The Rise And Fall Of Toms
So Expensive Season 4 Marathon
The Rise And Fall Of Pan Am
The Rise And Fall Of Sega
Tsingi 17 hours ago
8:23 Answer to the title if you are in hurry.
bluefallon 18 hours ago
Dummy don dummies gone in 2020 along with the corrupt senate.
XChaosBladerX Op
XChaosBladerX Op 18 hours ago
I've had caviar once, it's disgusting I wouldn't recommend... Rich people by the stupidest crap
bluefallon 18 hours ago
No more dummy don in 2020 yeah.
ema h
ema h 18 hours ago
that yellow oil paint is going in my mouth
Fashionably Late
Fashionably Late 18 hours ago
*cough *cough they don't have bankruptcy prices online yet 😂
Simon Paradis
Simon Paradis 18 hours ago
Since 1960, Hawaii voted one time Republicain.
The Chocolate Donut
The Chocolate Donut 18 hours ago
The car has N O S T R I L S
Raul Fuerte
Raul Fuerte 18 hours ago
Battle of the premium cultural ingredients: what’s more coveted: French black truffles or Kashmiri saffron
Bo Phil
Bo Phil 18 hours ago
Shit fake ass product. The real espadrilles are produced by prisoners and cost just a few bucks.
Crimson Dawn
Crimson Dawn 18 hours ago
Wouldn't be rare if you weren't assholes about it....facts! (Anyone otherwise is just part of the problem) ahhhh... noticed no one responded?
Jack B
Jack B 18 hours ago
Oof. FDR literally the one legged man winning an ass kicking contest
I, Your Father
I, Your Father 18 hours ago
I always knew Liam Neeson was KGB.
moosemanicorn 18 hours ago
The British army is so much better
Angel 18 hours ago
I do have to express my opinion cause there are a lot confused (not going say dumb or stupid cause insulting does create static) people. The people who view the Confederate leaders, colonial figures etc as Soldiers are confused. The people who were slaves were human beings. Human beings that didn't voluntarily come to USA. Soldiers fight for land, oil, etc but not ownership of another human being. Would this be Ok for soldiers today?
ian real
ian real 18 hours ago
Imagine no one buying 1 thing
islam debunked
islam debunked 18 hours ago
satanic islam is demonic 🇸🇦🕋😈 Rev.12
Yoandre 12345
Yoandre 12345 18 hours ago
This looks delicious
monkeymanwasd123 18 hours ago
Waste of biomass
monkeymanwasd123 18 hours ago
Not unprecedented
branden8045 theultramangofighter
branden8045 theultramangofighter 18 hours ago
Fun fact, use ur saliva and teeth to twist the cotton into a not too pointy but rotational form then.....have ur eargasm
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell 18 hours ago
All I learned was, it happens when you smoke too much. Very informative...
gonk droid
gonk droid 18 hours ago
Dwight Mcclary
Dwight Mcclary 18 hours ago
It will all be green soon
ChonchoTM 18 hours ago
I want to get a spoiled meal so I can sue them lol
Jack Borsch
Jack Borsch 18 hours ago
The state of West Virginia definitely existed in 1789.
Rio A.
Rio A. 18 hours ago
Just remove the entry then it has no legitimacy and if you need to use regardless to shut down an argument say it loudly or very emphatically
NGEPRONE GEMING 18 hours ago
Meanwhile in yemen
kKiran Roy
kKiran Roy 18 hours ago
He is right
Jake Ryker
Jake Ryker 18 hours ago
Why not dehydrate and send it to poorer countries as aid?
nalvar82 18 hours ago
Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a mechanic. You must be Born Again into the saving grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Even demons know the name of Jesus and tremble. I believe God has chosen and anointed President Trump to save America. 🙏📖🇺🇸
Google Account
Google Account 18 hours ago
Why arent they given to the poor!!!
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 18 hours ago
Australian wavy is cheaper
Bow Slimes
Bow Slimes 18 hours ago
Just seeing that bed makes me wanna sleep I wonder why Ohhhhhhhhh yeh It may or may not be 3 am
Ang 18 hours ago
She looks a little bit like Dakota Johnson
Cliqu_Rain 18 hours ago
Nevermind all the art I’ve spent my life improving on, I’m gonna go put a dot on a canvas and get rich off of it.
dreaming of electric sheep
dreaming of electric sheep 18 hours ago
That brunette feminist was a complete idiot. As soon as i start hearing meaningless feminist buzz words i know i'm listening to someone with a low iq. Imagine teaching your child they are a victim from an early age. Thats messed up
DoorisJ 18 hours ago
Maybe in low speed collisions (under 40mph) the empty crumble zone is desired. But I can almost guarantee in a high speed crash the crumble zone crumbles too well. A Volvo would be safer
jaden summer
jaden summer 18 hours ago
Amy Lippert
Amy Lippert 18 hours ago
your basically paying to not be killed by your food
Fanatik 18 hours ago
U can style what u want if u dont wear heels the rest of the uniform look looks like shit
Laura Sensenbrenner
Laura Sensenbrenner 19 hours ago
Omg that’s a lot of French Fries 😭
Akash Shaw
Akash Shaw 19 hours ago
Don't waste it man. Send it to the poor countries against transportation cost.
Zootoo 197
Zootoo 197 19 hours ago
Looks delicious
EXECUTION 19 hours ago
If you didn't know, a mason, such as the grand master mason is higher than the illuminati, they're all the same. They all sell their souls to the devil, and I know this much because my grand father is a Grand Master Mason the free masons.
The Realist
The Realist 18 hours ago
@EXECUTION The Illuminati does not exist and hasn't since the back end of the 18th century. Your Grandfather is NOT a Grand Master Mason. Stop telling lies and go and do your homework.
Joseph Lagos
Joseph Lagos 19 hours ago
The men’s clothes line became boy toy
santi carsola
santi carsola 19 hours ago
They should give it out
Jenya 19 hours ago
Wow Toms was all I wore in middle and high school
Sophia Clapp
Sophia Clapp 19 hours ago
Me: I would like to be in some part of the military. My body stays too short and gives me asthma.
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 19 hours ago
they aren't even expensive but okay lol
Gatsby Hotjacks
Gatsby Hotjacks 19 hours ago
Maxwell Kao
Maxwell Kao 19 hours ago
It’s It a test that you don’t get a car crash
Lily Limon
Lily Limon 19 hours ago
2:50 Me went I saw arsenic, Mercury and Uranium: Yo guys we are going to die soon COME GET YOUR PRAYERS
Celetics 19 hours ago
“The Secret Service has a ZERO fail mission.” JFK: Wait what?
Ethan NO
Ethan NO 19 hours ago
This isn’t my house. I’m not playing a fortune for an overnight trip.
jasper roblox
jasper roblox 19 hours ago
lets atleast give this channel a tap on the back for upgrading from noob to pleb
Shiftyeyes775 19 hours ago
Take down the statues but keep spending the money with the same faces. See the irony ?? Where does it end?
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal 19 hours ago
Aerodynamically design my bung
Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 19 hours ago
Skip. Those are net floats. Morons....
Inverter222 19 hours ago
Ironic that the HireVue spokesman wouldn't pass his own AI interview due to how he looks and his awkwardness .
Denis Murray
Denis Murray 19 hours ago
best pres ever
Sophia Clapp
Sophia Clapp 19 hours ago
OMG 3:12 he sounds like a middle school teacher.
Ethan NO
Ethan NO 19 hours ago
These passengers eat A LOT.
aleah pena
aleah pena 19 hours ago
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii...Read more
tejas pawar
tejas pawar 19 hours ago
That accent!
John LEON 19 hours ago
No mention of Honda...
Lexi Reis
Lexi Reis 19 hours ago
Alright but no one wanna really skimp on them nuggets
jumpylimebaboon !
jumpylimebaboon ! 19 hours ago
Time to get 100 kilos of a deadly fish to get a deposit for a small house!
jumpylimebaboon !
jumpylimebaboon ! 19 hours ago
Time to get 100 kilos of a deadly fish to get a deposit for a house!
RK Life
RK Life 19 hours ago
Woah it’s almost if Democrats were the party of racists this whole time!!!
Takcci 19 hours ago
This car looks black
Finn McKinnon
Finn McKinnon 19 hours ago
Business class looks the best to me, for the *probable* price, way cheaper than 1st class
Mineee Nexttt
Mineee Nexttt 19 hours ago
Earth is round
Mingjie Huang
Mingjie Huang 19 hours ago
Toys R us is back but it is has a different name now.
James Buckey
James Buckey 19 hours ago
Anti-aging creams making modern art look legitimate 😂
rubia zohaib
rubia zohaib 19 hours ago
I will now defeat tesla and world will forgot tesla name in history
Gabe Hoing
Gabe Hoing 19 hours ago
ToO BaD iTs A V6
Faren Ihsan
Faren Ihsan 19 hours ago
Bill Gates make Corona Virus
Hex 19 hours ago
In all honesty, I find them creepy
Big Bio 88
Big Bio 88 19 hours ago
Rocco Marra
Rocco Marra 19 hours ago
Before the dark times...
Ethan NO
Ethan NO 19 hours ago
Because it’s *s h i n y.*
Fat Schize
Fat Schize 19 hours ago
Leif sounds like a slim Alex Jones
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal 19 hours ago
This is so unnecessary
Strange Stuff
Strange Stuff 19 hours ago
4:50 That is just the Demoman from Tf2
Fannya Boehme
Fannya Boehme 19 hours ago
Why did you NOT BLUR OUT THaT PICTURE Of the women laying on that Couch 🤦🏻
DEVONLAD11 19 hours ago
Secret Service vs MI6
Ethan Luo
Ethan Luo 19 hours ago
Dam some bees must be rich AF
BoolA1d 20 hours ago
Where can you get these
Dieter Ally
Dieter Ally 20 hours ago
I love how their humps are so big because they get do much feed😂😂
zion J
zion J 20 hours ago
A model x os not a sub f tesla
don 20 hours ago
Hero who help people NOT killing people WOW i respect this man really Dislike video tell me how media affected people in US really
Geronimo 20 hours ago
Gender isn’t a factor in dexterity.
_Reindeer_ 20 hours ago
Me: sees oil paint My brain: *eat it.* Me: why? My brain: *You gotta.*
Duarte Édris
Duarte Édris 20 hours ago
*Screams I aëugh*
Alexa Lewis
Alexa Lewis 20 hours ago
The fact that it started by making horseback riding gear is iconic since now most riders if they saw Gucci riding gear they’d be like: damn I may as well get a normal one ( tho they’re prob the same price Gucci seems luxury)
RASPUTIN 20 hours ago
Its dangerous to fire guns in space? Always has been
Hamdoon Di
Hamdoon Di 20 hours ago
You have a lot to say and to be a good ione you to do have the right one and I think that I think would you have to think about how to use make a difference and think that it would should have a section of that page and would not have a better source than that a consensus that I have a question for a source person to and you think 💭 is the not