Last Show of 2019
8 months ago
LP1 Track by Track
9 months ago
What has Liam been up to?
My Journey with HUGO
Chef Payne 🙌🏼
9 months ago
Happy Halloween! 🎃
10 months ago
Dinner in the Sky
samikshya chhetri
samikshya chhetri Hour ago
Love you Payno
Rylee McGilbery
Rylee McGilbery Hour ago
the way Liam is always finding a way to stay connected with us and keep us entertained. I have no choice but to stan, we love Liam.
Alex Crismon
Alex Crismon Hour ago
If you don’t support Liam, you can’t consider yourself a Directioner
Abi Catterall
Abi Catterall Hour ago
i am struggling with fitness, you could say
Valeria Herranz Crespo
Valeria Herranz Crespo 2 hours ago
I need more videos like this, they made my life easier 😍🥰
Pauline R
Pauline R 2 hours ago
this remix is so good and emotial
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 2 hours ago
Mia .
Mia . 2 hours ago
Liam te amo
mary blues
mary blues 2 hours ago
Harry please make a youtubeeee channel and make everyday videos😂
Gaby Dias
Gaby Dias 2 hours ago
Perfect Man ♥️♥️
Candelaria Navarro
Candelaria Navarro 2 hours ago
Te amo
Camila 3 hours ago
Liam é perfeito e só a minha opinião que importa
Amaranta Rodriguez
Amaranta Rodriguez 3 hours ago
i love youtuber liam
Simply Elle 101
Simply Elle 101 3 hours ago
liam has been payne-ting a lot 😂
jamie d
jamie d 3 hours ago
8:20 i wanna know who the girl that said a lot of swear words was LMAOOO
Rafaela Morales
Rafaela Morales 4 hours ago
Samuel Moreira Santiago
Samuel Moreira Santiago 4 hours ago
Yes!!! He is amazing
Bárbara Montenegro
Bárbara Montenegro 4 hours ago
Liam understands, you deserve the world❤ the clip and the music are very good, everything is wonderful😍❤
Rosani Kumari
Rosani Kumari 4 hours ago
12:33 Who else whispered back??! No one?? Oh it's me.... COOL
Ivell Karson
Ivell Karson 4 hours ago
This song is underrated. He is underrated!!
Grande Horan
Grande Horan 4 hours ago
Niall was so smoll my babyyyyyy
sajikp philip
sajikp philip 4 hours ago
Via hmm
Via hmm 4 hours ago
1D the best band In the world forever
Katerina Tsiepa
Katerina Tsiepa 5 hours ago
I want you back together. Because you were perfect!
Pheonix Wild Fire
Pheonix Wild Fire 5 hours ago
Hey has anyone realized the fact that one direction never has a collab song with anyone....
Lara Catarina
Lara Catarina 5 hours ago
he’s so cute i can’t handle 🤤🥰
Gaia Cimino
Gaia Cimino 5 hours ago
Conclusione del video :Liam non ha mai visto Rapunzel
Gwyn’s World
Gwyn’s World 5 hours ago
15:20 “try to figure out if WE can make it if WE tried
Dasunie 6 hours ago
He is my crush of 15 yrs old 🖤 till now ❣️🌼
Carl Ivan Jayronnie Dimaano
Carl Ivan Jayronnie Dimaano 6 hours ago
Will 1d comeback???
Dhanyoo Potato
Dhanyoo Potato 6 hours ago
Janine Behm
Janine Behm 6 hours ago
Bunny you are so sweet
tigerita 6 hours ago
ist timezone pleasee indiaaa there aree sooo manyyy indianss who want u to come livee
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 hours ago
payno :) ily
tigerita 6 hours ago
liam said larry . its 3 am. im crying.bye.
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 hours ago
His face when night changes came on😂😂😂
Alice Maria
Alice Maria 6 hours ago
YASSS!!! 💖💖💖
Jaisa Santana
Jaisa Santana 7 hours ago
Desculpa mas essa musica versao forró ficaria top pra um churrasco ein kkkkk
L l
L l 7 hours ago
We can call him now "from another planet"
Anusree Anish
Anusree Anish 8 hours ago
aww bless him 🥺❤️✨
Vijaya Mani
Vijaya Mani 9 hours ago
He actually thought sassy lou is some kind of name....he didn't realise it was our "sass masta from doncasta....."
Exo We are one
Exo We are one 9 hours ago
Thanks for mentioning baekhyun . You promote him better than his agency😅
martu grassi
martu grassi 10 hours ago
Why you are so PRETTY??
Kashika Sharma
Kashika Sharma 11 hours ago
Ok we didn’t search for this, but we all were waiting for this.
Kaella Abon
Kaella Abon 11 hours ago
3:15 just say "bacon" from exo😂
Rebeca Lagajino
Rebeca Lagajino 11 hours ago
abby raymond
abby raymond 11 hours ago
once in a lifetime for the next LP show pleaseeeee
dragon m.n
dragon m.n 11 hours ago
dragon m.n
dragon m.n 11 hours ago
Maila Karodin
Maila Karodin 12 hours ago
Zayn was happy before, i can see it in his eyes and smile. years passed by he changed, when he's singing it feels like he's not enjoying it. i dont know waht happened to him why he left the band. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
quasitigre 12 hours ago
Also can you release a new song soon 🙏🙏 we miss your beautiful voice
Galilea Ochoa
Galilea Ochoa 12 hours ago
Mi youtuber favorito ❣️
Yasmin Oliveira
Yasmin Oliveira 12 hours ago
Jesus no céu e liam na terra
Ana Caram
Ana Caram 12 hours ago
imagina ser triste a ponto de dar deslike numa obra prima dessa? euehm deus que me livre
Peterson Moraes
Peterson Moraes 13 hours ago
Essa música deveria virar hino Internacional, que música minha gente
quasitigre 13 hours ago
Also a gym workout video would be amazing
Michelle Panjaitan
Michelle Panjaitan 13 hours ago
#iwantaticket ilysm Liam...❤️❤️
Valeria Farias
Valeria Farias 14 hours ago
it's the way he smiles every single time for me
quasitigre 14 hours ago
I would love to see a painting video
Jazmyn Gomez
Jazmyn Gomez 14 hours ago
Who else died during Liam's professor Snape impression
moonchild - سُ
moonchild - سُ 14 hours ago
Zoe Lipman
Zoe Lipman 15 hours ago
His face when night changes came on😂😂😂
Deyanira Trevizo
Deyanira Trevizo 15 hours ago
payno :) ily
Maíra Simões
Maíra Simões 15 hours ago
se eu não chegar no céu com esse mv de boas vindas eu nem quero
kue kaktus denum
kue kaktus denum 15 hours ago
Liam we always support you..we love you ❤️
koko lolo
koko lolo 15 hours ago
Is that marina joyce?
Lou H
Lou H 15 hours ago
LIAM that drawing was sick! I thought he might pull up some lame sketch, then he showed a professional drawing! 😇
Angie Calderón Robles
Angie Calderón Robles 15 hours ago
No entendí un carajo de todo el vídeo, pero tiene razón
Denden Tolentino
Denden Tolentino 16 hours ago
He’s so precious 🥺
Nieves Cabeza Macias
Nieves Cabeza Macias 16 hours ago
Mi opinión tienes una gran voz, pero tu vestimenta y tu imagen no van con la gran voz que tienes, en los videos con Rita Ora diste otra imagen totalmente diferente, los dos juntos hicisteis un gran duo en la canción FOR YOU, y tu Liam vales mucho mas. SACALE PARTIDO
Fernanda Alves
Fernanda Alves 16 hours ago
só queria entender oq ele fala;-;