rock 5 hours ago
ronaldo so short lol
Owen O'Connor
Owen O'Connor 6 hours ago
ron bro the goat
Sav FN
Sav FN 6 hours ago
Camilo Clement
Camilo Clement 6 hours ago
Clix, Unknown in the same trio??? Yes: like No: Comment
Sav FN
Sav FN 6 hours ago
to miss southern cali: cant call me daddy cuz u look someone's mama
Stiff Average
Stiff Average 6 hours ago
Zayt look like an assistant manager at top golf with his NRG polo on :)
kyrozz 6 hours ago
ron is so short lmao
wspSurf 7 hours ago
Ngl Ron is looking hella cute
Coghan ?
Coghan ? 7 hours ago
Do you guys have kids merch
CoryTheSnake 7 hours ago
He's about to get a treat
CoryTheSnake 7 hours ago
Algharafaqtr5 7 hours ago
ronaldo looks so short at 00:12
dylan penhorwood
dylan penhorwood 7 hours ago
Ok like I couldn’t watch the video because it looks really awkward but in turn I’ll like the video sorry
Rqised 8 hours ago
If Ron’s 6’5 that means their 6’8 2:02
Emilio Barbajosa
Emilio Barbajosa 8 hours ago
Ibai Calvo
X_ha3d3s_x McKenna
X_ha3d3s_x McKenna 9 hours ago
How do I join nrg
Sweeter Cola YT
Sweeter Cola YT 9 hours ago
Nrg should sign radius
will 9 hours ago
4:23 lmaoo
Trapzy 9 hours ago
That’s my dogs name😭😂😂😂😂
Im leofn
Im leofn 9 hours ago
He's not only one who has adhd
lozakn 10 hours ago
wtf i’m from NJ southern 30 minutes away from cherry hill...
tommii 10 hours ago
bruh ron tho: thats my dogs name, she got hit by a car
PWR Cracked
PWR Cracked 10 hours ago
Zayt : i know like two words of russian Also zayt : i read this from the internet, its Cyka Blyat Miss cali : 😳
Crack Fishy
Crack Fishy 10 hours ago
Savage is so nob
PWR Cracked
PWR Cracked 10 hours ago
why ron look 5'7
SlimCentral // Slimcognitodudes vids
SlimCentral // Slimcognitodudes vids 10 hours ago
that stream with xqc was the funniest shit i have seen in a while shame the stream snipers ruined it
Raditya Noegraha
Raditya Noegraha 10 hours ago
Ron is so tall sheeeeeshhh
Drippz 11 hours ago
Where is there setups
Not GPJ 11 hours ago
What the freak am I watching?!
Jordan Day
Jordan Day 11 hours ago
I’m Ron bang bang
Zeyroxx 12 hours ago
christopher khine
christopher khine 12 hours ago
imagine reet here
Niftyszn 12 hours ago
Zayt said fucking bitch in Russian to her yet he still won best etiquette.. wtf
ripnuke 12 hours ago
clix x unknown
christopher khine
christopher khine 12 hours ago
I cringed so hard when clix was talking to them lmao
Jaxson Schroder
Jaxson Schroder 13 hours ago
“I literally won’t have Optic ever again.” A fan is here in 2020 to say that statement was false. Optic is back, the green wall is back, the boys are back. We love you so much!
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago 13 hours ago
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago 13 hours ago
My boi Ron lookin suspiciously short in this vid😹 (he’s still the goat tho)
PHTM_ cheeks
PHTM_ cheeks 13 hours ago
BRUH I thought I was short but if clix is 5”9 then Ronaldo would be like 5”6 my height.
Team Tempest
Team Tempest 13 hours ago
The big shitter doesn’t pick clothes they pick him
Saskia Schmitz
Saskia Schmitz 13 hours ago
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Lucas Lipari
Lucas Lipari 13 hours ago
Bro what did Zayt say in Russian
Always_Adapting 13 hours ago
Average. 13 hours ago
Pin if NRG has the best fortnite roster. 😏
SheLuvJordan -
SheLuvJordan - 13 hours ago
Dam Ronaldo is 4'11
ONYX KWLA 14 hours ago
ron do be 6'5
Sw1ftyy1x 14 hours ago
And 4:27 lmao
Sw1ftyy1x 14 hours ago
#1:18. Clix,s deep breath lmao
Focus Can Qual
Focus Can Qual 14 hours ago
Either Zayt is 7,5 or Ron is 5,5
ExPo Kiwiz
ExPo Kiwiz 14 hours ago
Johnathan montanez
Johnathan montanez 14 hours ago
Who else replayed 4:48
instinct mini
instinct mini 15 hours ago
Ron’s such a nice guy. Kneeling the entire bud so he doesn’t make the other guys look short. Love to see it
Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson 15 hours ago
What did Zayt say😭?
Henry Adamucci
Henry Adamucci 15 hours ago
ronaldo: hits button not knowing the question also ronaldo: looks a unkown unkown:
Nick K-B
Nick K-B 15 hours ago
Can we get james charles to do nrg’s make up😌😂
cntrl 15 hours ago
As a Puertorican WE ARE NOT A STATE. People say we are a state but we are just a US territory
Dhruv Bhavani Kumar
Dhruv Bhavani Kumar 15 hours ago
The mic 😌
Nick K-B
Nick K-B 15 hours ago
Zayt be smoooooth with the girls 😳🤯🥵🥶😂🏎💨😍
Portalhook 15 hours ago
Ok the photo in 2:46 might be photo shopped but he might be 6'5 idk tho
Sandwich GODS
Sandwich GODS 15 hours ago
It took two bats to break a controller but one for a keyboard
Bolty446 15 hours ago
My boy unknown do be looking kinda nervous 😂😂😂
Kevin Herrera
Kevin Herrera 15 hours ago
Ron sounds so different without his headset
its Tangzza
its Tangzza 16 hours ago
the first thing I questioned about these dates is why is there so much glasses on the table😂😂😂
Julio Pons
Julio Pons 16 hours ago
Guy68 Co
Guy68 Co 16 hours ago
Ronalds got rage
Olux. 16 hours ago
Me looking at the intro see Ron smaller than zayt 😂😂😂
Zurxs 16 hours ago
Who else wants nrg merch but can’t afford it
LIKEABOSS2075 Bilguudei
LIKEABOSS2075 Bilguudei 16 hours ago
Not the Jordan’s
KsAL 17 hours ago
Im crying right now, I cant afford a kbm and there breaking 100s of them
Sgunited Btw
Sgunited Btw 17 hours ago
thats what i was going to say am i tripping or are they togeater
Ab_ Katz
Ab_ Katz 17 hours ago
I just realized how short Ron is 😂😂
Izumi 17 hours ago
just give them boxing gloves and leave them in a room for 15 mins. i promise u the beef will be squashed instantly
jc Playz
jc Playz 17 hours ago
Grady sounds in the beginning like mr. Beast in the video were he was underwater
Suhya 17 hours ago
Clix just had to flex on her
Kristoff Vazquez
Kristoff Vazquez 17 hours ago
anyone else still looking for the point of this vid?
jc Playz
jc Playz 17 hours ago
Why at the beginning Grady sounds like he's underwater
AgxnyFN 17 hours ago
Ron just committed maximum p l a y e r
Jonathan Flaherty
Jonathan Flaherty 18 hours ago
Mans had reaper damn that’s nice
espi 18 hours ago
This is not a gaming house, castle or whatever this is a museum😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 15 hours ago
it would be cool to work with/ for NRG
RC C Squad
RC C Squad 18 hours ago