Grace Kimbulu
Grace Kimbulu Hour ago
She is a Karen
Klára Šulcová
Klára Šulcová Hour ago
I thibk it would be really nice to see social experiments on this channel
Mabinty Kamara
Mabinty Kamara Hour ago
Unbelievable that in reality this still happens in this day and age. Why can't people just accept others as they're? Any time a coloured person does something it doesn't matter if it's something amazing they'll be suspected of committing a crime. This is so sad😥
Shreyashi Noopur
Shreyashi Noopur Hour ago
Dhar mann u r my role, your wife is so beautiful and Ella rose is just awesome. May god fulfill all your wishes and Laura and Ella rose wishs.
Strawberry Joselle
Strawberry Joselle Hour ago
Dont judge quickly.
Vetonica Vargas
Vetonica Vargas Hour ago
This made me cry 😭😭😭😭
GOD Smith
GOD Smith Hour ago
Me: mom ok look DONT go off on me and whoop me but this car is not it. I don’t want that sandwich. My mom: BOY DONT PLAY WITH ME YOU KNOW THE DRILL TAKE THEM CLOTHES OFF YOU GONNA HAVE THE BADEST OF YO LIFE HEHE
Leul de Aur
Leul de Aur Hour ago
If i didn't want those things my dad would just leave me alone with my MOM.
T Floyd
T Floyd Hour ago
Loved this!!!!
the prankster
the prankster Hour ago
This made me cry because I'm fat😭
Simba Mbizi
Simba Mbizi Hour ago
Rude lady
FireLightZGEXA Hour ago
Hey that guy has a better iPhone than brad's iphone
Persona 5 Weeb
Persona 5 Weeb Hour ago
Has this channel ever made one about a gay/lesbian kid coming out to there parents or anything? It's okay if not, I've watched all the videos and they still change my life.
i will never see my dad too cz i lost him bcz of car accident
America Garcia
America Garcia Hour ago
The good daughter is not really good until her mom passed away.
Erica Romero
Erica Romero Hour ago
Lady:hEy aRe yOu oK whEre aRe yOur pAreNts (and other things she said) Me:-_- kAreN
Marco Sunday
Marco Sunday Hour ago
Cops call a black dad on a white kid with lady, Instantly Regrets It. 😂
Vienna Phan (581viephan)
Vienna Phan (581viephan) Hour ago
No offense but the girl's character makes her seem like she vapes
Vetonica Vargas
Vetonica Vargas Hour ago
Omg good actors and love the story but she is a total Karen
JUST A GAMER 225 Hour ago
He’s lying you can tell just by looking at him That makes me angry
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Hour ago
Don't Judge anyone by the colour god made black people and then he realised that he loved black people so he disided to make more
Jyriene Rivera
Jyriene Rivera Hour ago
I'm crying. periodt
Michelle Cromwell
Michelle Cromwell Hour ago
That is sooo heart worming
•French Roses•
•French Roses• Hour ago
I'm american and I wish I had hispanic culture ;-;
Madi idk
Madi idk Hour ago
Omg it was so sad i i am crying right now😭
ObscuredEntity Alec
ObscuredEntity Alec Hour ago
Literally, how can anyone hate NBA Fan? "He's so nice and generous"
JUST A GAMER 225 Hour ago
If you think a woman wearing a suit is bad Look at urself mate
What if they go to the doctors that usually helps
criscar zuniga
criscar zuniga Hour ago
I almost cry well a little
A once that blinked twice
A once that blinked twice Hour ago
Theres only once race The human race
Marianne Stark
Marianne Stark Hour ago
This made me cry. You never know what tomorrow may bring.
Sincere Kid
Sincere Kid Hour ago
It is unbelievable 😔
ObscuredEntity Alec
ObscuredEntity Alec Hour ago
Quiana Nguyen
Quiana Nguyen Hour ago
the homeless lady is a. good actor. and also the makeup is good!
R Jem Vres Fortaleza
R Jem Vres Fortaleza Hour ago
I think the better answer for "he could've had a better life being raised by his own kind" was "why? To grow up like you?? Now, that's a shame"..
Kristy Clemons
Kristy Clemons Hour ago
Dat music go hard tho
Divya Srivastava
Divya Srivastava Hour ago
I love this video
Iyonna Newsome
Iyonna Newsome Hour ago
anyone crying rn no just me ok no one: literally not even a cockroach me: starts crying when I see the first tear
JUST A GAMER 225 Hour ago
U know there are suits for women right
Divya Srivastava
Divya Srivastava Hour ago
I love this😮😮😮
mitch onque
mitch onque Hour ago
You shoud never judge a book from it's cover
hanadi *-*
hanadi *-* Hour ago
But black lives matter and is okay everyone adopts any child because my dad is black to and I’m white
Saqlain Beig
Saqlain Beig Hour ago
3:26 yeah a phone call 30 years ago
Rosalia Torres
Rosalia Torres Hour ago
A lesson to be learn don't judge a book by its cover
Samyuktha P
Samyuktha P Hour ago
Don't judge a book by its cover...very meaningful video... We are changing lives...yes how true this is!!!
Aalyah Parham
Aalyah Parham Hour ago
All of Dhar Mann videos are very touching my mom always told me god always love you for who you are just keep your head up🙃
Robert Czarnetzki
Robert Czarnetzki Hour ago
so after some days the woman was different a man brings the divorce papers? and has another woman? what about good times and bad? in my opinion that man is gone good and forever...
ImJustIsaiah :{
ImJustIsaiah :{ Hour ago
n E🔽 e®️ G 🔴 N n🅰️ ✝️🅰️ k ▶️ 0️⃣fF
Ruixue Ke
Ruixue Ke Hour ago
3:50 it’s not a real baby but camera I can see it
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia 2 hours ago
I wish every person was like that home less amn
satyam sahu
satyam sahu 2 hours ago
always have a big heart, don't judge and always try to help others.❤️
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy 2 hours ago
She looks like my sister
Harrie Kakande
Harrie Kakande 2 hours ago
Thanks for the message
Bboy Va-Van
Bboy Va-Van 2 hours ago
Omg...stupid Karen😑😑😑😑😑!!
Barb Hoffman
Barb Hoffman 2 hours ago
I'm so inspired I will help out others
b6rky 2 hours ago
I see mostly white people adopting black kids, and everyone is fine with that. But vice-versa, totally opposite
XxxShadowGacha 2 hours ago
Mirlaine Delva
Mirlaine Delva 2 hours ago
Wow dhar mann you are really changing lives with your videos😊😮
Bunch O Bananas
Bunch O Bananas 2 hours ago
Yay the one I voted for
Jordanx99xs gang
Jordanx99xs gang 2 hours ago
Zariya Mridha
Zariya Mridha 2 hours ago
(theyre just acting, theyre just acting, control yourself, theyre just acting)
Dragon Killer 467
Dragon Killer 467 2 hours ago
I thought I had till 5 me looks at time 17:04 four mins late
Alice Ward
Alice Ward 2 hours ago
That man is not black he is brown did anyone notice?? 🕶that’s black
Jacoby Daniels
Jacoby Daniels 2 hours ago
Dhar Mann should do this but then at the end they should start fighting
Habiba Omar
Habiba Omar Hour ago
Sofia hingco
Sofia hingco 2 hours ago
Black lives matter
Morgan Craig
Morgan Craig 2 hours ago
Sometimes if u dont try it happens if u just relax and have fun it happens that what happen to my ex husband and i
AyanAnimates 2 hours ago
for all yall class clowns out there be careful bc this is PROBABLY how yall will turn out
Proninja13 2 hours ago
U change lots of lives and if it wasn’t for u everyone would be doing bad things I really appreciate u
SpiderWalker24 _Playz
SpiderWalker24 _Playz 2 hours ago
no masks o_O
Salam Hasan
Salam Hasan 2 hours ago
What a waste of toilet paper
Proninja13 2 hours ago
Never judge someone by their skin color dhar Mann u are the best
Miyarrah Adan
Miyarrah Adan 2 hours ago
I'm crying again
vvhemo Tr
vvhemo Tr 2 hours ago
I remember this.