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I'm see this video is 12:19am
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Do Amina and Konrad have kids, they would be amazing looking
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Sigan adelante la gente muere mientra todo los países con piten por quien produce la vacuna ninguno piensa en diversificar la en todo el mundo nesesitan os que la gente enferma viva
My president proud of you
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1:55 MANNNN I FEEL YOU!!!!!!
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BaldOldMan 16 hours ago
ANYBODY that says the words "Black lives matter", by definition, has make a racial statement, regardless of their intent. ["racial: adjective. denoting or relating to the division of the human species into races on grounds of physical characteristics. characteristic of any such group."] When you talk about something and introduce "black" into the conversation, you have made it a racial issue. Now, if you said "All lives matter" then there is no racism in the conversation. So, calling a group "Black Lives Matter" starts the conversation with a racial bias. They have lost moral ground to their complaint or their argument. I understand that there are well intended people wanting to reduce racism. But, if you reduce your efforts to apply _only_ to the black community, you have become a racist. You make think that you are compensating for the black cause, but you are not, you are perceived as being hypocritical. You defeat your cause. If a group were to form with the intent of reducing racism against any race (black, latino, asian, white, or American Indian, etc.) then they have a just cause, if their platform is sound. The Blacks have a golden opportunity to teach everyone to be tolerant and respectful of *all* people regardless of race. The Blacks are a passionate and a spiritual people, but they are being distracted from what could be a powerful influence. Right now Black Lives Matter is associated with terror, hate, harm, theft (looting), lawlessness, and destruction of property (arson). People have been hurt or killed, property has been destroyed wherever most of these people go. If you feel that your numbers are being infiltrated by bad people, then you need to do something about it: stop the mayhem done in the name of BLM. If you don't you are allowing it to happen. If you allow it to happen people will stop listening to you, you will aggravate people - in a word, you lose your cause. So, is "Black Lives Matter" racist? By definition, _yes_. I suggest you distance yourself from something that is perceived as racist and as dangerous to the rest of us. Well, actually, everyone. Blacks have been hurt, killed and lost property too... The people in this video were groomed to persuade you. Many of the things they said are convoluted, misinformed, contradictory and taken out of context. You disagree? Prove me wrong...
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No one: Rihanna's facial expression: 🙄😑😯😲🤪😖😬😩
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Go girl woo hoo love yall
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This is something that our education system seems to be missing these days
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Guess what u probably thought I was a guy just because of how my channel looks 🤡
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watched 45 min, enough - just 1 song then ad breaks, then 1 more song then more ad breaks - boring
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Poor-mans Live Aid, without even the naive sincerity that had.
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Люблю Рианну...
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Y por tonto
cristoxx1234 camoglino
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Que lo acabo de denunciar por hacker
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Yidner Salazar
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really? Medellin, Columbia? I would expect the entities that organize this world wide events would know the spelling of the countries.
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Yes, unite... Workers Of The World Unite!!!
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Globalism sucks!, thank you.
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Marinella Volgarino
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Hand rubbing intensifies ...
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ahí debió salir wily cantando paradise:/
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Me:doesn’t know a lot bout periods. The little boy:knowing more than me 😬
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Omg I never known about this 😭
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I love this song too much <3 But I think this song is not for Shakira, but she's lovely! Chris is always awesome.
Lindos e talentosos.
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The boy in a orange shirt is right
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Que mujeeer
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Justin's voice is so beautiful and smooth how can you not love this guy
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Wow she may not be the best singer but hella talented and captivating
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cuando te dice que ahi esta tu crush: 5:03
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Alguém do Brasil ? ❤🤟
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Couldn't they get him a freaking sun glasses!
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Miley was perfect 😍 as usual ❤❤ I CAN'T STOP LISTENING
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I got the message 😊👍 The video and the actors are cute.
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Shakira. Diva global
I seek and i find
I seek and i find 2 days ago
Why does media pushed interracial relationships on people?? What is their purpose?
Dr. Evil
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To destroy diversity.
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03 / 07 / 20 ❤ nunca me cansaré de escucharla ! ❤🎶
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Coldplay , undeniable
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Women that commit miscegenation deserve the death sentence. Truly stomach turning.
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Salute to this man !
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bilishu aliss 2 days ago
Poor-mans Live Aid, without even the naive sincerity that had.
J Balvin , 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ alegría y sabor colombiano, vamos ciudadanos del mundo que podemos con esto , con la ayuda de Dios
Fabian Vasquez
Fabian Vasquez 2 days ago
Can someone decipher what she mumbles at the very end?
Роман Серов
Роман Серов 2 days ago
Котятки, мы так не договаривались, я уже не тот, что был 15 лет назад и не тот, что был 5 лет назад. За день раза три смогу, но не больше.
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samurai sword jarur pheji ravish kumar Ndtv nu maut to bad garden chakni Peg lga ky
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Love love love Shakira , bendiciones
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Pra vc Ronaldo Elias Donato
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Rihanna no es tu voz, pero que culero la cantas,,, apegate bien a la cancion y cantala como debe de ser
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Yoooo i want the boy in the orange shirt to be my bf even tho I’m 15 and he’s probably like 13 rn😅 he’s soooo sweet! He mom teaches him how to respect women and he’s so respectful 🥰🥰
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was für ein Haufen Heuchler....
Вова Вова
Вова Вова 3 days ago
very similar to a financial pyramid!
Stuart Main
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Is Palestine represented?
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yas riri you snapped
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washington Bustamante
washington Bustamante 3 days ago
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dead south
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this is awful
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Jim fallow
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Unite for the Rothschilds one world totalitarian government.
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maria pucciano 3 days ago
Molto deludente dal vivo pare si sforzi quando canta!
ahamatmabrahman 3 days ago
correction $10billion
ahamatmabrahman 3 days ago
this makes me sick all paid for by Soros to perpetuate crimes against humanity .African lawmakers just turned down a $10million bribe in rtn for force vaccinating the African people. Disunity, racism and worse are mostly coming from gov and religion institutions.Communism doesn't work.
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Wow Billie you so young
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Hatsoff to you period man!!♥
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veggie tales
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All the boys was getting it correct but the actual girl was talking about math at first 😂
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Am I the only one concerned for the boy in the orange shirt because he knows a lot about a period as a KID
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