Loma vs Lopez: Weigh-In
JacksonAndJackson LLC
JacksonAndJackson LLC 2 hours ago
Lol coach said he thought it was an air conditioner
hiroki wada
hiroki wada 2 hours ago
I miss manny pacquiao in top rank
Zavik 424
Zavik 424 2 hours ago
Mikayla had the best reaction 😂, keep up the awesome content TR!!
ART 2 hours ago
Good they did't do it on Inoue Naoya would have knocked the guy out cold
Dan 2 hours ago
Come on Maloney, you ain’t Teo and he ain’t Loma.
Jay Kune
Jay Kune 2 hours ago
Rice Power
Armando Herrera
Armando Herrera 2 hours ago
Any way Nery Will beat you
Rafael Cajes
Rafael Cajes 2 hours ago
Il capo di tutti capi
Il capo di tutti capi 2 hours ago
His sparring sessions are must watch... More entertaining than 90 % Pro boxing
Il capo di tutti capi
Il capo di tutti capi 2 hours ago
His sparring sessions are must watch... More entertaining than 90 % Pro boxing
Joseph Accad
Joseph Accad 2 hours ago
Naoya the Japanesse Turtle.Wahahahaha
Tony Soneo
Tony Soneo 3 hours ago
My Beautiful crush Stef 😍😍😍
Augie Mandino
Augie Mandino 3 hours ago
I'm Filipino, after Inoue overcomes Jason Maloney of this fight event. I want him to go on to challenge John Riel Casimero within early next year if possible. I think that Inoue will truly defeats Casimero by then. Sometimes, Casimero is very much cocky with his own comments against Inoue after he had defeated Micah two months ago.
World Events Judgement
World Events Judgement 3 hours ago
What if naoya loses against Jason, what can you say?
Le Fez
Le Fez 3 hours ago
They didn't try this on Inoue 😂😂
Augie Mandino
Augie Mandino 3 hours ago
I do think that Jason Maloney is being too overconfident going into this fight. I would say that Naoya Inoue will KO this Aussie guy within the early rounds, no doubt it.
Arnel Nopal
Arnel Nopal 3 hours ago
Super intense face off lmao
World Events Judgement
World Events Judgement 3 hours ago
You just got lucky when you fought Nonito. You should have lost if the fight was not held in Japan. YOU WILL LOSE AGAINST MOLONEY!
Pozitiv911 3 hours ago
Чё это за чудик
Alberto Garibay
Alberto Garibay 3 hours ago
Wombo Combo
Wombo Combo 3 hours ago
Why the other fighter doesnt go to the scale?
I’m that Guy
I’m that Guy 3 hours ago
This dude is dumb! Inoue destroyed the guy that beat your @$$. You won’t see the 5th round.
Stephen Hightowers
Stephen Hightowers 3 hours ago
This man has the soul of a great Samurai 🇯🇵🏯
Huessos 209
Huessos 209 3 hours ago
Inoue all the way
Arturo Molina
Arturo Molina 3 hours ago
Need to come out of the island......
Eze quiel
Eze quiel 3 hours ago
lmao, good luck vs shaolin
phill downes
phill downes 3 hours ago
crawford should of been disqualified.. a bit low is one thing, that was 100% deliberate...
Cringe Cringe
Cringe Cringe 3 hours ago
To beat a counter like Inoue you have to be a better counter puncher. Like Teofimo did to Loma
Nova Bomb29
Nova Bomb29 4 hours ago
Naoya please win i love you
Haojapao Haolai
Haojapao Haolai 4 hours ago
A tittle you clear knew you didn't earned it for horns It's an insult as a pro fighter and it's a greater insult for manny Pacquiao.
KiNg 209
KiNg 209 4 hours ago
Luis salas
Luis salas 4 hours ago
Great night for boxing
dannyyy97 4 hours ago
niccomakk 4 hours ago
#Moloney is food for the #TheMonster!!
Eze quiel
Eze quiel 4 hours ago
Miguel L
Miguel L 4 hours ago
I think they all got startled but didn't show it. I LMAO when the ring girl got so acared she tried fusing with the other ring girl.
Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson 4 hours ago
Why does this have dislikes? Ohhh cuz they mad jealous people out there jealous haters and racists what a shame
kamoteseedless 4 hours ago
because of avoiding Casimero im rooting for Moloney for upset
Diederich Axlan
Diederich Axlan 4 hours ago
Get the monster scare like that
Jason moloney to outbox outpoint and UD inoue
Al Ma
Al Ma 4 hours ago
Sorry but this guy shouldn't be on p4p based on accomplishments and definitely not on my p4p in terms of skill
Somkhouan 77
Somkhouan 77 4 hours ago
They are not the same level...
Salvator 3000
Salvator 3000 4 hours ago
He's a great champion! I'm waiting for a unification fight with Nordine Oubaali
Алексей Физрук
Алексей Физрук 4 hours ago
Inoue vs Loma
Tyron Mitchell
Tyron Mitchell 5 hours ago
Chinese NbA Youngboy lol
fernando valladares
fernando valladares 5 hours ago
Fury no ganó ésta pelea Si el combate continúa ganaba Wallin...
4Ever One
4Ever One 5 hours ago
Let’s go!!!! Inoue p4p top class
Nu Ca
Nu Ca 5 hours ago
FINALLY I was waiting for someone to give some insight into the mentality and character of the man to all his english speaking fans.
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore 5 hours ago
Rigo would b a good.fight.for him
kf8yri 7486gihvih
kf8yri 7486gihvih 5 hours ago
🇦🇺 and new unified.
Stay Woke
Stay Woke 5 hours ago
When he throws that left hook sometimes his chin is way to high
Gustavo Nana
Gustavo Nana 5 hours ago
Teo is the biggest little guy I've ever seen; he has a long ass back and long ass hands. He's gonna be a problem.
WASAK GAMING 5 hours ago
His right eye changed a lot
Juan Francisco
Juan Francisco 5 hours ago
I'm a Mexican I think casimero vs inoue is good fight
Juan Francisco
Juan Francisco 5 hours ago
I'm a Mexican I think casimero vs inoue is good fight
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 5 hours ago
He's not satisfied about his skill. That means his standard is helping him climb up. I hope he'll become GOAT just like Paquiao.
queenzy garcia
queenzy garcia 5 hours ago
"0:37" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $952 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
justine salazar
justine salazar 5 hours ago
I wish I get to see Naoya vs Casimero. Im a Casimero fan obviously, but I know for a fact that record dont lie.
Ntchwaidumela He who greets with fire
Ntchwaidumela He who greets with fire 5 hours ago
Nice to see the pretty girls also have a personality to match.
Edwin Agramonte
Edwin Agramonte 5 hours ago
This dude is overhyped
Alexis Vidal
Alexis Vidal 5 hours ago
What is the music intranet?
田頭正悟 5 hours ago
Gustavo Nana
Gustavo Nana 5 hours ago
Everybody criticizing Teo's dad but he literally predicted the future. He said, and I quote, "My son gonna hold a belt before his 15th fight & on the 16th he will beat Lomachenko for all the belts." That's EXACTLY how it went down...
joel tejano
joel tejano 5 hours ago
Monster learn how to speak english.
gibememoni 5 hours ago
Y'all over hype these asian and white boxers too much
waterflowzz 5 hours ago
Don’t even know why inoue is fighting this guy.... he doesn’t have the power to do much.
john frank pacheco conde
john frank pacheco conde 5 hours ago
Para mi el actual libra por libra
Martin Xayachack
Martin Xayachack 5 hours ago
Straight beast 💪
Mr Lee
Mr Lee 6 hours ago
Nice ...this was great
KangKongKernitz freeman
KangKongKernitz freeman 6 hours ago
If you want to be number one fight casimero
Golovkin 6 hours ago
rip maloney
Basukasoh 6 hours ago
Jared got scared at first 😭😭
Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen 6 hours ago
The bottom line is Leonard out boxed him, Hagler missed so many times and was slower. They gave it to the boxer not the brawler.
Collel Hogg
Collel Hogg 6 hours ago
Lol this was awesome no lie I laughed so hard
Nicholas Depina
Nicholas Depina 6 hours ago
She wanted that
Mitch Mac
Mitch Mac 6 hours ago
Toprank : "This is boxing" Teddy Atlas : "This is SPARRING.... Me: Hmmm...who to believe ?
Edwin Dalida
Edwin Dalida 6 hours ago
“Inoue is no Monster.. he’s a Japanese Turtle” - Casimero
Swarthy One
Swarthy One 6 hours ago
Another top rank hype job designed to capture the Asian market. He'll be P4P this time next year 😂
よ。 6 hours ago
naoya win.7round.TKO
DON paolo
DON paolo 6 hours ago
Juan H
Juan H 6 hours ago
You can't be the best with only 15-0, Julio C Chavez was 89-0-1 he boxed over 100 fights. Those stats alone make this young cat irrelevant.