tuesday yy
tuesday yy 4 hours ago
3:55 did he not say jail to make us mad?
Márió Szabó
Márió Szabó 5 hours ago
I'm read death metal not date meal. Sorry
Mr. Asia
Mr. Asia 5 hours ago
Oh no there's a forest fire
DURU ONBAS 5 hours ago
I think it would be funny if he made a video talking like gordon ramsay.
A Normal Chest
A Normal Chest 6 hours ago
Is this the last episode what. . . You can't just end it on a cliff hanger
The One Mortem
The One Mortem 6 hours ago
That was the perfect vegan song...
Madeline Lopez
Madeline Lopez 6 hours ago
First of all I’m the videos and I see that you put as you user name you suck at cooking and I’m not the best but I’m good🖕
mohamed albeity
mohamed albeity 6 hours ago
this was beautiful
TWE Duden LVE 6 hours ago
One of the reasons I will never hate this channel is because he puts a lot of effort into his videos with skits and usually some original music at the end of the video.
Andy's Kitchen
Andy's Kitchen 6 hours ago
nice video i also do cooking video it would nice if you would subscribe
Dragoniter 2.0
Dragoniter 2.0 7 hours ago
Man the lantern really scared the shit out of me jeez
chaetae 7 hours ago
Fun Fact: the reason why they didn’t eat tomatoes until the late 1700’s is because their plates were made of mercury and the tomatoes sucked up the mercury making them think they were poisonous
lmoao xd
lmoao xd 7 hours ago
I don't like beans
Christina M
Christina M 8 hours ago
Always top your cocoa with marshmallows if you’re drinking it outdoors where it’s cold!!! It will keep it warmer for longer!!!!
屋と神楽 9 hours ago
ummm what does chocolate covered potato chips taste like?
Saiida Webb
Saiida Webb 9 hours ago
i feel uncomfortable with the normalcy of this video
Cowboys Franchise
Cowboys Franchise 9 hours ago
Wait this is a cocaine recipe
Dude Bro
Dude Bro 9 hours ago
This made me laugh like an idiot
Alief Rusman
Alief Rusman 9 hours ago
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 9 hours ago
That fort was so awesome looking.
Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan 10 hours ago
F in the chat for the people who happened to watch this as their first YSAC video
EmeraldAnimates 10 hours ago
My favorite milkshake flavor: Salted milk and other stuff. The salted milk helps bring the whole shake together.
Nam Đăng Thanh Nam
Nam Đăng Thanh Nam 10 hours ago
Levi Woodard
Levi Woodard 10 hours ago
the books in the domino look like they are from skyrim
Dlsappointment 10 hours ago
I’m a simple person. I see white powder on a table, I click
Lucha studios
Lucha studios 10 hours ago
I'm in the city how do I make this
carmen smith
carmen smith 10 hours ago
Tells us to remember how long it's been cooking Me: *Laughs in onion with built-in timer
Pineapple Penguino
Pineapple Penguino 11 hours ago
I wonder if he's on Spotify...
TlalocW 11 hours ago
What's the breed of the larger dog?
Primal Games
Primal Games 12 hours ago
I love that this guy actually teaches you things in a really funny way, I don’t like how to basic because of how much food he wastes, but for you, 👍
Love Brenda
Love Brenda 12 hours ago
I haven't laughed this hard in years. 🤣🤣🤣
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 11 hours ago
Dissociative Crow
Dissociative Crow 13 hours ago
God I wish I could take 38cc of hot sauce and cure my depression
Artreus 7
Artreus 7 13 hours ago
I don't think I should watch this content for free
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 11 hours ago
Kumii 14 hours ago
1:57 missed a joke
Zach 16 hours ago
I do suck at nothing but eating farty cheese
knight robo or something
knight robo or something 16 hours ago
Wait did he ... congratulate pimblokto!
Takuma Saito
Takuma Saito 16 hours ago
wait a sec, this isn't a vitamix this is Oster!
The Bun Show
The Bun Show 16 hours ago
so um... i got tea and then got this recommened to me
Eric Schott
Eric Schott 16 hours ago
Tried eating keto once. After I week I found myself eating half a baguette with only ketchup and mayo as breakfast
Tahmid Kabir
Tahmid Kabir 16 hours ago
Is this what they mean by all natural
W̷a̷t̷e̷r̷m̷e̷l̷o̷n̷ 16 hours ago
I learn more from that video than my entire school year
Mrssea Sea
Mrssea Sea 17 hours ago
Accidentally hit the I can’t leave. New sub
my cooking secrets
my cooking secrets 17 hours ago
Very nice 👍👍👍👍
S K 17 hours ago
That's not mozzarella that's mozzarella-stick filling
U got Yeeted
U got Yeeted 18 hours ago
does he really suck at cooking?
Shifsabre 18 hours ago
I love how the 20 second sip didn't even touch the smoothie
Cłøudy Stårs
Cłøudy Stårs 18 hours ago
Face Reveal
ADARSH P 18 hours ago
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 18 hours ago
I just realized that poetry is just polite rapping
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs 18 hours ago
The garnishment is killing me. Omfg the whole ginger root rofl the whole banana lmao. You're going down for murder because I'm dead 😂💀
Thatoneguy64 18 hours ago
I’m glad this channel still exists
ADARSH P 18 hours ago
Scott Garner
Scott Garner 19 hours ago
I dont know if I should be proud or ashamed but I recognize your toasting machine from your spaceship in your cookie episode. The bigger question is why did you pilfer from the million dollar spaceship?
Teddie Doggo
Teddie Doggo 19 hours ago
The hand at the start
A place in space
A place in space 20 hours ago
Can you make it without eggs??
Salty Beignet
Salty Beignet 20 hours ago
2:05 add a TEASPOON of cumin, adds like 2 and a half teaspoons
A. M.
A. M. 20 hours ago
I thought this was Vihart
Izie Pascual
Izie Pascual 22 hours ago
hi so did you wash the rice? do you have a rice cooker?
Peter Gamer Channel
Peter Gamer Channel 23 hours ago
When everyone thinks ur joking but ur actually serious.
Bean Bean
Bean Bean 23 hours ago
Good vibes
Fakhir Fahmi
Fakhir Fahmi 23 hours ago
i think McOxlong should be in the menu
Missy Quill
Missy Quill 23 hours ago
Hot Picks
Hot Picks 23 hours ago
Kizen Roots
Kizen Roots 23 hours ago
This shouldn't upset me as much as it does
qlu Day ago
1:43 what nba young boy fans drink
Joanna Wezyk
Joanna Wezyk Day ago
You are a good singer
Yasin Kelleci
Yasin Kelleci Day ago
Where is the intro!!
Chris Day ago
Who adds cream to theirs?
The Ugly Bunny
The Ugly Bunny Day ago
You Suck At Cooking vs HowToBasic
JeffMaster Day ago
Gonna eat this with ice cream while watching TV shows and crying.
The Gold Mushroom
The Gold Mushroom Day ago
The world most depressing chef.
Teddy digiacomo
Teddy digiacomo Day ago
Pierre-Étienne Lapointe
Pierre-Étienne Lapointe Day ago
I was watching this on my tv and went on my computer just to write a comment. First time watching and you made me laugh so hard. Thanks for making my day! Subbed
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson Day ago
the way he poured that beer made my soul hurt
FooxKidd but what?
FooxKidd but what? Day ago
Instructions unclear, I got married with my fiancé (roommate) because she liked raisins.
Adit the gamer
Adit the gamer Day ago
I always think about this,but what if someone actually made stuff like this?Like they would spend a century to trying to find rice in crevices,fish for coconuts,tape every thing to everything? Probably would be able to outcook Gordon Ramsay😅
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson Day ago
I'm Australian... what on earth is pepper sauce???
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Day ago
He can Do a asmr Be comic And do a recipe At the same time
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 Day ago
I thinked he was saying:today we're gonna use some scriumpius(i dont know how to spell it) potatoes
Denopank 1
Denopank 1 Day ago
When u sell lemonade in the country side Oh wait
Candorian Dragon
Candorian Dragon Day ago
That Coconut Milk doesn’t look right o-o
jahanvi kumar
jahanvi kumar Day ago
This dish is originally Indian ;)
Im toxic
Im toxic Day ago
Aren't beats just red potatos
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh Day ago
Sounds like a plan
BOB THE COW 67 Day ago
I just want to appreciate the amazingly done captions. To whoever's made them thank you. Edit: it was @anonymous wombat
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Day ago
Those ice cream sandwiches look doe ngl
Tiffani Vega
Tiffani Vega Day ago
I really thought I was gonna watch food hacks. Lol
Jean Starnes
Jean Starnes Day ago
A while ago I was about to make a comment. Then forgot it. Now a week later I remembered it. And cannot tell you how much I questioned reality when I saw him take mayo out an egg
Oof Loops
Oof Loops Day ago
2,376,843 people suck at cooking. Thats sad.
Sadow Kiyoko
Sadow Kiyoko Day ago
Check out how to basic
mayder Day ago
Kinda was expecting cold brewed green tea.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Day ago
Ngl the song at the end of this one was kinda fire 🤷🏼‍♀️🥵⚠️
Kayla Beatty0731
Kayla Beatty0731 Day ago
What's the deal with tea bag scavenger hunt 🙄 IDIOTS
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry Day ago
Orange blender bread is fun to make too!
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin Day ago
Hey where are the bigger burrito wraps whose in charge 😲
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry
Sir Snacksalot The Hungry Day ago
I'm hungry!
Mega Minx
Mega Minx Day ago
Ok "Gordon Ramsay" let us see what you can make since you're sooo good at cooking
I get a feeling that YSAC and HTB are REALLY GOOD FRIENDS
purple toast
purple toast Day ago
0:00 I feel threatened..
David Soto
David Soto Day ago
The fact that the fangjangler (fork+wangjangler) worked is the ultimate "task failed succesfully"