Roots Picnic 2020
20 days ago
Roots Picnic Pre-show
Black Lives Matter
david cavalleri
david cavalleri 42 minutes ago
K Tan
K Tan 54 minutes ago
Can people stop dissing white people with one black friend jeez how many white friends do you have? Exactly. We can still be empathetic without tons of friends of opposites races.
Terry Daniell
Terry Daniell 56 minutes ago
King McNack
King McNack 57 minutes ago
Wow! She is a true artist!! Beautiful
Terry Daniell
Terry Daniell Hour ago
False narrative!!!!!!! THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q Mcnack
Q Mcnack Hour ago
Gerry Tlis
Gerry Tlis Hour ago
Stop breathing then! Go protest REAL slavery in Afica and human trafficking that the democrats are running in your hometown where youre forced to watch the flag that freed slaves burn...whats the avg iq level of anyone supporting this? 70?
tyleryesfaxx Hour ago
This is so pretentious and opportunistic. Disgusting to piggy back your song on a legit movement.
A R Hour ago
Saul Robles
Saul Robles Hour ago
Nah dude nah get off the stage
AMG II Hour ago
Who yall think Musiq should battle in Versuz?
Servando Martinez
Servando Martinez Hour ago
She has a beautiful voice but this song is bs that's why it has so many dislikes the problem with black American is not police brutality. It is absent fathers of homes, black abortion rates and no accountability. I will personally say that what happened to George floyd was a tragity and there should be justice and there is justice being served. But I dont think anyone in 2020 in america is oppressed and if you always hold on to the past you can never move on into the future
TN BASSIN Hour ago
Gutiboy1 Hour ago
boring shit!
Gordy Hour ago
Why is she playing an American made guitar?
plushpuppy32 Hour ago
Bars after bars. Damn
toyman81 Hour ago
Is she married.
lucila gomez
lucila gomez Hour ago
My love <3
Coiled Irony Films - Dennis Evans
Coiled Irony Films - Dennis Evans Hour ago
Compare with the duet of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, "Ebony and Ivory." 1982
stan stanly
stan stanly 2 hours ago
Behave and you'll breathe. That's my new song.
Brian Whitis
Brian Whitis 2 hours ago
If you can't breathe, then how do you say it?
Coin Lady54
Coin Lady54 2 hours ago
All lives matter. We keep creating pockets to recognize and give special rights, but all people should have the same rights. Recognition goes to those who earn it. When you sing about your race, you perpetuate separating yourself from others. Ignorance is alive and well. Everyone is effected by ignorance in one way or another it is not limited to black people. Stand up and seek to be one person among others and there are many colors. Violence is violence no matter the color and is not the right way to influence change.
James Hyde
James Hyde 2 hours ago
Hawkeye 13
Hawkeye 13 2 hours ago
TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!! HES GONNA TAKE IT, FOR SURE!!!!!!!! 2-A FOREVER!!!!! AMERICA BABY!!!!!!!! GOD LOVE THE USA BABY!!!!!!!!
C R 2 hours ago
The public educational system needs to stop watering down and omitting the TRUE history of the United States, ultimately feeding ignorance. It's sad our youth have no clue how the United States came to be. Our country was created by the spirit of rebellion and here we are today, easily resorting to violence against eachother. Expell the rebellious spirit and find Jesus, People ❤️ Today, more than ever, We need Jesus to break the evil cycles of ignorance!!!!💖
busyrand 2 hours ago
Listened to this about five times. Thanks for this... Thought is special....
Sunshine Creole
Sunshine Creole 2 hours ago
In 2007, I had the opportunity to see Musiq Soul Child performed at the House of Blues in New Orleans. He put on a Great performance.
Hi 2 hours ago
So SICK AND TIRED of this phony self pity parade. Don’t you ever grow up!!!!!!!! Like the rest of humanity has already.
jona cla
jona cla 2 hours ago
Lol opportunity and destiny are intertwined, you are what you make you are
ChynaHeidi FLTmpaBay
ChynaHeidi FLTmpaBay 2 hours ago
I can breathe just fine
Nightcore Gacha Girl
Nightcore Gacha Girl 2 hours ago
And we allllll know, the dislikes are racist people and those who turn a blind eye to this major problem. Amazing singing as well, stay strong guys! ✊🏾
shmodzilla 3 hours ago
Keeping racism alive sure has become a profitable business for some.
Jeffrey Massey
Jeffrey Massey 3 hours ago
Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
CadillacJak 3 hours ago
if you can't breathe just go to the doctor maybe you have something wrong with your lungs
Roxxy Love
Roxxy Love 3 hours ago
The musicianship is too real out here! WOW JUST AMAZING!
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel 3 hours ago
Truly powerful!
Dystopian Deep Dives
Dystopian Deep Dives 3 hours ago
a song about masks?
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine 3 hours ago
Tie a Trump supporter a chair and make him listen to this...on his way home he’ll hit a rink for R&B Night and get beat up by the cops ✅
Christen Sanders
Christen Sanders 3 hours ago
Underrated af
Raff Dent
Raff Dent 3 hours ago
Im all for equal rights , not just for blacks but for hispanics, asians etc, and all I wanna say is if George Floyd happened to be white instead of black, and died the same way, all this war shit wouldn't have gone down.
Darin Cates
Darin Cates 3 hours ago
FOX NEWS is brainwashing people into Hate for ads. It has to end somehow.
Dread Pirate
Dread Pirate 3 hours ago
chef dys
chef dys 3 hours ago
4.2k dislikes???? Something not adding up
Bea Me
Bea Me 3 hours ago
Absolutely amszing!! So talented and precious! Ty HER
Juice Box
Juice Box 3 hours ago
George Floyd was a career criminal who was "killed" by a shitty cop. Get over it.
James Baker
James Baker 3 hours ago
Stupidity based on a lie.
Mr.Salty 4 hours ago
Everyone is cashing in on this lame and she is funny as fk looking with them
Bryon Stephens
Bryon Stephens 4 hours ago
akshay kr
akshay kr 4 hours ago
Black thought is your favourite rapper's favourite rapper.
Chino Campos
Chino Campos 4 hours ago
Artis trying to take advantage of the situation. All proceeds from this song go to the black community? I think not. 🤑🤑🤑
Von Jackson
Von Jackson 4 hours ago
V 4 hours ago
Damn Black thought got fat
Darcy Holmes
Darcy Holmes 4 hours ago
Beautiful arrangement of a legendary track! Would've been nice if Bilal's vocals weren't tuned though... really compromises the emotion. Big love for this still!!
yjallen 4 hours ago
halfcrazy is a forever bop. period. this whole album actually.
Tilted Brim
Tilted Brim 4 hours ago
She killed it....
Augustine O
Augustine O 5 hours ago
Classic and Will always be a classic. Beautiful.
Flyhr 5 hours ago
Black Thought is the Sage of the Six Paths of rap.
Noel Blake
Noel Blake 5 hours ago
He still can't breathe 💀
KIMBERLY Pratt 5 hours ago
In tired of all this crap of Racism, please black people American blacks ....cuz the Haitians and the real African Americans don't have this mentality always bringing up racism, I never had an issue with racism and I'm dark skinned other than with the blacks, y'all need to stop calling every person thats black that gets killed by a cop racism ,you need to also look at what the person was doing to get them to the point or getting shot stop covering for what is wrong I understand that there're cops that are corrupted but stop making it seem like these criminals were Angels cuz they're not Angels obviously putting the cops and themselves in situations to get hurt so please stop making it seem like they're Angel ,...Hispanic people white people and any other nationality do not cover up what is wrong they don't stick up for criminals I'm tired ... get educated there were plenty of white people who Got killed trying to protect slaves and also let's not forget that there were blacks who also kept slaves, for crying out loud ........ it all started because the blacks were selling the blacks to the white men as slaves... from my Hispanic point of view, the blacks are the ones that are always bringing up racism not the white people, the American blacks always want to create divisions and then they blame the white people they have their own black colleges they have their own Black Entertainment they have their own everything .....and now with the black national anthem that is so freaking racist like really so you guys are the only ones that could talk about racism right ?????but you guys are the ones that are creating and causing racism......!!!! are the ones that are racist
cray Smith
cray Smith 5 hours ago
You go gurrl in my Martin voice
alex santillanes
alex santillanes 6 hours ago
4.2k dislikes? how?? Do that many people have no soul?
D P 6 hours ago
What's up with all the dislikes??
2 real512
2 real512 6 hours ago
Were no white people aloud for this bs
Jess Gatt
Jess Gatt 6 hours ago
Preface everything you say with the slogan, 'we-all is whatcha call dem niggahs'.
Jenny Palazzini
Jenny Palazzini 6 hours ago
Beautiful 😢
Jenny Palazzini
Jenny Palazzini 6 hours ago
Andrea Rigo
Andrea Rigo 7 hours ago
Great groove!!
Tholang Mathopa
Tholang Mathopa 7 hours ago
All the 90s kids know wassup
Booker tee
Booker tee 7 hours ago
The Mike brown lie, or the jussie smullaa lie,or the bubba Wallace lie, too many to list
geo barnes
geo barnes 7 hours ago
SO' SORRY, BUT YOUR SONG SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE SINGING THRU YOUR NOSE !! kINDA LIKE :Alicia Keys... Good Musics tho' . I Play Reggae Bass Music, Scene ! King Georgie... Much Luv !!!
Chris B
Chris B 7 hours ago
Black Thought should collab with the Bomb Squad
Loving Memories
Loving Memories 8 hours ago
Loving Memories
Loving Memories 8 hours ago
Robin Victorino
Robin Victorino 8 hours ago
BillyBob Sowbreath
BillyBob Sowbreath 8 hours ago
Prophetic Ministry
Prophetic Ministry 8 hours ago
Đời USA Có Gì Vui.
Đời USA Có Gì Vui. 9 hours ago
good music!
Dunk Master Darius
Dunk Master Darius 9 hours ago
Does this song come with a behind the scenes of how to rob corner stores or try to pass fake checks? That would be the true Floyd experience but we never wanna remember that. Plus not a SINGLE ONE OF YOU gave a shit about Floyd when he was alive. He dies and suddenly you all care? Gtfoh
M V 9 hours ago
So powerful!!! And full of passionate words .... Painfully Beautiful........
King Jong-un
King Jong-un 9 hours ago
How is no one is acknowledging Tony Tempa. Look him up. He died in a similar way to George but there are no riots. Ima guess it’s because he is white. It’s all okay when whites die, but when blacks die it’s a whole different story. Equality at its finest.
G Money
G Money 9 hours ago
I can't fart! Gangsta real lmao
KANII AXTRO 9 hours ago
H. E. R and Musiq Soulchild would make bops on bops together. ❤️😘
Demitris Miller
Demitris Miller 9 hours ago
Make a song about that 4th of July warzone in Chicago. Fucking cops went in and swept a bunch of blacks. 160 deaths. 500 wounded.
Justin L
Justin L 10 hours ago
Yeah, I can't breath with this stupid mask on either. This is an anti coronavirus song?
T Rob
T Rob 10 hours ago
Repent for the end is near.
Jamythicus 10 hours ago
Michael Jackson Vibe
Adrienne Woodfork
Adrienne Woodfork 10 hours ago
Feed us your greatness! Thanks 🙏🏾✊🏾🎼🎶💥🏡🏡☮️ for this right here !
michael cuneo
michael cuneo 10 hours ago
Epic vid!! Damn, heavy heavy and just perfect....that girl goes deep., what a voice!!
real american
real american 40 minutes ago
Epic Mikey ?
25ehn 10 hours ago
Really making a song of a guy’s last words sell outs have no soul
ダイバーひどい 10 hours ago
in 2019 there were 13 unarmed b men killed by police. There was 19 unarmed w men killed by police. This despite cops having to disproportionately deal with more b men in violent crime and especially murders. You are all destroying the country and playing up racism over THAT.
william Rupert
william Rupert 10 hours ago
In memory of all the young blacks killed during BLM riots and protests. RIP.
Jay Schwartz
Jay Schwartz 10 hours ago
talk about fatherless homes, no father figures in the house, no guidance, no love, no family, get the help you need, things crying out victim do not work,,,,you do not speak of what problems do not address problems that are right in your face!
Jay Schwartz
Jay Schwartz 10 hours ago
who the hell is she??? a one listens, no one talks, no one will never be heard or understood this way. grow up.
michelle arguello
michelle arguello 10 hours ago
Love HER and Michael Jackson
Shelli Renea Sanchez
Shelli Renea Sanchez 10 hours ago
Wha??? Mighty words of true wisdom✊🏽
Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall 10 hours ago
That intro and that smooth music at the beginning was the best , then this lady opened her mouth , and WOW......... I couldn't believe that they messed it up with the noise out of her mouth. I've heard pigs squeal with more melody.
Cheezy Films Productions
Cheezy Films Productions 2 hours ago
How can someone so tiny reach so far?
Cliff DaRiff
Cliff DaRiff 10 hours ago
you’ve burned down cities where you live, looted private businesses, because a policeman killed a black man? Nobody was happy about that, but you had to hate on all America, Now you’re gonna sit there and sing and dance about it??... tell the rest of us how horrible we are?...really?
Faamoana Leilua
Faamoana Leilua 10 hours ago
The transition to Marvin Gaye was 😯😯😯
Heather Holidays
Heather Holidays 10 hours ago
I love it and I too am sick of people saying they are color blind! It is BS!!! Diversity is beautiful and I wish more would embrace that with love and live and let live attitudes. 💜💜💜✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
L Mckinney
L Mckinney 10 hours ago
Classic Set man🍷