Living Life in Hawaii
Living Life in Hawaii 15 hours ago
Tayshia is going to make this season fun
patience mpirirwe
patience mpirirwe 15 hours ago
Dale looks like one of the guys from Empire
Tiffani Morris
Tiffani Morris 15 hours ago
What a waste of a season!! Clare is DAMAGED GOODS and NOT APPEALING whether she's 39 or 19. She's superficial, entitled, immature and doesn't deserve any of these men. It's ok to have a discussion/disagreement, but never point your finger in someone's face. As Yosef said she's classless and I expected more from the oldest
Nia Paulino
Nia Paulino 16 hours ago
Bennett's roast was hilarious! Too funny.
Negrita Overcomer
Negrita Overcomer 16 hours ago
Wow she is a person with a weird personality wow !
Alexandra Vasic
Alexandra Vasic 16 hours ago
Kendall was my favorite! she was too good for Arie
Dai Wng
Dai Wng 16 hours ago
Katie was right the whole time. Cassie-colton breakup surprises no one.
Diane McCloud
Diane McCloud 16 hours ago
Joe, Hannan and Tay, Tay, your podcast is great....I am all in....and encouraging's soooo fun and actual and factual....keep climbing...loving it...
cjimbeam21 16 hours ago
The guys blindly defending are as pathetic as she is. All around trash. The only winner here is the honest/direct guy that left.
norton done
norton done 17 hours ago
I think Yosef was an asshle! 😤 it was obvious he was jealous that Clare was obviously falling for dale. Yosef was a sore loser and that’s why he tried to humiliate her on television. She said twice at least that she let him talk at her for 20 minutes than she went after him! I think she’s awesome for not letting that street thug get away with abusing her and let’s get it right Yosef Was emotionally abusing her in case you didn’t know!
BeccyGnay 17 hours ago
luke p actually creeps me out. like he gives me stalker vibes. i would not want to be associated with him. and i do not know why hannah stands up for him over and over again. i can not believe that he made it almost to the finalist. like wth.
Varaidzo1 17 hours ago
It's not that serious. I don't even think Dale needs to answer to the men either. They could have easily gone and looked for her. Many contestants in other seasons have gone back a second time to be with the lead & sb else mentioned on Ben's season how he went off with Lauren for some time. This isn't unique to this season.
player 1
player 1 17 hours ago
Every man who is on or watches this show is a SIMP
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo 17 hours ago
and in the end..she still doesn't get why she is still.. The Bachelorette™
Sasha Taylor
Sasha Taylor 17 hours ago
Ive a girlfriend like Clare childish, insecure, entitled, demanding, countless men in and out her life, one nighters everywhere basically a train wreck. And Clare 39 ? bs try 44
Sauce Queen
Sauce Queen 17 hours ago
Notice how she's "crying" but no running mascara
marieki1 17 hours ago
she is unstable
chrissygreen24 18 hours ago
She's so rude 🙄 that poor guy
Castennin 18 hours ago
Bad example of a woman. What this guy did was actually what women want, communication. Yes it wasn't a pleasant one, but he had a point and he made that point in a polite manner. What is a very sad to see is all those spineless guys supporting her without any knowledge of what happened.
JJs Essence
JJs Essence 18 hours ago
Yesssss!!!! Tayshiaaaaa😂💓
chrissygreen24 18 hours ago
I honestly think it's disrespectful to degrade a person as a parent especially someone who already has a child as if she's been around him and his daughter. Honestly I see where he's coming from and I feel like she did too but she didn't want to be wrong so she decided to lash out.
rainbeau54 18 hours ago
There is only one outburst here, that is Clare’s.
Tia Paterson
Tia Paterson 18 hours ago
Why did she ask him everything, this was so awkward to watch
Sienna 18 hours ago
For all those dissing Clare... The reason she’s still single is because she can have her pick of men and wants to find the right one. It’s easy to find just ANY person. Every close friend of mine who rushed to get married in her twenties is now divorced in her thirties! Not for me... thanks.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 18 hours ago
"Talking to a woman like that? I don't care WHAT I've done" - every woman ever.
Sienna 18 hours ago
Sorry but that guy is absolutely awful.
Bev Strong
Bev Strong 18 hours ago
I’m getting serial killer vibes from cam
Alexandra Vasic
Alexandra Vasic 19 hours ago
Becca has excellent taste, he is a hottie!
maryam mure
maryam mure 19 hours ago
Stop hating on claire. She falling for this man. And nothing wrong with it. When you know you know. Just wish them happiness and shut the hell up. It's not your business. Let them be. If they happy they happy. Why y'all so damn invested and making a fool of yourselves on the comments. Guess you have never been In love before. Get a life!!
TheUnknownGoat 19 hours ago
Of course she didn’t settle for men like that because men like that never gave her the chance to (“pump and dump”)😂
Kari Bu
Kari Bu 19 hours ago
~ Dale & Clare bonded prior to filming & are lying about...I could be wrong, but I doubt it!..Tayshia was decided on, according to the following comment, released yesterday....... " ABC executive Robert Mills recalled the precise moment when he and his team realized Crawley wasn’t making for good television anymore, which occurred at the end of Tuesday’s episode. “When she didn’t give out that rose and she just gave it to herself, that was it,” Mills explained, referring to Crawley’s second group date. “That was really it, when we started making the call.” Mills acknowledged that the contestants were starting to turn against Crawley and Moss’s strong connection by that point." ... She went against the show's guidelines.
Lil ' Q
Lil ' Q 19 hours ago
Dale is attractive but I find him very hard to read. Like, I can't tell if he's being genuine or if he's just there for fame.
real me524
real me524 19 hours ago
I don't know why is everyone is hating on here. She is the bachelorette and she can do whatever she wants based on her feelings. She doesn't have to please everybody
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 19 hours ago
This is the reason I always ghost. To avoid situations like this.
pr br
pr br 19 hours ago
Clare: Guess what its because l like him. Us: No you're an obsessed moron.
j e s u s
j e s u s 19 hours ago
Gerald Henderson
Gerald Henderson 20 hours ago
Yousef outburst?
Abby 20 hours ago
The fact she called him her fiancé already and won’t stop talking about him all of episode 3 is crazy
Stephanie Whaley
Stephanie Whaley 20 hours ago
Rachel drinking Coors 😂😂 GIRL WHYYYYYY
Killer D
Killer D 20 hours ago
39, attractive and single. She’s lackin somewhere else, and we just saw it
Killer D
Killer D 20 hours ago
“That’s why you weren’t on that date” What an immature response, she took what he said, and completely threw that all away, shows what she really is
David Bejarano
David Bejarano 20 hours ago
I feel bad for the guys 🤷🏻‍♂️
Flying S. Monster
Flying S. Monster 20 hours ago
Respect to this dude, bro. Bro, like seriously, bro. 🤣 Stay “cool,” bros!
Chicken and Pizza
Chicken and Pizza 20 hours ago
"talking to a woman like that!" is said so much it gets old or the classic "you need to respect women" imagine it being flipped around. People earn respect.
ambie 21 hour ago
It’s clear why the women has been single for so long lmao
golforfishing 21 hour ago
she's 39 and has a kid already? Is this true?
marieki1 17 hours ago
she is 39 but no kids.
Wolfgang Sebastian
Wolfgang Sebastian 21 hour ago
Though I agree with him 110% I still have to question: Did he honestly think a reality show-where you're exclusively judged by your looks-is the best place to find a good woman? If he did, then, I have to wonder who's more delusional: Him, or a shallow, almost 40 unmarried woman (who's been to this show before) who still thinks she's such a catch.
Fellow accelerationist
Fellow accelerationist 15 hours ago
True, but I guess they are all actors.
Vickie Andrews
Vickie Andrews 21 hour ago
I respect him for telling her she was not what he was looking for and naked dodge ball is for 20 year olds. She was right for walking away. I do not agree with continued outburst from him. Leaving was respectful because he was just letting her know it was over before it ever started.
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 22 hours ago
Was feeling sorry and inspired by Claire right up until the moment she became the bachelorette lmao
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 22 hours ago
Um is someone gonna tell Claire what a roast is? I’s not about “not hurting feelings lol it’s about hurting everyone’s feelings and so no one can get mad.
Simone Austin
Simone Austin 22 hours ago
Ben seems very real, wow.
World Wide2
World Wide2 22 hours ago
Clare is just cute man she literally has a young spirit in a big body.
Tonya Totten
Tonya Totten 22 hours ago
Yes Clare and Yosef are both in the wrong here but to tell you the truth there's no justification in Clare ignoring the other guys or Yosef age shaming Clare.Clare's Behavior has nothing to do with her age because Hannah Brown was just as a horrible lead as Clare she was super immature and she was ignorant and the truth is we're all adults here be us 25 or 55 we all need to grow the heck up.
christopher dao
christopher dao 22 hours ago
She crazy
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen 22 hours ago
im going to hell for laughing at these
Madina Tuleshova
Madina Tuleshova 22 hours ago
Bennett's whole appearance just screams "the dreamy, but cold guy from the romantic novels". But he has a personality of a cinnamon roll, which is sooo adorable. I honestly wish he could be the bachelor someday
Idil Os
Idil Os 22 hours ago
where is the all full episodes
keba keba
keba keba 22 hours ago
These guys should be hating on Claire not Dale....she chose him...she made the decisions herself....Dale came just like anybody else to find love.... I don't understand why they had to go that hard on him... it's not nice
Theresa Bigayan
Theresa Bigayan 23 hours ago
Becca and Benett would look good together lol. Meanwhile, I'm tired of seeing Rachel on every Bachelor related interview. She's annoying.
Melissa G
Melissa G 23 hours ago
My vote for blake moynes!!!!
Jonathan Craig
Jonathan Craig 23 hours ago
I want bennet as the bachelor after the next one
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 23 hours ago
Bennett was the right man, dale was the mistake..she will live to regret this
DmanDice 23 hours ago
Imagine going through a divorce with this women. Unfortunately she will not understand why shes single until shes pushing 50.
Loved By You
Loved By You 23 hours ago
I agree with Becca. Like Imagine not being able to take A JOKE!!!!
Donar W
Donar W 23 hours ago
4:07 the best way to get out of a relationship
The Goose
The Goose 23 hours ago
You know if Catherine was on the red team he wouldn’t be doing this
Cousin Dupree
Cousin Dupree 23 hours ago
Yosef is THE winner of the Bachelorette....definitely!!!!!!!
VintageGal2 23 hours ago
Becca is the most annoying person.
guitarprodigy100 23 hours ago
Just realized Luke P sounds like Tim Tebow
Dawn of Mike
Dawn of Mike 23 hours ago
Damn, the 4 simps protected her. Automatically assumed she was innocent. And some how, despite him stating his opinions and concerns in a calm matter, she is claiming he spoke to her in a way that was wrong? That girl is delusional. Like I understand the show is about her, but in the end she is on a tv show looking for a husband while her mom is supposedly dying. In my opinion, its a good thing Yosef, despite his flaws, didn't end up with her. I think he won by losing. But he should take this as a sign that he should stop wasting his time on these shows, get himself together, and raise his damn daughter.
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly 23 hours ago
Dale didn't even really mind the jokes. Dude was laughing. But oh well.
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly 23 hours ago
Bennet and Ben. That's it, that's the comment.
Mia Carter
Mia Carter 23 hours ago
His delivery was terrible, the first half was great then it became extremely rude, however I don't disagree with what he said.
Abigail Sunn
Abigail Sunn Day ago
Too bad Clare was too obsessed with Dale this season. These guys are just gold 😂😂 especially Bennett 😉
Evan Miller
Evan Miller Day ago
This guy is the man!
Krizia Andrei Yap
Krizia Andrei Yap Day ago
Oh Clare really thinks she’s right here and is empowering herself.
Ci Irene Lic'd Beauty Specialist
Ci Irene Lic'd Beauty Specialist Day ago
Claire is the bachelor version of modern-day Karen entitled low self-esteem clearly emotionally unstable has no respect for herself this guy is right The best thing he did was leave that show Good luck to Dale maybe he's doing the Lord's work
Happy Day
Happy Day Day ago
There is a reason this woman ,IS NOT MARRIED.
Fuscia221 Day ago
The main problem I have with their being a new bachelorette is that she might not be all of their type. Clearly a lot of the guys knew more about Claire than just her looks, especially since she eliminated someone over saying that they were there primarily because of her looks and called him superficial. Now they expect these guys to be just as superficial??
Makayla Lacey
Makayla Lacey Day ago
Cam was being so damn annoying 💯 what does you RESIGNING from your job have anything to do with Hannah? That's hella manipulative thing to say to someone.