How To Deep Fry Water
A Really Round Bear
Underwater Pizza Delivery
Crushing A Car With Water
Driving A Car Made Of Ice
Opening Old Spoiled Milk
Crabs Take Over Airport
Cat Gently Pets A Bird
Flying Porta Potties
2 Whales Follow A Surfer
Whale Sneezes On A Woman
Fighting Against Gravity
Plants That Give Tattoos
Dog Loves The Car Wash
This Cat Got Stuck
9 months ago
Really Stretchy Ice
10 months ago
This Plane Landed Sideways
A Really Squishy Turtle
Jumping Off A Foggy Cliff
Dogs Frozen In Time
11 months ago
Basically SiimplyCraft
Basically SiimplyCraft 12 hours ago
Sᴏ ᴡᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ Jᴀᴍᴇs ʙʀᴏᴋᴇ ʙᴜᴛ 2020 ᴊᴀᴅᴇɴ ʙʀᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴍᴀᴏ
kushalputta shastri
kushalputta shastri 12 hours ago
Imagine if that football hit the guy who was waving to the fans
hunter darling
hunter darling 12 hours ago
my cat came in the mail broken would not recommend
Patrick Kroll
Patrick Kroll 12 hours ago
That looks like an uncle trick at a party
Cato deGroot
Cato deGroot 12 hours ago
What!? Lightning in the middle of the day!? How!? “Florida” Oh.
ManaPoints 12 hours ago
Initiate Warp Drive
Empty Ditch
Empty Ditch 12 hours ago
Vegans are confused
Have a great day
Have a great day 12 hours ago
Don't worry it's too easy... I can handle it... Later on: 2:02
Aithan Liome
Aithan Liome 12 hours ago
What are you an Idiot pancake?
matan amar
matan amar 12 hours ago
I want to eat that bag
Rama 12 hours ago
10:06 *mission impossible theme playing*
SUPER SOMETHING 12 hours ago
the cat is trying to make an ahegao face...
dxstc 12 hours ago
0:04 it’s called body foundation...
DrippyDice 12 hours ago
That dog in the mud🤣🤣🤣😂
Soultrastic Anims
Soultrastic Anims 12 hours ago
**Mother earth is teaching us a lesson for bad behavior** Everyone: 0:09
Aaron Hrahsel
Aaron Hrahsel 12 hours ago
2:43 *Meanwhile inside that house* : SHIIIIIZZZZAAAAAAA
B i r d
B i r d 12 hours ago
That cat is literally trying to kiss that woman
Pulkit 12 hours ago
*Anything can happen in 2020*
GrantedSnake 12 hours ago
I think she would have broken her bones instead of dying
Springwolf 12 hours ago
My cat is just like that first one- please send help-
Angela and Gabbi
Angela and Gabbi 12 hours ago
I can make a song out of the heart beat
Faris Al Ali
Faris Al Ali 12 hours ago
0:56 My neighbors playing music
Đặng Đăng Khôi
Đặng Đăng Khôi 12 hours ago
Ai vn ko giơ tay
SimonPlayz 12 hours ago
0:22 the car be like: GOTTA GO VROOM VROOM FASTT
Ha llo
Ha llo 12 hours ago
1:17is this a supa?
Joshmega100 12 hours ago
I like how he actually cares about us and says thanks for 10 mil friends instead of subs. Btw love ur vids DDOI
OG CLAN 12 hours ago
awwwwwwwwwww the cat is cute
Kid Sith101
Kid Sith101 12 hours ago
That dog will make me feel my dogs pain from his infection
Driftthegift 12 hours ago
Mini tonk
Gustavo Tello
Gustavo Tello 12 hours ago
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry 12 hours ago
Some women love to get theirs nails done, so they look like a wombat
Gustavo Tello
Gustavo Tello 12 hours ago
Deva Adnan
Deva Adnan 12 hours ago
That tree just in middle tribulation of golden core
Tsukasaつかさくん 12 hours ago
feed it to a vegan
Al Mubarak
Al Mubarak 12 hours ago
I am sad because we had planned to play cricket in the playground and they decided to go play badminton, I feel so rejected
Gur Gill
Gur Gill 12 hours ago
What is this 0:57
AfriHerpPhoto 12 hours ago
Donut the man!
cf playz!
cf playz! 12 hours ago
Everyone gangster till u start seeing the lasers...
Papyrus Undertale
Papyrus Undertale 12 hours ago
0:43 wow the crab with a knife gang is growing!
Scenorio 12 hours ago
imagine flying and landing with a sofa
Anggie Ng
Anggie Ng 12 hours ago
chillest cat ever
Pro Ject
Pro Ject 12 hours ago
What if the machine stops working, How does stay working?
CommandoRequiem 12 hours ago
Hurt They puppy and you will suffer a fate that is far worse than even something worse then death
Deeeeeyn 12 hours ago
2:19 So Philippines is not that polluted. I’m relief.
Juho Kosonen
Juho Kosonen 12 hours ago
"A bus used a log as a spare tire..." Naaah that can't b- " Russia" Oooh okay that adds up
Forgettable Ninja
Forgettable Ninja 12 hours ago
0:38 this game has always entertaining results.. I can see what u are talking about
Deeeeeyn 12 hours ago
1:51 They are not called *SEA LION* for nothing.
sans undertale
sans undertale 12 hours ago
seals are just the best
Deeeeeyn 12 hours ago
1:27 Thanks for teaching thief’s.
Shadowxy 12 hours ago
The car roof: "ight imma head out"
Deeeeeyn 12 hours ago
Yeah, humans are absolutely weird at the same time curios.
JZ 12 hours ago
The bear only moved when it saw its favorite cub go over😂
Papyrus Undertale
Papyrus Undertale 12 hours ago
2:16 help him, he has a problem
・yxllow_bexr・ 12 hours ago
Cat: ahwhwhwhhh
Fateens World
Fateens World 12 hours ago
Me: sees a crime Two people involved in it: 2:15
Bibek Budha
Bibek Budha 12 hours ago
Me trying to avoid my life's problems be like:
osu Fishy
osu Fishy 12 hours ago
was that Turnz from osu! doing the vertical jump? LOL
Jovis 12 hours ago
Oh yes children getting terrorized the best kind of entertainment
Andrej Jordanovski
Andrej Jordanovski 13 hours ago
talk about weight reduction
Cold Fire
Cold Fire 13 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay:
Saad Garah
Saad Garah 13 hours ago
This cat sounds like LazarBeam
Bhavanya 13 hours ago
That cat's eyes speaks something I can't understand but totally feel 💫
Lawrence Manū
Lawrence Manū 13 hours ago
Damn been subbed ever since this video and haven't missed one yet. Keep doing what you're doing bro💯 See you in the future👴
Lori 13 hours ago
what was he thinking
Alik Bumaga
Alik Bumaga 13 hours ago
0:10 this is the most russian not russian video ever
Papyrus Undertale
Papyrus Undertale 13 hours ago
The parrot was so polite he said it quietly, maybe he was shy?
Mab Zy
Mab Zy 13 hours ago
Concrete block: “Gonna catch me riding dir-“
Sxmpple 13 hours ago
Tag that vegan teacher for the 1st one.
ALien potAtO
ALien potAtO 13 hours ago
the male blanket octopus next to the female be like.... "I feel pathetic"
Pink Øreo
Pink Øreo 13 hours ago
Pre V¡ne
Pre V¡ne 13 hours ago
Women gets closer and touches the seal Seal : SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER !!
Anggie Ng
Anggie Ng 13 hours ago
Anggie Ng
Anggie Ng 13 hours ago
Anggie Ng
Anggie Ng 13 hours ago
the person living under the person with disappearing pool oh it's him.
Zecorim 13 hours ago
Vegans are looking the title of this video crazy.. 🥴
lajimolala 13 hours ago
Now that I am binge watching his videos I want y'all to know its it birthday on 4th Dec guysss I am sure he will post on that day🥳
selm mikha
selm mikha 13 hours ago
i wish cobes helicopter had that RİP bryant
ameliaunicornabc !
ameliaunicornabc ! 13 hours ago
The rest of the world : North America : mmmm deep fried water