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strawberry_ kissesxoxo
strawberry_ kissesxoxo 2 hours ago
Justine: *using airpods* Headphone jack: I’m still here and alive- (NOT ORIGINAL ITS JUST A FUN THING I WANTED TO WRITE)
Zander sheldon
Zander sheldon 2 hours ago
Will the iphone 12 pro be in the blue colour?
Jansenxado 2 hours ago
I want the ipad mini 5 but is alredy 2020
Jansenxado 2 hours ago
Ipad mini 5?now we have mini 6
TINY TANGENT 2 hours ago
I feel your excitement
Beverly Hues
Beverly Hues 2 hours ago
I already order the SE when I saw the price started with a 2 and didn't end in $400 😂⌚
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Rose 2 hours ago
Im nervous now... I have small wrist but between the arrows I’m a 5 but the start of the watch I’m a 2
Jahziel Franco
Jahziel Franco 2 hours ago
Can someone give me money to but this laptop 😭
Michael Bermudez
Michael Bermudez 3 hours ago
Justine girl, you and your knifes are iconic
Logan's Tech Review
Logan's Tech Review 3 hours ago
0:43 Dramatic much? cut then flip and use the tab lol
Alpha Ridh
Alpha Ridh 3 hours ago
Can u just stop overacting? 😅 Nevermind...
Ryan benavides
Ryan benavides 3 hours ago
oh I really want that in my life
1K SUBSCRIBERS BEFORE 2021? 3 hours ago
Literally 1% people who's reading may your parents live more than 100 year's with good health ❤ (btw Read my name)
Sweet Love
Sweet Love 3 hours ago
*tries to figure out how she can afford this*
Bedroom Vlogs
Bedroom Vlogs 3 hours ago
She probably never worries if she breaks her phone
Wir sprechen darüber
Wir sprechen darüber 3 hours ago
Zu teuer. 😢😢😢😢
JD Ros
JD Ros 3 hours ago
I always wanted an Apple Watch. I jave an iPhone yeah but I just cant convince myself to make it my daily driver. I hope future Apple Watch will work on Android 🥺
Harry the Princess
Harry the Princess 3 hours ago
Coming from China doesn’t mean they’re knockoffs thank you.
Beni Kochuveetil
Beni Kochuveetil 3 hours ago
Cameron Diaz!
Ella 3 hours ago
Me watching this in March I don’t need it me a month later watching it on the iPad with the new case and the Apple Pencil
Zander sheldon
Zander sheldon 3 hours ago
Please Review the iPhone 12 when it comes out!!
Orleans 3 hours ago
3.36 there is an arm in the room, who's arm is this
Suckefied_Amby 3 hours ago
She looks like Dani Daniels 🤔
Юрий Хома
Юрий Хома 3 hours ago
iJustine, ты супер)
PopStar Pop
PopStar Pop 3 hours ago
Can you make a video of the oculus quest 2⭐
PopStar Pop
PopStar Pop 3 hours ago
I hope you make that vedio
Mohd Rizwan
Mohd Rizwan 3 hours ago
dAfuq !!! She has a SON ???
Jasleen Randhawa
Jasleen Randhawa 3 hours ago
I better start saving up NOW 😅
arpit singh
arpit singh 3 hours ago
Yeah offcourse you are gracefull!
Siddhartha mahadeshwara
Siddhartha mahadeshwara 3 hours ago
I want one sooooooooooooo coooooool
Siddhartha mahadeshwara
Siddhartha mahadeshwara 3 hours ago
yeah im cray cray
Siddhartha mahadeshwara
Siddhartha mahadeshwara 3 hours ago
plz reply
Trippy King
Trippy King 3 hours ago
I have a series 3 :-)
Siddhartha mahadeshwara
Siddhartha mahadeshwara 3 hours ago
ooooh i want one
Ryan Rix
Ryan Rix 3 hours ago
I love this! The fast focusing and external audio capability in a compact camera is the selling points for me!
Lachie 3 hours ago
I wish I had as much money as justine has knives
Hi am Lakshya Attri / Krrish
Hi am Lakshya Attri / Krrish 3 hours ago
From which app do edit your video and you are my favorite USshow Ijustine
Pedro Rosello
Pedro Rosello 3 hours ago
Psycho Space
Psycho Space 3 hours ago
Shame you can only get the milk frother with the machine, can’t find anywhere on their website where I can get it separately
ᗯᗩƴᑎᗴ ADRIENO 3 hours ago
Give a thumbs up if u doesn’t have the money even to buy apple juice 😂
Bhani Sidhu
Bhani Sidhu 4 hours ago
plz contact no
Fatima Ghareeb77
Fatima Ghareeb77 4 hours ago
You can switch off the always 💡 on screen while hands are down right ?
MACS Detail
MACS Detail 4 hours ago
I don’t get, they don’t even have a size 2 for the wrist band
Lachie 4 hours ago
2:51 fair enough to get excited over headphone jack
Simon Lopez
Simon Lopez 4 hours ago
It’s the opening apple products with an axe for me.
João André Barroso
João André Barroso 4 hours ago
‘Affordable’ in what way? Fake clickbait title
Fayis Thayyil
Fayis Thayyil 4 hours ago
Jalisa McBeth
Jalisa McBeth 4 hours ago
Don’t you just love it when Justine color coordinates with her Apple products?
Jalisa McBeth
Jalisa McBeth 4 hours ago
Don’t you just love it when Justine color coordinates with her Apple products?
dhruvin mehta
dhruvin mehta 4 hours ago
16 Min commercial 😑
Mr. Toast
Mr. Toast 4 hours ago
2000: OMG Flip phone 2016: Ugh flip phones 2019: OMG Flip phones
Tobby Echonga
Tobby Echonga 4 hours ago
Did you really just say you wanted the oxygen sensor for a really long time.
haya haytham
haya haytham 4 hours ago
bruh can someone buy me an iphone 11 pro max in white 💔
Donny C
Donny C 4 hours ago
Using the Axe.. I Dig it..
Quinn Talks & Reviews
Quinn Talks & Reviews 4 hours ago
Bram van Beek
Bram van Beek 4 hours ago
Hi Justine! I’m thinking of buying the solo loop. I measured my wrist and got 4 but since I watched this video I think I’m also a 2. I wear my watch with a silicone band and put the little pin in the 4th hole. Could you tell me if the solo strap size 2 is as long as a silicone band with the pin in the 4th hole? Nice video btw!!
Ville Kangasniemi
Ville Kangasniemi 4 hours ago
Why is she using iphone 11 when she has lierslly the pro max
VEERAPAT M. 4 hours ago
I will wait for iPad air rose gold unboxing.
cincyfan987 4 hours ago
4k 60 would have had me strongly considering a purchase.
Bethany Simons
Bethany Simons 4 hours ago
That blue matches your shirt perf
Bethany Simons
Bethany Simons 4 hours ago
Hearing Justine say comfortable makes me feel uncomfortable...
Junel Bustos
Junel Bustos 4 hours ago HOLY
Aditya Raj Tiwari
Aditya Raj Tiwari 4 hours ago
Good to know this device tells the average data it's really good
Eunick N
Eunick N 4 hours ago
I support this career change jk
lllHyPhEnlll 4 hours ago
Please pump more radiation/ radio waves into my body. My phone/ cell towers/ data satellites/ wifi aren't enough for me! Put that shiaat right onto my wrist, and in my veins baby! 2020 Welcome to the Thunderdome!
Harold L Franks III
Harold L Franks III 4 hours ago
$400 - $1500 for a watch...A smartwatch is not worth that kind of money.
Joel Hopkins
Joel Hopkins 4 hours ago
Is Justine wearing an engagement ring!?
HarryGames 4 hours ago
Still the same terrible battery life though
Exclusive_92 4 hours ago
I'm getting the Product Red 40 mm for Christmas! with the Red Sports band! @iJustine, I'm so stoked for it you can't believe it! It's my only xmas gift from my mom this year, but I don't care, I'm happy about that! I'm just a little sad that Best buy didn't have my game Super Mario 3d All Stars for switch for pick up today...
Kimberly Gunia
Kimberly Gunia 4 hours ago
Which size did you have on w the braided? I’m thinking it’s the 40mm bc the band size but want to make sure! LOVE IT!!!
Allwin J
Allwin J 4 hours ago
Over action
Sivin Tarq
Sivin Tarq 4 hours ago
How much that pencil cost pls telm me
Pro Band
Pro Band 5 hours ago
Nobody Me is dat an axe why you open with axe
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta 5 hours ago
She simps so much over apple products damn.
Lost In Space Cars&Life
Lost In Space Cars&Life 5 hours ago
2021 m8 competition convertible
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 5 hours ago
I always have to watch ijustine’s videos on new apple products every time before I go out and get it! It’s a tradition!
YHM2004 [GD]
YHM2004 [GD] 5 hours ago
Ima save some money so I can get the Apple Watch SE
Durga Prasad
Durga Prasad 5 hours ago
If there is one reason to believe in consumerism, it is iJustine. How happy she is, while unboxing a new product. 😁
María Álvarez
María Álvarez 5 hours ago
I was waiting for for her to say how to enter in the give away 😕