16 days ago
Do The Dare or Get WAXED!
Last To Fall Off WINS!
Last To Stop Jumping WINS!
Virginija Luniene
Virginija Luniene 3 hours ago
My birthday is July26
Isiac Hollen
Isiac Hollen 3 hours ago
"I think I just everythinged in my pants" I'm dead🤣🤣
Ashlyn Leviner
Ashlyn Leviner 4 hours ago
Who cares about hype house or sway house this is the best house there is🙌
Gopi Maxted
Gopi Maxted 4 hours ago
Awesome video, that’s so funny, you’re insane
isabelle herriott
isabelle herriott 5 hours ago
Awwwww you bought her hair dryers lmao
Daniel Mazz
Daniel Mazz 6 hours ago
Please meet fans in England
Just a subscriber
Just a subscriber 6 hours ago
First of all Kacey Dirksen is the BEST pranker, she got Drew really good but Drew got Charlie good but if that was a real situation don't go punching Charlie because he did talk to you and violence doesn't help with anything and if they were together let them be if they love each other you beat them up if he broke her heart only.
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord 6 hours ago
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord 6 hours ago
I’m confused. Are Charlie and Kacey dating?
Yara Lindenschot
Yara Lindenschot 6 hours ago
Love this song
SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/ 7 hours ago
I love ❤️ that couple
Rendani mudau
Rendani mudau 7 hours ago
Drew pls complete this sentence High
Mulisa Mpho
Mulisa Mpho 7 hours ago
Ehhh 26 July is my birthday🎉🎉❤️
strange N0v1ZZ
strange N0v1ZZ 8 hours ago
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 8 hours ago
strange N0v1ZZ
strange N0v1ZZ 8 hours ago
Ella Thomas
Ella Thomas 8 hours ago
I felt so sorry for charlie but it was funny and good content xx
Lexi Blaxland
Lexi Blaxland 9 hours ago
I wish that Drew’s videos were longer
Lewis Danson
Lewis Danson 9 hours ago
Last to get caught by k9 around the house
Robert Way
Robert Way 10 hours ago
They tired the first night and I'm over here on day 2 of staying up just for fun and I'm watching this at like 5
Senne Dierckx
Senne Dierckx 10 hours ago
More video's!!!
Reagan’s World
Reagan’s World 10 hours ago
Wait so do Kacey and Charlie still like each other tho? Because I still ship it
RAfael Jose Timbol
RAfael Jose Timbol 10 hours ago
break up prank with britt? anyone down with the prank?
TMS_Snowy 10 hours ago
Wait Casey and Charlie are dating
Isabelle Ho
Isabelle Ho 10 hours ago
You guys have the best voice ever 🙃😄
Brent Lajimodiere
Brent Lajimodiere 11 hours ago
Your vids are pretty lit 🔥
Hudson nix
Hudson nix 11 hours ago
Narlie charlie
MG_ SlayZ
MG_ SlayZ 12 hours ago
I just got clickbaited
Yas 12 hours ago
Let your sis date anyone she wants its not up to you
Johnny Chryssikos
Johnny Chryssikos 12 hours ago
bro my cringe levels went into space
Irollcole Irollcole
Irollcole Irollcole 12 hours ago
I wished it was not a prank
Joe Badda
Joe Badda 13 hours ago
drej definitely likes Kacey
shashika. 2000
shashika. 2000 13 hours ago
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson 13 hours ago
Can you send me your beat please
Raegan Brouard
Raegan Brouard 13 hours ago
If Drew and Britt maybe get married one day do you think they will want children ?
Bounce Pepper
Bounce Pepper 13 hours ago
What does high road and low road mean
Jomari Gayeta
Jomari Gayeta 13 hours ago
To be honest, I think drew should set some boundaries with Kacey. I know you wanna protect her and stuff but that's her life to live and not for you to tell her how to live. All love bro. Keep doing you!
Adam the baller
Adam the baller 13 hours ago
Let's see it high 🤝
Feljud Lim Reroma
Feljud Lim Reroma 13 hours ago
Wow july 26 My birthday is july 26 what a coincedence
Jaxon Foster
Jaxon Foster 14 hours ago
Bro have you heard about covid19
Anthony Avolio
Anthony Avolio 14 hours ago
Just imagine 5:03 drage loses his wig
primonesimus 14 hours ago
Amazing! Enjoyed this so much.
Nas Gaming World
Nas Gaming World 14 hours ago
That’s so gay😕
Smiley Rampage30
Smiley Rampage30 14 hours ago
They are dating
dkxpalot 14 hours ago
If it was real he would of beat drew ass😂💯
Carly Thompson
Carly Thompson 14 hours ago
Billy is the main character
Rex vløgs Official
Rex vløgs Official 14 hours ago
What is the number to text drew
Hailley Espinoza
Hailley Espinoza 14 hours ago
So their boyfriend and girlfriend now like you and britt
Virgil Sawyers
Virgil Sawyers 14 hours ago
Amber Jones
Amber Jones 15 hours ago
charlie low key ripped tho
emma macfarlane
emma macfarlane 15 hours ago
Omg! Kace!!!
Rae Falco
Rae Falco 15 hours ago
Kacey is the BEST prankster
Chanel Sharp
Chanel Sharp 15 hours ago
Drew dirksen Kacey is the BEST prankster heehe!!! she got ya good man!!
Kristina Lange
Kristina Lange 15 hours ago
Haha haha
Gator Legacy
Gator Legacy 15 hours ago
He must of been scared
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 15 hours ago
Pls make videos longer they are so good
Hayley-Ann Cullen
Hayley-Ann Cullen 16 hours ago
Since your in a prank war you can prank the whole house by memory loss or something like that lysm
Gunner Hickey
Gunner Hickey 16 hours ago
Rocking that GTC camo hat man! Good Time Connoisseurs needs to send you a care package with some goodies! 📦 Let me know where to send it dude 🤘🏼🚀 we’d love to have you rocking our stuff
Henry Zupanc
Henry Zupanc 16 hours ago
You are starting to swear to much
my life sucks your mad at me
my life sucks your mad at me 16 hours ago
good prank charlie
Esmeralda Gonzalez
Esmeralda Gonzalez 16 hours ago
I saw the red lamp that everyone hates😂
Homemade Videos
Homemade Videos 16 hours ago
You said the word Drew and Charlie didn’t hesitate or did he
Señor Romeo
Señor Romeo 16 hours ago
Mason Bridges
Mason Bridges 16 hours ago
What if it wasn’t a prank???
1k subs with no videos challenge
1k subs with no videos challenge 17 hours ago
I remember when you were at 50k
Kru Grisso
Kru Grisso 17 hours ago
Ahhh I wanted them to date
Cooper Napior
Cooper Napior 17 hours ago
Let them date they are Ment to be and have a family do it because there gonna have kids
Jaclyn McHugh
Jaclyn McHugh 17 hours ago
The hood troller 1
The hood troller 1 17 hours ago
Don’t press read more I warned you 😈
DOG SQUAD 17 hours ago
If drew pins this then he will smoke kacey on prank wars
Amber Diamond
Amber Diamond 17 hours ago
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 17 hours ago
I’ve listened to this song at least 55 time’s it’s amazing
Bex 17 hours ago
So proud
mark dohner
mark dohner 18 hours ago
I'll throw hands with you if you need
Michael Cutright
Michael Cutright 11 hours ago
Spar Capron.
Lighningthrower X
Lighningthrower X 18 hours ago
When he ses Jake miller and nick looks over and like fuck him he so good
TheRealRyZe_ _
TheRealRyZe_ _ 18 hours ago
Wow he’s dropping the Kerch on my birthday🤩
Lighningthrower X
Lighningthrower X 18 hours ago
To fucking basic I can't iven play a song on guitar my mum is practicing
Dominick Pistor
Dominick Pistor 18 hours ago
Well than I am saying that I am the last comment because I don’t matter
Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan 18 hours ago
Haylie Lucas
Haylie Lucas 19 hours ago
I clicked on this so fast.
Roblox Chef
Roblox Chef 19 hours ago
There were 799 comments so I wanted to make this 800 because I dont like the number 99
Paiton Mills
Paiton Mills 19 hours ago
Basically half of the video is in kaceys video so half of this was a waste
diego lopez
diego lopez 19 hours ago
i felt bad for charile
Shy Fox
Shy Fox 19 hours ago
Ok are Charlie and Kaycee still dating or was that part of the prank too
Alicia Guy
Alicia Guy 19 hours ago
Part of the prank
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 19 hours ago
Drew please answer my question can you tell me what app you use to Ed it on your computer I got one and need something to edit with please