Lennart F.
Lennart F. 29 minutes ago
Good Job. But 1 Tipp for your health USE A PROPER MASK and GLASSES while working on fiber glass or mold !!! You can realy fast posion yourself. Trust me you wont regret it :)
kireem jeter
kireem jeter 56 minutes ago
She is a queen .... purr
Ivy Natalia
Ivy Natalia Hour ago
who else has been coming here every day to see if she has posted episode 2 of building
Myra Leonie
Myra Leonie Hour ago
RICH SATAN GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Tirado
Mrs. Tirado 2 hours ago
Lmao🤣 1-Canon ball! 2-Life vest! 3-Water gun to assist in leg shaving! Great videos, but most important great and fun personality, keep it up sis😁...
James Durett
James Durett 2 hours ago
Sooo you got rid of anything useful....
tim 2 hours ago
wheres alfredo
Diego Salas
Diego Salas 2 hours ago
I love how it says “actually”😂
Marvin Li
Marvin Li 2 hours ago
Chloe E.
Chloe E. 2 hours ago
girl this could have been hours of content and I would have eaten it up. why so sped up?
Rusu Gabriel
Rusu Gabriel 3 hours ago
A friend of mine did your intro, but instead of a snake, he pulled out his D. Wildest funeral ever
Mays family show
Mays family show 3 hours ago
I know that ive been to that beach
Mays family show
Mays family show 3 hours ago
I love you’re son
Mays family show
Mays family show 3 hours ago
You look better with curls
We willl won Won ton soup
We willl won Won ton soup 3 hours ago
We stan an independent woman 😁✊🏼
Mays family show
Mays family show 3 hours ago
You sing amazing
Mays family show
Mays family show 3 hours ago
You’re pretty
Letty SingingShopaholic
Letty SingingShopaholic 3 hours ago
How much did you pay altogether for the RV?
yuno gasai
yuno gasai 4 hours ago
*ive been waiting for this one*
Keavin 123
Keavin 123 4 hours ago
Tasha30 4 hours ago
Josephine Pereda
Josephine Pereda 4 hours ago
great work!!! ❤ love your video
g bonita
g bonita 4 hours ago
Your dad is very sweet - please give him a big hug every time you are with him!
g bonita
g bonita 5 hours ago
Your hair is gorgeous! Leave it alone - or else 😉 btw - do you need a handy boyfriend?
Hank Rose
Hank Rose 5 hours ago
Findy Artistry
Findy Artistry 5 hours ago
Jennelle : Cleaning the actual mess, (floor, dust n everything) meanwhile Me : can't breathe
Connie Rowlands
Connie Rowlands 5 hours ago
So satisfying!! 👌🏼
smackdatascot 6 hours ago
That is awesome. Also... "mad wedgie" ... hahaha so candid. :)
Keat Soel
Keat Soel 6 hours ago
I love your van and your energy!!
gene miller
gene miller 6 hours ago
What a cool channel 😄 and person
I was here since your first vids
g bonita
g bonita 6 hours ago
She could've done this demo simply smashing the "RV" against a street light pole 😂😂why spend so much time and agony?!
Kali Pay
Kali Pay 6 hours ago
Love how you just got into it! Go queen 👑
herbert rangel
herbert rangel 6 hours ago
And u single just because u want to🤤 I’m right here🤪
gene miller
gene miller 6 hours ago
How cool 😎 Wish I had all that knowledge. Some deconstruction knowledge is there but not all that.! Makes me want to get an old rv and fix it up. Can't wait to see what this turn into.
Ezorah Etnel
Ezorah Etnel 6 hours ago
Her:staring everything out of her RV me:still trying to open a water bottle
Billiefanforever 6 hours ago
Why is this on my recommended?
StarArtAngel 6 hours ago
I'm so excited to see this transformation Janelle!!!!! 😁😁💗💗😂😂🐍🐍
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 6 hours ago
Love you! Please do a "hair routine" video cause my curly hair is an absolute MESS
Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures
Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures 7 hours ago
Where did You buy that EV looks was some kool
ᥴꫝiꪜiડ 7 hours ago
why nobody is talking about how cute is the skateboard
Jonathan Froger
Jonathan Froger 7 hours ago
27,000 lily-white, pasty-faced, gay Joe Biden voters disliked this video. The rest of us? Well.........come on - it's her, and it's "HOW I SHOWER LIVING IN A VAN".
VENM Gaming
VENM Gaming 7 hours ago
1:35 screams at a bug yet lives with a snake the snake is probably harmless but jeez
Amelia The Stormy Panda
Amelia The Stormy Panda 7 hours ago
Do you have parents
Amelia The Stormy Panda
Amelia The Stormy Panda 7 hours ago
Do you have arents
Amelia The Stormy Panda
Amelia The Stormy Panda 7 hours ago
How old are you do you have parents?
H a d a s
H a d a s 7 hours ago
The thumbnail reminded me of animal crossing for some reason lol
Audwin Jones
Audwin Jones 7 hours ago
Great video! Stay beautiful!
David Malone
David Malone 8 hours ago
Be careful my friend and stay safe out there, you are the best and l am praying for you every day my sister, l know that you are going to make life work for you ,if you ever come to Cleveland Ohio please email me and l would love to take you out for dinner, l just want to be your friend for life,your friend always David Malone. Be sweet my friend.
Mike T
Mike T 8 hours ago
Damm. You kicked ass on that. Great job.
Victoria Jenkins
Victoria Jenkins 8 hours ago
God bless both of yall be safe always ❤
LoveAmari 8 hours ago
This is partly why I'm considering van/bus life going to all these different type of thrift stores 😍🥰
Katara Queen
Katara Queen 8 hours ago
Another 5 sec video ☹️
Solyn Goddess
Solyn Goddess 8 hours ago
This video proofs, women don't need a man.
noor sadeq
noor sadeq 8 hours ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍she has a pet snake my dreamiest dream pet she so lucky
krvnjrcbs 8 hours ago
I wish there were women like you all over the place. That would be dope.
Arma Cassamajor
Arma Cassamajor 8 hours ago
the start was amzing
bakudeku shiper
bakudeku shiper 9 hours ago
bakudeku shiper
bakudeku shiper 9 hours ago
(How is she single )when she's///-pretty, /nice, cool,/smart, /responsibleness/(!!like how!!) ;O