i'm sooooo tired...
100k subs without a video pls HELP PLEASE
100k subs without a video pls HELP PLEASE 7 hours ago
Y'all pls HELP n sub ❤️
Thoon Lay
Thoon Lay 7 hours ago
why this MV get dislikes?
Kentucky Cried Fricken
Kentucky Cried Fricken 9 hours ago
Been listening on this song for quite some time now since its release. But yo, wtf, I didnt realize Paige Spara was on this damn music video! (Well, TGD watchers would relate)
Pramod Soni
Pramod Soni 9 hours ago
Wow what a song lonely eyes
Benteng Entertainment
Benteng Entertainment 9 hours ago
The video clip makes me cry, I don't know why. Does real love exist like in this video?
little star
little star 9 hours ago
Lauv have a magic on his all songs ❤️💗🌸
Sudhandira P
Sudhandira P 9 hours ago
lauv reminds me of Frank Jr. from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Eka Yuli
Eka Yuli 9 hours ago
ah gemes bangett baru sadar ada indonesian lyrics nyaaa love you more lauvv😢❤
hyun_ 9 hours ago
깨어나기 싫다더니 글자도 다 누워있는군...ㅋㅋㅋ
Meng Luna
Meng Luna 9 hours ago
I lauv you
Christine Lee
Christine Lee 10 hours ago
I really likes jimin’s deep voice 1:38
BTS ARMY 10 hours ago
Aries MusiX
Aries MusiX 10 hours ago
U just watched 2 and a half mins of two people hugging... How's your life going?
Cimarron 10 hours ago
Some musicians are simply underrated, this guy deserves better
Kousei Arima
Kousei Arima 11 hours ago
We all are fake🧿
Kousei Arima
Kousei Arima 11 hours ago
Watching these be like living the life of Lauv
Nitish Ie
Nitish Ie 12 hours ago
Lauv really be makin people fall in love and then releasing songs for break up. It's called supply and demand
desert rose
desert rose 12 hours ago
This is such a beautiful song! It deserves better :)
phuncharat Choealerdsakul
phuncharat Choealerdsakul 12 hours ago
I like it🤞🏻✨🥺
faith chepkirui
faith chepkirui 12 hours ago
Me after breaking up with my guy
Santiago Miciano
Santiago Miciano 13 hours ago
This song sounds like kids ranting about there school bullies to make them feel better.
Rafael Hagonoy
Rafael Hagonoy 13 hours ago
this sounds like only 1 person sang this song. lmao
Makeit Right
Makeit Right 13 hours ago
I am into #lauv songs this days😍
Santee Manguera
Santee Manguera 13 hours ago
Ok but at 2:10 jumping at bouncy castle with wet socks
poopy butt
poopy butt 13 hours ago
i remember playing tf out of this song💀
Shraddha Cheeta
Shraddha Cheeta 13 hours ago
My most most favourite song😍😍😍 I like me better when i am with you♥️
Peter Iokia
Peter Iokia 13 hours ago
This song plays on my spotify and all of a sudden there's a party in my room
Guadalupe Guerrero
Guadalupe Guerrero 14 hours ago
Conan 😆😆 oh yea and lauv I guess 🙂
The pro Gaming
The pro Gaming 14 hours ago
this song reminds me of the girl i love hihi, but it's sad to think that i helped her move on and cheer her up but ended up getting friend zoned cause she said that she don't want to get broke again then few months later, i found out that she had a new crush well they're more like lovers cause they had mutual feelings. i hope that she could be happy to his new guy🙂♥️
Mami K.
Mami K. 14 hours ago
Anyone here after "Let Me Introduce Myself"? It randomly appeared in my recommendation lmao
Twiple is a qt 6406
Twiple is a qt 6406 14 hours ago
this is not the first time you've watched this
Lau Morbidelli
Lau Morbidelli 14 hours ago
Literalmente estoy obsesionada con esta canción 😍🥺 te amo lauv y connan
L y r i c s.
L y r i c s. 14 hours ago
Lauv - Makes song about his dog [EVERYONE LIKED THAT]
marcus bernard
marcus bernard 15 hours ago
the song makes me think of my imaginary girlfriend😍😘
qtuiie p
qtuiie p 15 hours ago
xyz abc
xyz abc 16 hours ago
amazing!! ;)
ৎ୭Biaxxbey Hirai⸼ ͆
ৎ୭Biaxxbey Hirai⸼ ͆ 16 hours ago
Tudo pra mim!!!
Janelle Rojo
Janelle Rojo 16 hours ago
It's baby conan's first collaboration and i'm so freaking proud🥺
Scroop Snail
Scroop Snail 14 hours ago
i feel like his mother or something
Camille Saja
Camille Saja 16 hours ago
I like me better when u like me too 😅
Yesuswe k
Yesuswe k 16 hours ago
Such a soothing voice ✨♥
Koi koi koi koi Koi koi
Koi koi koi koi Koi koi 16 hours ago
2020 quarantine is modern loneliness for me
황규진 16 hours ago
This song makes me to remember mt ex that who is never borned
CamilaRose AZ
CamilaRose AZ 17 hours ago
Such a beautiful song<3
CARTOONS BOX 17 hours ago
Who agree this song deserve more views 💞💞💞
Yoonbum 17 hours ago
notice how they put Lauv & Conan Gray instead of Ft. Conan Gray?
nameless traveller
nameless traveller 17 hours ago
I listened to this song before and thought it was so beautiful. I'm now 17 and just lost my first love yesterday. Now this song feels so accurate but consoles me somehow. To future me who will read this someday, live beautifully 💕 To you who gave me those beautiful memories, I'll never not think about you 🥺
Luistro Ramos
Luistro Ramos 18 hours ago
Fritz Loyam
Fritz Loyam 18 hours ago
This song is noice =w= I keep listening to it =w=
Brandon Rojo
Brandon Rojo 18 hours ago
I like that when it goes to Minecraft.
Jelyn Karena Pilleren
Jelyn Karena Pilleren 18 hours ago
I love my playlist so much because of you Lauv😘
Isabel_Jenni 18 hours ago
Quisiera ver una presentación de esta canción, seria hermoso ♡
BTS Army
BTS Army 18 hours ago
Me over here waiting for Jungkook's and Jimin's part 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀 and like this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Advika SHETTY 19 hours ago
This is Conan’s First Colab, I’ve been with him since Generation Why and not Heather... I know I’m not the only one crying.
Flower Ggggjk
Flower Ggggjk 19 hours ago
Ana Sosa
Ana Sosa 19 hours ago
Amor eterno a Conan y cada canción que saque
Kookie Dough
Kookie Dough 19 hours ago
WTH I love this
Yobanna Collantes
Yobanna Collantes 19 hours ago
Lauv ♥️♥️♥️
Sara Mi
Sara Mi 19 hours ago
Lauv is so underrated.
Kim SeokJin
Kim SeokJin 19 hours ago
They literally look like they’re having fun, I wish I had a friend like them
Phoenix Songlove
Phoenix Songlove 19 hours ago
2020 anyone? Love you Lauv! Your music is amazing!
Among Imchen
Among Imchen 20 hours ago
The only artist who never made any bad song
Blueberryie 20 hours ago
- Who are you? Me: Who am I?
Boss Gee Gaming
Boss Gee Gaming 20 hours ago
Do more of Stripped series please
Ailbhe Mallon
Ailbhe Mallon 20 hours ago
just wondering, is it me or can you hear a girl singing in the background of the music and if so who is she?
Sascha B. LXXXVIII 20 hours ago
Gordondo 21 hour ago
I'm here after watching Minx's video of winning love or host. I don't know why I'm so happy. It's like a contagious happiness or something.
Abraham Khanna
Abraham Khanna 21 hour ago
this song is really underrated dude....
Uma ARMY qualquer
Uma ARMY qualquer 21 hour ago
Agustina Benitez
Agustina Benitez 21 hour ago
Esta colaboración es mucho arte para mis oídos💙
Adriana Uwu
Adriana Uwu 21 hour ago
Pongan velocidad 0.75 y disfruten del cielo.
Omar 22 hours ago
this song was 9 months ago! bro quarantine is doing a number on me
Dimitra Giannakaina
Dimitra Giannakaina 22 hours ago
I'm still shook that Why Don't We wrote the song. I'm a limelight and an army so it's a win-win for me xx
Abby H
Abby H 22 hours ago
2020 is now saved by the Kings
alyssa santos
alyssa santos 22 hours ago
ßՇร ΐs Mγcͥofͣfͫee
ßՇร ΐs Mγcͥofͣfͫee 22 hours ago
I just new listen this song in the radio,i lauv this song
Mannat Bindra
Mannat Bindra 23 hours ago
i love lauv he’s so cute
Mannat Bindra
Mannat Bindra 23 hours ago
julia and lauv. iconic.
noelia 23 hours ago
Armys should have paid more attention to this masterpiece, who deserves so much better
Pinky Emi
Pinky Emi 23 hours ago
Honestly the only reason im still alive is cuz of my cat and my mom. But, deep down im scared. Im just very scared. I dont wanna be scared no more. I dont wanna be scared forever. I just wanna wake up and realize everything is going to be safe. I just dont know how to. I dont wanna go through this. ✊🏻