Becky Davis
Becky Davis 6 hours ago
Aaron Murillo
Aaron Murillo 6 hours ago
I am so happy and proud
GrapeFacedJMike710 7 hours ago
Top 3 matches of all time if not #1
Agent Money
Agent Money 7 hours ago
If sasha doesn't return till the royal rumble maybe niome can take on baley
Shajack 7 hours ago
Reigns and Heymans relationship is like Colt and Debbie from 90 day Fiance
Jayda Hall
Jayda Hall 7 hours ago
If that was my mom I would be like nah I'm fint to go in this
EDX Studios
EDX Studios 8 hours ago
Vince hated this match... why?
Emilio Pena
Emilio Pena 9 hours ago
Shelton did dio dirty
it's me BryanGh0stboi
it's me BryanGh0stboi 9 hours ago
4:47 pat sets him off
SCAR -GAMMING 10 hours ago
I think this is great Roman is more a badass then before
Nick Allen
Nick Allen 10 hours ago
Why can't you fix the reverb?
Charlton Lyon
Charlton Lyon 10 hours ago
Did they just leave sit in ROman voice 🤣
Big OX Uchia
Big OX Uchia 10 hours ago
Am I the only one thinks Sami is Mick Foley's love child?
Davohn Kay
Davohn Kay 11 hours ago
Wish they would’ve been done this pairing it’s so natural
Jasias McGuire
Jasias McGuire 11 hours ago
doktai kai go check that out
MOD MENU VIP 11 hours ago
But in survivor series Team reings vs team rollins vs team ciampa win roman
MOD MENU VIP 11 hours ago
Team smackdown
Ra!n 12 hours ago
why is Paul Heyman always be with a Universal Champion
UntlAR1 77
UntlAR1 77 12 hours ago
So many layers to this. Sasha through years of manipulation slowly corrupted Bayley's soul. She's responsible for the monster she has become & now she has destroy her own creation. But even through the years of manipulation sasha grew to actually care about bayley, but did bayley ever feel the same? On Bayley's side, shes trying to destroy sasha not only physically, but much more importantly, psychologically. Because beside all her bravado, aggression, she knows in her soul, that she cant beat sasha. That despite her recent evolution, she cant beat the master, her teacher. She will always be inferior.
John Doe
John Doe 12 hours ago
Warrior and Savage had such great chemistry. I think Savage was Warrior’s greatest rival.
JayL LuJan
JayL LuJan 14 hours ago
This ain't there first time fighting each time the usos won but not this time this heel reigns dont care who you are family or foe
Chandra Davis
Chandra Davis 14 hours ago
I’m confused of how everybody booing Roman and y’all wanted him heel
Pablo Mendez
Pablo Mendez 14 hours ago
Why they put street fight trying to make it sound cool
Shwelpz Justice
Shwelpz Justice 14 hours ago
1:10 Adam Blampeid was right!!!!!!!!!
Robert Ormsbee
Robert Ormsbee 15 hours ago
All of these guys are my heroes even at 34 years old I still look up to them
why you mad
why you mad 15 hours ago
Jay goin to get hurt roman goin to turn on blood shame on u roman shame
DJReferee 16 hours ago
What a ball
BigBlackBloodyDaddy 17 hours ago
Way to get push in double double e = be samoan Samoan announcer Samoan champion vs samoan challenger on show named after samoan catchphrase
Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic
Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic 18 hours ago
Matt Riddle shouldn't have even been in this match. He's barely good enough to hold the 24/7 Championship for even half of one episode of Smackdown. He'll never be a serious superstar, just a dork like Santino Marella. He completely missed his finisher on Corbin lol.
Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic
Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic 18 hours ago
Big E was injured for the storyline, Jey Uso is the filler for Clash of Champions, so that Big E can built up as Roman's opponent at the Rumble or maybe even Mania. Riddle is still a rookie, and Sheamus and Corbin are both heels. This match was created for the sole purpose of pushing Big E, even without him in it. Roman Reigns will LOSE THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP after a major six month run and six big wins leading up to Wrestlemania 37.
Noe Ojeda
Noe Ojeda 18 hours ago
that thumbnail just screams Illuminati
Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell 19 hours ago
....a lot has changed I see 🤨
Steven Castaneda
Steven Castaneda 19 hours ago
What do you mean at times. You get tired of seeing it
Freddymega x
Freddymega x 19 hours ago
Bret in the Attitude Era could've been MONEY
Jose Aviles
Jose Aviles 20 hours ago
Bayley betray Sasha Beacuase Bayley knew Sasha was using her...And Bayley is still Mad about back times them from fighting but Bayley destroy Sasha Beacuase they lost...
Kivaso Neketa
Kivaso Neketa 20 hours ago
Mrs Dolph Ziggler this Is Away's be you're fault When you Show him to the Photos at Him.Because You Are so Being Rude To Him This Is Kivaso Austin Jamal Neketa I'm From Alaska State. but then Everybody they away's Did hate Like That anymore.But People Would throw at you With Vegetables and booing at You but should't not Have Mandy Rose. But You Need to say him Sorry!!!!!!!!! About EveryBody Felt Sorry for him Because But Please Mr Ziggler DO NOT Make Fun Of Him Like That so That's Because you It's Your Fault Now Oh If you don't say sorry to Otis You're Gonna have to Go To Jail with Your Borther Ryan Nemeth!! In the Future 2030 But Your going to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Areson
Kyle Areson 21 hour ago
Pat "the Cgap" Mac
R4IN_JOKE 21 hour ago
Yeah yeah Sasha, see you on mandolorian
Aidin Assef
Aidin Assef 22 hours ago
pharell Moss
pharell Moss 23 hours ago
Roman reigns face went zero to a hundred real quick 😂😂😂
Hocus Pocus Focus
Hocus Pocus Focus Day ago
Good stuff!
Jeremiah Pierre Louis
Jeremiah Pierre Louis Day ago
bayley=KARMA 💯😭😭
SiRraZOr BlaYdEz2393
SiRraZOr BlaYdEz2393 Day ago
Finally letting sami wrestle
Timothy Torres
Timothy Torres Day ago
3:33 Shouldn't that be censored?
C4Zero Day ago
What happened to Jimmy
Kimora Vargas
Kimora Vargas Day ago
loser!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha sasha banks who the boss now!!
lilimake Tokks
lilimake Tokks Day ago
Now you know what it feels like to be stupid stupid of the small blueberry face
lilimake Tokks
lilimake Tokks Day ago
Btw the circus left without you
lilimake Tokks
lilimake Tokks Day ago
Blueberry small shut up ugly stupid face
lilimake Tokks
lilimake Tokks Day ago
Why do you like anything like that so stupid
robert shelton
robert shelton Day ago
Have Sasha lose at hiac take 4 months off come back pull an edge at the rumble win title at mania, predictable he's good booking yes, entertaining of course
robert shelton
robert shelton Day ago
They can't even work a work anymore bro
Silent Shadow
Silent Shadow Day ago
What they need to do is have Bayley dress up as Bunny Riven because her face reminds me of a rabbit and she got that booty
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker Day ago
This draft ain't as good and cool as it was back then
TDD Nation
TDD Nation Day ago
hi Sasha Banks
BROWNBASE1973 Day ago
Like Republicans vs Democrats vs Independents
Angel Otero
Angel Otero Day ago
Lumis aka Steve Austin
Cole Sullivan
Cole Sullivan Day ago
Not today
Mochimm Love
Mochimm Love Day ago
Team Sasha
YxtusFTW Day ago
That little girl doing the weirdest faces bruh like ew she ain’t cool
Mikey Fern 2.0
Mikey Fern 2.0 Day ago
That should have been a 5 star match
TyBrezzyヅ Day ago
Matthew Carver
Matthew Carver Day ago
Two classy gentlemen went to battle
harmony flood
harmony flood Day ago
Bayley gonna end up in jail just watch
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Day ago
Romance girl
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Day ago
No dominik
Shantel Plumber
Shantel Plumber Day ago
Sasha banks the best feel better Sasha and baley look what you did you injured Sasha neck no body likes you I know you on USshow watching me type you little girl look what you did I watched it Friday this is not Sasha fault that your fault you know why you have the smack down title that Sasha wants it's one day I hope you lose that title at clash of champion good luck
No ray and dynamic will win I watch the whole series and Seth Rollins is no good person for making Rey Mysterio lose one eye
drew jones
drew jones Day ago
Sasha is the worst actress ever
Jeremiah Pierre Louis
Jeremiah Pierre Louis Day ago
😭😭😭 no SHES not
M1schi3f M4k3r
M1schi3f M4k3r Day ago
Without the Undertaker, WWE would just be another show. He took that company to a whole different place. Yes there are the Triple Hs, John Cenas and Shawn Micheals who definitely had an impact but the Undertaker is just beyond all in terms of how he carried himself and his character for so long and to such profound extents.
Tina Podratz
Tina Podratz Day ago
Nothing against Jey at all...BUT.... Roman is winning. To be clear, nothing against Roman either.
Screen Apple
Screen Apple Day ago
Failed acting skill. Wrestling acting failed.... Faker than wrestling botch
Once again she asked her to let her in
Reality Game Design
Reality Game Design Day ago
This is how Reigns should of been after defeating The Undertaker.
Godsgeneral21 Day ago
Dre'Quane Lard
Dre'Quane Lard Day ago
Is that Ronda Rousey?
Vill&ns Official
Vill&ns Official Day ago
I love Jey Uso, but they bouta have Roman fold this man like an old wallet
Malachi Brumfield
Malachi Brumfield Day ago
Mandy Rose I love you Love you you’re such a beautiful girl I am 20 years old