The Rise And Fall of USPS
The Rise And Fall Of Toms
So Expensive Season 4 Marathon
The Rise And Fall Of Pan Am
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 10 hours ago
Something about McDonald's serving beer feels oddly natural
Eric Everson
Eric Everson 10 hours ago
You forgot Blake in Minneapolis, MN:(
gphell33 10 hours ago
What’s interesting is that Nixon would have won the 1960 election using the 2020 Electoral votes for each state.
random stuff
random stuff 10 hours ago
recruit: *does thumbs up* Lieutenant: so you have chosen.... death
Eric Everson
Eric Everson 10 hours ago
Reading, writing and arithmetic is what they teach. O, and don't forget critical thinking and common sense. Maybe we should "Install" their curriculum in to our public schools instead of common core. But then of course THEY couldn't find the 180 IQ students that do math backwards:) It's kind of a shame that the world is so out of control. Peace, very progressive.
S6N 6F G6D
S6N 6F G6D 10 hours ago
Violent Sleepy Joe
meowity moo
meowity moo 10 hours ago
my longest flight was 14hrs lmao
BrandonGC 10 hours ago
*You monster*
random stuff
random stuff 10 hours ago
Lieutenant: *says command* recruit: AYALAUATAYAGWBWJHHHJJHHHHH
Andrew Burkett
Andrew Burkett 10 hours ago
Marines: Hold my m249 Army: Hold my juice box Lmaooo
Michael W.
Michael W. 10 hours ago
jack ma has my vote of confidence because he is investing in the environment. all powerful people should do this. it should be a priority among them.
killer fire
killer fire 10 hours ago
Just ask for a double wrap burrito same amount and its cleaner without it looking like a ball.
Blown 10 hours ago
Instant respect? No, just no.
lucky khitou
lucky khitou 10 hours ago
No wonder he's gay
Yy Yy
Yy Yy 10 hours ago
islam debunked
islam debunked 10 hours ago
thank you , thank you Philippians 2:16
Luis Atilano
Luis Atilano 10 hours ago
Who’s here after josh cartu is facing criminal charges
Brad Denty
Brad Denty 10 hours ago
Sing it out brother! I get up between 4-4:30. Works great for triathlon training
Harry Poosie
Harry Poosie 10 hours ago
Want my opinion? An extremely, extremely, stigmatized group of men who’ve succeeded in protecting their traditions and the best interest of mankind, why all the secrets and why all the mystery? Simple, to avert malignant influence. Yes, I’m sure, masonry, like anything else, can be used for evil, but for the little I’ve actually seen in my research...and in my years living in America...As a whole, malignant, or, bad? Come on. Whoo scary white supremacists. Tired of all the BS we’ve been sold the last 50 years.
Robert Shipley
Robert Shipley 10 hours ago
He comes across uneducated, unread - almost dumb.
Karthik k
Karthik k 10 hours ago
now iam eagerly waiting for her to die
Karthik k
Karthik k 10 hours ago
now iam eagerly waiting for her to die
RogueRenegade 10 hours ago
I bet you it taste salty
Alex Zaleski
Alex Zaleski 10 hours ago
So communism for rich people
Robbin Coronado
Robbin Coronado 10 hours ago
I’d be using bottle water LOL
Michael W.
Michael W. 10 hours ago
people who control countries do not report their net worth. putin is probably the richest man in the world. bezos is the richest businessman or private citizen, we could say.
Angra 10 hours ago
Brief historical reference followed by an answer. He did well.
Elon Lothbrok
Elon Lothbrok 10 hours ago
I want to ask this man, if social media and the Internet existed back in those days, how much different would it be from today?
Filip Arsovski
Filip Arsovski 10 hours ago
i really dont see the point of this. I tried waking up early, but i just end up wasting even more time. Besides if i actually wanted to work out i could find a time for that at any point in the day. If i dont want to workout then my wake up time wont matter at all cuz im not gonna workout anyway...
Ilove Ducks
Ilove Ducks 11 hours ago
I’m tryna snag a pair of hello kitty doc martens
Francis Sagneus
Francis Sagneus 11 hours ago
You think Manuka honey is expensive? Try black tualang honey...
Edmund Kent Jacalan
Edmund Kent Jacalan 11 hours ago
Just like our President in Philippines, they both do a very good job
adam tree is the most expensive tree.
josue lopez
josue lopez 11 hours ago
“Walking on these called paths.” Yeah my poor ass doesn’t know what a path is 🤣
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage 11 hours ago
The Asian talk and act like Western!
Amayazing Floofer
Amayazing Floofer 11 hours ago
Right wing: Left wingers just use OUR words! Left wing: And make em funnier 😎 Right wing: B-but... We're suppose to be the funny ones... 😰 Me: You never were, sweet cakes.
Anim Mouse
Anim Mouse 11 hours ago
1:27 Is EXIF a thing on that year?
P D 11 hours ago
Looking at american situation is very good there, in india our pm haven't been on tv with reporters once
Malak Laghsene
Malak Laghsene 11 hours ago
I m from morocco and it is so cheap for locals 😂😂😂
Arc Dmitriv
Arc Dmitriv 11 hours ago
Frick my hicupps stops.. I was just laying my chin in the table in an pillow..
Mr Dilrd
Mr Dilrd 11 hours ago
So its more of a canvas than a car. Its art.
James Vincent Simagala
James Vincent Simagala 11 hours ago
You should Dji Sam Soe cigar, from Indonesia. Trust me
Marianna Russo
Marianna Russo 11 hours ago
Even the hair can’t stand his brain 🧠 !!!!!!
Egg ‘s
Egg ‘s 11 hours ago
a grany ate this fish and she got to jail LOLOLOLOL DESERVED
Kim Inseong
Kim Inseong 11 hours ago
Just make a Potatoland out all of them so Goofy will be happy.
islam debunked
islam debunked 11 hours ago
neither islam nor Quran was sent by God nor angle !! Mark 13:5-6 / 21,22,23
Muhammad Abdurrahman
Muhammad Abdurrahman 11 hours ago
So you are false 😈
Muhammad Abdurrahman
Muhammad Abdurrahman 11 hours ago
Quran is the word of God, Quran 4:97
amnah syed
amnah syed 11 hours ago
But you sure are sent by 😈
Timothy Ocate
Timothy Ocate 11 hours ago finally had a wood adaption
Anna Marfa
Anna Marfa 11 hours ago
Mall people come and go.. mall people they just dont know..
macarari 11 hours ago
This is my approach. People that have money usually are smart. Moreover, as of today 9/18/2020 if you're a millionaire here in New York, Cuomo and the major will ensure you'll be harassed. Don't believe me ? So why almost half of New York is leaving ? On the other hand, you'll need to be very stupid, if you're buying that apartment that has no space.
Wahyu Waskita
Wahyu Waskita 11 hours ago
gottak milit
gottak milit 11 hours ago
Just distribute it for free
Jasper Rabenort
Jasper Rabenort 11 hours ago
So cool that you shared the story of 11 Madison Avenue! I did my graduation project on this building and due to Covid-19 I had to make a movie instead of a physical model. Check it out!:
artphetamines 12 hours ago
Eat the Rich
Thomas Brewer
Thomas Brewer 12 hours ago
If you have to ask how much? You can't afford it.
Ricardo Montes
Ricardo Montes 12 hours ago
I am groot
KingDoPerks 12 hours ago
I haven't seen the video. But I'm guessing it cause there are tons of heavy ass batterys at the bottom
Sandra Wong
Sandra Wong 12 hours ago
They should make a ink that can be removed with a laser Then we can reuse paper and not cut down forests
Ryo Cortez
Ryo Cortez 12 hours ago
Recruit : **Thumbs Up** Drill Instructor : So you have chosen Death
Greenpoloboy3 12 hours ago
I get it! So this why why my shopping for the exact same items as last year costs me more
Muhammad Abdurrahman
Muhammad Abdurrahman 12 hours ago
12 Hours and Still Going 👀
El Bicho
El Bicho 12 hours ago
And now it's worth half the price. Thanks Coumo and DeBlasio. Clowns.
Masabil Arraya
Masabil Arraya 12 hours ago
Why not clone him? And then extract the milk again for some other 10 years. Starting now, gallileo son would be extractable for the next 5 uears i think
Kluh Nagoh
Kluh Nagoh 12 hours ago
Harleys start at 10,000. That's the problem
Kaamil Z
Kaamil Z 12 hours ago
5:46 feminists sweating...
princetachalla 12 hours ago
No Class, Ignorant Belligerent, Racist Bully. 🤔
Kannur Rafeeq
Kannur Rafeeq 12 hours ago
My wife left me after i tried to put out fire with kerosene. I was just trying to help. And ya she was on fire.
A L E X 12 hours ago
i used to live 5 years in russia and went to a north korean restaurant and ngl north korean food is very good
Joshy GOLDIEM_J 12 hours ago
What a brave little girl
Sweatcoin Giveaways
Sweatcoin Giveaways 12 hours ago
Wake up at 4:30 to pray Fajr
GG JMB 12 hours ago
5:35 I get 'I'm actually a nice guy' vibes from hitman over there
Veldot 12 hours ago
How much money they make foo
Iamthedaugther of the King
Iamthedaugther of the King 12 hours ago
People who want to be a member of this society... or organization or whatever they will call it... there is only one thing that they really want... they want CONNECTION TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS USELESS WORLDLY SUCCESS
Observer88 Tyrael
Observer88 Tyrael 12 hours ago
You mean the puppet of soros! Nothing but an actor. You should be shameful for what you did to gingrich. Black anchor....yeah right Female version of sharpton and jackson. Fake person
GG JMB 12 hours ago
virgin navy vs chad marines
Jane The Obscure
Jane The Obscure 12 hours ago
8:20 pm sept 18 2020
Another SCP guard, bruh.
Another SCP guard, bruh. 13 hours ago
It always has been. *shit.*
mustak ahmed dipto
mustak ahmed dipto 13 hours ago
Irishandtired 13 hours ago
Could you Americans please stop culturally appropriating European music? Stick with your plastic Taylor Swift and Snoop Dog.
noobera 13
noobera 13 13 hours ago
islam is the best religon
noobera 13
noobera 13 11 hours ago
@IDKwhichnametochoose IDK shut up
IDKwhichnametochoose IDK
IDKwhichnametochoose IDK 12 hours ago
By which standards exactly?
Reehan Abdullah
Reehan Abdullah 13 hours ago
Not really the cheapest.Also it needs longer runways.
Andrew Coursaris
Andrew Coursaris 13 hours ago
He’s probably a genius