Harry Styles - Kiwi
Harry: they told me that the end is near. They - Masons 2020. Corona: hellooooo jddjjfkfkfjfkf
minkakemi 9 seconds ago
i swear i like his teeth so damn much
Oscartyh 2 minutes ago
Harry: *Throws watermelon on the ground* Hungry kid: *Visible sadness*
Gaby CG
Gaby CG 5 minutes ago
Te amo bebé ❤️
Ok Kawaii
Ok Kawaii 7 minutes ago
I'm in my bed And you're not here And there's no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands Forget what I said It's not what I meant And I can't take it back I can't unpack the baggage you left What am I now? What am I now? What if I'm someone I don't want around? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' What if I'm down? What if I'm out? What if I'm someone you won't talk about? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' You said you cared And you missed me, too And I'm well aware I write too many songs about you And the coffee's out At the Beachwood Café And it kills me 'cause I know we've run out of things we can say What am I now? What am I now? What if I'm someone I don't want around? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' What if I'm down? What if I'm out? What if I'm someone you won't talk about? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' And I get the feelin' that you'll never need me again What am I now? What am I now? What if you're someone I just want around? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' What if I'm down? What if I'm out? What if I'm someone you won't talk about? I'm fallin' again I'm fallin' again I'm fallin'
Nawal Amin
Nawal Amin 8 minutes ago
Is this the malibami beach?
Patrícia Sertorio
Patrícia Sertorio 8 minutes ago
the patroa
Hello and Goodbye
Hello and Goodbye 9 minutes ago
"Remember everything will be alright"
Caro Schoesser
Caro Schoesser 9 minutes ago
Jamer1286 11 minutes ago
2020: corona Harry: BABY IT ILL BE ALRIGHT
Chetana Prabhu
Chetana Prabhu 15 minutes ago
My little angel😭
Anna 16 minutes ago
I felt that so hard. His music is so wonderful. His music helped me in hard times and I'm so thankful, that god gaves us this present.
nohtive 19 minutes ago
poor fish :(
hi lol
hi lol 20 minutes ago
puteri natasya
puteri natasya 20 minutes ago
I’m here because Hwasa cover this song!! anddd the song so addictedd❤️❤️🤪
Richard Vrana
Richard Vrana 21 minute ago
WTF is this. It's so amazing. And that guitar solo. Uuuuuuuuu. 😗😗😗😗💥💥💥
Sara Gyurjyan
Sara Gyurjyan 26 minutes ago
Pat Andris
Pat Andris 27 minutes ago
The scenery is incredible! So perfect with the water flowing everywhere and the reflections! <3
chycat kwon
chycat kwon 29 minutes ago
Im wondering if that piano is actually working, like actually still making sounds
Pat Andris
Pat Andris 29 minutes ago
Nobody is talking about his outfit. Well I guess everybody knows that THIS is Harry Styles. :D
Chetana Prabhu
Chetana Prabhu 16 minutes ago
Yes 😂😭😭
Fardina Yeasmine
Fardina Yeasmine 31 minute ago
Here before 100M 🐟
a r i m o o n ツ
a r i m o o n ツ 33 minutes ago
Who's here before 100M ? ⬇⬇
Hariz 35 minutes ago
please keep watching this song till it reaches 1 billion I know you guys obsessed with this song but please don't watch the 1-hour video, just keep pressing the replay button
Everythingtyana 41 minute ago
I thought this was Mick Jagger
Jane C
Jane C 41 minute ago
Val Sosa
Val Sosa 43 minutes ago
Increíble dios, puedo casarme ya con H ❤️
Val Sosa
Val Sosa 43 minutes ago
Burger 21
Burger 21 46 minutes ago
I'm sorry but i'm laughing bcs trying 2x speed
Fußballfreund Sidi
Fußballfreund Sidi 47 minutes ago
I've never taken Harry so seriously. But for a couple of weeks now I think he's super and sweet
Leandra Gabriela
Leandra Gabriela 48 minutes ago
This is a funk gringo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤
Please Help Me Reach 3k subscribers
Please Help Me Reach 3k subscribers 49 minutes ago
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful ❤
Udzlifatul Chasanah
Udzlifatul Chasanah 50 minutes ago
i do what harry does in my dream, fly over the world
Loanita Montenegro
Loanita Montenegro 50 minutes ago
Los argentinos 👇
Fußballfreund Sidi
Fußballfreund Sidi 50 minutes ago
When Harry has wet hair, he's even cuter than he already is
Hari Prasad
Hari Prasad 51 minute ago
Who is here after reface app like here
thanos 52 minutes ago
Can I go to eroda?
Jo-Ann Rossouw
Jo-Ann Rossouw 58 minutes ago
Fishy Styles 😅
Jo-Ann Rossouw
Jo-Ann Rossouw Hour ago
This is how many people love Harry Styles
Glauco Carvalho
Glauco Carvalho Hour ago
Viciado nessa música total kkkk 🇧🇷
derya yıldız
derya yıldız Hour ago
Very very good.
Marie Wagner
Marie Wagner Hour ago
who else came from Joalin's storytime video?
Rakshni Hour ago
Me casually eating a watermelon while watching this.
vareeporn kham
vareeporn kham Hour ago
รักนะ From Thailand
memegod supreme
memegod supreme Hour ago
Binod bablu pinku kumar
Pao Mulig
Pao Mulig Hour ago
I miss 1d so much 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢
Kombobohne Hour ago
ece Hour ago
00:00-3:31 literally my favourite part
Lorna Ignacio
Lorna Ignacio Hour ago
I Can't Belive They Seperated Together-
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Hour ago
*Cadê os Brasileiros?* 😂❤🇧🇷
Mahek Choudhary
Mahek Choudhary Hour ago
Just imagine 16-year old Harry watching this... If anyone remembers Harry's reaction to bras in Belle Amie's room during the mole camera on X factor
I N V I N C I B L E F O R E V E R Hour ago
Why this song is underrated? What a masterpiece! ♥
tommo way
tommo way Hour ago
If u want to call me woman... remember to put LALALA after it
Musizonne Hour ago
Y'all really be using Harry's 100 mil for likes.-.
No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film.... yeah but FOOD WAS WASTED, people are dying
Felipe PSI
Felipe PSI Hour ago
Esse clipe me fez chorar 😅
עמית שאול
עמית שאול Hour ago
יש לו קעקוע בעברית
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz Hour ago
Did the kid just say WTF?!
sachuuzz sachuzz
sachuuzz sachuzz Hour ago
nobody: . nonone: . directioners: listening to this and crying in a cool way
roro Hour ago
3 years later, i'm still bosessed with this song.
Aho Vatija
Aho Vatija Hour ago
Use this as "Before 100 million" button 👇
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz Hour ago
I like your clothes Im only 10 years old
Danny Johny
Danny Johny Hour ago
Claim your before 100 million prize by.... U know ^×^
TS Novak
TS Novak Hour ago
Is there anything left that was not sexualized?
Genedith Banzon
Genedith Banzon 2 hours ago
Trump: LOCKDOWN NOW! Harry: ok Director: ok (NOT!) Next Day posting: 1,000,000,000 girls walk in and TOTALLY social distance!
Charlee Eggleton
Charlee Eggleton 2 hours ago
This is so gross.
Lily Stevens
Lily Stevens 15 minutes ago
How 😂
food way
food way 2 hours ago
You will live 1000 years if u like binod
Lucas Zen
Lucas Zen 2 hours ago
Now 45M wow
Tahsyn S.
Tahsyn S. 2 hours ago
I feel like Harry is this generations Elton John. I am glad that he is doing great.
Tilly Lorraine
Tilly Lorraine 2 hours ago
seeing the girl and harry in matching suits gave me dad vibes
Milica Babić
Milica Babić 2 hours ago
Who is here before 100 millions?
Amna Rafique
Amna Rafique 2 hours ago
These kids are the luckiest 🤧❤
Leif Taipe Coronel
Leif Taipe Coronel 2 hours ago
Me quita la tensión,que linda canción.
Nelson A.
Nelson A. 2 hours ago
Women are beautiful.
Bachir Rached
Bachir Rached 2 hours ago
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻before 100M views
sRoyale 2 hours ago
Am I the only one, who thinks this Song should be added in FIFA 21?
i guess its lena
i guess its lena 2 hours ago
imagine it’s harrys last show and suddenly this song has a whole new meaning... god I never want this to happen
Cecilia Wang
Cecilia Wang 2 hours ago
angela mazzocco
angela mazzocco 2 hours ago
Yoshita Gurjar
Yoshita Gurjar 2 hours ago
Keep streaming guys we're close to 100m
sunflowervol.6 _
sunflowervol.6 _ 2 hours ago
"i think i am losing it,i think i am losing it oh i think she said i am having your bAABBYY it is none of your bussinesss!" who is still listening to this song?😋
I am just trynna vibe
I am just trynna vibe 2 hours ago
Aase christensen
Aase christensen 2 hours ago
beat saber
Riza Gascon
Riza Gascon 2 hours ago
ERODA is "ADORE" spelled backwards. Kbye! Love you H!
Lila Vancong
Lila Vancong 2 hours ago
Imagine if Harry just said “HEY CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME PERSONAL SPACE!?” In the middle of the video-
Raisa Aman
Raisa Aman 2 hours ago
I absoulutly love the song buy can someone please explain the lyrics please. What is the connection between Harry and Taylor, people in the comments were like taylor, for taylor, what is the connection, I am confused And yes Harry does not need the grammy the Grammy needs this young lad I am crying but in a cool way
mood 3 hours ago
did i just watch almost 6 minutes long video where man is just floating in the sky? yes, yes i did😌
Apoorva Singh
Apoorva Singh 3 hours ago
This is so close to 100 million views, oh my God, fast just 400 more views.... Aaaaaaaah
Rachel Work
Rachel Work 3 hours ago
My favourite song😁I spent days trying to figure out what it's called
Imogen Walters
Imogen Walters 3 hours ago
This is honestly a bop tbh
food way
food way 3 hours ago
Apoorva Singh
Apoorva Singh 3 hours ago
Hey Directioners and Harries we need to reach this song to 100 million views, hurry up, he deserves the Grammy
Lowe Poker
Lowe Poker 39 minutes ago
Alicia 3 hours ago
Everyone who disliked this, everything ok?
funny clips
funny clips 3 hours ago
I love zayn and harry ❤️
Action Man
Action Man 3 hours ago
I hate this song
Apoorva Singh
Apoorva Singh 3 hours ago
Then why are you here
M.a K.S.12
M.a K.S.12 3 hours ago
Timeless, could be released in any decade of popular music and it would be a hit.
taenny 3 hours ago
This song hits different during this pandemic. It really feels like we are going through the sign of the times
Tyśka _
Tyśka _ 3 hours ago
Będzemy wracać do tej piosenki za 5 lat :)
shihab ahamed
shihab ahamed 3 hours ago
He wrote this in just 20 minutes.What a genius!
Zoey Baker
Zoey Baker 3 hours ago
I remember hearing this back in the old days... Everytime I heard it, it brings me back in the old days when I was younger.. now that I'm older, i found this song again n it takes me back to the old memories 😭♥️ this song still da shit!
Gracey Dedans
Gracey Dedans 3 hours ago
Cmon fam only like 500k views more needed to take it to over 100m we can do this
Simeon Nenov
Simeon Nenov 3 hours ago
Sssniper wolfhadmire subs rhen harry!?