Riksor VB
Riksor VB 3 hours ago
It's so quiet and uncanny.
Lexi Long
Lexi Long 3 hours ago
Claire: messed up everything Chris: make everything better Brad: makes her mad all over again
PopularNobody 3 hours ago
Feel like this is like the "token" minority people to show off. Yuck.
Dan B
Dan B 3 hours ago
it was nice to see how they slowly warmed up to each other throughout the video
Dan B
Dan B 3 hours ago
Brad just calling everyone “bud” is adorable
Michael 3 hours ago
Watching Brad is so relaxing
Dan B
Dan B 3 hours ago
I love how they don’t even pretend that it’s alive is about fermentation anymore it’s just brad being brad
Karen Hough
Karen Hough 4 hours ago
Daniel Labrador
Daniel Labrador 4 hours ago
Ewww, BA. Marcus, please tell me you are advising the brand to make amends with the people they screwed.
NEO SORI Listen to SORI 'INITIAL S' 4 hours ago
SAMANTHA'S measurements for ingredients used to make SAMANTHA'S recipe,please share her recipe fully and I want to say she's a lovely cooking host. I'd be happy to attempt to make her recipe once the full recipe is available Ingredients & measurements for the dough Heat up 180mL or ¾ cup of milk in microwave 1️⃣ table spoon active dry yeast 1️⃣pinch of sugar All purpose flour, amount ?? 1️⃣ pinch of kosher salt 32g or ¼ cup of granulated sugar 2️⃣/3️⃣ Eggs 6️⃣ Tablespoons of unsalted butter Recipe ingredients & measurements for cardamom cream Whole milk 2️⃣ ½ whole milk or 592.5mL 1️⃣ tablespoon of green cardamom pods, 'bashed' 4️⃣ egg yolks Sugar amount (?) Corn starch (?) Pinch of salt Recipe ingredient for maple glaze 1️⃣ Cup/236.5mL of syrup,to cook down to half the amount 1️⃣ Cup/ 128g of confectioner's sugar 1️⃣ Pinch of salt 1️⃣ splash of milk ⅓ of cup of cream/4️⃣ tablespoons of cream Neutral oil for frying doughnuts
When Grapes Pop
When Grapes Pop 4 hours ago
The Norwegian cheese slicer on the thumbnail is not a knife, it’s a peeler
om gurung
om gurung 4 hours ago
Alisha McAllister
Alisha McAllister 4 hours ago
sell out :-)
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 4 hours ago
Chris: It's not on a tilt head. It has more power. It's buttery smooth. They thought of everything 1 minute later Stand Mixer: VIOLENTLY GYRATING
v t
v t 4 hours ago
I don't get the hype with Molly, she's overrated.
Gigi Livaditis
Gigi Livaditis 4 hours ago
am I the only one who prefers this channel to like 50% of the stuff I watch on Netflix lmao
nafela fawzer
nafela fawzer 4 hours ago
I love the fact that she doesn't edit her messiness... That's soo coote she's sooo natural.... What I mean is most of them cover their mistakes n there r also some who like waste..... Hope u understand wht I'm trying to say... SOMEBODY MAKE ME THESE DOUGHNUTS PLS!!!!!! 💜💜💜
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 4 hours ago
awesome to see andy and brad back together.
divypukhraj kulshrestha
divypukhraj kulshrestha 4 hours ago
You forget egg nog
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 4 hours ago
brads charcoal use raised global temperatures by 2 degrees. andy took a road trip west. so much for the carbon footprint BA
Mathuna1 4 hours ago
What happens to all the scrap pieces that get cut off when cleaning...must they be disposed of in a specific way of just fed to the dog???
R Hobbs
R Hobbs 4 hours ago
Why do Americans call it secret sauce when it’s like “thousand island” (ketchup/Mayo)?
Louise Anglès
Louise Anglès 4 hours ago
If Lisa Koshy didn't have ADHD
FrosTee 4 hours ago
this video is literally a meme :/
Sylvia 5 hours ago
How can you not love Samantha!? Is there a recipe link?
Vini Dubey
Vini Dubey 5 hours ago
You need to live in a tropical country to be able to use solar cooker all year round 😂
Lawrence Calablaster
Lawrence Calablaster 5 hours ago
The way she says “oyster” is brilliant.
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 5 hours ago
i would like to volunteer as a professional scrape eater. i’m sure the staff eats the first few batches of food claire makes but i want to help out. please.
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 5 hours ago
Clair: Recreates Tater tots Sohla: makes a short rib Casserole Delaney: C H E E S E W A T E R
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 5 hours ago
I have never seen someone who is entirely so American, so Canadian, so Italian, so adult, and so child all the same time
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 5 hours ago
“FIGHT THE BEAVER, WIN THE HOLE” needs to be a shirt. 🤣
Cole Burner
Cole Burner 5 hours ago
the way brad forms his sentences fills me with stress
djChives95 5 hours ago
Notice how all these people are not BA employees. Shows that BA has not changed, they’ll just wait until the like ratio is ok enough to post their regular stuff.
W Joh
W Joh 5 hours ago
Bon Appetite: We’re Woke Now!™️
juhi k
juhi k 5 hours ago
I love her
I Love You
I Love You 6 hours ago
So Andy was cooking a tarantula...
Taylor Wilkey
Taylor Wilkey 6 hours ago
I feel like brad is only at 25% with out Hunzi's editing
Andrew Overheid
Andrew Overheid 6 hours ago
The editing feels a bit... awkward?
Ian McGranaghan
Ian McGranaghan 6 hours ago
Marvin Yoani
Marvin Yoani 7 hours ago
6:29 be like: *ENEMY MOLOTOV OUT* 6:31 be like: *FRIENDLY MOLOTOV OUT* 6:33 be like: *other players* STOP THE MOLOTOV PLEASE
hneu123 7 hours ago
Just until it’s medium rare ummmmmmmmm that’s not medium rare that is 🐄
Cherrycordial 7 hours ago
It kinda sucks that we probably won't be getting any more of these thanks to Bon Appétit's ...practices. But hey, at least we won't have to deal with Ameal pantomiming unfunny skit slapstick while pretending to munch on overseasoned, bleeding, blue rare burgers anymore.
hneu123 7 hours ago
It’s over cooked?it’s literally bright pink!
lan phương
lan phương 7 hours ago
How many eggs did u eat when you make this video :}
hneu123 7 hours ago
I want steak now.....
jairoyugi 7 hours ago
I love this. Such a relaxing video to watch. It's like ASMR spoken word stint. Thank you, Samantha! ❤️
Jack 7 hours ago
Yay I'm excited for this exotic recipe with spices that aren't available to me
Jack 7 hours ago
We get it your so multicultural now. There are minorities other than black people
Ahmed Khalil
Ahmed Khalil 7 hours ago
Im rlly concerned by the fact that this dude has a ''well done'' and cooking levels for fish and poultry, it is quite risky to eat raw fish due to bacteria levels in it and for poultry the salmonella risks are too high, both should have one standardized time aka ''medium well'' or well done for anyone who prefers that.
Celita Cantrill
Celita Cantrill 7 hours ago
Is this the young lady that had her shirt on backwards in her last video? I LOVE HER!!! She has Brad energy, just enjoying herself as she goes. Julia Child made mistakes like crazy, just like Samantha.
Edmon Mindanao
Edmon Mindanao 7 hours ago
It's raw you freaking donut
Mich Mu
Mich Mu 7 hours ago
That was actually an entertaining video and he seems nice. Its sad people will choose to only pick at the negatives
Anshu Sharma
Anshu Sharma 7 hours ago
This was so stressful to watch. 😅😅😅😅 I would have fainted....
Arturo C
Arturo C 7 hours ago
What is skipper going to do with the catfish head?
El Chupacabra
El Chupacabra 7 hours ago
I don't know about parmesan but cheese in ice cream is a common occurrence here in my country in south east asia
Mich Mu
Mich Mu 8 hours ago
Just straight to the comment section as usual🍿👀
nafiul Jony
nafiul Jony 8 hours ago
59 methods for 59 days in breakfast 🍳
Supreme slayer
Supreme slayer 8 hours ago
I like how Claire's plan to learn about pizza dough is to visit pizza shops and speak with their chefs and Brad and Andy's plan to learn about pizza sauce is to call shops up unannounced and ask them sketchy-sounding questions over the phone
Supreme slayer
Supreme slayer 8 hours ago
"IT's 13$/lb BRAD" im screaming
jeffry saul
jeffry saul 8 hours ago
Just clicked to comment: Lame.
makanmakan yummyeat
makanmakan yummyeat 8 hours ago
Supreme slayer
Supreme slayer 8 hours ago
BA Crew's weaknesses: Claire: Tempering chocolate Molly: Testing pH Chris: cheese.
Supreme slayer
Supreme slayer 8 hours ago
It took me a long time to realize he wasn’t wearing an apron it was his pants
Budder_ Gaming
Budder_ Gaming 8 hours ago
when does he start cooking
Supreme slayer
Supreme slayer 8 hours ago
"Why have you been making it for 25 minutes" As someone who makes grilled cheese with caramelized onions and spends an hour on one, shush
Daniel Reilly
Daniel Reilly 9 hours ago
Carla has such a great vibe, feels like she’s a super cool aunt or cousin that you look forward to what they’re bringing to the a family pot luck
megh !
megh ! 9 hours ago
Sawyer Benson
Sawyer Benson 9 hours ago
Well hello Clarice 19:32
SoCalH0B0 9 hours ago
they were zooming rosemary. truly ahead of their time
kelly may
kelly may 9 hours ago
I really like her. I hope she and the other new hosts are being paid fairly. Even if BA is just doing this to make up for their scandal, the very least they could do is pay them fairly.
Kate Cammeraat
Kate Cammeraat 9 hours ago
I understand that everyone feels that BA is just paying lip service, but I feel like there is a place to voice that and it isn't on youtube. I don't think any of these new employees deserve the mountain of negative comments and dislikes they've been receiving.
shafiqanwar anwar
shafiqanwar anwar 9 hours ago
, Are
SoCalH0B0 9 hours ago
I love Sohla when talking about salting the eggs she's like "thats not gonna make em tough...thats one of those LIES.." I feel like that line could be on a debate stage. Chef Ramsay you have a minute to respond.
SoCalH0B0 9 hours ago
Delany cutting his sandwich horizontally like the villain he is.
darkomyers 9 hours ago
these 2 can have more subs together then the entire ba
Silverfalcon472 9 hours ago
'I've just been peer-pressured into adding a sixth cheese' Relatable asf
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes 9 hours ago
I feel like this had more raw eggs than I would have liked 😳
Hayden Taylor
Hayden Taylor 10 hours ago
James Lalruatpuia
James Lalruatpuia 10 hours ago
I was expecting Lucali's
Sawyer Benson
Sawyer Benson 10 hours ago
Are we all going to pretend we didn’t see him fix those huge rips at 12:34?