PEPCORN: a cooking video
how to make jorts
new shoes
2 years ago
alone in my apartment
shingle jingle
2 years ago
buy my bed
2 years ago
this video got me a job
It's November 8th
2 years ago
When I Make a Good Pun
Rejected Old Bay Jingle
My Autobiography
4 years ago
4 years ago
Best Comeback Ever
4 years ago
Watermelon Man
4 years ago
Sian Valadian
Sian Valadian 20 minutes ago
Love the implication that another character gets introduced during the missing verses that karen gets roped onto being
Mancrobat 25 minutes ago
This has been stuck in my head for so long now and I hate that I want to hear all 12 verses
Peter Marsella
Peter Marsella 32 minutes ago
I just noticed he's comparing pigeons to seagulls on his book forged in chrome
Hunter 34 minutes ago
I saw that Paddington doll!
Brad Greer
Brad Greer 46 minutes ago
Everyone is talking about the hurdy gurdy and the song, and that's understandable, because they're lovely, but I have rewatched the first 30 seconds' "who's on first" routine about a dozen times already. "No, you don't have one, though."
Miriam Logan
Miriam Logan Hour ago
Stop f l e x i n g on me, I've wanted a hurdy gurdy for so long.
David Hollowell, Jr
David Hollowell, Jr Hour ago
Surprise gurdy track ftw
Nyx Jester
Nyx Jester Hour ago
I really want a hurdy gudry but I can't afford one.
Desu Vult
Desu Vult Hour ago
Thanks i guess, you should free that tortured robot though
EclipsedArchon Hour ago
I never noticed the skull at 0:55 until just now
Isabella Craig
Isabella Craig Hour ago
Karen's voice is so beautiful! I had no idea she could sing!!!
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson 2 hours ago
I finally made this tonight. I have to admit my hopes weren't high but it is so fucking good. Extra chilli pepper powder is a must 👌🍿
Joaquin 2 hours ago
I have a very strange urge to buy a bed
loderyod 2 hours ago
Fun fact: you watched this video more then one time and less then 148965 times
Charla the Human
Charla the Human 2 hours ago
he kinda looks like he has fangs and I'm starting to think his fae form is coming out
Em_G_H 3 hours ago
More. Karen. Content. (please)
Fernando Cazelli
Fernando Cazelli 3 hours ago
Straight from the Tim and Eric School of Great Video Editing Good Job!
Kjooru 3 hours ago
This has no right to be this good.
Captain Chrono
Captain Chrono 4 hours ago
Basically, Brian wanted a Hurdy Gurdy and made a video out of it to claim it as a business expense
Xela 4 hours ago
This has the same energy, structure, and scripting of an episode of Regular Show and I love it
T Nicholas
T Nicholas 4 hours ago
Ok, real talk: Are you actually playing this song on the hurdy gurdy?
Jay P
Jay P 4 hours ago
He's a reasonable man, get off his case!
Chris Ooi Cho Teck
Chris Ooi Cho Teck 4 hours ago
His voice is so addicting
Kayne Woolley
Kayne Woolley 4 hours ago
This dude strait up looks like he could be projareds twin
CuzBro 5 hours ago
Don't forget, since you used it in a video, its legally considered tax-deductible
Joe A.
Joe A. 5 hours ago
On the plus side, a chromebook for a hurdy gurdy is a steal, those things are expensive.
Dahla 5 hours ago
I almost always mishear "Dive out of nothing and into more," As "I vow to nothing and into more." And those two have VERY different messages.
Hidetaka Koizumi
Hidetaka Koizumi 5 hours ago
This advertisement is intended for Jim Booney only.
Cole Driver
Cole Driver 5 hours ago
bdg is too powerful to exist, therefore i have deduced that he stole his powers from some dev. and god just overlooked the fact that hes not supposed to have admin.
Aiesha Wong
Aiesha Wong 6 hours ago
why did he sound like alt-j after breaking into the 11th verse
Spec 6 hours ago
Seriously though, that was good. I want more.
LZanimation 64
LZanimation 64 6 hours ago
Its not BDG anymore, its LMM
BoredomIsAnUnderstatement 6 hours ago
That wizard didn't just take the Chromebook from BDG, he took the very idea of what the fuck a laptop is from BDG's mind.
Anna Searle
Anna Searle 6 hours ago
I spat my porridge out at #5
Noah Forsberg Clausen
Noah Forsberg Clausen 6 hours ago
i've watched this to many times
SevenW25 V
SevenW25 V 6 hours ago
Is... is this video a tax write off for BDG to save money on buying a hurdy gurdy?
Ryan Fecarotta
Ryan Fecarotta 7 hours ago
Lily de Jong
Lily de Jong 7 hours ago
I need more of your hurdy gurdy goodness!!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 7 hours ago
Love how the last verse was "Leaving not but this HURDY behind, leaving not but this GURDY behind."
Alex Marx
Alex Marx 7 hours ago
I would kill a man to hear a full version and filmed with costumes and shit
Andreas 7 hours ago
This is even more revenant now.
Corbinite 8 hours ago
I'm just really impressed by karen's singing
Surya 8 hours ago
Aydin Gulle
Aydin Gulle 8 hours ago
All jokes aside, a good hurdy-gurdy seems to go for around a thousand dollars online. Brian, are you ok?
The-Random- Phan
The-Random- Phan 8 hours ago
I, too, sing whenever I'm home alone XD
maxthekid100 8 hours ago
I love that he turns into Hamilton at the end
Alejandra Cuesta
Alejandra Cuesta 8 hours ago
Whyyyyy??? Why are you so good in your videos? I laugth a lot. Your content is wonderful
Adam Baumhoff
Adam Baumhoff 9 hours ago
I would pay money for all twelve verses
BlazingImp77151 9 hours ago
The eyebrows and beard threw me way off. There is no way that's Brian with them. However, in a couple scenes they are less visible and it's clearly Brian. I hate it
Ethan Cline
Ethan Cline 9 hours ago
Are we gonna get an uncut version of the song?
Choko 9 hours ago
sir gilbert, you are a masterful genius of the arts
Martina B
Martina B 9 hours ago
I want siblings...
Mortadelan Cadeira
Mortadelan Cadeira 10 hours ago
i have done the steps shown in this video and my brand is trying to create dust from endless space but like muuch much simpler.
Nick LAITY 10 hours ago
Make some sandies, Hugh!
aiden griner
aiden griner 10 hours ago
You’re funny but in a cool classmate/coworker and not a USshowr kind of way
Manan Varma
Manan Varma 10 hours ago
I see what you did there......
AndresRose 10 hours ago
for a few Hours. I was like "is this bloopers?"
Rtkts 10 hours ago
I'm just impressed he managed to time that so well.
Noah Greer
Noah Greer 10 hours ago
Holy shit, a hurdy gurdy
doktorschruum 10 hours ago
Can we get a full version of the Tale of the Book forged in Chrome
Moth L
Moth L 11 hours ago
I got 4 full minutes into this video before I even noticed the vest
Caden Cramer
Caden Cramer 11 hours ago
Man experiences breakdown while simping for capitalism, cosplaying as Lin-Manuel Miranda
G S 11 hours ago
Hahaha you monster taking a bite of the loaf
G S 11 hours ago
Dang cute baker too
Luciano Martinez
Luciano Martinez 11 hours ago
Brian: Pure Chaotic Energy Laura: Amplified Chaotic Energy Patric: Chaotic Energy, but he like actually, legally has power that the vast majority of us probably don't and will never have.
KoffeeShak 11 hours ago
Got a dart board a couple of months ago and haven’t hung it up yet. This might be the motivation I needed
Caden Cramer
Caden Cramer 11 hours ago
Why does Brian have a hurdy gurdy‽‽ Why does his entire audience already know what a hurdy gurdy is‽‽‽ Why do I know what a hurdy gurdy is‽‽‽ Why does no one use interrobangs‽‽‽
Rafael Cabrera
Rafael Cabrera 11 hours ago
please, no one hug me, I'm very scared
Moth L
Moth L 11 hours ago
BDG without glasses or facial hair looks sort of like a young Geddy Lee. Thanks for coming to my TED talk
Da_BRRRT_Mashine 11 hours ago
i almost forgot to watch it today
Ninkira 11 hours ago
I one, did not know Brian had his own youtube channel, and 2, have been watching Andrey Vinogradov every day while drawing and love his youtube videos with all my heart, so I absolutely screamed when Brian started playing lmao
Gabrielle McGraw
Gabrielle McGraw 11 hours ago
drop the full track tho....
Crimson Guardian
Crimson Guardian 11 hours ago
All 12 verses when?
Dalton Jack
Dalton Jack 11 hours ago
Holy shit, this was posted this year?
Honnalee Hayes
Honnalee Hayes 11 hours ago
"Knock knock, what time is it? Oh! Its 4:16. Buy my bed."
Chrishy K
Chrishy K 11 hours ago
I was expecting a even weirder version of the Herbie hancock song, but was pleasantly surprised.
Drewby 11 hours ago
More! Music! Please!
David Day
David Day 11 hours ago
the wet facial hair disturbs me
Lucifer 11 hours ago
The dislikes are from the only children
landi2210 11 hours ago
At 1:50 Karen says "YOU granted a book" and at 2:01 "regret-filled YOUR mind" but she calls it "MY tome" at 2:09
SquishyInkArts 4 hours ago
I mean it was her laptop so...
Reccaman 11 hours ago
This was just an excuse to show off his mad banjo skills?