nctiddy Minute ago
highly recommend tenet it is really loud at times but that’s what makes the movie so* good, you feel like you’re in there with them but it gave me slight anxiety and i couldn’t sleep well that night lol but that’s on me, it’s a great movie
Shalyce Parashonts
Shalyce Parashonts 9 minutes ago
My we have a Halloween themed background please...🥺
brad cha
brad cha 10 minutes ago
its sad, the father doesn't even feel guilty, shame 😔 they failed as parents
s. mak
s. mak 11 minutes ago
How do dicks always just pop into joe’s mind
Cyril Moore
Cyril Moore 11 minutes ago
Ready for the Wonder woman movie
Vod Kanockers
Vod Kanockers 17 minutes ago
Gal Gadot's character is dead and they aren't bringing her back.
quantum tunneling
quantum tunneling 19 minutes ago
Objectively speaking, Bart is pretty good at comedy. That video that’s on USshow of him performing had me laughing a lot. He should make room in his schedule for it.
Luther Moolman
Luther Moolman 26 minutes ago
The movie they’re talking about is a movie made and produced in South Africa 🇿🇦 pretty cool movie “my octopus teacher”
JJ 26 minutes ago
Hey y'all late arrival here. More scat humor from JK. Oh well I guess I’m here so also a part of it all quite frankly.
Harry Chen
Harry Chen 32 minutes ago
That area on the hand is the thenar eminence
eliminator173 36 minutes ago
God damn Tiff spillin out here
Nico Ramirez
Nico Ramirez 37 minutes ago
Breastany. 😍
wuf. 40 minutes ago
I started doing the snapping thing and accidentally hit the whoa lol
You Care Too Much
You Care Too Much 44 minutes ago
What's the deal with going to the movies? We just pirate that shit and play in on the projector while having a bbq.
eon long
eon long 44 minutes ago
Tifff needs to work... she is getting chubby
Kitsune Sama
Kitsune Sama 51 minute ago
What I want to know is, when is Tiff going to make an Onlyfans? 😍
Kitsune Sama
Kitsune Sama 53 minutes ago
That guy sounds ridiculous but everything he said is true. If the meat doesn't come from wings then calling them "wings" is straight up lying. And we already get plenty of that from corporations, we could do with a bit less.
Tony 57 minutes ago
Bart said Asahi bowl. Lmao beer huh
Johnny Molyneaux
Johnny Molyneaux 59 minutes ago
ANT!: ok so if its not termites, than its royal ants..... like queen ants, ive been watching ant videos, and appearently people pay really good money for those, so like if you see them, keep em and sell em.
Cody Manivanh
Cody Manivanh Hour ago
I bet my post got flagged for asking about tiffs chest they looking good as fuck. Damn she is looking healthy. Im no pervert how did they get so big than the older video?
dang0088 da
dang0088 da Hour ago
tiff dont even wash it when she was a kid.
I AM WILVER Hour ago
Bruh that top on nikki ain’t it
sorrowless77 Hour ago
Comedic gold
Rakia Bey
Rakia Bey Hour ago
Tenet is indeed really loud and not that great to be honest
taoist40 Hour ago
Rakia Bey Hasn’t made much money in the states.
RubentlyGarcialago Hour ago
the A team is perfect
RubentlyGarcialago Hour ago
is caseys favorite drink milk tea?
Noodles Hour ago
I'm a vegetarian and I tell everyone... if it has eyes. A heart beat and a soul i dont eat it.
FireWrath 10
FireWrath 10 Hour ago
I literally just wrote a essay on racism towards Asian Americans from wars to the la riots and roof Koreans and now corona virus.
GoldKiller132 Hour ago
I love Nikki, she has such a nice voice and personality.
RubentlyGarcialago Hour ago
i like to give a shoutout to tiffs shirt. you the real mvp
james turner
james turner Hour ago
Please don't take this the wrong way but Joe talked about sex every show and it's starting to get old and he'll bring it up for no reason all he has none to do with the come station yard target money bring that up anyway
Paige Noel
Paige Noel Hour ago
How did no one think of Brody jenner??
Areyes4569 Hour ago
i love what tiff is wearing! 😍
Areyes4569 2 minutes ago
No Se lol thats probs why i noticed so fast 👀😂
No Se
No Se 47 minutes ago
Yes cuz there’s cleavage
james turner
james turner Hour ago
Why you go to the movies if you can't sit that to somebody you don't know then make notes that that's why you go or to stay home and watch it that's the fun of it is a meet people you don't know
mayuri kurotsuchi
mayuri kurotsuchi Hour ago
Nikki and Tiff are so beautiful 😍
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo Hour ago
That's a chipmunk I believe who "put it in they moutttthhh" (odb reference) I think the lemon cliche is a capitalism cliche if you only have lemons make lemonade to sell it Also lemon zest aka the peel is good in cooking
T 2 hours ago
Is it just me or is everyone getting vote trump ads?
John Son
John Son 2 hours ago
fast 5 was a great movie
Libra Exprima
Libra Exprima 2 hours ago
Don't tell me Twitter is mad again. Doesn't this happened multiple times a day?
H Dreaming
H Dreaming 2 hours ago
Chelsea Hanson
Chelsea Hanson 2 hours ago
7Up in French is still just 7Up LOL
The Real Trending Page
The Real Trending Page 2 hours ago
I dont think they are.. dont come to my wedding if you cant even comply with 1 request.. I swear your coming to celebrate me and my wife
peacelife 2 hours ago
Yaya Nikki is back love the even girl and guy combo. The fam is back again. When u guys talk about how ridiculous some of the stunt on Fast and Furious def agree. I think the jump that Vin did was Fast 5 or 6. Trust saw Fast 9 trailer and I guess they have to get another big muscle guy since the Rock left- John Cena. So sad when Steve was like which cast didn't come back from the dead. And the octopus story hahaha
Sillie Mooncalf
Sillie Mooncalf 2 hours ago
FYI baby hairs are not a mixed hair thing, it was started by black girls, which many mixed girls share in the same culture. Please don't erase us, thank you.
Z-splosion 2 hours ago
Daily Harvest is actually the shit. Ive lost weight using it
eaz54 2 hours ago
Was Nikki sitting between Tiff and Geo as a buffer...?
taoist40 Hour ago
Libra Exprima They didn’t kick her out.
Libra Exprima
Libra Exprima 2 hours ago
I don't think she can be one after kicking her out of big mood
rachel.doremi 2 hours ago
Thank you for that thumbnail Pat, we stan for you my dude
Pharaoh El Capo
Pharaoh El Capo 2 hours ago
Tim be looking so bored on jk news lol
lizeth palacios
lizeth palacios 2 hours ago
In Mexico we use 1 cup rice and 2 water, the type of rice can change from place to place and so the way of cooking it 🤗
hugh hogan
hugh hogan 2 hours ago
Must of been all the hormones they put in the breast milk now a days
michael cancino
michael cancino 2 hours ago
Fucking Bart's shirt got me hahaha
kid Avi
kid Avi 2 hours ago
Claire Rufo
Claire Rufo 2 hours ago
oh termites LOL
Anagramrice 2 hours ago
I was at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and saw these two models doing a photoshoot, they were like 10/10 but once the light guy stopped and the girls stopped posing with their bodies they dropped to a 5/10, it was crazy like an instant transformation that happened in front of my eyes. BLACK MAGIC.
Blackipino Gambino
Blackipino Gambino 2 hours ago
love Nikki! she’s such a fun vibe on the show! ✊🏾🖤
Michael Serujo
Michael Serujo 2 hours ago
I appreciate you and your efforts Nikki It's the Burkin Bae Keep my baby hairs laid Fendi frames The Hermes mermaid -----SAWEETIE
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez 2 hours ago
I guess only contavorcy would be if objectively long term health issues and if her parts are forcing her. If there no long term issues and she doing it on her own and learing how to do it proper and safe also safe limitations too it should be fine.
Tien Tran
Tien Tran 2 hours ago
I am supposed to study for the exam. Instead, I am here watching this.
Sierra Nicole
Sierra Nicole 2 hours ago
geo saying “its the crowds for nikki” like she was tryna roast her 😂
Bryan Res
Bryan Res 2 hours ago
Goo goo gaa gaa I want, I want milk tiff
-chase 2 hours ago
I dont care what anyone says, 2 fast 2 furious is the best. I even bought the shirt Paul Walker wears when he says “forget about it cuh” 😂😂
eliminator173 15 minutes ago
@-chase lol yea i forgot about that one.
-chase 26 minutes ago
@eliminator173 the most underrated line is when tyrese says "& stay yo ass off my homeboy's boat!"
eliminator173 34 minutes ago
"Pockets aint empty cuh"
d fernandez
d fernandez 2 hours ago
"oCtOpo0sIEs" is the word of the day 🐙👍
NatalieVibes 2 hours ago
Gerard Butler is my celebrity crush! Even tho he is so old now lol still bae
X G 2 hours ago
"Guys would be much smarter if we could think with our dicks." I could easily be considered a misogynist by millennial standards and I find this statement INCREDIBLY stupid...
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez 2 hours ago
Damn tiff looking delicious
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez 20 minutes ago
It’s the titties
Shreyansh Sharma
Shreyansh Sharma 2 hours ago
thank you guys for bringing back steve
Meem 2 hours ago
Turtle soup taste good tho... I loved it when I was a kid. My mom used to make it back when you could buy them at the market.
Dustan Denton
Dustan Denton 2 hours ago
Recommend Tenet and Bill and Ted. Both are better version of world then our 2020.
TheMangolink 2 hours ago
There's so much boob in this video, and I love it
Sires Orb
Sires Orb 2 hours ago
Didn't we already have this argument with the six year old Adonis? Didn't we already conclude that lifting weights at an early age greatly increases the chance of future heath complications?
warriordx8 Hour ago
Nope. Because that conclusion is not supported by the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence in exercise science and youth training. It's quite the opposite in fact. Resistance training strengthens systems to prevent injuries or make them less likely to happen, in other sports.
Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez 3 hours ago
19:18 me too bro, lesbians are lit :v
Harleydroxy Chloroquinn
Harleydroxy Chloroquinn 3 hours ago
I would not go to the theater right now. But Bill and ted is so damn tempting to take a Tinder date
cagelirious \m/-_-\m/
cagelirious \m/-_-\m/ 3 hours ago
Disney isnt the reason it got bad. Dont forget the prequels... Those were pre Disney.
Libra Exprima
Libra Exprima 2 hours ago
Disney is cancer. It destroyed everything it touched. Look at the Mulan movie.
Pyat Pree
Pyat Pree 3 hours ago
I guess tiff also gained weight during quarantine
Joshua Cotrupi
Joshua Cotrupi 3 hours ago
She needs to be on here more
Misaki Ya
Misaki Ya 3 hours ago
At 7, I was playing with mud and rock lol.
Marty D
Marty D 3 hours ago
Tenet was meh tbh
Brian Encinas
Brian Encinas 3 hours ago
COVID could be an opportunity for drive ins to get big again
NaKa Ji
NaKa Ji 2 hours ago
It actually did get more drive ins to open with my area. Though, I'm not sure about other states. Idk how it's ran though so maybe that's what's stopping the increase of drive ins opening again.