum God, but Nandi Bushell is a better drummer than you. I'm sorry.
物の哀れ 18 hours ago
Taylor's gotta be getting worried. I reckon he could be out and Nandi in as the next Foos drummer.😂
clash5j 19 hours ago
Nandi's parents had to shut down comments on all her videos. Hope it wasn't because of inappropriate comments by the usual morons
John m
John m 19 hours ago
Nice one Dave. 👍
ВладGBS 19 hours ago
JoAmethyst 19 hours ago
Ha, ha, this is awesome!!
Nils 19 hours ago
That was awesome ! 😊💪
RecliningFurniture 19 hours ago
Nice one, Dave. Watching that made me laugh out loud. Brilliant!
benjledrumer - Benjamin Balair
benjledrumer - Benjamin Balair 19 hours ago
SOOOO GOOD !!!! Dave, YOU ARE MY HERO !!! 🤘👍🥁
Alutious 20 hours ago
Jesse C
Jesse C 20 hours ago
Dave you are an inspiration beyond anything I could possibly convey. Reading through the plethora of comments there is nothing I could really add that hasn't been said. Hats off to you Dave! DAVE GROHL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
Samuel Phippen
Samuel Phippen 21 hour ago
laburniby boone
laburniby boone 21 hour ago
What a legend
NemetsAlex 21 hour ago
madmanuel444 21 hour ago
Dave Grohl is the Coolest of the COOLEST of all the world. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa M. Altemose
Lisa M. Altemose 21 hour ago
This has given the whole world a much-needed smile!
free _dom
free _dom 21 hour ago
I really think she did win round 1 lol.
Thiago Badra
Thiago Badra 21 hour ago
Who ever thought a girl playing the hi hat and kick combo would be called best in the world
Space Suitor
Space Suitor 21 hour ago
ohhh, this is enough to make a grown man J E A L O U S .
K Higgins
K Higgins 21 hour ago
100+ Thumbs Downs for the Chad's, Brad's and Karen's that didn't have a song written about them.
scazermazz 21 hour ago
Just when you think Dave couldn't get any cooler....he goes and does it!!!!
Newsky79 22 hours ago
This planet needs about a million more copies of Dave Grohl :)
Francesco Antonio Santangelo
Francesco Antonio Santangelo 22 hours ago
Come si fa a non amare questo tizio.
Rallisport 22 hours ago
How can you downvote this? Some people just want to watch the world burn...
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 22 hours ago
Dave Rocks! This is so cool! Who the heck dislikes this. They need their heads examined.
Christian Thöne
Christian Thöne 22 hours ago
What a legend this man is! A hero in the truest sense!
Vomit Man
Vomit Man 22 hours ago
peartist2 22 hours ago
This is the opening theme song for the Saturday morning cartoon, The Adventures of Nandi: Rockingist Drummer Girl
lake eola band
lake eola band 22 hours ago
he needs to record another album by himself lol
Damian Fallis
Damian Fallis 23 hours ago
Is that Michael Douglas?
J. Ricardo Ordoñez
J. Ricardo Ordoñez 23 hours ago
fucking genious!!!!!
Marcel Dewit
Marcel Dewit 23 hours ago
Gotta love Dave Grohl! Also, the demon code prevents him from declining a rock-off challenge.
John Kay
John Kay 23 hours ago
Dave you are so rad to do this.
Rockzwell77 23 hours ago
49:28 Pat Smear aka the posser sounds pretty good in this song