AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
SHAX516 5 hours ago
*(Chuckles) I am, after all, nothing if not compassionate* my guy laughing at his own joke
urmum212 5 hours ago
Wunder: I would like to announce i'm leaving G2
nico 5 hours ago
LOVE this just found the accent's not quite right...too comedic or something, they need saruman or someone english with those old booming accents for nzoth
Akasha 6 hours ago
uhhhh, youtube?
SnappyCenter7 6 hours ago
Gul'dan wasn't looking to help the Elements or for a fresh start. He was angry and wanted revenge. That's why the elements rejected him.
Confectionery Mochi
Confectionery Mochi 6 hours ago
Suddenly in the year 2020... this video will appear in your recommendation... bringing you all back in time to feel nostalgic... Makes me wanna play wotlk expac during shadowlands prepatch
Glenn Y
Glenn Y 6 hours ago
Lots of reused footage
sinnex shoaib
sinnex shoaib 6 hours ago
Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw Player: Oh i thought EscapeGaming is down !
Lorewalker Futhark
Lorewalker Futhark 6 hours ago
Is this the best you can do? Blizzard?
zartek 6 hours ago
another joke character who thinks he can rule the world... This will never end...
EscaExcel 6 hours ago
Arkest Zapdress
Arkest Zapdress 6 hours ago
Sylvanas is hot
Anorexiás NémethSzilárd
Anorexiás NémethSzilárd 6 hours ago
The Jailor is basically Amon from Starcraft
Migs _
Migs _ 6 hours ago
0:31 Is that...OBI-WAN'S VOICE?
Milos Rasic
Milos Rasic 6 hours ago
If Illidan beated Arthas in front of the frozen throne and destroyed the helm of dominance like he told so, would that open a gateway to shadowlands ?
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 6 hours ago
The last time I was this hyped for an addon was WotLK. HYPEEEERSSSSSSSSSSS
Tor Henry Andreassen
Tor Henry Andreassen 6 hours ago
Just let me join Sylvanas already, smh!
Sharm 6 hours ago
Alex 9029
Alex 9029 6 hours ago
Me: Goes to the comment section expecting meaningful discussions about the story. Everyone: nOthINg EsCaPEs tHE maW. >_>
Midknight 6 hours ago
Nathanos: "IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?!" Tyrande: Hold my moonberry wine.
Agris Spēks
Agris Spēks 6 hours ago
After this trailer feeling strong Illidan's vibes in Sylvana..
Frederik Olssen
Frederik Olssen 7 hours ago
Can we get a CGI animation of tyranda beating those two valkyrie? We wont to know how powerfull the nightwarrior is.
fel birth
fel birth 7 hours ago
So many "nothing" references till now. In the end nothing will be everything.
RTX 2080 Ti
RTX 2080 Ti 7 hours ago
Jailer : Nothing escapes the maw. Us : Literally the first thing we do, Escape the maw. Jailer : why you son of a .....
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 7 hours ago
Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw *Player escapes the Maw* Jailer: And I took that personally
Meowix 7 hours ago
Honestly I'm disappointed with the Jailer's voiceover, seems too generic. Aside from that... Looks great!
Off- Screen
Off- Screen 7 hours ago
i actually have a creative idea for her ending. what if instead of killing her, they just have anduin revive her as a living mortal. like you know, return her soul to her body as a form of punishment considering her seemingly never ending war with the living. i mean she still is technically a banshee spirit despite the appearance. i don't know, maybe its just me being a crackpot again.
sultan almheiri
sultan almheiri 7 hours ago
Am I the only 1 who thinks that Sylvanas looks hot ? XD FOR THE DARK LADY
Wapol 7 hours ago
Jailer: Blub Bla BUHH!! Player: Ok hehe.
Neenjapork 7 hours ago
what was the first mount going away? looked like some sort of lamprey
Pepegus Ultimatius
Pepegus Ultimatius 7 hours ago
Spoiler: Something (or someone) will surely escape the Maw
kendirect 7 hours ago
Is that a Draenai at 0:28? I want that look...
kendirect 5 hours ago
@irij Can I be a winter king
irij 6 hours ago
That's the Winter Queen.
kendirect 7 hours ago
@Harper Micko What is it
Harper Micko
Harper Micko 7 hours ago
No, it is not a Draenai.
David Sikent
David Sikent 7 hours ago
This is just so cringy
DangerousArmyGuy 7 hours ago
Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw. Me: I'm about to end this whole man's career. (takes Arthas out of the Maw so he can eventually replace him) Jailer: ... Sylvanas: Not him again...
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 7 hours ago
Nothing escapes the maw. Not even Sylvanas' old model.
Delerium 7 hours ago
I dont mind that u are keeping this corpse alive but can u make new games also?
PROMillenium 7 hours ago
Blizzard representation Satanism and Anarchy!!!
worldreaper 7 hours ago
is this an ad? nothiing escapes the maw..........two quests later.
Denis Black
Denis Black 7 hours ago
it bumps to 60fps at 0:48
Anger Mismanagment
Anger Mismanagment 8 hours ago
the player is the most powerfull being in azeroth and in shadowlands we go where we please, we do what we want. you better watch your back cause we are sly bastads.
VanillaVoodoo JRP
VanillaVoodoo JRP 6 hours ago
Yeah, sure, sly... go pick up some goat dung and paint me a picture, slick.
Edward Ness
Edward Ness 8 hours ago
necromancer=jailer... i feel like someone's gotta go break a ring somewhere...
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein 8 hours ago
Cant wait to kill Sylvanas as a raid boss.
theRoyalSparrow 8 hours ago
I dont play the game but I love the lore. Cant wait to see all the updated lore and revelations.
Rhiannon Blewer
Rhiannon Blewer 8 hours ago
Please let me murder nathanos- I hate that guy
lookout808 8 hours ago
People actually still play this??? lol
RadioCorrosion 8 hours ago
28K dislikes, but the 3.2K likes made them more money than the 28K have in the last 15 years. OMEGALUL
Brandon Aguirre
Brandon Aguirre 8 hours ago
ok everyone, time to start simping the jailer and say he did nothing wrong
Morse 8 hours ago
why were nathanos's arrows bending
Daniel Amir
Daniel Amir 8 hours ago
Hype for Voljin being the Loa of Kings!
GiantBUThead 8 hours ago
Why does sylvanas look like she's gonna betray the jailor? Why is Nathanos stronger than tyrande on steroids? I'll never know because i don't really play the game anymore...
Spike 8 hours ago
If u have seen the memes before the video and are unable to unsee "attractive squidward" -.-
John Redman
John Redman 8 hours ago
Could have saved 40 seconds and just showed them your cosmetics for sale...oh, and about several million active players will "escape the Maw" playing legacy material.
Lolia 8 hours ago
Sylvanas' model looks so good! Can't wait to see what she's been planning this whole time!
Balo 8 hours ago
Jailer: "You know what must be done." Me: "Yeees, I must suck on that nipple..." 0:41
Drakainequus 8 hours ago
Not gonna lie. Having a reveal where Blightcaller was under "Charm" the entire time to explain his *simp* behaviour, followed by a redemption arc, would be something splendid. It's about time Sylvanas hit level six.
badr sadiq
badr sadiq 8 hours ago
0:42 Jailer Nipples!
Lucas 8 hours ago
Sodapoppin XD
Ogulcan Buyuk
Ogulcan Buyuk 8 hours ago
People in comments: 'player uses hs lololol' Blizz: "Bout that..." *smirking while scrolling the comment section*
Rajesh Rawat
Rajesh Rawat 8 hours ago
Movie name kya h
Lyudmil Karayanev
Lyudmil Karayanev 8 hours ago
The Jailer looks like Xerxes from 300.
Dae 8 hours ago
I foresee Sylvanas taking the Jailors spot or wanting to kill him yo get rid of the Maw.
Thomas Figved
Thomas Figved 9 hours ago
Nothing escapes the Maw jokes
Julio Payano
Julio Payano 9 hours ago
I've never seen so many people hate so much about a game and still play it 😂.
yu-hung huang
yu-hung huang 9 hours ago
Don't want to do this rescue mission during Shadowlands.
Totalwar09 9 hours ago
I'm hoping this leads to Arthas escaping the Maw. We shall see
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez 9 hours ago
This was great!
Kirk King II
Kirk King II 9 hours ago
Legion - Illidan hype Shadowlands - Arthas hype
Jeff O
Jeff O 9 hours ago
lol looks like a poor diablo clone these days
Harper Micko
Harper Micko 7 hours ago
Played the beta? If only you knew how bad things really are.
Jailor of the Damned
Jailor of the Damned 9 hours ago
Its odd to me than Sylvanas has begun serving the source of the power that Arthas used to turn her undead to begin with
Kito Studio
Kito Studio 9 hours ago
Ok boisssss
Brittany Dela Cruz
Brittany Dela Cruz 9 hours ago
Jailer : nothing escapes the maw *opens the door heads out* Player : two seconds
KretchDaD 9 hours ago
yo can we like lose this expansion, that never happens...
stand by
stand by 9 hours ago
Literally one if not the worst trailer in WoW history... I am hyped for Shadowlands but after ~1 month delay, this is what you come up with? Weak...
Coralia 89
Coralia 89 9 hours ago
"Control of our fate will at last be possible" ... Is she referring to us all or maybe to undead destiny? To a way to not make possible to be a living dead and suffer this situation? Dunno, but I love this line!
Greg 9 hours ago
I'm REALLY hoping for the Winter Queen to not turning out to be a bad guy. Also, can't wait for Tyrande's cinematic !
sw gs
sw gs 9 hours ago
Jailer looks like Xerxes from 300 after few days in Cyberpunk universe.
Linnéa Leitisstein
Linnéa Leitisstein 9 hours ago
Looks amazing!!! I am hyped!
pew die pej
pew die pej 9 hours ago
0:40 ok doctor manhattan
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 9 hours ago
Wasnt the jailor supposed to have hair?